Facebook Messenger connection issues

Facebook Messenger is used for texting but without the need to pay for every message, it links directly to your phone book and your FB account. But this app can have problems with connecting, signing in issues and much more.

Problems do occur with the Facebook Messenger app, such as messages not loading properly, group messages not working when trying to message back in reply. Now and then photos or videos do not work, sometimes they are not uploading or in the opposite they are not able to play.

Some users have complained about not being able to call over Wi-Fi, if you are having Facebook Messenger app problems please do let us know what they are with your location.

Facebook Messenger status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if Facebook Messenger is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Facebook Messenger? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Pad

    I installed both Facebook and Messenger onto my new phone and it said it would send me a confirmation code, which still hasn’t arrived yet.

  • seve

    I get a Facebook Messenger notification pop up on my iPhone 5S but nothing happens, well something does happen it SHUTS DOWN. I try to open again and the apps closes.

  • Chloe

    Cannot respond to any messages being sent to me, this is stupid and beyond a joke. Why the hell did they change what worked, there was no NEED for the stupid messenger app.

  • Kimzi

    Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Elly

    Each time i try to open FB Messenger the app keeps closing down, why is this happening?

  • Vikki

    Funny how me and my mate are sat in the same room yet my messenger works and his doesn’t, is this something to do with a certain network because it cannot be down to server issues.

  • Slythershy

    Currently it only works if you are using data, and NOT on wifi. Wifi seems to be triggering the crash.

  • Slythershy

    It works on data, but not wifi for me. Have you tried using it on data?

  • Tracey Reid

    My FaceBook App is crashing and Im using a Samsung s4 and Im in Australia been like that ALL day. So it is across certain platforms just not Apple !

  • Tracey Reid

    Just tried on data … nope still crashing. So for me to use FB have to pull my laptop out I guess.

  • Daly

    Is GoChat better than Facebook Messenger because I want a better service. I know GoChat allows you to message Facebook friends etc.

  • Monica

    I cannot open my messenger, i try to open on iPhone and it just shuts off the app. They should have left messages in Facebook rather than use a separate app.

  • Nancy

    Facebook Messenger keeps trying to connect, this is a nightmare and I am not happy as i need to reply to some messages I got earlier whilst at work.

  • Jeremy

    Just keeps showing ‘Connecting’, do not bother deleting app then downloading again because this doesn’t work.

  • Jack

    Facebook Messenger is not connecting for me in London.

  • Pete

    Not connecting in New York.

  • Maria

    Same here it is kot working its says only connecting but it tells me what other people send me a message thats so weird :/

  • Jim Pinho

    Not connecting in Belfast.

  • Koi Santos

    Same here in saudi! Allahu akbar i thought i am the only one

  • pukhtoon yar javed

    there prblm in pakistan that why… 🙁

  • David Andaya

    Not Connecting here in PH I think android users only.

  • Lakynn Renee Mason

    My facebook messenger freezes and locks up at the last letter of the third line of text every single time I use it. I am in Texas and I have an iPhone 5c with iOS 8.1.2

  • Donna

    Facebook Messenger not opening up on my iPhone, it works on my laptop though. Got to be an app problem right?

  • Bruce Zummo

    Won’t download or open in my other android phone as of 0700 CDT on 07/01.

  • Deb Dewey

    After updates, FB Messenger won’t work on iphone but does on other devices. It says “waiting to reconnect.” I think some of the features of FB in general are also not working properly. Last update must have had glitches.

  • Henry

    I have deleted my Facebook Messenger app of my phone because when i get a message notification i open up the message and it just crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same on my iPhone.

  • Richie Rich

    It’s not working on the web either.

  • Alan

    I cannot download Facebook Messenger onto my Sony Xperia X1

  • Cheryl

    All I keep getting is the loading thing, never seems to load for me when i open my app. Why on earth did they split it, was so much simpler messaging people direct from facebook rather than opening a seperate app.

  • Cheryl

    How do you delete share Facebook Messenger pictures? I try the normal way and its not letting me do it for some reason.

  • Rémi

    My apps has been crashing almost all the time for maybe 2 years now, on my iphone 4. It happens after some updates that it works for some days or some weeks, but never more. It has currently failed to work for two weeks.

  • Craig

    I updated my Facebook Messenger yesterday and since doing so the app keeps crashing, not connecting now and then, problem after problem it seems now.

  • Gina

    Not loading for me yet again, to keep sending messages over and over again the same one at that is silly. I am not receiving any messages back from friends or family so i am guessing they are not receiving them.

  • Paige

    ‘Couldn’t Load Messages’ or ‘Waiting to reconnect’ – These are the two messages i keep getting when I try to open my Messenger.

  • Diane Carman Fudge

    The facebook messenger is gone off my desktop version. I can’t find any news release that they’ve officially stopped in on the web version. Does anyone know what’s up??

  • Ron Oldenbeuving

    Australia New York, unable to connect on messenger phone calls.

  • Erin Eckenboy

    When I receive calls or try to make via wifi free call on fb messenger, it crashes…and I mean every single time for the past 3 days. I have uninstalled
    and reinstalled tue app, but it has not made a difference….do u have to just move to a differwnt app? So annoying..and I have sent the error report to fb several times…still waiting for some sort of something…

  • Sevie

    No able to connect on Facebook messages or calls. In New York Manhatten

  • Garry

    I leep getting an error message saying, “Could not load message.”

  • Kayla Ackley

    It’s not letting me delete some messages it says couldn’t delete message please try again

  • Alex Mitchell

    I can receive messages from my gf but she can’t see my replies. Three days now in a row

  • azmooz

    after the last update since 3 days, it’s crashing every single time I’m openning it. It only shows the messenger logo then crashes into black screen then back to springboard screen.. Why ?!!

  • Rosetta

    I cannot login right now on Facebook Messenger, all I keep getting is #602) username is not a member of the user table.

  • Simon

    I am getting the 602 error in Facebook Messenger. Is anyone else getting the same issue?

  • Yaya

    It keeps crashing every time I try to open it.

  • BobDole

    Here is how I fixed the problem: go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Messenger, then hit force stop agree to prompt, then disable agree to prompt, uninstall updates agree to prompt, then after that’s all done hit Re-Enable then re-launch the app and it’ll install the updates, log you in or use your existing account on your phone, it’ll send you a confirmation code through text, once that’s done everything will work fine.

  • Cassondra

    Did you ever figure out the problem I’m having the same issue right now

  • Carina Martinez

    error downloaded(101)

  • Alex Hill

    Colorado springs 《–》Philippines. Me and my gf, I can’t see her replies. All I see is typing dots then gone.. Please Help.

  • Jennifer Gardner

    My mom is getting “couldn’t load messages” on an iPhone 5
    Have the OS updated
    Messenger updated
    Keep getting above error or if get in cannot send messages all the time – connecting error appears at the top

  • heitman

    Facebook Messenger-keep getting a loading circle and it says “Connecting.” It’s not connecting.

  • maria hill

    I have the same problem right now.

  • Sunil

    Same prob here. What’s d solution?

  • somnath Bhanshetty

    Facebook Messenger-keep getting a loading circle and it says “Connecting.” It’s not connecting

  • Cannot access/see any of my messages.

