Elder Scrolls Online server, login problems

The Elder Scrolls Online is MMORPG by ZeniMax Online Studios and was released onto Steam and Microsoft Windows on July 17, 2014, it was put the public a little earlier on OS X on April 4, 2014. But now it has been released (June 9, 2015) on the PS4 and Xbox One, already on these two consoles gamers are having server and login problems. But the latest release The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which was available from March 9, 2017 seems to have issues now and then as well, if this is the case for you then please do report below.You can now also sign up for early access to Blades, let us know if you are having problems with either one.

ESO problems do happen, and even though they are not often these can consist of the server being down or login issues, and when you do get any of the above we welcome you to share them with the community below. Soon as Elder Scrolls Online was launched onto the PS4 and Xbox One we saw many issues where players experienced server troubles. Have you been getting any login errors on any platform?

Some of the error codes with Elder Scrolls Online include 103, 200 and many more If you have any issues at all please do share below with the community.

The Elder Scrolls Online status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if The Elder Scrolls Online is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with The Elder Scrolls Online? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sally

    I got ESO on the Xbox One and was very very excited, only to be unhappy again due to login issues.

  • Jimmy

    Me too Sally, Login failed on elder scrolls online on my Xbox One.

  • Daniel

    I got the Imperial edition of ESO and for some reason there are issues where I am unable to use the content. One hour after release and i cannot use.

  • Janet

    Took over hour and a half for them to notice a problem, yet we knew right away. Still not sorted because I cannot login.

  • Mark

    Elder Scrolls is down for maintenance, what are they doing then, will we see anything new?

  • Victor

    Went down 7 minutes ago on Xbox One in Europe and USA

  • Lenny

    Yeah, we are all down on our Xbox One’s in North American.

  • Rosie

    So, the megaserver is currently unavailable – but for how long is the question?

  • Mark

    Today June 29. 2015 there will be a massive maintenance update, one of them is the PC/Mac North American megaserver for patch 2.0.12. How long will the servers be down for is the question here?

  • Jamie

    Does the Xbox support site list an ETA? Thought I would ask seeing as i Play ESO on my Xbox.

  • Simon

    When is the nest maintenance or update to ESO?

  • Barry

    It started about 5 minutes ago Simon.

  • Imar

    Today on July 28 the ESO maintenance begun at 11:00 BST or 6:00 EDT. This one is for the Xbox One North America megaserver, this will be offline for a short period.

  • Jillian

    Answers my question why i cannot get onto Elder Scrolls Online on my Xbox One, the servers are down.

  • Mikey

    If you are experiencing your elder scrolls freezing or crashing, try clearing your Xbox One blue-ray cache

  • Melissa

    The Xbox One European megaserver for ESO is down due to a scheduled maintenance update.

  • Craig

    How long is Xbox One TESO megaserver going to be down for?

  • Simon

    ESO maintenance PS4 – This means megaservers will be down for a while in North America.

  • Graham

    Does anyone know how long The Elder Scrolls for PS4 will be offline?

  • Mikey

    Another scheduled ESO maintenance has left PS4 offline, the megaservers in NA will be down a little longer with no ETA of when will be back up.

  • Rose

    PS4 European megaserver is currently unavailable while they perform the Elder Scrolls Online maintenance.

  • Jimmy

    ESO (PS4) servers will be down from 11:00 BST (06:00 EDT)

  • Dan

    Looks like there’s issues with Elder Scrolls Online servers today, not seeing a s status update for maintenance on Aug 26, but you can be sure that will happen in the next few minutes.

  • Mike

    Just seen a status update on Twitter, it reports “The #ESOTU #PS4 NA and EU megaservers are now offline for the maintenance and are currently unavailable”.

  • Lewis

    ESO PS4 down, think it’s megaserver maintenance for both USA and UK.

  • Henry

    Does anyone know how long it’ll be down for?

  • LGG11

    so… anybody here on the PC version NA server having issues… such as no play button anymore login issues, launcher takes a long time to load, I guess they are still doing maintenance on the server?

  • noa30

    Had an issue getting logged in the afternoon around 2PM PDT (PS4), but I did finally get logged in and played for couple of hours. Doesn’t show the announcements (says “Could not retrieve announcements) and when I click on Play, it spins for a few minutes and then says Log in failed and shows a timed out message…. would be nice if this info was out there PRIOR to it being down instead of making me search for an answer. :/

  • Victor

    Elder Scrolls for Xbox One users is down for maintenance right now. So online play is down, hopefully not too long hey.

  • Daniel

    How long is today’s ESO maintenance going to last for?

  • Jiles

    Elder Scrolls servers are down right now for PS4 users, no one never knows how long it is down for though.

