Facebook Messenger connection issues

Facebook Messenger is used for texting but without the need to pay for every message, it links directly to your phone book and your FB account. But this app can have problems with connecting, signing in issues and much more.

Facebook Messenger iOS app keeps crashing

Problems do occur with the Facebook Messenger app, such as messages not loading properly, group messages not working when trying to message back in reply. Now and then photos or videos do not work, sometimes they are not uploading or in the opposite they are not able to play.

Some users have complained about not being able to call over Wi-Fi, if you are having Facebook Messenger app problems please do let us know what they are with your location.

Facebook Messenger status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if Facebook Messenger is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Facebook Messenger? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Barbie Kelly

    Active contacts won’t show on direct messenger list on LG8. Constantly shows “loading contacts”

  • Tracey Haskins

    Up until yeaterday i was able to talk in messenger, secret conversation, and also make a call, but now it wont. Its say there is a connection error. I can receive messages but i cannot send the out. The app is updated

  • Memo Emad

    the video and the voice calls are not working properly
    I’m in UAE and trying to call Egypt ?!

  • http://mcdrg.blogspot.com/ Mary Coleen

    I cannot use Facebook Messenger while on data since the recent updates lately. But I can use free Facebook while on data. I guess it is the Facebook Messenger has some bugs or totally down. Wi-Fi connection works perfectly but not on mobile data.

  • Chelsea

    Messenger won’t load after the update, it just keeps crashing.

  • Susan Barrick

    I am in the UK trying to call the USA, it rings once and then goes quite, but shows that it is still ringing. Eventually it says, no answer, and then it says “Messenger Audio not available, does anyone know what this means?

  • Susan

    I am in the UK trying to call the USA using messenger, it rings once and then goes quite, but shows that it is still ringing. Eventually it says, no answer, and then it says “Messenger Audio not available, anyone know what this means?

  • Peter

    Latest Update wont load, crashes constantly

  • HeNs

    Both FB and Messenger has been down for my mobile the past week.

  • HeNs

    but it works fine on my PC (with the same Wi-Fi).
    Other sites also works normal on both PC and mobile.

  • Zowrr

    Facebook messenger currently won’t send pictures – ones from my photo library or ones I take in app – but is sending text fine. Annoying!

  • Lovinia

    I thought it was my phone being dumb. You’re right it’s annoying!! I hope they fix it soon.

  • Naya

    When I go to call someone my phone doesn’t ring and when the other person answers it instantly hangs up and says call failed. Does this on everyone I try to call and does it when people try to call me as well.

  • levy Jay lomboy

    doesnt load my conversations

  • Michael Gale Hardy

    Messenger sends my messages, but takes forever to deliver them. I sent a message this morning, and at 11:00 P.M. it still hasn’t been delivered.

  • Paul

    Cannot use messenger over wifi, iPhone to iPhone.

  • Melissa Green

    messenger not work 4 days here

  • Melissa Green

    I sent messages 4 days ago and there still not delivered

  • Joe Lolley

    I have 2 accounts, 1 personal and 1 business. Messenger app is installed on iphone6. Never had an issue before…would see a message icon on fb, click on it and simply switch accounts. Now, I click in the icon and the apple store tells me to download messenger. It is already downloaded. I can not find a way to switch accounts. Messenger seems to be more concerned about getting me to download all my contacts than anything else, as that is all it wants me to do. It stops on the download contacts page and I can not go foreard or back. I have to shut down phone and start over.

  • Brett Colley

    Been a problem for almost a month now. I am unable to make it,receive video/voice calls from my android device. Its rings for a split second then ends.

  • Minhaga

    Mines doing this to…

  • Sandra

    Messenger keeps disconnecting, as soon as I log in, I get disconnected…. WHY?


    Neither of us can hear one another it’s as if we have each other muted, but majority of the time it will ring and then as soon as he answers it’ll hang up .

  • Kiah

    It won’t let me sign in it keeps saying connection error

  • biancake

    I have the same issue. its been days since it happened.. When using Wifi or data same thing happens. Messanger keeps on prompting “waiting for connection”, “connected” then “waiting for connection”.. messages are not updated, active people are not also shown. I tried to reinstall the messanger and nothing happens. any fix with this?

  • Abrahim Jemal

    Connection problem on messenger

  • David Anderson

    i can be called but cant make any

  • Reva

    Takes forever to load messages people send me. Also it won’t load my active friends online. It just keeps spinning. I’ve uninstalled it and then installed it, deleted cache etc.. Still having the same issue.

  • BillCrete

    My messenger says ” the time connection limit has been over” and disconnects…That started today,out of the blue…
    Any ideas guys??Thanks

  • Jennifer Forbes

    i just recently got a message saying that the messenger isn’t working can you tell me why this is please as I have to talk to family and I don’t want to post on there wall

  • Kahou Puan

    Yes me too Jennifer

  • nihonjp

    It’s down in swe

  • nihonjp

    Seem to be ok now

  • Xenopoulos Fodas

    it is ok now in Greece

  • Jonny Wadd

    It has taken me a year to come to this conclusion……..Samsung devices are not compatible with any form of wifi. Nada zilch zero!!!! They are sh@#!!!!

  • Tessa

    When video chatting on my phone it never shows the other persons face and keeps saying “waiting to connect” for the past few days on all our devices

  • Ye

    Ive been experiencing this prob since yesterday. But whenever i switch to other acct, it connects directly to the internet.