  • Paul Rivenbark

    cannot access on phone or CPU

  • Brigette

    FB messenger gets stuck when attempting to update app, has been doing so since downloading iOS9.0. I can not delete it and re-load it, will not allow me, it just gets stuck during the installing process, can anybody help me please.

  • Adel Emam

    FB messenger doesn’t connect with wifi but get connected with mobile data
    i need help

  • Leslly

    Messenger doesn’t want to connect to my data, even if I toggle it on through the cellular data option. Just seems to turn itself back off.
    I tried resetting all settings.
    Turning my phone off and on
    And trying airplane mode but still no results.

    I even went through the iOS 9.1 update to get bug fixes but still nothing.

  • arlondo quinn sr

    MY first time signing on, but I can’t get messenger to except my codes

  • Omar Opsalmist

    Can’t access or see any of my message nomore…..

  • Dysturbed

    Over the last week or so, I can use the messenger but unless I have my phone’s screen on, I don’t get notified about new messages. Therefore, I tend to become aware of messages awhile after they were actually sent to me.

  • Kurt Lenaers

    update this ing messenger does not woAfterthisworkanymoreWWhen i uninstall and.reinstall the issue remains

  • Paul William Nagy

    FB Messenger is constantly crashing on my HTC One M7 today(Oct 6,’15).The message ‘Messenger has stopped working’ constantly comes up even after I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app.

  • Kathi Brewer Logan

    My FB Messenger has been “down” sonce 4 AM this morning, Oct Ober 6. I have uninstalled, installed, ran a scan…you name it.
    Very frustrating.

  • Buc

    My FB messenger (android) started to crash today! It doesn’t load anything, just crash. Cannot open it, cos’ of crash. Tried to reinstall…still nothing…what should I do?

  • Buc

    Same here…wait for an answer! :/

  • Buc

    Same here…still waiting for an answer! :S

  • Exohuman

    FB Messenger app is crashing today. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still crashing.

  • Kat

    Messenger keeps saying Unfortunately messenger has stopped working has been down since 1030 last night. I have uninstalled reinstalled cleared cashe and nothing can’t open it

  • Carlos Gabriel Lopes

    Can’t Log in to my Facebook Account in Facebook Messenger on my brand new phone…

  • Vero

    Started crashing today, same message ‘Messenger has stopped working’ every minute, sent a load of crash reports, wanted to leave a review on Google play but couldn’t, it says that’s impossible ’cause I’m on a test version, I have a zenfone5. Had to uninstall it in the end, it became impossible to use the phone..

  • Grace Workman Piper

    That’s exactly what I am getting. ..on tablet was working fine until I updated it. BANG doing same on tablet now. Must be the updated version.

  • Ravyn Bradley

    fb messenger started crashing today even got a message saying I’m on a testing version, it was working great last night until the new update so I guess I’ve got to get rid of the app & not use it anymore

  • Chris Marek

    Old messgages wont load and i cant see new ones

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    Same as, old messages won’t load and can’t see new ones when I open up the chat. I can see the first partial line notification on the home screen of messenger. I’m in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Dillon

    Clear the data and cache. Uninstall app, restart phone and install again.

  • Sandy Goldstein

    Continuously getting a popup stating messenger has stopped working. I re-installed it but still had the problem

  • Sandy Goldstein

    Same here!

  • Exactly what’s happening with me. Seems to work once you uninstall and reinstall it….for a good minute…then it’s back to the same loading issue. I’m in Vancouver, BC

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    I posted the same thing. I am in Toronto. I did report it yesterday via the app, nothing has changed.

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    Yes, I reported it via the app yesterday morning, it’s still the same. What network are you on?

  • I reported it too with no respond…I’m surprised Facebook doesn’t respond! I’m on the telus network. But I have tried switching data off and only running on wifi. I’be also switched wifi off and only run on data and it is still down.

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    Yes this is true, I tether from my wifi at home so it wouldn’t be the network provider and I am with Wind Mobile. I know that they have done a few updates on Facebook and rolling it out in the US but that’s video profile photos on your page and nothing to do with the chat app.

  • I’m guessing no one’s reported receiving a response from fb?

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    Not that I’m aware of and I’ve tried googling to see if any others have reported this issue or had a response but I’ve not seen anything.

  • Parise Thibeault

    I no longer receive my messenger notifications on my htc desire 601 phone!!

  • Joe Backus

    I can send but not receive messages.
    It just says Loading…(but never loads)
    Kingston Ontario Canada

  • Katie-Rose

    I have been having problems with Messenger like not receiving group messages or not loading old ones. I deleted the app to reinstall it and now it won’t reinstall at all, I can’t open it or update Facebook. I’m near London, England

  • Michael Crane

    Ya I have been having the same problems as well

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    I had a message saying it was resolved, it resolved ne message for 5 seconds, I submitted another complaint and the next time I pressed the messenger icon on my phone it took me to the install page. Now its working, only took a bloody week!

  • Saralaraloola Clarke

    Finally after a week mine is working, I wonder for how long!

  • LPatamon

    Messenger on my android smartphone keeps crashing. It was working fine till last night I updated it to version and since then all I get is a “Messenger has stopped” message. I already uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it didn’t fix anything 🙁

  • Vanessa Siu

    mine is still down.

  • Vanessa Siu

    mine is still down… I`ve had 2 messaging saying it`s resolved… so I submitted another complaint as well. Nothing from them yet.

  • David

    I have been sending messages on Facebook messager it says sent but she not getting them is it down

  • Irena Ilijin

    Messenger on my smartphone keeps crashing Two days ago, help i`m in Danmark

  • Elliott

    Cannot load messages! What does this mean

  • Vefa

    FB messenger doesn’t connect with wi-fi. And i can not use my FB.messenger.(What does this mean? İ am in Azerbaijan,Baku

  • Patrick

    FB messenger not working anymore, but crashes on open: iphone 6 plus

  • Margaret

    It stopped

  • Monique

    I have had and still am having this problem aswell! Were you able to find a solution?

  • Keng Seng Yong

    Messenger is always hanged when I share post to Messenger from Facebook. I reinstalled both apps but still encounter the same problem.

  • Michael Dubanowski

    I’m having the same problem, reinstalled both apps and still not working.

  • Keng Seng Yong

    Seems like we have to wait for Facebook to do something… Sigh…

  • Betty

    I have a iPhone 5c, messenger can’t be updated or download. I try in a tablet and works there.

  • This Guy

    Can’t open Facebook messenger on Android marshmallow on nexus 5. But if someone Facebook messages me I can open it via the notification. If I press back to go to the main messages window, it crashes again. Only started happening today.

  • becca

    I’m trying to call my friend but it keeps saying call failed or not available

  • Rose Petal

    Facebook Messenger app crashing today, and I noticed there was an update earlier today, too. Wonder if the update caused bugs?

  • Constant crashing. If it wasn’t for the pop up letting me know it crashed, I’d have no way of knowing that I was getting a message

  • Arcanium

    Bug update. Can’t delete the app nor restore. Anyone seen similar?

