Facebook problems

Social media is growing at a fast rate and the largest and most popular is Facebook, millions of users around the world are uploading status messages, adding photos and so much more. But now and then Facebook servers start to play up, blank white pages arise, and other Facebook problems such as connecting with mobile devices do happen.

Is Facebook down right now? This is a question that will pop up on a regular basis, major Facebook outages do happen where the social network goes down completely. From time-to-time you may experience the Facebook newsfeed or timeline not working properly, and information you or friends have posted has a delay, glitches will always occur on the social media platforms.

When Facebook is down thousands of users take to Twitter to vent their anger, but now you can report any such problem here on ‘Is Down Right Now USA’ below. You can check the Facebook service status page or just simply check back here for updates or what other people are reporting. Please do leave updates of Facebook is not working the way it should, status updates will be left by other Is Down Right Now readers.

Facebook status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Facebook is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Facebook? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jack

    Every time I post a photo today i cannot see to see it on my wall, my friends can but i cannot why is this?

  • Wendy

    for some reason Facebook is not able to open, when i do finally get connection it just freezes so i log out and then try to get back in and then the same problem occurs – please do help from one annoyed social networker.

  • Sharon

    Facebook is not working for me, keeps trying to reboot all the time. Facebook may be the biggest media platform but it is sure the worst at the same time.

  • Roger

    What is happening with Facebook at the moment, i cannot login

  • Tony

    For some reason Facebook will not load up on my phone.

  • Emily

    having problems with any facebook page loading yesterday, seems to be the same today. one minute it is fine and then when i click on a post to open fully to read it wont work.

  • Paul

    Taking so long for posts to show up, even scrolling through my newsfeed it is lagging slightly.

  • Patricia

    Why is my Facebook just getting a spinning thing at the top all the time, its like it is trying to refresh. Pain in the backside.

  • Patty

    I cannot seem to open my Facebook app on my Nokia Lumia phone, is there a major problem at the moment or is it just me?

  • Eve

    I keep losing facebook, its a right pain in the rear end. As soon as i login the facebook i can scroll my newsfeed and then bang its gone. WHY?

  • Emma

    Trying to load a photo onto my Facebook so my friends and family can see it, but nope, not happening it will not show up. Is there a problem with FB at the moment?

  • katie

    Facebooks newsfeed is lagging a little, it is not loading like it normally would. Is Facebook updating behind the scenes without telling us.

  • Jolene

    There was a problem earlier with Facebook and since had trouble getting access via app, so I just uninstalled it then reinstalled and all seems to be working well. Fingers crossed.

  • Wanda

    The Facebook iPhone app has been nothing but trouble for most of the day, the only way I could use Facebook on the iPhone was to open the Facebook on the phones internet. I am in the middle of unistalling the app and will then add it again.

  • Kat

    Everytime I sign in, it goes to a blank while page…why?

  • Ron

    I just can’t remember my password and applied to get it back, nothing is happening.

  • Billy

    The newsfeed has nothing on it, although my mums account is working without problems.

  • Sherry

    Facebook iOS app is worthy of deleting soon, I am using Facebook on the internet via my phone now.

  • Melinda

    I can login on my phone but PC on the other hand is a no go. Are the servers having issues or something?

  • Gail

    I want to share some YouTube content such as music videos, but for some reason Facebook will not allow me to add the. Why is this happening, is there another new privacy policy or something?

  • Chel

    How come I cannot schedule posts at the moment, is there a glitch in the system?

  • Malcom

    Facebook is not working on my SG tablet but yet it works on my phone. How bizarre.

  • Pauline

    Facebook is showing a blank page for me when i use my app, on the browser it is fine. Surely the app needs a new update or something.

  • Mykael

    Each time i open my Facebook iPad and iPhone app it just keeps crashing.

  • Bev

    How come I cannot see any Facebook friends comments, even the likes are not showing?

  • Allanis

    I am away on business and my wife called me saying she could access Facebook on her iPad, so I looked at mine and she was right I cannot either. But we can access through safari (Web-based Facebook), app version is a no go at the moment.

  • Orson

    What is going on with Facebook, it has just frozen on me.

  • Harry

    I cannot log into Facebook. Was reading away and then it just stopped working.

  • Mark

    Half way through posting something on Facebook and it stopped working.

  • Percy

    Facebook is back online now, all working fine in Las Vegas.

