EA Server Status And Maintenance

Electronic Arts (EA) has a huge range of gaming products under its belt such as FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Medal of Honor and more. But, any of these games can go down due to either the game itself or EA undergoing maintenance, and when that happens gamers want to have their say along with the reasons why their games are not online.

One of the major complaints with EA is game servers going down, and to be fair this happens rather often. If this is the case for you please do report below with what game you are having issues with and what location you reside in. Not only are there server issues with EA or the games but also players take to social media to ask why ea.com is unable to connect. So, What Is Your EA Server Status?

EA status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if EA is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EA? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Hope

    I am playing Anthem and I have connection issues. This service has been rather bad for a few days now but the last few hours even more so. The live status of the game says everything is fine, which is strange.

  • Rosemary

    My husband is trying to play Kingdom of Amalur and it keeps saying he’s not signed in to EA server what to do?

  • Todd Smeester

    Error Code 1, Unknown error. Anyone else having issues?

  • Ian

    Why is all of EA down right now? I see nothing about downtime mor estimate of when it’ll be back up.

  • Derek Richardson

    Madden servers have been down for 2 hours + now

  • usatrooper77

    BF1 is down in us-baltimore

  • Irish

    Battlefield 5 is down in VA

  • Louie Balog

    Battlefield is down McBride,
    British Columbia

  • Shawn Stokes

    EA servers are down period and will let noone know when it will be fixed like it’s a secret

  • Dom Fern

    Get laid

  • Corey Edgar

    Nfs servers are down to

  • david lee stradley

    Trying to play plants vs zombies battle for neighborville, should have known better

  • Charles Speaker

    Anyone having problems with the EA Servers? I can’t connect with Madden 20. Trying to get my Franchise on! – East Tennessee

  • 7Lance Washington

    Yea me too! Haven’t been able to get on since it kicked me out of a game around 3am this morning. It’s 9:30 now. Idk what’s going on.

  • Jeremy Combs

    Come on man

  • Sean Ward

    EA Junk… unreliability is their best talent. Seriously EA you are a billion dollar a year company. Prioritize whats more important. Remove the gamers and you will remove that billion dollar a year pricetag.

  • Ty Williams

    I haven’t been able to log in Madden since 8am

  • Austin Lookadoo

    I cant sign in or access online game play for fight night champion

  • Jack gammon

    Bs thats 3 times in 2 months here in Va. We want refund

  • Jerry cowles

    Need for speed heat is down won’t let me online or play solo. Brought a car and they took double my money more then what the car was and they only gave me half a car. I’m in Niles Michigan

  • Nicky

    Dragon age in Barkeyville PA.
    Wont let me connect to downloadable content.

  • Bradyn Reynolds

    Bradyn Reynolds Deer Park TX madden keeps saying our servers cannot process your request at this time , please try again later

  • Jamie League

    Battlefield EA server down and connection failed error in Charlotte NC

  • Michael Wilson

    Gta5 down since yesterday still oregon

  • Shmoney 2Timez

    Plants vs zombies battle for neighborville server is down

  • EA servers are down for Mass effect 3

  • Mass Effect 3 servers are down.

  • Lexi

    Servers down for sims 4 in MI