  • Stuart Ardley

    My messenger will not load update
    Cannot open or use
    Any help to fix
    Previously no issues
    A bit of a pain

  • Lady Melo Carredo

    i can’t make or receive incoming audio or video calls even when I am connected to wifi..it keeps on prompting to get a data package plan… how to rectify this issue asap pls…

  • Jason Gardner

    It wont connect for me and my wife on video calling or fb calling it keeps saying call dropped try again shes in Jamaica and im in detroit Michigan i cant go with out seeing my wife

  • Leta Scott

    Messenger won’t work and won’t update on my iPad but works fine on my iPhone. This just started today after the update started. It just crashes every time I try to open it. Says its updating but geez it’s been doing that all day. Please fix this issue.

  • J

    Messenger won’t update on my iPad nor will Amazin. Works fine on my iphone

  • Lauren Anderson

    I am on the same Wi-Fi network sitting next to my two friends one with an Android and one with an iPhone I have an android, Messenger will not contact them or send them messages, and itWon’t call either. I’m really getting ticked off. Any updates?

  • Michelle

    Im having problems with facebook and messagner anyyhing amyone can help with??

  • Péter Magyar

    I couldn’t use messenger in the last three days. When I start it(on Android), a white screen appears, and then nothing. Sometimes it says that messenger wasn’t answering, but nothing else.

  • Linda Nash

    Messenger on my android has not been working properly for about three days. I could receive message but not answer them. It would show the yellow band at the top saying connecting and then do nothing. I uninstalled, downloaded it again and now it will not install. Tell me what is going on please. I am in Mombasa, Kenya.

  • Janet Sharp

    My FB page disappeared . I put in new password and got it back . But , messenger is now asking me to log in . It will not accept my e-mail address, or my password … I miss my messenger . Can anyone help please . ??
    I do have two accounts for F B since I had problems changing from my lap top and old e-mail to iPad and new era-mail . Any ideas how I cam ” join ” them and simplify my life please . I am self taught on here , and have no one technical to advise me … Not a young person , but love my FB ….

  • monetha

    I received my messages on my android phone, but I can’t forward messages to other people it says unfortunately messenger has stopped. Need help!

  • okwuchukwu nwankwo

    Hello, I can’t log in on Facebook messenger with my HTC one m7. Keep saying “please check your network connection and try again later”

  • Venus Stevens

    Calls keep dropping from US to Ireland. Why?????

  • Chantelle Virag

    When someone writes me on messenger I can see all of the messages on my lock screen, but most are missing when I go into Messenger. How do I fix this problem. I have iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Gill Web

    I have lost the ability to collect messages when away from our house. It always says Trying to connect, but never does. Most annoying as I can no longer enjoy mobile messaging, making it all pretty pointless….Ideas please?

  • Gill Web

    I’m using an iPhone by the way…

  • Christine

    Messenger is crashing as soon as I open it. I re-installed twice and turned phone off and on but still crashing. I use iPhone 5s. Any ideas?

  • sherry

    I Been having problem fb messager for awhile now every two mind it say reconnect when I try to send a message.I get there messages just can’t reply back it does this every two mins.

  • Jessica

    It keeps saying “error sending SMS” but the message keeps getting through and wont let me advance

  • Nancy Chesbro Terry

    My Messenger app. has not been working in days.Nothing seems to help. Help anyone?

  • tabatha

    Having issues with newsfeed saying can not connect try again and timeline saying error loading. Now messenger isn’t working either but this is only on the apps. No issues logging in through the Web browser.

  • Jill Berkson Zimmerman

    Messenger app update stalled. Can’t use

  • joe hanley

    hi all am using whatsup it better and quicker as my messenger crashed so many time its a pity because facebook wont help out or listen….

  • Jhay

    After the update of messenger i cant open it it always say unfortunately messenger has stop.pls help

  • Sunny Shinde

    I am also facing the same problem..

  • Tenten Buenagua

    Im facing this problem too . so its the apps problem not my phone?

  • cdalyz

    messenger will no longer open since new update

  • Tenten Buenagua

    But why?? So my phone has no problem phew ..

  • Mohammed Hassan Raffat Selim

    I’m facing it too .. Even after installing a new one

  • Salencia Smith

    My Facebook messenger isn’t working and my Facebook will not let me share. When I click share it freezes. This started yesterday and I don’t know what to do. Bayonne, New Jersey. Is it down?

  • Salencia Smith

    Does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Salencia Smith

    my computer works fine its just my tablet

  • jazzydacat

    Messenger won’t work on my iPhone 6, but will connect on my iPad!!

  • jazzydacat

    Mine neither and I live in London, UK!!

  • Tyneesh

    I have sent a message about 5 days ago and it still hasn’t delivered yet. I tried sending it over repeatedly but the same problem occurred. I’ve checked the connection, tried reinstalling the app and so much more but nothing. Btw I have the iPhone 6+

  • Donna

    Messenger keeps crashing on my iPhone 4

  • Bridget Hall

    Cannot open FB messenger on my iPad. Tried to delete so can reinstall but nothing happens
    Tried to install from Apps but install freezes when part completed

  • Sharms Morillo

    Every time I click my messenger app, the screen goes black then suddenly crashes. Same thing happens on my facebook app. I cannot access all my messages except when I open my FB account on browser. I tried to unistall both app, then reinstall them after a day, but same things happen over and over. How can I fix it?

  • Lorna

    Sent videos on messenger before but every time u try the app closes down

  • Pratik Regmi

    Whenever the messenger is opened, it takes some time and pop-ups “Messenger has stopped working”, with OK and REPORT button. Irony is I am not being able to report it from the pop-up it is giving?

  • Donna

    OK I am from my Texas and messenger is down

  • carol crabb

    Messenger won’t work on my galaxy ACE 4 but is fine on my i pad why

  • Caren B. Reyes

    Ok.. Whenever I call a friend the used data command(for mobile data) abrubtly pop-up even when I am connected to wifi. Please fix it asap. Arigatou gozaimasu!

  • Caren B. Reyes

    Philippines Bicol Albay Legazpi City!

  • Aira Balaguer

    Im from Lipa City Philippines. Meissenger in my phone is not totally working, message will always pop “messenger has stopped working” with an ok ang report tabs to reply. I had reported this problem many times like hell. PLEASE do fix it immediately. Thank you

  • jazzydacat

    There seems to be a Universe wide problem with Messenger. I re-downloaded it and it was working on my iPhone 6 last night. This morning it is a back to its old tricks. I have reported it but nothing appears to have been done to rectify it.

  • jazzydacat

    There is clearly something amiss, Carol. Got mine working last night but back to square on this morning. I am in London Town, UK!! Like you, fine on my iPad. x

  • Ruth

    Messenger App on my iPhone started reinstalling itself over a week ago. It gets half way and then stops. I have tried reinstalling it but same thing happens. I have tried to delete it and try again but it won’t let me.

  • Mark Culshaw

    Manchester UK ! Facebook messanger app won’t load and crashes my android phone

  • sarah

    The last update of the messenger is not working, the app just crashes when u open it, how come 5 days now and no new update is available !!!!

  • Che Rry Chavez

    i cant open my messenger since it was updated! what should i do with this?

  • Dee

    Same problem with messenger in the UK. I couldn’t install updates for ANY of my apps as the downloads would just freeze. Once I uninstalled messenger the problem has gone away and I can update everything. Facebook needs to sort out this issue because I won’t re-install messenger until the problem gets fixed. So hopefully a helpful a tip for people – uninstall messenger for now to get your phone working.