  • Daniel

    Loading photos onto Facebook seems a little crazy at the moment.

  • Lol

    Facebook is not loading for me.

  • Jade

    Know this is bank holiday weekend in the UK but damn, Facebook not letting me login all weekend.

  • Mick

    Since Facebook took off its automatic refresher there seems to be many problems such as not loading.

  • Ursula

    Not getting any Facebook notifications.

  • Justin

    Not getting any notifications on my iPhone app. Website version is ok.

  • Kris

    No notifications showing up, whats going on?

  • Charlie

    Keep getting blank screen when I open facebook on mobile device.

  • Farley

    There has surely got to still be a Facebook connection issues, because all i am getting is a black screen.

  • Anna

    Facebook news feed is not loading.

  • Jill

    News feeds not working. Is there a major facebook problem or a new update coming?

  • Garry

    My news feed not showing up, keeps saying trouble loading news feed.

  • Beckie

    Still not able to login to Facebook, come on now sort it out.

  • Deaton

    Facebook is not loading for me, I can login but that is as far as I get with it.

  • Lorna

    Not able to load photos to Facebook.

  • Branden

    facebook isn’t working right now on London.

  • Katrina

    fb must be down for others, can’t sign in bay area, sf.

  • Paul

    I’m in New York, not able to connect to Facebook in the Android app. How you trying to login?

  • Kaite

    Not able to see my Facebook Friends List on my iPad. I can add them but not view them, strange.

  • Yanson

    Facebook loading times are very slow, even when trying to logout its super slow.

  • Kate

    When I search for a friend in Facebook their profile does not show up.

  • Yolonda

    Facebook Android app is not showing my newsfeed.

  • Junior

    My Facebook notifications are not showing up, they pop up like 20 minutes after posts have been published,

  • Penelope

    Facebook iPhone app keeps crashing on me.

  • Cherry

    Facebook app on iPad keeps crashing, so I tried on iPhone and the same so its got to be an iOS problem right?

  • Kielty

    No Facebook in Lebanon, Kentucky, not able to post anything. Even my timeline and news feed are not showing up.

  • Toni

    Facebook down in Pennsylvania.

  • Dominella

    Facebook is not loading again for me, I have tried on three different computers such as desktop and laptops and not working for me.

  • Scott

    Why when I try to login to Facebook it keeps saying check my network connection when i have good wifi, strange and annoying.

  • Barbara

    When I get a notification from Facebook on my laptop it does nothing when I click on it.

  • Nate

    I write a Facebook comment on my friends status and it will not post. I am on iPhone.

  • Hugh

    Facebook photos are not loading, this ha been happening since yesterday. A fix is clearly needed.

  • Jennifer

    Facebook will not open for me today.

  • Casey

    Pictures are not loading onto Facebook, all i get is that spinny circle thing.

  • Jase

    A few days have gone by now and still cannot connect to Facebook using my iPad or iPhone.

  • Kristen

    Facebook has gone totally black for me, yes a blank screen.

  • Cooper

    No Facebook connection in torbay.

  • Alan

    I do not have any connection to Facebook in Milton Keynes. iOS devices only though, works fine on other devices such as android, computers etc.

  • Jeffery

    I have been getting Facebook inbox messages but they are saying they have been read when they haven’t. Strange goings on here I think.

  • Wilson

    My email is not being recognized, which means a cannot login to my Facebook.

  • Sharron

    I posted a status messages and yet I cannot see any comments on it. I called my friend to comment on it so I could see if it worked and after she did i saw nothing. is there a delay with Facebook comments?

  • Parrie

    Facebook Newsfeed not loading.

  • Caitlin

    Not able to post comments on FB. It was all working fine yesterday.

  • Sandee

    Facebook stories are not loading for me. I get notifications but will not load up when I click on it.

  • Gavin

    FB is totally down for me still, this is like 9 hours now.

  • Hilary

    Total Facebook blackout for 2 hours then back up, still working OK. A little slow loading but hey I’m on.

  • Cam

    It is still down past 2:30 a.m. CST

  • Jerrad

    Facebook on desktop works fine, byt Facebook mobile does not.

  • Demie

    All I am getting when I login to Facebook is a blank white page.A few of my friends are getting the same issue.

  • Lawrence

    Mobile app on iPhone is showing blank page after login.

  • Yvette

    Every time I try to sign in to Facebook all i seem to get is the page is not available. Yet it works fine on my Android phone.

