EarthLink Webmail, Internet, Login Problems

EarthLink provides so many services with the main two being Internet and IT connectivity for both consumer and business. But when services falter customers are not too pleased and need somewhere to have their say, basically reporting what has gone wrong for them. Such as login or WebMail not working etc.

With many other services such as broadband internet over satellite, DSL and cable, they also offer web hosting, VoIP phone service and dial-up internet and when these go wrong we would love for you to share your service status right here.

The main issues with EarthLink in the past include WebMail, Login and Internet not working, trying to access the website but it is down or running slow, services being down due to maintenance.

EarthLink status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if EarthLink is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EarthLink? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Susan

    I do not have any Internet, each time I try to get my mail nothing is happening.

  • Indyanna

    The internet is so slow, I think a snail could travel a 1,000 miles before i receive any emails.

  • Kathy

    I am able to download messages via apps, it seems web mail is being a pain and showing the temporarily offline message.

  • MusicBizSurvivor

    Sure is down now, no matter what the site-checker says… The main site (earthlink) is up but not webmail…. both webmail and the pop server (which I went to as the only other way to receive my mail) are offline. Webmail just hangs, popmail too (“internal error” message), and pinging webmail.earthlink (from 3 computers, 2 different connecttions) all lead nowhere. The ping is just a series of timeouts, trying. Down and out.

  • Jeff Turner

    Did it ever get fixed? I cannot half the time send mail on web mail, and oddly when that is happening I cannot log into web mail account for some reason

  • Dougie Fresh

    Still Down in Florida, Pinellas County

  • Karen

    I am getting sick and tired of the Earthlink webmail being down a lot.

  • Andrew

    To be precise and to the point, EarthLink webmail sucks. Whether using the Smart Phone App or through the EarthLink site, it sucks.