eBay.com as you know is the largest most successful online auction site on the web. Problems do of course happen, and these can range from items not being listed, pages too slow to load, issues with login and much more. But the three main areas users have to deal with when there are problems include, complete outages, issues with passwords and sign-in problems

Users can have nightmares when they reach the checkout area, but it is the login process where people suffer the most. eBay apps on Android and iPhone do stop working now and then as well.

If ebay is down right now for you or you have any other issue, please do report them below. This is your eBay.com Status Page so to speak. Do not forget to leave the country you live in with your problem Thank you.

eBay status reports for Monday 17th of December 2018

To find out if eBay is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with eBay? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nugn

    For some reason my PayPal is not working with eBay, yet it works with other services.

  • Sergio

    When I go to the ebay checkout to pay, the page just sits there hanging doing nothing but that.

  • Clint

    My ebay app stopped working so i just went onto the web version. might as well scrap the app.

  • Nancy

    No aboe to list at the moment on ebay, editing and adding photos seems to be out of the question, please fix.

  • Nelson

    How is it possible that I cannot edit pictures for an eBay listing? Saving drafts also seems to be a problem.

  • Armondo

    eBay is not letting me add or remove photos at this given time.

  • Kiki

    NOT able to work photos, this is silly now.

  • Judith

    Not letting me access the ebay cart via a laptop, all i keep getting is “We are unable to load your cart.” Annoying much.

  • Becky

    Where is the category list gone on the left hand side, it seems to be all broken for me on eBay USA.

  • Wendy

    I have the Sony tablet and cannot view ebay on it, it works on the laptop, iPhone and iPad but not my new sony xperia tablet.

  • Moore

    I just listed something on eBay but before going ahead i clicked on preview, but for some reason this is not working. I do not want to submit and commit until i can see what it would look like to viewers.

  • Wagner

    1) eBay account not showing up. 2) Bulk shipping, there seems to be a problem with this.

  • Mark

    I am having issues listing my stuff i wish to sell, is anyone having the same issue?

  • Wobbledad

    Ebay has been having Sign-in screen loading issues for months now. Also, Cart is more frequently unable to load than work properly, also been going on for months now.

  • Simon

    My ebay app is not working, it is now saying i have to use the website.

  • Beverley

    The website is slowing up a little for me, taking time opening pages because the app is down.

  • Janice

    I have tried to login on ebay but it is not understanding my password etc.

  • John

    There are clearly issues with the eBay app yet its official Twitter account mentions nothing.

  • Blaine

    When it comes to ebay getting paid their fees they will have things sorted in no time at all, so no need to worry about the app being down or the website being slow for now. Give it 30 minutes and job done i reckon.

  • Lily

    I cannot access eBay or any of its functions, how do i buy the item i bid on now?

  • Simon

    I can access eBay but not able t bid or buy anything, account is not accessible either. is there a maintenance update or something or something ore better like more Black Friday deals.

  • David

    Website will not currently let me list any items for sale

  • Rose

    Unable to log in at all to eBay Through my iPad app but can log in using safari, been like this for 3 says now. Anybody any solutions as I have got nowhere with eBay at all.

  • mia

    Unable to access account; edit info; or post on boards; or close account, since YESTERDAY when I first tried.. Moving; need to change account info, or close it. VERY ANNOYING.;

  • Sandra G. McNichol

    cannot load ebay…..

  • Rich

    I’ve been having intermittent problems for the past 1/2 hour. Now I can’t log in at all, get a gateway timeout.

  • Fito

    if you want to bid you can do it via the app if your phone

  • DK

    Refund from eBay Time:)

  • Abel

    Says “Gateway Timeout”. I need to bid!

  • Abel

    I may have bought an item 3 times about an hour ago… Anyone else?

  • DeletThis

    Phone app works, website is still having issues for me.

  • Robert Williamson

    Same problem with Ebay up here in Canada today the 9th of June, 2016.
    Can’t log on to My Ebay with laptop or desktop. Thankfully the Ebay app on my iPod Touch still works and I was able to pay for an auction win.
    Why can’t Ebay at least put an announcement up telling us what the problem is and what they are doing about it ? ? ? Damn poor communication from Ebay.