  • Bae

    Not receiving any Facebook notifications on my phone or tablet even though notifications are on in the devices settings.

  • Jon

    Why isn’t my FB updating? I try the refresh by pulling down on the app (You know what I mean) and nothing happens.

  • Tory

    When will Facebook actually work for me, all i see is a blank screen.

  • Pippa

    I try to sign in but it keeps basically saying my password or email is wrong, when i know for sure it isn’t. Lets me login laptop with no issues. Stupid iPhone app.

  • Millie

    What has happened to Facebook notifications, not been getting them for two days.

  • Bisch

    I tried to load a photo onto my wall yesterday and it would not upload. Before anyone asks the image was optimized so it wasn’t to big of a file.

  • Bella

    It is a little weird how on some sites you have to use Facebook to connect or comment etc, but for some reason my husbands phone will not allow him to do that so i have to do it for him.

  • Stacey

    Not letting post photos, like or comment on anything.

  • Yosuha

    Facebook newsfeed is so slow when scrolling, its like we are going back to old school internet again.

  • Niria

    Facebook on mobile phone is silly now. The app does not work on my HTC One but is does open using the phones browser.

  • Kieron

    Facebook apps not wotrking on my mobile devices, just keeps crashing as soon as i open it.

  • Martina

    Blank pages yet again, this only happens when i refresh the app by puuling down for new feeds on my iphone.

  • Jobe

    Not even able to send a Facebook message to anyone on my friends list.

  • Janet

    For some reason Facebook is not letting me edit my posts.

  • Sunny

    Facebook seems to lag more on Chrome than any other brower, it seems to work best on Firefox.

  • Bill

    Facebook is so so slow today, i try to load up the app and it takes about 6 minutes or so for anything to show.

  • Allie

    Facebook photos are not loading, all it does is sits there trying its best to upload the pic and nothing.

  • Babara

    Not able to see tagged posts in my activity log, how come?

  • Alex

    Having problems trying to launch Facebook on my iPhone 5S, is anyone else having this kind of issue?

  • Judy

    Facebook app sucks, it seems to be getting worse by the day. Trying to post a status messages is very difficult indeed.

  • Janice

    Facebook is ultra slow when it comes to loading the news feed, but totally impossible to load photos I took yesterday. I really want to share these pics with my family who are abroad. Sending by Facebook is the easiest option, by email is out of the question.

  • Alexis

    I open my Facebook app and keep getting chucked off, even when i do manage to get onto my wall and try to post something it wont publish. Cant comments, like, share or even do a status. Laptop it is, stupid app.

  • Martin

    Every time i try to load a few photos at once to facebook they do not work. I have even optimised the images to make file size a lot smaller so they are easier to upload, but this is not the case. Googe+ it is then, more professional over there anyway.

  • Kelly

    I try to open Facebook app on my iPhone and all i get is the application crashing. Only seems to be happening on a cell phone and nothing else.

  • Chris

    I get notifications saying friends have commented on my posts, but when i go in there there are NO comments showing.

  • Kikki

    Facebook search is not working.

  • Aron

    Facebook is not working for me on May 27, 2015 on phone or computer. Login issues i am guessing because its not lettign me sign in.

  • Carol

    This is the strangest thing that has happened with my Facebook. When i try to log out from my Facebook account it will not let me, plus when i am in anyway the newsfeed doesn’t work properly.

  • Deb

    I am having Facebook photo problems, every time i try to open albums the pages are empty when they shouldn’t be.

  • Stevie

    Total blackout on Facebook and not happy. I Google Facebook problems trying to understand why the screen is black when i open the app and i cannot get any answers. Can someone help me please.

  • Marcia

    Pictures are not loading on my iPhone app to Facebook. I take a pic and then try to post and nothing happens other than freezes the screen.

  • harry

    Maybe today should be a day when we all turn Facebook off and actually spend it with the family, in fact nooooooooo please fix my facebook i need it.

  • Heather

    As soon as I open my mobile Facebook app I instantly get kicked. The app version of Facebook has been having issues for a while now. What is going on Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Merill

    Not seeing my newsfeed now, first i had login issues and now this with Facebook.

  • Larry

    Facebook app is being a nightmare trying to open, each time i do it just crashes.

  • Markus

    Not able to post photos of my family holiday, never had issues before on Facebook.

  • Jacky

    Not able to see my newsfeed, images will not load and i cannot comment. I am on the HTC One.

