EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC problems are something you would not really want to discuss, especially after paying for a game that has faults within. But inevitably issues do pop up; and these could include servers going down, game face not working or the game not loading the way it should do.

The mixed martial arts fighting game is developed by EA and SkyBox Labs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and can also be played on Android and iOS thanks to its dedicated mobile app. There is always a fight in the world of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and since it was released in 2014 players got to grips with the big names in the field.

Are you having EA Sports UFC problems when trying to play online, or what about when trying to login etc? If you have any of the above problems or anything else please do comment below, you can also use the help section on the right of this page for helpful links include EA Sports Twitter account.

EA Sports UFC status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if EA Sports UFC is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EA Sports UFC? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Leigh

    Tried to download the app of this game and having nothing but issues trying to download it, when the hell will i be able to play EA Sports UFC?

  • Wilson

    The controls on the Android version are stunning, a dream to work with. My only downside is i cannot buy feather or middleweight for silver coins.

  • Maxi

    Is there a way you can link the EA Sports UFC to console versions?

  • John

    Trying to download now, been waiting for like an hour and the status bar hasn’t moved.

  • Mark

    When is the next UFC update coming, be good to get new features.

  • Sahil

    Ae the EA servers down? The reason I ask is because I cannto play my UFC game online and its still not letting me in.

  • Sparly

    My Battlefield 4 game is offline and down, come on EA please sort this out i am in Oklahoma.

  • john doe

    Ufc mobile not working, can’t connect to server…. I NEED MY FIX!!!! Please fix soon

  • Fito

    I can’t enter the game. It starts with image and then it throws me to my mobile menu.

    It doesn’t even appear de EA SPORTS video now 🙁

  • Bert

    Can’t get the game face to load

  • Raymond Tellado

    I was gonna play for the first time in a long time after a long week of working and on my day off out of all the days the servers throws me out the entire game. I’m patient though.

  • Raymond Tellado

    First time playing after awhile lol and it’s down… The server knocks me right back to the dashboard every time

  • Clive

    UFC 2 is a very good game when its working online, i can play other people but not anyone on my friends list.

  • Matt

    You go into rivalry to play against your friends list

  • Montana Jones

    Yup i bought mine 2days ago worked fine now all of a sudden after i update it my story no longer loads sends me right back to the dash

  • Jeremy

    My ufc game doesn’t connect to ea servers. What should I do?

  • Anibal Sampayo sr

    I can’t connect to ea UFC 2 servers…. what’s going on? Is anyone else having these issues?

  • JJ Jaffe

    This happens all the time, 4.2 Billion dollar company and buys a router from Craigslist? Where Conor’s, have him rip the heads of the IT guys caused someone ain’t doing there job!!!!

  • Carlos

    I have an idea, how about just deleted this game from my mind and go to a boxing game that works. This game is rubbish when playing online.

  • Martin

    EA servers keep knocking of gameplay, please sort it out.