  • Robert Williamson

    The problem is not effecting my Ebay app on my iPod Touch. Only on laptops and desktops it seems.
    If you have the Ebay app for your smart phone or iPod Touch, you can still pay for your item using that app. I did so today for an auction win I had. But I can’t get into My Ebay with my Macbook Air or my desktop windows computer today. Wish Ebay would tell us what is going on.

  • Ivanna

    Hi, people πŸ™‚ I’ve same problem with “bad gataway”, what to do? Ukraine 9th of June, 2016.

  • joelg69

    Thurs 9Jun16 1:24PM PST eBay Watch List out in San Francisco Bay area for approx three hours.

  • Jim Peek

    My Ebay options not working in East Haven, CT.

  • Bob

    The eBay system will be undergoing general maintenance from
    approximately 22:00 PT (10pm) to 22:15 PT (10:15pm) on Thursday, June
    9th. During this maintenance period, certain site features may be
    intermittently unavailable or slow.

  • Ringo

    E-Bay has been inaccessible for 2 hours in central Alabama. Anyone know what is going on??

  • Catriona

    Ebay has been down in Colorado Springs since at least noon, Mountain Time, today.
    It’s possible to search, but not to Save to Watchlist, or view one’s Summary or Purchase History.

  • eBay has been unreachable for the last hour in southern California

  • Catriona

    It’s down in many parts of the US, and in many other countries worldwide. A website named downdetector dot com has up-to-date outage reports, and a world map showing the outage areas.
    It’s an unusually long outage for Ebay, possibly the longest they’ve ever had. I hope this isn’t a major hack!

  • Catriona

    On Twitter, @AskeBay has been repeating this same message every few minutes for several hours: “We’re aware of the issues impacting some users. Our team is working to address this and we apologize for any inconvenience.”
    “Some” users? More likely “millions” of users!

  • Abel

    Thank you for site reference!

  • jorge anguiano

    ebay down in Mexico city

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Not a major issue, but does anyone else have problems viewing the eBay discussion forums? The entire page layout is centered on the screen instead of the usual sidebar on the left and posts on the right. The rest of the site seems to be working as normal.

  • Drewboy91

    Cannot “Pay Now” on item I just haggled for.

  • tssrusty

    For two days now when I try to connect to ebay I will get the following message(s): HTTP 408/409 Server Busy or The website is too busy to show the webpage or There is a traffic backup on the internet superhighway. I get this for ebay, outlook email, and paypal. All other websites can be accessed without any problems. I know I have two things sold, no clue if they could pay. Also, if they have paid, don’t hold it against my rating if I don’t ship within one day due to ebay server problems.

  • Ebay Customer Care

    EBay Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free

  • Steven

    I called the number and got someone who said they where in Garland, Texas but I think that was a lie and they where in India. I could hardly understand them and asked for a supervision and got a dial tone. When I called back the person who answered asked me what it was about and I told him and asked for his supervisor and then I had a dial tone. Nice Customer Service. Makes you really want to do business with these people. I can fully understand the site: Ebay has a problem but that is no excuse to have very rude customer service people.

  • cross

    eBay won’t open. I was able to ship item from my PayPal. I gave up a $0.20 discount doing so, but it was worth it to be able to ship out on time

  • dan

    Can’t open ebay from any site

  • Vickyshouse

    Say’s no “server connection” ? πŸ™

  • Roger

    Its a mess for 3 hours strung to list stuff, nothing is working on eBay. Amazon is working just fine

  • John K

    I haven’t sold anything in 2 weeks. Not one thing. I know it’s summer but I’ve never seen it this bad. I’ve heard similar reports saying for the last 2 months there have been major problems.

  • John K

    I get a blank page whenever I try to respond to a post in the forums.

  • Lisa Bernstein

    ebay is back up in san jose, calif but DownDetector is down…that is the place you go when you cant sign on to ebay and dont know if your computer is broken or ebay is broken….there is something screwy going on with the entire internet….

  • p fry

    down my area in South jersey. was almost impossible to navigate pages at 8 am, now can’t even log on. can’t do a thing on any server or cell anywhere. it’s their end, not ours…AGAIN. Disgusted with eBay. Has been a mess for over a year. friends taking business elsewhere. not worth the constant tech glitches. this one is the worst ever.

  • gillian2005

    Tried going to the ebay website using Chrome. It connects but all I see is a blank page. Tried Firefox. It shows me the right stuff but won’t let me see additional photos under the main photo (a car). Flushed the DNS. deleted cookies etc. What’s going on?