  • Darla

    I try to open Facebook and all i get is the spinning wheel icon, i try this many times but with the same results. Why is the Facebook mobile app a pain in the rear end.

  • Jilly

    Facebook is really slow on loading up, is there something going on right now?

  • Kate

    Not able to see my friends list, basically taking ages to load and wondering if its just taking time to show up.

  • Malcom

    Facebook is up and running but at a snails pace, all my members that follow my group disappeared but then came back up again. Nearly had a heart attack.

  • Mickey

    Is it me or is Facebook playing up? Seems to be slow more on the web than the mobile app version.

  • Tobylina

    Facebook is super slow at the moment when searching for something. Just so slow man.

  • Mark

    Facebook app is so slow at the moment, I pull down to refresh and it just keeps on spinning.

  • David

    Videos are not playing for me on Facebook, when i click on a video all i get is the spinning circle and nothing.

  • Dan

    Not getting on right now, but when I managed to sign in my FB page was all white.

  • Micky

    Facebook is going to become void on my phone unless Zuckerberg and team can sort my app out, which keeps crashing on me when i try to open it.

  • Kenzy

    Facebook News feed is not working July 14, 2015. I see the notifications but when i click on it i get nothing showing.

  • Ursula

    Facebook is not loading for me, it is one problem after another lately with this social media network.

  • Surii

    My profile page will not ket me do a status update, but yet from the newsfeed page it does, how strange.

  • Gray

    On the iPad last night (I am in Bristol) and when i opened Facebook it was fine, but as soon as i started scrolling on the newsfeed page it kept closing the app. Happens all the time and still doing it now, what the hell is going on?

  • Kimberley

    Facebook scrolling is not working the way it should. Keeps crashing when i do so which is not getting any views for Facebook.

  • Debra

    My Facebook is all over the place where everything is overlapping each other and looks all distorted.

  • Tami

    I would like to chage my Facebook page name, but I do not know how to do this. Any ideas folks?

  • Henderson

    Now this is weird, Facebook is loading vertically on one side, never seen this before.

  • Minty

    Facebook app on the iPad is just silly now, always crashing upon opening. Waste of time and only ever using website version from now on.

  • Cameron

    How come i can comment on some statuses but some others i cannot? Strange.

  • Mark

    Auto video clips are not playing unless i click the box, pages are very raratic as well.

  • Jill

    I cannot load any photos, i have been trying for the last two days on my iPad and not happening.

  • Clive

    What a difference a day makes, and how it is so true. Yesterday Facebook was useless because it kept crashing on my Android tablet, nut today it is all working fine.

  • Allyson French

    I tried loading pictures on July 31,2015 when i did this my whole album went out of order and are overlapping. I have tried putting them in a new album and the same thing happens. Can anyone help me out ?

  • Minnie

    I open up Facebook in my iPhone 5S and when i click on a video it just shuts down the whole app without even playing the video. But when i go back in the video will play.

  • Bonnie

    First i Had troubles logging in, then once finally in i could not upload images.

  • Mark

    The new Facebook Live Stream is brilliant, but when will the general public get it. Celebrity favoritism at its best not fair at all.

  • Brian

    Facebook is turning in Facefarce, open up android app and it just shuts down on me, when i do finally get onto my Facebook news feed it will not let me scroll without it freezing the page.

  • Darnell

    Not able to post anything at all, so i thought i would play a game of pool and the games feed would not work. Hate Facebook.

  • Chris

    Facebook app on my iPhone and iPad have now been deleted, i will do my wife says and just use website version its better.

  • Janice

    I have loads of wedding photos i would like to add to Facebook, but how can i get them onto my account quickly rather than individually? I am sort of new at this photo thing on Facebook.

  • Melissa Phariss Rose

    9/16/15. Is facebook down RIGHT NOW….i hust get black screen Won’t connect

  • Malcom

    Facebook is up and running, but they had a total outage and with no explanation as to why.

  • Charles

    Facebook is down, is this the start of a bad night? Not been able to get online for like 20 minutes now.

  • Jun

    I am in North Korea and i have no Facebook on phone or desktop.

  • Biane

    Facebook down in Wisconsin. Not able to login.

  • Brian

    Is Facebook down right now because they are adding the EMPATHY button?

  • george howell

    Facebook has been down for 4 days. I can get on by the app but on the browser side blank screen

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    Need my Facebook and messengers. For friends.