  • Ye

    Im from bacolod city, philippines btw

  • Julianna

    Messenger wont load any of my messages

  • Sharon Scott

    I’m having the same problem

  • christineJ01

    I got a message that messenger will not be supported and work if not updated. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, still doesn’t work. I disconnected and connected to the Wi-Fi, still won’t work and not connect to the Wi-Fi. I turned my phone on and off,still not working, and I reset my phone already and it is still not working and doesn’t show messages, only the message from Messenger and the active friends and receive a notification bar whenever someone sends me a message but I cannot view the messages when I open messenger. It’s not connecting well to the Wi-Fi though it is normal. I asked my dad if his phone was having the same issues as mine and he said no. I’m using a windows phone.

  • Louie

    While in my photo library on my iPhone 6S I attempt to upload/send a picture via Messenger and it will not go through. All I see is “Can’t Send
    Message Something went wrong, please try again”. This worked fine up until two days ago. I can send text only with noissues and I can attach a photo/video while in the Messenger App. Removed both Facebook and Messenger Apps and reloaded however this did not fix the issue. Any ideas?

  • Bonnie West Keaten

    My facebook messenger on Nokia Lumia 1320 was working fine yesterday, but today I’m stuck on the “Waiting for network” screen… I’ve deleted and reinstalled with no luck…

  • Piyas


  • Demelza Ocasic

    Mine is the same ….same timing. Nokia lumia 720. What’s going on? It’s now not working at all! I received a message from Messenger telling me to upgrade. It won’t accept the upgrade.

  • sandra

    Did you find some solution? I have the same issue on Lumia 640. Uninstalled, installed back, same msg, upgrade not accepted

  • sandra

    I am from Slovakia

  • Bonnie West Keaten

    I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling several times, even tried logging in with a different account and nothing. Still have the same yellow bar across the top “Waiting for network”, funny how if I’m using Messenger on my computer, my phone version picks up every message sent and received… I don’t get it and am very frustrated. Hope they get it fixed soon!

  • tita esposo

    Likewise on my iPhone 7 plus. Since yesterday can’t send messages links from safari, YouTube and photo gallery. Also messages can’t load properly.

  • tita esposo

    Likewise with my iPhone 7plus. I did what you did but just the same didn’t fix the issue at all.

  • screaminginside

    SO ANNOYING….. the messenger won’t work…. the Google won’t work …..the Google voice search won’t work …the YouTube app won’t work ….Facebook works sometimes— what is wrong with these stupid phones?? and the stupid messenger ?? why do we have to have messenger… can we uninstall it … oh yeah I can’t uninstall anything or do anything because I can’t get to anything because everything is not working !!!!!!….why can’t we do regular messages ….this is ridiculous very very frustrating….. and annoying ….when you’re talking to somebody one day and the next day you can’t even talk to them the next day or the next hour…… ridiculous

  • Janice Richards

    I can’t get no text on my messenger keep saying waiting for network my phone is a Nokia Lumia

  • Nick Burton

    my secret conversations aren’t working. keeps saying theres a connection setup error

  • Steve Bourne

    recipient unable to see my video when using desktop computer – however video is okay when using android smartphone – WA Australia

    problem for past week

  • Marie-Eve

    I cannot use voice message anymore

  • Olímpio Alexandre

    Same here :/

  • Achille Guy

    same here :(

  • Achille Guy

    same here..
    anyone hear of resolution?

  • Anne Kelly

    Yes me too? Nokia Lumia just waiting for network…

  • Janice Richards

    Jamaica I am from not get to use my mobile messenger or voice notes

  • Janice Richards

    Why can’t my Lumia Nokia phones work with messenger keep saying waiting on network

  • Linda

    I have received confirmation via messenger I am now connected to people I do not know. Why is this happening?????????

  • Sarah Hardee

    Three people so far all of our calls fail why fix this south carolina.

  • Gail Achille

    Everytime I want to go to messenger it keeps on saying waiting for network I have a Lumia 640

  • Karen Edney

    Messenger says I have to download new fb update but then it says not available on this device. Have windows 10 as required on a Nokia Lumia 640. Any suggestions?

  • Jerry Hipsh

    For the last 2 days I have had problems with Messenger. My partner thought I was offline and did not receive my messages but I have seen all of hers. Frustrating to say the least.

  • K J Farrugia

    Did you find any solution pls ?

  • Jerry Hipsh

    My girlfriend did not have her internet at that time which is no problem when using messenger however due to the constant delivery problems she was forced to buy more “load” ( data ) so that we could continue.

  • Matthew Gallear

    Got home messaged the girlfriend then Facebook messanger would not connect with my home WiFi only thing that fixed it was going into my router settings and turning on ivp6 which fixed my problem as it would only connect with my mobile network connection not the WiFi which was odd

  • BonnieLeann

    Did you find out why? Mine is too!!

  • Ronnie Locklear

    my Facebook messenger app keeps saying waiting for network than it connects and ill end up getting all my messages hours later

  • Joe Howard

    Every time I use messenger on my Android device…my messages go to the person in sending…then I see the little bubbles pop up like they are replying….but I get no reply that shows. If I uninstall and reinstall then I get it. The messenger home page just seems to keep loading with the little circle going round and round….can anyone help me or is it a glitch?

  • Glow

    I’m in Missouri and my Facebook Messenger continues to say, “waiting for network” yet I have unlimited Wi-Fi. I don’t get my messages. It’s very frustrating to think no one is messaging me back only to find out I just never received them.

  • tahsha

    I keep getting a message that says, “Can’t send message. Check your connection and try again.” This is when I am trying to use the “message guests” feature in a FB event…

  • Douglas Kilroy

    it is continuously trying to load my contact names but does not load them. This has been happening for a week now.