  • Lisa Phillips Jordan

    My eBay is dead…I haven’t sold anything in 2 weeks..I have no watchers..What is going on.I normally do very well.

  • Lisa Phillips Jordan

    I am having the same problem..In the last 2 weeks also..So unusual I normally do very well..

  • John K

    I sold 2 things within an hour 2 days ago. I’m convinced it’s the weather. We’ve had a long, hot summer and the summer heat has always killed Ebay. As soon as it get cool, boom. I hope we’ll see that again.

  • Glenda

    I can’t get to my selling section, I want to list but the page keeps going to can’t find page what’s up ??????

  • sammybaker

    See if you can get on from a mobile device, instead of laptop or desktop.

  • Heather R

    Checkout keeps telling me there is something wrong and won’t place my order!?!

  • pissed

    ebay is down for sellers. nothing works. it just keeps spinning. wretched.

  • jessica

    I am trying to pay for my purchase and it won’t accept my paypal or cc info by itself…whats going on?

  • Terri Conger

    my ebay is saying for security reasons I have to change my password, but where it says it will send me my info such as email and phone is wrong forcing me to sign into my paypal account. Anyone know if this is the correct procedure?

  • Roger Duffner

    Cant get ebay to transfer to checkout for a BUY Now item, just keep getting a timed out error message, is there a problem because of the Black Friday here in the UK.

  • Phillip Gabrielli

    eBay down AGAIN Tues Dec 6
    Looking for a more secure way of selling

  • Peter Combs

    Ebay is down, aII pages are unformatted, impossibIe to use. Been getting worse aII day, reported this to them this morning..pages were acting up then.

  • Donna Moorhouse

    Still going nuts. Pages loading fine for me, then a moment later, all listings and pictures disappear. Reload, and it comes back for just a moment again. Is this a hack, maybe??

  • Glen

    I am trying to pay for my purchase and it won’t accept my paypal or cc info by itself…what’s going on?

  • tartop

    ebay looks like the old DOS days everything in text can’t even do any shopping oh well their loss I can shop somewhere else…..

  • josh

    can’t log on … down

  • Amy Rose

    Yes, same thing is happening to me that everyone else is saying. Is there a message about it yet?

  • kim

    Ebay is still down across the world! This is going into day 6 Here in Kentucky

  • Gregory Daniels

    Yes, I am having issues too, and can’t send messages or leave feedback! VERY ANNOYING!!! Please fix this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is not getting hacked by Russia. I better get my CC info off my account, although it probably won’t let me do THAT right now either!

  • Finn Barks

    Its been broken since 1/13. I’m down 70% for the week. Thanks Ebay!

  • Kathy Silks

    Can not access at all for days. From Las Vegas Nevada

  • Janet Loupe Davis

    Pictures not loading . It’s been 12 hours and still the same.

  • CFall

    unable to log into the sellers dashboard, so I am unable to process sales and ship them.

  • kodichann

    Down right now cannot access my selling dashboard I have items I need to check on / ship out in the next few days hopefully this is resolved before then!!

  • Tootoledo

    My eBay is down in USA! No access of any kind, blank screen

  • Paul Flahavan

    They had search engine problems earlier.

  • James Steinbraker (LINUXREVIEW

    I too am having problems with many areas of ebay still. I don’t do anything other than occasional selling on ebay for my mother’s boss but ebay is getting slack in the last few months to say the least. Lousy would not even begin to describe ebay to us right now!

  • Carmen K.

    Seems like I cannot list any item in Fixed Price to include Make an Offer in ANY category. Even items I previously listed with this option and want to relist, the form doesn’t come up the option to accept offers.

  • CAT

    I don’t know what’s going on….. Usually I have at least one sale per day up to 10 or 12 sales per day. I’ve had ZERO sales for a week now….. Usually I have at least 120 items with watchers (down to 50 now) Usually when I put up new listings I have between 4 and 10 views per item on the first day. Now I’m seeing a bunch of zeros on everything I’ve listed in the past 5 days.

    Does anyone have a clue? This started about a week ago……

  • Victoria Hunt

    hi, I cant log on to ebay. had an email that someone was changing my email address and password. which I am not. can’t log on through paypal.guess I will call them tonight . this has been 4 days.