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    Then you suck.

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  • SunnyOne

    Facebook has been down all day so far, now 3:36 pm EDT White screen, or We are working on this problem message. I have Windows 7, tried Chrome, IE and Mozilla on my PC and tried Google. No luck. I can see messages on my Android cell phone, not news feed. Got blank page with FB bar on top on my Android tablet.

  • Carolyn Swann Swanson

    facebook must be down I haven’t been ableto log in for over a week now this started on 10/13/2015. all I get is a white blank page and it sometimes says sorry something went wrong and we ares working to fix it? I don’t know if I believe that because I don’t hear anything from facebook at all.

  • Amy

    Facebook is not working for me, my Newsfeed is not showing up.

  • Terri

    Newsfeed is down in Lauderale, is this occuring with anyone else from this area?

  • Jane

    I am in Naples and i have no newsfeed, the rest of Facebook is working ok though.

  • Tricia

    What is wrong with Facebook? I cannot seem to log in to my account.

  • Mandy

    I cannot log in to Facebook using WiFi but can do on 4G, this is very strange indeed. Does anybody else have the same issue this evening?

  • Bruce

    Seems to be mainly a UK problem with Facebook, even though a few people are having issues here in the USA many people in the UK are having it worse according to my friend in London.

  • Kingsley Herring

    Facebook is still down in the UK and no reasons given!

  • Charlie

    I have many unread posts as i saw them the other day. But when I click on them to read they are not showing.

  • Chrissy

    Facebook is super slow for me, I am in London. My friend said they are ok in Los Angeles. So does this mean its UK servers only playing up?

  • Grant

    The facebook website is very slow, strange how me and the wife are in the same house on wifi and i cannot get facebook to open at all but she can but its very slow opening posts etc.

  • Julie

    Facebook is not loading on chrome, internet explorer or firefox.

  • Kelly

    When I try to open Messenger via the Facebook web version it keeps crashing on me.

  • Rachel

    I just recently installed the new Messenger update and now cannot find any of my old messages.

  • Evlynne

    I thought I was the only one having Facebook issues, but it seems its a global thing.

  • Kristine

    Messenger chat and messages not working at the moment, whats wrong now?

  • Mike

    Not sure what is happening, but for the last 8 hours i have been seeing a blank screen upon log in.

  • Arunas

    In Lithuania and getting blank screen showing.

  • Jeff

    No Facebook page is loading for me in Florida.

  • Lucy

    This is just madness, for hours now the Facebook news feed has been stuck. Cannot scroll cannot do anything.

  • Kelly

    I open Facebook in Safari on my laptop and my newsfeed is super slow. This morning i saw the white screen and nothing more.

  • David

    it was very hard to get help. i got the number for help i.e 1-844-444-0101 and all my problems solved.. by the fb suport team..

  • Celeste

    Facebook went down but now i am finally back in, but none of the photos will load up.

  • Craig

    My Candy Cruh game on Facebook is not updating within Facebook?

  • Martin

    Is Facebook down or something as nothing is loading for me?

  • Lilly

    I am on the Facebook login page and for some reason no matter how many times I try to log in its not working.

  • Vicky

    My PC keeps crashing on me each time I open Facebook. The problem is only with Facebook and nothing else, i am using Safari.

  • Facebook Customer Care

    Facebook Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free

  • Kevin

    WTF is wrong with FB, I have been trying all day to logon, with no luck.

  • Brian Preble

    Facebook notifications are broken for me in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Everything else works, but the notifications tab displays a spinning cursor and no content. Clearing the cache does not work. Disabling my anti-virus and/or ad blocker does not work. Rebooting does not work. Facebook does not work.

  • abjparent

    Facebook comment button not working on my phone. Cannot comment on anything or even view other comments. What’s up?

  • disqus_mQBgt6MRlb

    About 5 days ago, whenever I open a Facebook photo in a new link, or merely open to view a photo, the page keeps reloading between the person’s timeline it was posted in, back to the photo, and back; nonstop. Never had this problem EVER! I’m on W7-64 using Firefox on a desktop computer. Same thing happens on other browsers as well, including PaleMoonx64. Anyone know what has changed or happened? Also, just shortly before this problem, FB has been adding advertising and suggested pages into my timeline, which I’m sure has happened to everyone. I don’t see hardly of my friend’s pages or posts anymore; there’s more ads and suggestions than friends anymore. Losing my interest in FB at all anymore if all they want to do is cram crap down my throat and not use the page for its primary intended purpose any more. I’d appreciate any comments/opinions from others on these issues. Thank you!