  • Dee

    Hi Che. See my post above. Uninstall messenger from your phone for now.

  • gabriel fullmer

    My messenger just says “once you start chatting all your messages will appear” and it won’t let me sense by messages, it just says couldn’t load conversations and my wifi is working on all my other apps, help?

  • Jorge Moreno

    Mine say “something went wrong try again later how do I fix it

  • Jorge Moreno

    Clear the cache or stop it manually

  • Devyn

    In newzealand my facebook messenger says start new conversations but i cant text im on wifi i cant call all my groups are gone i cant text i cant call i cant read my conversations there just all gone

  • Donna

    Mine does too

  • When I load up messager, my messages wont even load up

  • Jasmine

    When i try to text on messenger off if my ipod. It says connecting. It wont let me send anymessages. But i can send them off of my tablet

  • Jake Harry Chavez

    My messages aren’t loading! -_- Philippines here

  • sean

    im having a similar issue. i have narrowed it down to being localized to specific accounts. my wifes account works, my daughters account works. but mine does not. all on the same machine/devices. if i log into facebook with a different account messenger works fine. but when i log back into my account nothing works again.

  • Devyn

    Same here

  • Elijah Clark

    Whenever I try to send a message it says “sent”, but doesnt’t say “delivered” and none of my friends get my message on time. I’ve tried re-installing it, I checked my WiFi and shut my devices off and on to see if that did anything and it didn’t. What’s going on?

  • Michelle

    I can’t open messenger on my iphone it shuts off and when I try to open it from my fb page on my phone it comes up as a white screen and I have to shut down my phone to get rid of it. All of this happened soon after the App update.

  • nate

    same thing! what phone do you have? i have the iphone 6s

  • Elijah Clark

    I’m using a Galaxy S6

  • SpiritualNinja

    This has been going on for two days now for me. Off and on. Please fix in West Pensylvania! 21:04

  • Cenzie

    I reset my password and now my messenger is t working. It says it can not connect and can’t load my messages. I can send them but I can’t receive them.

  • Alexis leann

    It says that it couldn’t load messages and it’s saying I have no messages. Please help. Greenville TN

  • wenona

    I uninstalled it and installed it again but all i get is white screen and it says messenger is not responding…. the same thing with my facebook app… pls fix this…. anyone who know how to fix this pls message me on mywhatsapp +966538921668

  • Elijah Clark

    My Messnger started working yesterday. I think what did the trick was when I updated my Facebook app on my phone. After I updated it, messenger worked at its normal speed.

  • taras

    My Facebook app won’t load on G4s, worked fine for years now I noticed when I’m on WiFi, it keeps crashing and not loading. Frozen white screen.

  • Texus Noe

    Hello. I’ve been having calling issues with messenger for a few days so far. I can’t make a free call to the Philippines. It will allow the call to be sent but the call will never connect after the other party has accepted the call.

  • max

    when i video call my sis. on mexico, it says connecting video and it never connects and then the call droppes out

  • max

    me 2

  • Cheries Tan

    i cannot open the messenger app after updating app on my phone. It was just black the whole time i am trying to access it.

  • Dan Czarnecki

    Messenger is currently down for me. On all of my devices, my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro, I can’t load any messages nor send or receive messages.

  • Ian

    Same here :/

  • lawson

    since the last Messenger update, cant use Messenger to place or receive calls on my galaxy tab. error message is : cant call, other call in process. (personal translation from French message. Still works on my cell. can anybody help ?

  • Different question, but after installing latest I-Phone 6s update yesterday, can’t send or receive photos. Is anybody else having this problem?

  • rexon borruel

    my facebook messenger and chat are stopped working yesterday. It shows a blank screen as if it were blocking the whole page and hang my phone. can anyone now hoe to fix it?

  • Bergin Peters

    Mine has never worked so I stop sending messages on FB

  • Allan Herman

    If I am on wifi I may connect how ever if not than it will never connect even with me getting 5 bars

  • Richard

    Try mo tol, tingnan mo yung app info tapos i clear data mo tas try mo kung gumana kung hindi. uninstall mo tapos install mo ulit

  • Jane White

    Messenger stopped on my tablet 5 days ago,. I have reported it numerous Times to no avail. Fed up!

  • Jemlon

    same here in Manila Iphone user problem with messenger FB..

  • Shame_I_think

    Facebook keeps on wrking on my cel but refuses to work in my computer

  • Debbie white

    My messenger on Facebook is not working on my iPad for 2 days now

  • Brian McAllister

    My video call messenger is not connecting right, it keeps cutting in/out on the sound and the video keeps reconnecting every minute with blurry picture when I contact someone in the Philippines

  • Lanna O’Brien

    3 days now and Facebook and Messenger taking forever to open on my iPhone 6. Once it opens it is so slow or completely at a stand still. What’s going on??. It’s frustrating and I’m ready to delete my apps!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Buckley

    I just got my first Facebook call today. I didn’t even know such a facility existed. However, there was no notification that the call came in, either visual or auditory. So I missed the call, several times in fact. How can I change this. I’m using Facebook in Firefox under Windows.

  • Jaii125

    Video call keeps crashing the whole app & pictures & videos won’t send at all ! Won’t even load !

  • Firing Thoughts

    for calls you need to be on mobile.
    web is automatically rejecting them

  • Charles Buckley

    That’s pretty simple — thank you.


    It has almost been a week now since I’ve been having issues with FB Video Call. I use the App to call my Fiance everyday since were in LDR but the call drops ever friggin 30 minutes every now and then on my Mini ipad. What is going on FACEBOOK? Its very irritating. Please fix this issue.

  • Jack H

    I can’t delete any messages for some reason. This has been going on for about a day now.

  • Jaqui

    Facebook phone calls won’t work. They say I’m not connected to wifi, but I’m recieving and sending messages like normal. I’m curious as to whether the new update for android has anything to do with it.. NY.

  • Megan Kupradze

    almost every messages has delated ..can’t recive any message even now

  • Rachel

    Have they fixed it? Or did you find a way to fix it?

  • Rachel

    How do I fix the messenger app??

  • Patrick Marsden

    all my messages have suddenly deleted, i cant send or retrieve messages, how do i fix this someone

  • Janeth De La Cruz

    I can’t see or receive messages on messenger on my phone

  • Anna-Mariya Szkwarek

    Same here ! All my messages are gone and I can’t recieve any

  • Stacee AndDerek Weissenberger

    Me too!!! All messages gone and can’t send!!!!!

  • Stacee AndDerek Weissenberger

    Has it fixed for you

  • Michael G Twiss

    Ya mines really messed up too

  • Michael G Twiss

    Anyone know if this is fixed yet

  • Marie Wilbur

    So happy I’m not the only one.

  • Aramis Espinoza

    Anyone know when it will be fixed
    My messages deleted and wont load nothing
    How do i fix thiss

  • Joanna Marie Adiz Escalera

    Me also having the same problem for almost 8hrs!!!!

  • InIn Khi

    Yes.. My Facebook messenger is not working too. Just show me “couldn’t load conversation”. My location is Singapore.

  • Kim Hastings

    Lost messenger for 12 hours yesterday, finally fixed at 1am this morning to have it just quit working again now. It’s 1530/3:30pm cst in the US.

