ESPN streaming and website

When it comes to major issues the ones that impacts users the most is when ESPN’s website is down, as well as the ESPN streaming service not working properly. The worldwide satellite and TV channel is based in the United States, and is a joint venture with Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company.

ESPN streaming and website

ESPN created for Sports and Entertainment has got stronger by the year, more views per month, which of course means more people. But things do not always run smoothly, problems do arise such as ESPN login issues, a total website outage, streaming is down and out and much more.

Even though ESPN is mainly sports covering NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, NBA Nascar and so many more, it also offers much more by way of live video streams, telecasts, talk shows etc.

Is ESPN website down for you, are you having issues with streaming? If you are having any kind of ESPN problems at all please provide us and other readers your dilemma.

ESPN status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if ESPN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ESPN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Monica

    ESPN video streams seem a little slow today, they play but then stop then start again. Buffering takes for ever, i have never seen and ESPN stream buffer.

  • Peggy

    I am on TWC and seeing a green screen on ESPN – I know this happened last week but it is still happwing to me today. Clean up i guess.

  • Maddy

    All is running sweet for me, ESPN is a dream to be on getting all my latest basketball news and scores etc.

  • Judey

    ESPN was down for me yesterday in Tennessee, but only like lasted 10 minutes.

  • Courtney

    What is Appcrash error? I keep getting this when i open ESPN.

  • Hanncock

    Streaming seems rather slow for me on ESPN, it is normally a great service and probably still is, but it doesn’t shy away from the fact i am seeing something that’s seems to be buffering most of the time.

  • Daley

    I am able to stream ESPN videos but I am getting no sound coming through, is this just my end or is other having the same problem?

  • Dawn

    Streaming is super slow, sometimes cannot even play anything. Its not all bad i got to watch one thing last night.

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    Seems legit.