  • Steve Smith

    Why is there a spinning circle on the right hand side of my facebook page?

  • Danny Crane

    It’s been down all day.

  • Danny Crane

    I thought facebook’s customer care number was 1-800-Eat$#it&Die

  • Margaret Hodgkins

    Cannot post comments for the last week or so. Sometimes they go through a long time after I type the message and other times it won’t even let me type more than 3 or four letters.

  • Facebook Support

    Contact us +1-877-232-5047 Toll Free Helpline

  • Charles

    Facebook is having issues at the moment where my stories are not showing up.

  • Vicky

    I am getting FB notifications but no stories/posts.

  • Facebook Customer Care

    Contact Facebook Support Staff 1844-258-4546 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Carlos

    Facebook for me is running very slowly, upload an image and it seems to take forever for it to show up…..

  • Rachel

    I am using Chrome in LA and when I try to go back to the home page by hitting the Facebook logo so i can read the news timeline main page it freezes on me when i try to scroll the page.

  • Larry

    I can get onto Facebook but nothing is loading up for me, are the servers down.

  • Kate

    Facebook is down, so slow loading. IT seems to be happening on the iPad and iPhone, I have not tried on desktop yet….

  • Bob

    On Facebook chat turned on the only thing I get is a spinning wheel, it won’t connect. Any ideas?

  • Larry Vento

    On face book cant see who else is on it just keeps spinning i use ipad it used to show whos on who left 3 minutes ago etc…

  • Mark Chamberlin

    Can’t open the “notifications drop down” can’t open the “edit” dropdown, can’t load images. What the F is going on with FB? Any suggestions?

  • CWR0747

    Similar FB problems to those reported. Detroit MI Sat 8/26

  • Wayne Wilson

    Photos albums not showing when i want to add one the a post , the only thing shows i camera roll but usually you tap the top and can see all your albums ? any idea how to fix this as its happened before

  • FlaVickie

    Yes..constant crashes..I even uninstalled and reinstalled the ap..didn’t help. iPad user and constantly having issues..get with it Facebook

  • MB

    Number doesn’t accept calls… please try again later, is the message received when calling this number.

    What is the support number?

  • MB

    My account is locked and when going through security options, it won’t allow me to scroll down to view all answers or continue. So, I’ve been timed out. (No other issues with this phone on home screen or other apps.) My last option to complete is to log in from a phone I last used (got a new phone so this isn’t an option) or the last computer used (which crashed last month and isn’t an option). I’ve tried from two other computers used before, but it isn’t recognizing them or because neither was the last computer used, won’t accept them.

    Anyone have a good contact phone number for support? One listed below isn’t working as of now.

  • MB

    No support number… they’re all scams, so don’t call any. However, I just remembered that I could use wi-fi to use my old phone… I had to log in through the browser on my old phone (not through the app) and finally had success. I think I would have been locked out forever if I didn’t have the phone still. So happy wi-fi connection worked.

  • Jennifer Gordy

    All the posts are not loading and the curser spinning on all of them. this only happens on fb. It said online tbis resolved back in 2015. What is going on? This has been happening for the last few weeks.

  • Rodney Harris

    On a page I manage the inbox won’t display – just a spinning wheel

  • Rose

    Support can be gained from Conact listed

  • Mark

    Facebook groups are not working on desktop pc but are on mobile phones.

  • Clareece

    Strange, Facebook pages work on my desktop but groups seem to be down. I have checked on my ipad and iphone and they work.

  • Eric

    I keep getting the service unavailable message each time I try to open my Facebook.

  • Josie

    Total blackout in New York

  • Kate

    Denver, Colorado, US it says “service unavailable”

  • Garry

    Love the fact Facebook has gone down and you see messages on Twitter saying they will leave Facebook, ermmmm no you won’t and you know you won’t lol.

  • Billy

    “Service Unavailable” in Turkey

  • Wanda Taylor

    Only spinning wheel for hours on page where I am a moderator.. Shows 6 posts then buffering last 5 days. Reported it to no avail

  • Linda Lee

    Facebook just kicked me off as I was right in the middle of conversing with my daughter!!! To get back on, it made me change my password THREE times, and STILL wouldn’t let me log back in!!! This is B.S!!!