  • Sharon Cleere

    I tried to update facebook messenger on my iphone about a half an hour ago. It’s now 1:24am here in Ireland, and it still hasn’t updated. I just have a message saying that it’s installing…. but nothing is happening. What’s going on????

  • ancrumble

    Deleted itself off my phone after I turned it off while reinstalling. Now won’t redownload or open from the FB app? Not cool, need it for this weekend. -.-

  • Hamza Sheikh

    My messenger and facebook app didn’t connecting with wifi or 3g if someone txt me on messnger or there were any notification on fb they both automatically connects with wifi if there were not any msg or notification thy both discounted from internet and i have t9brestart my wifi or 3g to reconnect it.. plzzz tell me what will i do?

  • Lester

    I deleted a very long messages conversation with my gf then after ot says “,service error” adter that. The app isn’t responding anymore no matter how I clear the data and uninstalling and install the app agaim

  • Judy Redditt

    I use messenger quite frequently, but all of a sudden, even though I have been notified that I have messages, I can not access messenger, it appears frozen, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  • Joy

    I cant open my messenger. I cant send and read any messages. It says theres a problem and just try again later.

    By any chance, does anyone knows what’s happening? Or how do we able to fix this.

    Thank you

  • juli

    facebook hasnt been allowin my messages to deliever or recieve any or open messenger on any of my devices

  • paul

    I can’t send or recieve any messages without loading my prepaid sim. I thought it’s free?

  • Cleo Douglas

    It won’t take my cell number, gives me error 3307 for both Facebook and messenger.

  • james

    my messages are not loading

  • Mallika Chauhan

    Says Something went wrong. Try again later. Won’t open on my fone nor my laptop. I’m in India

  • Jennie

    My messenger won’t run off my data plan. It seats no internet connection and my data is turned on

  • huskydogs123

    I live in the U.S. and my friend from Chile and we like to chat on the phone through FB messenger. Recently, I can barely hear his voice, but he can hear mine. What could be the cause of this?

  • Brookj

    I live in the US and my pictures won’t load to send and I can’t click on people to send videos to through messenger either, it just seems like it’s frozen

  • Mark

    Can call some contacts but not all now. All contacts can get me but I can’t get through to them. Between 4 friends 2 can make and receive calls but the other 2 can only make calls not able to receive

  • Soheyla sharif

    I have installed recent version of messenger it deos it connect to FB a message pops up that no internet connection

  • Salimkutty Pa

    its showing connection in yellow banner and not getting any messages ..updated to the latest version and still its not getting connected ….

    what is happening apple ????

    stooping too low every day passes !!!!!

  • Christopher Robin Morse

    Both Messenger and Facebook apps are having hardcore connectivity issues. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and ensured I have the most recent versions are installed. I can temporally fix the issues by clearing the cache through the my phone’s application manager but it only fixes the issue for a short period of time. The issue started after the most recent Android update.
    Samsung Galaxy 6
    U.S. Cellular
    Dear Moines, IA

  • C

    I have an iPhone and had this problem, I had talked to my friend ok for months then suddenly they sounded like a mouse on messenger.I called apple and they talked me through resetting the network. Perfect sound since then. It was the phone not messenger.

  • Jeff Glickman

    I am not able to send a link to videos I post on facebook to 1 particular friend on facebook. Their phone number is current in my phone list and

  • Ellen Vivienne Francis

    Was working great til I updated with the latest version yesterday. On my HTC phone, I cannot access previous messenger threads, only see a white screen and spinning circle on start up. I have to go to the contact’s page to message them .No notifications either. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times .. no result.
    FACEBOOK Techno geeks >>>>if it ain’t broke leave it alone!
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • rebecca

    my convos are disappearing then reappering on my facebook messenger. and in one convo, i send a message and its shown as seen immediately after i send even when the user is not active and hasnt been active. AND i re downloaded the app and the convo with the “seen” messages are now being seen as “sent” after re downloading it. wth is going on? anxiety attack over here

  • I can’t connect my apps to Facebook. The Trulia app, Bubble Witch.. It opens it up and tries to connect but then just crashes.

  • Joanne Murray

    I cant get Candy Crush or any other games on Facebook right now. I’m in South Australia.

  • stephen

    messenger calls now can only be made when in wifi? it has never been like that. does anyone know why?

  • Marco

    Hey, I’ve sent a message on messenger 5 days ago, and she didn’t respond, so I’m thinking she never got it , cause system is down? I’m in beautiful California, and this has never happen before. Is FB or whomever working on fixing the problem already? Thank you. faithful user.

  • Bonita

    Im having video call connection problems on messenger started today.

  • Andy Altenhoff

    Did you ever fix your issue because I had the same thing happen to me and FINALLY fixed it.

  • Liz

    Calls only work on wifi is there someone getting the same issue?

  • Lavette Washington

    Haven’t been able to make a call in days. When I call out it says not available. When someone else calls me it says the app stopped. It’s getting annoying I am using WiFi.

    Lovie stover from Washington dc

  • Bethany

    My messenger calls aren’t working either. They were working perfectly before I went to sleep but when I woke up the option isn’t even there for a video call and voice call is blocked. I am on wifi. Is this a bug? I’m in Saudi Arabia

  • Superr Mann

    Mine says couldn’t load conversations or couldn’t load messages. I deleted the app and reinstalled but it’s still acting up but now none of my messages I ever sent are showing up

  • Michael Mansfield

    As of may 10th I can’t make calls on FB Messenger. I get an error code saying the problem is with the carrier or the country. Any ideas why this just started happening?

  • Louisse Patrick Cervantes

    Why they did not receive my message in all group in messenger? Why is this happening. Fix this soon.

  • Merlyn

    Not able to call or video message from Sadui over wifi this needs to be rectified ASAP

  • ‘Linda Oxford Nichols

    Everytime I try to download Messenger I get error 505 everytime! although it says messenger is already downloaded on my machine!

  • Diane

    Since early this morning I am unable to use facebook and messger on my iphone. I know I have 3g and it works because I can send Imessage on my iphone but whenever I try to open facebook app and messenger it gives me error NETWORK ERROR and COULDNT LOAD MESSAGES! What the hell is going on with facebook???

  • Diane

    By the way my location is Philippines. Please fix this.

  • Rebecca Cleveland

    Im in the usa….east coast and ive been having horrible issues with facebook and messenger. It keeps dropping my wifi, page wont load, messenger doesnt work. Ive factory reset my phone and uninstalled the app but no avail. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 more times. No change.

  • Gissa

    Facebook Messenger app is down for me, i will try online web version see if its the same.

  • Mike

    Messenger not working for me.

  • Simon

    is facebook messenger down? What a nightmare this is, in the middle of chatting and then goes offline on me.

  • Stacy

    My messages wont send.. Absolute irritation. On west coast

  • Samantha Trompeter

    Not able to send messages on my phone or computer

  • Calypso

    Same. Down for me on computer and cell.

  • Zach Lampe

    I have been trying forever to get Facebook messenger to work and no luck please fix asap

  • Davia Hook

    I can use my business messanger but Not my personal…. What is going on?

  • Blair Louise Tanaka

    Just sent a video to my friend (one already on my phone) and now it Messenger (and facebook!) keep freaking out and switching to the view of when i sent the video or to facebook. It’s extremely inconvenient and annoying. i even deleted the conversation, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Sooo annoyed.

