Facebook maintenance message on March 27 with back soon

There’s a Facebook maintenance message being displayed on March 27 to thousands of users and while the service will be back soon, this outage has impacted a tiny percentage of the overall users. There’s around a billion users on this social network, but we are talking just thousands hit with Facebook problems today while using Android, iPhone, and tablet devices with the official app.

We haven’t heard directly from Is Down Right Now readers about problems using Facebook on desktop or laptops, so if you cannot sign in with a computer, then we would love your status update here. We have reached out to Facebook officials, as to why there’s problems for some in the UK, India, and United States, but not millions of others.

This isn’t local Wi-Fi or network issues, thousands are reporting problems getting logged in to Facebook. If you are one of those receiving the Facebook maintenance message today, then share your local city and error messages seen through the link above. AT the time of writing, there’s been no official comment.