  • Debra J Wilder

    ebay is costing me money not working right, can’t put new items on or put notes on items, they need to get their act together, ,will not stop loading, I feel ebay should give people credit for this ! the weekened is when we sell most items

  • Nicole Meredith Welty

    I can not print any shipping labels on ebay I have tried to reboot my modem, restart my computer ,even tried to check the connectivity and setting for my printer still does not work, I print the label which it shows it is printing and all I get is a blank page!??????

  • Michelle Zarrillo

    EBay is freezing up. When it freezes up it is impossible to get it going again which results in a soft reset as I use mostly all mobile devices.

    I was in touch with the tech earlier and she did confirm that the site is working out some glitches but should be up and running smoothly soon.

    That was two days ago πŸ™‚

    Yes… I love technology…
    but not as much as you you see…

    Always and forever

  • Wayne J

    I can’t print eBay labels again. Unavailable.

  • Brian Hayes Jr

    Cannot checkout through ebay

  • Eric

    same here ! canada

  • Rene

    I can sign in OK, but that’s all. Navigating anywhere else on the website is impossible.

  • Debi Hopkins

    In WA state, for me, it’s been really hit and miss for 2 weeks, more miss than hit, only works about 10% of the time, doesn’t matter what browser or what time of day or night; it loads the main page, and it will load the subject I want to search for, but if I click on an individual item, it times out before it will load a page again. 9/15/17

  • Ingeborg Kraus

    no sale is this a kind of joke ?
    free shipping cheap itims and no sale ?

    100% positive ffredbacks great all why no sal e?

  • Ingeborg Kraus

    same going on here no sale

  • Ingeborg Kraus

    same here 80% down no sale its a joke

  • Disgruntled52

    Big issue with eBay. Can’t log in. Can’t do proper searches. When I do
    find what I’m looking for I can’t stipulate Buy It Now. Has eBay been

  • Disgruntled52

    Tried for the past 2 days to get what I want from eBay. Finally, I went to Amazon and bought from there.

  • phoo

    today, several attempts at adding items to my cart only result in failure, but the process “behaves” as everything’s cool [no error messages, no seller snubbing]. the item is simply absent.

    on top of the collections fiasco, and the need to repeatedly coach the watch list into showing itself; ebay ought keep the constant buggie surprise mystery challenges at a minimum. otherwise they aren’t much of a surprise.

    personally i don’t believe a person can be blamed for assuming that the experience of people who want to GIVE MONEY, thereby keeping this site RUNNING, would be more of a priority to the powers that be?

    just a crazy dreamer, apparently.

  • c094728

    No images display on any listing

  • Laura

    i cant buy the items I wanted because it keeps saying there is a problem with your payment please select another form of payment. i have tried all my cards plus my bank card with all of them have money one them and should not be a problem. my card are all good and current. so it has to be on e-bay’s end please fix this problem. thank you

  • Alan Byrnes

    first Facebook now E-bay?? what is going on today?? can’t even get into facebook and now e-bay has started to act up
    I can’t even redo my listings right now, sell button is not working now either πŸ™ πŸ™

  • Daniel Castillo

    These damned links have nothing to do with why eBay is down!! What in the hell is wrong with you guys? Are all of you that stupid?

  • Adam Hills

    Ebay is not letting me list because the Size specifics is not working !!

  • Greg John

    Not getting my refund since eveing it was all processed?

  • Tony Geraghty

    All of my detailed feedback is gone. What’s going on?

  • shihtzuluvr two

    eBay home page doesn’t load!!!!

  • derek

    problem in my ebay account…nothing showing up.

  • Fargo jewl

    I cant make a payment on any of my cards during checkout,

  • Ernie Gay

    can not get into my account at all. it keeps saying my password and logon is not a match. wish they would fix this problem

  • firstbluehen

    cannot get views and watchers to work…

  • Laura A. Rhodes Shoup

    I have had three sales totaling over $300.00 this past week. None of my buyers can pay. What is going on?

  • Chris Walter

    No sales for days just s few here or there losing money!

  • shannon hoolihan

    Is anyone having problems with Ebay tracking? All of our items are uploaded on time. It shows 6 are not but the generated report shoes zero items?? % dropped from 100 to 98 since yesterday. Anyone? Thanks

  • solys jewelry

    Is anyone having problems with Ebay ? EVEN NOT ONE SELL TODAY ????