  • Dolores Donnelly

    Can’t open my Facebook messenger it just goes directly to the apple icon when I press the app happening a couple of days now I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and turned my phone on and off , I’m in Ireland , anyone help with this ?

  • Jacek

    When calling by messanger my phone is restarting

  • Stacey

    Messanger crashing instantly even after reinstalling / resetting phone ect.

  • GodsOne

    I am in Serbia. I can hear others on Messenger calls, but they cannot hear me.

  • Justin

    Getting “weak connection” messages while video chatting on WiFi, with Cellular Data disabled, no connection issues and no signal strength issues.

  • Lillian

    My messengers come back as not delivered. Why?

  • Lora Ann Hite

    A message will come across my iPhone lock screen for like half a second and then disappear. So I don’t know that I have a message unless I unlock my phone and see that the messager icon has a number on it. This just started happening a couple days ago. Very frustrating. My notifications are all on. I tried restarting my phone and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing works.

  • Bree Lynn

    My messenger kept crashing, so I unisntalled it to reinstall it to see if it would fix but now it won’t even reinstall, it just keeps saying “Messeneger can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues get help from troubleshooting error code -24” and i did that, i did every single set on the troubleshooting page word for word and then after all of that, it still didn’t work

  • Dolores Donnelly

    In Ireland and since I’ve updated my Facebook and messenger yesterday every time I go to messages it keeps going to the apple icon and then straight to the home screen any one have any ideas

  • Sal

    Have problem sending message to a friend. A message keeps coming up to change default from sms ţo messenger. It won’t let me do anything. I figured I would unfriend and reffiend but message comes up and won’t let me do it. Yesterday it worked but not today. Didn’t change anything. I Don’t want to change my default. I’m trying to send from android to iPhone

  • Giancarlos Llanos Romero

    Hello, I live in NY, and my messenger app started giving trouble after I updated it a couple of days ago. Whenever I close the app, I don’t have connection, meaning I won’t receive any notification, not until I open the app and actually send a message to someone. It is then that the ‘weak connection’ sign changes to reconnecting and then connected.

    Also, when I’m on a wi-fi or data call, the call is well but fails once I lock my screen, literally, when I lock my screen, or when switch apps/go to home page. It is turning incredibly annoying since I use messenger calls almost all day!!!

    I just updated the app again and the issue remains. I use a Samsung S6 Edge.

  • MARyum

    i am using messenger from laptop.. and frp call is not available on it.. Grp voice call nor Video call…. Plz help me overcome this prblem…
    Looking frwrd for ur kind support and co operation.

  • tntuof

    Messages not working

  • bleurose

    My phone died & when I recharged itI was asked for a password which I forgot. When I finally logged on to FB my messenger which I’ve been using for months won’t let me access messages & keeps telling me to install. When I go to install it says open. It doesn’t let me open from friends profiles. Keeps showing pic of a rodent & telling me to install. I’m beyond frustrated & can’t talk to my friends! Help!

  • Sharon Ottolini

    just ask on thier Facebook page I’m having trouble to with my messenger.

  • Monika

    I am unable to open videos since I updated..very annoying

  • S F

    Whenever someone sends me a message on FB Messenger for desktop, it closes on it’s own. This is ridiculous.

  • amr elbadry

    I can’t make voice or vedio call messenger crash

  • Chrystel Fericelli Bright

    Not happy with messenger closing Facebook
    Anyway I can get the old Facebook messaging back???

  • RK Shadowone

    Same here, it worked yesterday, but don’t work calling today.

  • Mahlet Bluford

    I have been trying to contact a friend, but Facebook’s Messenger isn’t working. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Isabel Rodriguez

    the same thing happened to me!!

  • kishore

    IPHONE 4 – Facebook messenger is always trying to connect.. not loading any messages.? remaining all the APPS are working.
    since 1 week on wards, is the issue related to messenger down or the network issues..? or anything else..?
    please help me..

  • Joanna Negrete

    Sprint galaxy s4 user. I have full bars of signal on sprint connection and full bars on my wifi connection. When I try to video chat with messenger is only gives me one or two bars of signal . Constant disconnection and reconnect g or dropped calls. Gets very frustrating.

  • Jeremy Hamilton

    I have a LG V10 on T-Mobile. Messenger stopped connecting to the LTE network yesterday at around mid-day and will only connect through wi-fi. I even factory reset my phone and didn’t solve any problems. Also having the same issue with Spotify.

  • Peshovr94

    I have a problem whit my messanger when i open the messanger to chat whit a friend it show me that’s waiting for network, but when i restart my mobile data or wi-fi the problem is gone until a closed the chat for 10 seconds and when i open it again it says waiting for network. Please help my phone is samsung galaxy s6 edge plus whit the marshmallow android.

  • Jamie

    Fb shows I have messages but when I open messenger there are no new messages. Also every time I log into messenger it logs me out of Facebook.

  • Jennifer

    It’s been a month we want vedio call on my fb messenger it’s only showing connecting vedio .. I’m using wifi ..

  • Lei

    I cant call using my video call its shows i have to be connected but i have internet connection

  • Laura

    It won’t let me load messenger on my phone , the ap opens and either shows me a white or black screen

  • Ann D Moore

    Still unable to use fb app ( since update yesterday) on my samsung galaxy

  • My messenger continues to fail every few minutes, the connection is interrupted and it just ends the call

  • Naphtali

    So am I on my Huawei mate 8 Pius including messenger too. I thought it was peculiar to my phone that is why I came online to seek info. Hope the problem is resolve soon

  • Michelle Duplin

    Installed facebook and messenger app on my phone. Never had an issue until yesterday, seems like it was right after an update and now everytime I try to open either one of them using app on my phone it says they have stopped . Uninstalled both several times ,dosnt help. What is going on?????

  • Bonnie Vogel

    My messenger & Facebook will not work at all since update yesterday on my HTC Desire 626s. VERY ANNOYING!!! Tried uninstalling and reinstalled. Still crashes.

  • Ann D Moore

    App still down. …ugh!!! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing fb app issues too!!!

  • Brookee Nesbitt

    The facebook app and messenger isn’t working on my 526 HTC desire phone. Been like this since last night after I updated messenger I think. Very frustrating

  • Hrw TreLH

    i know it happened to me too and im using a zte s6 blade phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Robinson

    Yesterday I couldn’t get it to work, but earlier it was working fine but now it’s not

  • Lindsey

    Mines not working either it’s been like this since yesterday on my HTC it’s so annoying if anyone got it to work will someone tell me how they got it to work please

  • Lindsey

    Did you get it to work

  • Joy

    Facebook and messenger app not working on my HTC for a couple days now I’ve deleted and reinstalled and it didn’t help

  • terry okiri

    i am trying to call and it just connects and hangs up why??

  • Ahmad

    When I click on messenger on my HTC – Desire 626 4G LTE it send me this report saying “Messenger has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to send an error report to HTC? This will help us improve our product.” when I press send they don’t do anything I waited a week now.