  • Mark Chubb

    Well this is crap, I have posted a a little piece on here with an image I took and NO posts are being published. It looks like it is but not showing the live page on Facebook.

  • Dean

    I am in Jacksonville and got nothing here, ok when I mean nothing I mean that in a way where I cannot post NOTHING. Even my instagram is down.

  • Robert K.

    Been down in Las Vegas NV a couple of hours now…

  • #FacebookDown There’s panic in the streets. People don’t know what to do. Real
    Wrath-of-God type stuff! Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!
    Rivers and seas boiling! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together,
    mass hysteria! You know, Same old stuff, different day!

  • Claire Beane

    Yep. Still nothing for either Instagram of Facebook in over an hour here in Oregon. Not on my iPhone or my laptop. Twitter it is for now. And I hate Twitter.

  • Ashley

    SOCAL: Has been down for the 45 minutes that I have been on.

  • Aleister Gates

    I keep losing posts because I write them and share them and I get a “”Something went wrong. We’re working on it.” But, instead of leaving my f#cking text it completely vanishes. What the f#ck is going on!

  • Athena Padgett

    lol so true. The world is ending today

  • Athena Padgett

    the end is seriously nigh. Looks like we’re going to have to look at people and …gasp…talk to the face to face.

  • mon

    Gosh i just lost all my game progress, can Share or Even log

  • Tinybabe

    I’m not getting FB to load on my computer or tablet in Idaho either at 7:20 p.m.

  • galacticcannibal

    Why are these Web pages packed full of worthless rubbish .? I cannot get in to Facebook . . Since last week each time I sign in I get a blank grey page. So why is it so hard for Facebook to send out an easy simple solution to get rid of the blank grey page. Does Facebook even know about this problem

  • Gloria

    My newsfeed is not showing any posts and it keeps saying Welcome to Facebook, I am in Florida.

  • Carolime

    Not counting the days or anything, but it’s like 10 days now and cannot share anything. I click on the share button being it to a page for group and nothing. I just want to simply share my post on my page to my group like I normally do but its not been working now for like 10 days.

  • Victoria

    Facebook problems ?
    Resolve now.

  • WetWillie

    I’m smart enough to know that technical things sometimes fail, but in my opinion, that is NOT the main problem at Facebook.
    If you use Google to find out the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg, you can easily learn that it’s MIGHTY DAMN HIGH. $67.3 BILLION, in fact.
    DESPITE that fact, Zuckerberg is SO ARROGANT that he can’t even be bothered to offer a REAL working phone number or email address so that NORMAL people can report problems and get REAL REPLIES.
    Harvard University should be ASHAMED of turning out an INCOMPETENT graduate like Zuckerberg.
    I used to work at the Harvard Cooperative Society, by the way.
    UNLIKE Zuckerberg, I’m quite willing to share my personal contact information.

    Mark Pettigrew


  • Sharon

    I have been trying to post photos into my Facebook Group and cannot for some reason. FB must be having issues right now.

  • Peter

    Pictures are not loading for me, I am located in OHIO. My photos including my profile one are not showing for me, ALL of them are not there anymore I hope they fix this because I have sentimental photos.

  • NickFortune

    When I post a meme the picture does not appear. I have to do it a second time; then both pictures appear.

  • Kitcrsn

    Can’t post photos to groups

  • Andrea Jones

    Can’t post on my page at all. This is bs it’s been 3 days of error messages

  • Jade

    I seem to have issues with Facebook Business Manager, ads are not going live for some reason.

  • Mikel

    Messages are not being received on Facebook, I think FB are having issues because earlier on today my newsfeed was playing up.

  • Samantha Stones

    Hello everyone I’m from Canada AB, & I’m facing a problem. Unable to create or share posts and when I try too it just pends and I try to always report it and end up deleting the pend, this has been going on since December 10th Facebook… please help and fix.

  • Kathy Law

    Problems with Facebook ?

  • NeoSuneku4KIBA

    Facebook accounts are being hacked and disabled and someone at the office. A human being needs to check it out and not let a bot do all the work!

  • Diane

    Timeline not loading – for 3 days now. WTF?

  • Lydia

    I was kicked off Facebook with error message saying my account may have been compromised then when I tried to get back on its requiring cellphone number to verify identity yet not sending text code. So now I am totally locked out of Facebook for 2 days

  • Simon

    Facebook is down or something because the news feed is not updating::.