  • Jimmy

    Does anyone know how long ESO will be down today?

  • Harrison

    9/19.. it’s definitely down

  • Isla

    Thise with Xbox One will notice the Elder Scrolls servers are down in North America for maintenance.

  • Bob

    How long is the ESO servers going to be down for for us Xbox One users?

  • Travis W

    First xbox login goes down! now i cant play the one game on xbox 1 that i enjoy cuz eso login down… this sucks! i have been waiting to play for 3 hours now CTFO

  • Snarfsnarf

    This sucks..

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Was just on and server crashed and now I can’t login and I am on PC North America server so looks like it’s not just Xbox one ATM.

  • Maurice Mackey

    Was anyone else getting kicked yesterday and logging in and seeing shadow people

  • Nigel

    There is an ongoing Elder Scroll maintenance happening right now with the North American megaservers.

  • Mickel

    ESO is down for me right now, not able to login.

  • Bill

    How long is The Elder Scrolls going to be offline for whilst they are doing their maintenance update?

  • William Dorward

    kicked from server 30 mins ago uk, no warning, game just ended, the elder scrolls mostly offline.

  • Rachel DeMaio

    How long will maintenance last, I’m going through withdrawal *twitch*
    (9:24am est)

  • Mark

    Looks like ESO and PTS is down at the moment for a scheduled maintenance.

  • Liery

    The ESO Store is down right now, they are performing a maintenance in both North America and Europe. This means account systems will down also.

  • Mitzoplix

    6.25 hours and NA server is still out! Any updates on how much longer??

  • Jamie

    The Elder Scrolls is down, I cannot get online using my PlayStation 4.

  • Bobby

    Thanks to a ESO maintenance PS4 users in Europe and North America cannot access the game online.

  • Daniel

    Both PS4 North American and European megaservers are down, this means Elder Scrolls online gaming will be unavailable while they perform its maintenance check.

  • Andrzej

    Any idea when severs will go back up again guys?

  • Jane

    I am having issues accessing Elder Scrolls online using my PS4.

  • Billy

    Elder Scrolls PS4 servers are offline for those in North America and Europe.

  • Danny

    How long is this ESO maintenance going to take, both North American and European PlayStation 4 megaservers are unavailable.

  • Andrew Short

    Unable to connect to PS4 North American servers for ESO.

  • Darnell

    The game is down ESO is now offline.

  • Tommy

    Yeah, it is the same for me Darnell due to a scheduled maintenance on EU and NA megaservers.

  • Sooziema

    Still down, or down again. WTH is happening?

  • John lundy

    Anyone having issues with eso today? Keep getting booted off then I get a 301 error.

  • Joe

    American server is down, but can use European server

  • Caitlyn

    ESO megaservers are down, PS4 users only are affected for now.

  • Jimmy

    How long will the ESO megaservers (PS4) be down for maintenance, both EU and NA megaservers are down right now. Hopefully it will not be long at all.

  • danny

    cant log in

  • Danny

    Both North American and European PC/Mac megaservers are down for a scheduled maintenance.

  • Peter

    Always seems to be bad timing when ESO goes down for maintenance.

  • Sebas R.

    PS4 server stille offline. When is this ging to be solved???

  • Glen

    The Elder Scrolls patch maintenance is underway, which is why the NA and EU servers are down.

  • Karl

    Did anyone join The The Elder Scrolls Online: Join the Thieves Guild DLC launch on mac and pc?

  • Ursula

    Both PS4 and Xbox One Elder Scrolls servers are down for maintenance. So not able to play on either of my machines.

  • Alann

    They always seem to do ESO maintenance at the wrong time.

  • Gordon

    it has been over 3 hours since it was reported the ESO servers would go down or a patch maintenance, but I thought it would have been back online by now, which it isn’t.

  • John

    A new tweet has come in from the official ESO Twitter saying, “The #ESO PC/Mac NA and PC/Mac EU megaservers are now offline for the maintenance and are currently unavailable.”

  • Malcom

    Earlier on today the ESO maintenance happened for the Xbox One in North America and Europe, it has now been completed. And yesterday there was a server maintenance for #ESO PC/Mac EUbut now they are doing it again for the PC/Mac today.

  • Matt

    Both EU and North America ESO servers are down for maintenance. This is for Xbox One users.

  • Annabelle

    My ESO server status is OFFLINE, maintenance should nearly be over. So hope I am right.

  • Liam

    Elder scrolls maintenance yet again, twice in one week. Madness.

  • Raymond

    How long in the ESO June 28 maintenance going on for?