  • Maddison Langley

    My messenger is not working on my HTC desire 626 4g LTE keeps saying that its unexpectedly has been stopped , I even did a manufacturing reset to my phone deleted this app a bunch . When will this be fixed , my boyfriends app still works great and we have the same phone don’t add up …

  • Abrar Ahmed

    me also facing the same issue.. my fb messenger is working well on mobile data but when ever i tried to connect with my wifi. messenger not connect nd stuck in connecting to network.. can anybody tell what reason will be behind it.

  • Rob Walker

    Facebook Customer Care +1-800-208-0139 Call Toll Free

  • Emily Shannon

    Is it mostly the HTC phones that are having this problem ? I am reading through the comments and every one is saying what I am thinking. I also have the HTC 626. Every time I go to click on Messenger, it will say that it has unexpectedly stopped. How do we get this fixed ?

  • Katrina

    According to htc company, ppl are having problems with messenger on HTC phones

  • Moe Clark

    I have an HTC as well, and my messenger has been down for almost a week. When I reported it to fb, I got the auto-generated b.s. message. This is crap..multi-billion dollar company that works with the government to control our moods and they can’t fix this? I wish we could all just go back to Myspace..Ahh, the good old days..

  • David HasAwish Allen

    I have a HTC 626 with the whole facebook not working crashing issue as well please help

  • Jason David College

    Messenger app for Windows 10 keeps disconnecting any time I switch away from it, even if I don’t minimize it. Sometimes it reconnects when I switch back to it, but not always. I haven’t found a work around for this just yet.

  • Charles

    Facebook Customer Care Toll Free Number +1-800-608-5160

  • haI9000

    Facebook Messenger not working right on my Galaxy 6 Edge. Multiple “Not Connected” messages, also copy and paste not working right after latest AT&T upgrade.

  • smdog

    Some Facebook videos say play later when online and I’m already online. I have wifi and it shows I’m using the wifi signal. I have a motog 3 and it updated to marshmallow several weeks ago, and there has been several problems since then. Sometimes when I pull down a notification it will open to the notification and sometimes it won’t. It’s the times it won’t open that is frustrating. I didn’t want to do the update cause I knew there would be problems, but it updated on it’s own and you can’t go back.

  • J M B

    Has anyone found a solution for the HTC phones? My HTC 526 is constantly dropping Facebook and messenger. I uninstalled both and reinstalled both three times over the past week. Was hoping that the error would be fixed by now not sure if I should try to reinstall again. So has anyone had any luck in getting a good download of Facebook for the HTC in the past week or know of a fix that I can do?

  • Jina

    I use Asus Zenfone Selfie. The messeges won’t load in the messenger app, also, I can’t receive messages from group chats and people. I can’t view the inbox, also the conversation, saying “There’s a problem-” or something like that.

    Sometimes, I receive messages super late. However, I can’t view them.

    Any solution to this?

  • Noel Lee

    I had the same issue with FB messenger. I have a prepaid Verizon HTC desire, I do not pay for data so have had mobile data shut off in settings. This has worked fine since I use Wi-Fi. Although today it would not send. I’m on Wi-Fi although cell reports no data connection. I went into settings and turned mobile data back on. This worked no connection problems and I still do not pay for mobile data, just turned it on. Hope this helps someone. Leon Eel

  • Noel Lee

    I turned my mobile data off, because I only use Wi-Fi and do not pay for mobile data. It’s worked fine until today so I turned mobile data on in settings. I still do not use it nor pay for it, I simply turned it on and voila, it works. I hope this helps.

  • Amanda

    I think it’s because it’s August and just to much traffic, everyone is on holiday and sending millions of messages every second. It’s Free don’t complain, I know it’s a pain. There is more to life, enjoy some real life……..

  • Gary. Corulla

    Hi I am in New York. I was on Facebook. But they tell me I have to switch over to messenger to get my messages so I had no choice Apple stores don’t no anything. There like. Useless when it comes to face book so I did that. I was using. Messenger. For couple months. But. My battery was dying so fast. Went to Apple Store one guy said the messenger could be killing my battery. He deleted it. But couldn’t get messages or see people do anything. So I installed it again. It starts to load. Then almost loads then stops and won’t load for days now. I tried everything. It just won’t load.

  • Nnick

    Hey, im a user of messenger in texas, and for some reason the app keeps closing.. lIke compleatly. dOsnet matter what im dOing, it just closes. iT really sucks too, seince i have an actual band that i can only stay in touch with over messanger

  • Kristi Rennells

    Morning, I am having an issue with the facebook Messenger when i open it everything looks normal but when i click on a conversation it wont load it just keeps saying “Loading” i can type and send but it wont show me i sent it its blank , My daughter messaged me on facebook i was able to open it and see our conversation but i cant open any of my other conversations its like they have to message me first for me to be able to open,veiw and reply… has anyone else had this issue befor and can anyone help me please this has been going on for 2 days now i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothing has changed…

    Thank you, Kristi From NY

  • Jenn

    Yep not loading… In Washington. 🙁

  • Clark

    Im having the same problem. But if I log in to my other account works fine tho. Just sucks that my original acc cant login on messenger. I already reported this problem to fb. but dunno if how long this would go on.

  • Mahmudul Hassan Anik

    Takes forever to load online friends. Sent reports but no reply or solution. I’m using cellular connection and everything else is working fine but messenger.

  • Katherine

    Haven’t been able to load old messages all day, it just keeps saying “loading.” For an app that so many people use, it needs some work. It shouldn’t be having glitches like this. How do they expect people to use an app if it’s broken?

  • Omar Currim

    Am having the same exact problem here. Showing the stupid “Waiting For Network” message and my contacts profile photos do not load. Messages incoming and outgoing are delayed as hell. However, with my other Facebook account, I have none of this problems. In Singapore…

  • Omar Currim

    Showing the stupid “Waiting For
    Network” message and my contacts profile photos do not load. Messages
    incoming and outgoing are delayed as hell. However, with my other
    Facebook account, I have none of this problems. In Singapore…Mailed Facebook and reported this countless of times. Getting annoying because I just factory resetted my phone thinking something was wrong with it and it did not help one damn bit. Anyone else having similar issues? Thanks in Advance.

  • kate

    hi i have a new htc one mini 2 and im having heaps of trouble loading messenger and using facebook. it keeps saying password incorrect or no internet but i know that the password is correct? ive tried taking both apps of and reloading

  • Hasan

    Uae Having problem with facebook page manager not load previous message what the hell is happening.

  • J. Holder Bennett

    Chat threads are disappearing. Messages received aren’t showing up. I have to go through the main FB app to do anything, and half my friends don’t seem to exist for Messenger.

  • Johnny

    Is Facebook Messenger down, i cannot get it to work on app or web version.

  • Karla

    I can access Facebook Messenger but cannot send any chats.

  • Marion

    Messenger is down for me peeps , how about you?

  • Peter

    When I open Messenger all I get is a blank screen, and none of my previous messages can be seen.

  • Love

    FB Messenger is also down for me. It keeps on saying, “Waiting for network” and “Connecting” but never went through…
    Please let us know if this will be resolved any time sooner. Thanks!

  • Xuong Tran Trieu

    I’m getting just the same problem like you do, ><. Any solution or work around please!!!

  • Jenn Vega

    Since the 10th I can no longer load messages in my app. I can see them on the computer though and if I know who messaged me and I go to make a new message or conversation will pop up but If I just open it to see what’s new it says can’t load conversations and it’s a blank screen

  • Carlie Q

    I am having the same problem with you, and its getting really annoying.

