Exede Satellite Internet and Login Outage

If you are an Exede Satellite Internet customer and having issues with the service all you need to do is report your status right here. This is a sure way of letting others know about the problem our are experiencing as well as others being able to reply to any question you have.

Exede Internet launched back in 2012 provides its customers with broadband internet via its ViaSat-1 satellite. It is all well and good having a service that works well and runs smoothly, but where do you go when you are not getting Internet, not able to login etc?

The answer is right here, this is the place where you can have your say. Write how you feel about your Exede service, being it a total server outage, website down, issues with Exede on your DirecTV or troubles with Voice or maybe the internet is only bad when gaming. Even if you are having latency or DNS issues we want to hear from you.

Exede status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Exede is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Exede? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Dave

    What is wrong with the dial up speed? lol

  • Amanda

    I keep timing out on my Internet when opening stuff. Service is very poor today.

  • Brian

    All I have is cell data, exede proves difficult in providing internet in the middle of no where.

  • Marie

    I am in Williamsburg, KY and the net as been on and off all the time for the last few days. A reliable service is not what it is at the moment.

  • Denise Jackson

    Exede internet speed slower than dial up again again and again NO help from Exede for 5 months now!!! WHAT GIVES?? The first 11 month’s of my contract my exede internet Liberty 12 plan was great. Now a happy exede customer is Now FED UP $70 a month and I don’t get speeds above 1.5 download but upload is always 3-5 mbsp. Where is my priority speed 12 MBPS that goes with my 12GB???

  • Alex

    No internet as of an hour ago.

  • Reid Tulloch

    Same here. Connects but no internet.

  • Kathy Fitch

    Down in Pleasant Hill, IL.

  • S Trotter

    Down in oklahoma

  • S Owen

    Down in Muskogee Oklahoma.

  • Sue

    Down in Kasilof, Alaska

  • Lori Duncan

    Down in Oklahoma

  • Amy McCormick

    Down in NC!!!

  • Laura

    Southeaster Oklahoma
    Haven’t had internet for at least 2 days now. And why did I upgrade last week?

  • Hannah Putnam

    Internet has been down all day in Holt, MO. Very upset!!

  • Joshua Lowell

    ViaSat is connecting only for a few minuted then disconnecting , Since 1:44 PM PST

  • J

    Down in marion county illinois

  • Mike Enzmann

    NE Minnesota service intermittent all day 01 March 2019

  • Cym Camille Coffman-Mitch

    Slow in central new York. Can’t figure out why. My down is .6, but my up is the usual of 3.5.

  • Rico

    Internet service is over priced , they throttle you … if looking for internet don’t contract with excede / viasat

  • Sherri L Hunter

    I have had no service since yesterday afternoon. Munith, Michigan

  • Margaret Fraser

    We have had intermittent service for several days. White Cloud, Michigan

  • Ken Walterschied

    currently on 5th day down memphis mi

  • Mike Brown

    I’ve had Viasat for three weeks, I can barely get facebook to load.