EA servers down for FIFA 15 UT update

FIFA 15 gamers are not too pleased at the moment because EA servers are down (March 9, 2015), the downtime is due to a new Ultimate Team maintenance update that will last in total for about 3 hours. Over on Twitter the updates are coming in fast by gamers reporting their own FIFA 15 UT server status.

EA Sports already said on Twitter it is a very important update. A little before the maintenance update the Transfer Market closed. So online play was somewhat lost for many players. The servers went down from 6:30pm UK Time, which means they will not come back online until at least 9:30pm.

If you have anything to say about the servers being f=down please do so on our FIFA 15 status page.

It looks like some good news for some, EA Sports revealed the major changes, even though servers are down here they are. The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market first and then the server maintenance is in fact to do with the price range caps on player sales – Read the full update here.