  • Philippa Dominish

    I have this problem too but only on my phone. The app on my tablet is working fine. Need a solution now please !!!

  • Omar Currim

    Mine seems to be fixed now. Can you guys check and confirm if Facebook has fixed it on your end? Singapore user here. Thanks!

  • Krystal Gomez

    My messenger takes me to a white screen and sends me to my home page again

  • Monic

    Can’t use my messenger because it sends me automatically to the home screen.


    Error message says it needs network to make a call but my phone actually has a data and I have a good signal. I cant see who’s active and it takes minutes before the message sent. I tried un installed and reinstalled it still doing same thing.. pls fix it. from Philippines

  • Trinity Elise

    every time i go to messenger it kicks me out and goes back to my home screen. i’ve deleted it multiple times and redownloaded it and even reset my phone and its still kicking me out

  • vic

    this is happening to me too

  • Nick

    So on voice and video calls i can hear the person im talking too but they cant hear me. It cuts in and out bad but i can hear them fine. Whats causing this and how can it be fixed ?

  • Janine Joyce

    Wtf my messenger is going straight to my home screen. This has never happened before. I can use my boyfriends phone to login in to it though. He has an android, and I have a IPhone. I just got my IPhone. Always had an android, so not sure if that’s is the problem. Even righting on here it is messing up. Please help me. My Email Address is [email protected] thanks souch

  • Chance Harrah

    So my problem is that my girlfriend is trying to call me on the app and it is saying that the person your trying to call is not availibe right now. but we are still able to send messages. on the other hand when i call her it just rings and rings and rings, she isnt reciving the call? idk why this is happening but it needs to be fixed help ASAP!

  • Angelina

    My messenger will do the same exact thing, but it won’t stay connected. At first i thought it was a data problem and then it started happening with our brand new router. If my phone is asleep, messenger will automatically disconnect from the internet and when I unlock it and open messenger it would take forever, a few seconds or it won’t get connected. Is there something going on with the app or is it a crash?

  • Margie

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the messenger app but it won’t open on my phone. I have an Android.

  • Kathy L

    Me too!

  • Arvin Michael Andoy

    i am having the same issue as well

  • shane

    contacts and active now not loading android s5

  • chris

    My conversations won’t load on messenger using an S5. I have to find the contacts, open the contact and then I can see the chat. But the default home page won’t load any conversations.

  • Maureen Jessica Dumlao

    Can anyone please help me on what to do with my messenger connection problem? I can see who i am talking to through video call but he only sees black screen with “connecting video” on his phone’s screen. What is the problem regarding this matter?

  • WehnD

    Can anyone please help me on what to do with my messenger connection problem? I can see who i am talking to through video call but he only sees black screen with “connecting video” on his phone’s screen. What is the problem regarding this matter?

  • Kimberley Hoffman

    When I use the call option on Facebook it will not let me hang up calls why is this? I have to restart phone t get out of calls

  • Jet Aguilar

    everytime i’m going to make a call even if i’m using Wifi or Data it always saysn “No internet connection please connect to a eifi or data plan” can someone help me??thanks..

    [email protected]

  • Aashish Kumal

    In my phone messengers not working properly and as well as not updating….

    [email protected]

  • Aashish Kumal

    Can you tell me someone nowadays why messenger aren’t updating properly

  • Jan petree

    What do I need to do ? My messenger will not load messages even though I’m connected to the internet, I can make calls through messenger but can’t load conversations , can someone tell me what to do please ?

  • Jennifer

    When I try to go on my FB messanger it says I need to up date. Then it takes me to App Store and shows me the FB app I already have. Can’t use my FB message can’t find the download for new one what’s going on.

  • Jennifer

    Nvm works now

  • Sue

    Since I upgraded to IOS 10 my Facebook messenger does not work. What can i do about it

  • rona

    has anyone figured out how to fix the messenger I’m in Australia and it says cant download messages … please help

  • Jason Maka

    Everytime i try to make a call or join a call it crashes

  • jay

    I have internet connection but, when I tried to log in my account is says fix internet connection.

  • brian

    always appear couldnt load messages and my messages does not appear..

  • Trevor Jones

    I am using my laptop.. Can send a message but cant get replies , inbox isnt loading etc

  • Jennifer Clark

    Messages won’t load and asks about recording conversations before trying to answer a call. Happened 10pm last night -current

  • austine dx

    my fb/whats app messenger has become unresponsive since I downloaded IOS 10 when on wifi but very slow on data, can somebody help?

  • Rose

    I having the same issues too! Both on my phone messenger and on my laptop! Its blank! No messages or anything and yes i cant receive any messages 🙁

  • Tanya

    Just got “couldn’t load conversations” ughhh they are there if I look for a person but do not have them listed to the left to respond to etc…HELP thanks

  • Since getting the Sony Xperia XA (and I’ve had two different ones already), Facebook messenger will sit on waiting to connect until I force close and reopen. Then it’ll work again for a bit, before disconnecting.

  • Ash

    Hi. I have a problem with my account. I decided to deactivate my facebook account last Sept. 16, 2016 and decided to activate it Last week. My problem is, I can open my messenger but it says “Waiting for Network” and I swear our wifi is working it is fast too. I tried opening my account in the other device and still it says “Waiting for Network” it stays like that for a day now. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstall it again but nothing happens. I even tried to resetting my phone but it still says “Waiting for Network”. Could someone please help me?

  • jaw

    I am experiencing messenger problem since yesterday with the messege ‘no internet connectivity’. I cant receive or send any message. But the facebook is working fine.

  • Ksheena Gumatas

    we do have the same problem. It occurs after I deactivated my account. Have you found the solution? Thanks

  • Nadica Jangelova

    I connected my Galaxy S6 to the Wifi network I have at home (which btw is pretty fast), and the status is CONNECTED the whole time. However, when I try to send messages via Facebook messenger, they are being sent with a delay because Messenger goes from “Connected” to “Waiting for connection” over and over again. The same thing happens when I switch to 3G network. Could somebody please explain to me whether there is a problem with my phone or with the Messenger app? Thanks

  • lanZzz

    I have the same problem too, Have you found the solution?

  • Abunny99

    For some odd reason I couldn’t make call on my phonetwo days ago then I could yesterday and now I cant today . It goes on this back and forth battle of working and not working . But for some odd reason it works on my tablet? Anyone having this issue? You

  • alasti

    I’m just getting a blank phone screen and/or “Messenger is not responding” statement this morning.

  • Fernando

    I have the same problem with my phone (galaxy s6 edge+) but it started happening right after the software update months ago and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Jack Torse

    Messenger wont load message history or anything for that matter.

  • Claudia Eaton

    Still problems with not being able to comment on facebook..alkmost like the page seizes up.

  • Joyce Bencent

    I am having problems with messenger using my contacts information to contact me to use their added services or phone service and interferes with my messages sent or my post on face book …you know I have Android and do not want added services and was happy with what I have for now. Where do I file a complaint because this is intrusion into my personal business…like my contacts…no one that I know will call me at 2 or 3 am in the morning ….I have a land line for that!

  • Juanita Merrill

    My messenger is constantly loading and won’t show me any of my messages. It just started a 2 hours ago.