  • Markie

    6 hours, 7 hours and still down for me, how ling is this maintenance. I need to fulfill Elder Scrolls contracts.

  • Jacko

    Both NA and EU servers are down for Xbox One and PS4 users for the scheduled Elder Scrolls maintenance.

  • Belinda

    This is crazy, because this is like the 5th time this year and now i have lost my crown store experience scroll active.

  • Kerry

    How long are the servers going to be down for, i want to play ESO today you know?

  • Dannii

    it is about time we got an estimated time of how ling the Elder Scrolls megaservers will be down for, any idea would be good.

  • Jacob

    Both Xbox One and PS4 gamers are offline at the moment, work is being down on the ESO NA megaservers as I type this.

  • Serenna

    Gathered that seeing as I could not get online, have you got any idea Jacob how long it will be down for? Thank you.

  • Jerrad

    What is you Elder Scrolls online server status? Mine is down down down.

  • Mark

    I am down also Jerrad, but that is simply down to the scheduled ESO maintenance happening right now sir.

  • Karla

    Both the European and North American servers are down for the Elder Scrolls maintenance.

  • Keith

    It would be good if the glitches with the grouping system were fixed.

  • Marcus

    This is true, but is it for all platforms or just PC?

  • Macei

    I am still having issues with my Elder Scrolls, and this is after the official Twitter page has tweeted the PSN service interruption has been resolved.

  • Grace

    Is elder scrolls still down for you on sept 7, 2016? It is for me.

  • Garry

    There seems to be connection issues with Elder Scrolls at the moment, which has come just after the recent scheduled maintenance.

  • Oatsy

    I got disconnected and now I cannot log back in. I know the devs are aware of the problem but do they know how long we will be down for?

  • Macey

    I am getting error 304 when trying to log in.

  • Joey Pigfarm

    Nice everyone is calm here. Accidentally went to EU blog and it’s a teething, diaper baby party there.

  • cjo1964

    Got kicked out of EU server for no reason.

  • Christopher Ronald Rawsthorne

    Think eu servers whent down

  • Maxine

    Is there ESO maintenance ongoing right now?

  • Harold

    I am in Florida South side and ESO is down for me.

  • Deano

    I have been down since Saturday, Elder Scrolls Online is more like OFFLINE, maybe they should change the name lol. I am not subscribed anymore, they need to sort the issue.

  • Nick

    I am having issues accessing The Elder Scrolls: Legends anyone else?

  • George

    I wanted to play my ESO game and got a prompt on screen saying, “An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact customer service.” This happened when I tried to log in.

  • gale mckaig

    Reports from North America, the North American server is down again after being up for two minutes. ESO reports that they ‘fixed’ the problem Ugh, hello! Down reports from all over the US and Europe.

  • Clive

    ESO servers are still down for me even though the maintenance started over an hour ago, are they still down?

  • Libs

    How long is the eso maintenance going to take? I am still not able to connect!

  • Char

    It keeps telling me I need a sony entertainment network account and network connection. Everything else except ESO works perfect. Note that it is Sept 22nd. Is everyone having issues?

  • Larry

    My ESO server status is basically OFFLINE, guessing maintenance again, yes again!!!!

  • Jamie

    Yeah on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 and it started at December 20, 4:00AM EST.

  • Carla

    This is what the official server status says.

    · [IN PROGRESS] European megaservers for maintenance – January 3, 4:00AM EST (9:00 UTC)
    · North American megaservers for maintenance – January 3, 7:00AM EST (12:00 UTC)
    · ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 3, 7:00AM EST (12:00 UTC)
    · ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 4, 1:00PM EST (18:00 UTC)

  • Robert Burke

    Login failing for US NA Steam, 18:35 EST 07/04/2018

  • Henry

    The ESO maintenance started like 2 hours ago and I have been told servers could be down for like 8 hours, I mean seriously what the hell could take that long.

  • John

    Would love to know when the next ESO maintenance is going to be because I am having serious issues getting the game to load up online.

  • Bethany Snodgrass

    Elder scrolls online was down for maintenance now it won’t let me log in because it says I don’t have a connection or a Sony network connection my Wi-Fi is fine so I don’t understand this is the first time I’ve played it I played it for a while & kicked me out and now I can’t get back

  • Sonny

    Same for me. I know PSN was down earlier but I see friends playing other titles.

  • Andrew W. Johnson

    XBox One – US (EST) servers been down since approximately 6:00pm.
    Server status site still says up and running normally.
    ESO trying to blame XBox Live and PS4 for the downed service.
    Both servers are down on XBox One and PS4.
    This isn’t a console/console service provider issue. This is an ESO issue.
    They’re trying to place blame instead of owning up to it themselves..