Fallout Shelter iPhone issues

Say hello to the brand new app that went live on Monday 15 June 2015 for Apple devices running iOS 7 or later called Fallout Shelter. It was not all good news, because as soon as the app went live a few Fallout Shelter iPhone issues occurred, even Android users took to Twitter to ask if the game would be coming to the platform.

Fallout Shelter is a game where you control the underworld vault from Vault-Tec, where you build the best vault and then protect the dwellers from the Wasteland dangers. When the game went live people took to social media platforms such as Twitter saying the Fallout Shelter app was crashing on them when they tried to open on their iPhone.

Two of the main issues popping up include Fallout Shelter crashing and complaints coming in about the app not being released on Android. Gamers love the franchise and they are already waiting for the Fallout 4 release expected on November 10, 2015. So when another Fallout game releases fans will flock.

Are you having any Fallout Shelter problems?

Fallout Shelter status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Fallout Shelter is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Fallout Shelter? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Maxx

    Crashes each time i run to Diner Fallout Shelter, surely I am not the only one.

  • Craig

    So when is this game coming to Android then, never makes sense why they only release to iPhone.

  • Martin

    Will Fallout Shelter ever work with the new Fallout 4 game when it releases?

  • Christine

    My mate old me about this new game so i went straight to the app store and tried to download and install and it will not, just keeps stopping.

  • Jamie

    I have the iPhone 6 and for some reason cannot get the Fallout Shelter app to load on it.

  • Larry

    Is this game crashing on anyone, because it is for me on my iPhone 5S.

  • Tyler Janin

    Was working perfect on my iPhone 4s with newest iOS besides a few crashes here and there, but now when If i can get past the second loading screen, nothing freezes, just crash. Will happen contiuesly for hours and then will work randomly..

  • Martha

    Been on for like three days playing rather well, but today for some reason when i open the app on my iPhone it goes to the enter vault screen and then sticks on that page, basically freezing. If yours keeps freezing then just uninstall and the reinstall, but you have been WARNED because you will lose all saves.

  • DirtMcGirt

    A fire started in my vault and I couldn’t put it out because the game kept crashing and was so slow to start up I couldn’t drag my vault dwellers to put it out. So it ended up spreading throughout my vault and there is nothing I can do because it won’t give me enough time to play before the next crash.

  • Markie

    This game was working wonders in my iPhone 5S, it has crashed a few times but other than that this is the best app i have downloaded to date.

  • Fenris

    I played for several days without any problems (iPhone 5S), but now the app crashes every time I try to open it.

  • Nix Pornprom Suthatorn

    Mine too. My game cannot open since 10pm last night (utc +8)

  • Astrid

    I’ve reset it 3 times now and I was at level 19, I almost literally cried when I tried to recover it again, once I deleted the app because it was crashing a lot when starting up. I love this game, please fix it, I’m starting again tonight, I hope I don’t need to delete it once again

  • Gustavo Rosales

    I was using it today perfectly and suddenly it closed. Now I cannot open it again. It shows the intro image and then crash …. Help pleaseT

  • Kristoff

    I can’t get it to install on iPhone 6 Plus. Lots and lots of free space to work with. I have tried deleting the app and redownloading, but to no prevail.

  • Keith

    This really sucks, in the middle of a game and then my app crashes on me.

  • Mafia Poro

    Me 2

  • Pained

    My iPhone app is not working, I so love this game and unable to access it anywhere.

  • ThatOneGuy YouKnow

    Yeah same here

  • ThatOneGuy YouKnow

    It crashes every time I open the app :/

  • Garett

    Me to dude it just quit right now

  • iadao

    My game seems to crash a lot around Scribe Rothchild, basically any time I interact with him there is a risk the game will crash.

    This has happened to me in 2 different vaults, and the risk gets worse as the vault gets bigger.

    I had to give up on my 1st vault because of this.

    iPhone 5s here

  • Sharon Fadale

    It’s been working fine for me. But, my dwellers fly up and down through the rooms – not near elevators. They’ll go up an down 3 or 4 levels at a time. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Nice Nix

    Worked fine up until this morning. Now crashes on loading screen. Rebooting phone doesn’t fix it. Gonna try deleting and reinstalling to see if that sorts it out.

  • Kim

    All working fine for me, did it work for you when you uninstalled then reinstalled Nice Nix?

  • Benny

    Did the servers go down today? I could not open up Fallout Shelter for a few hours, its all fine now though.

  • jp

    crashes on startup

  • Brit

    It won’t even let me load my vault. I can select it and when it loads it it freezes for a few seconds and then goes back to my home screen. I have and iPhone 6

  • Destiny

    When I load FS, I will play it for 30-60 seconds (60 if I’m lucky) then it crashes but doesn’t save my work. This isn’t a thing where it happens every so often. It happens every single time. I have an iPhone 5s, with the newest update. I’ve given up on playing it for the past month and I’m waiting for an update that might solve this problem.

  • Patrick Aiken

    Crashes on startup. Won’t even get to main menu. I have an iPhone 5s that hasn’t been updated to the latest. I stopped updating before the 6 came out.

  • Camille Guy

    Won’t let me load past the start screen. it’s been updated. I have an Iphone 6.

  • Jakub Gandecki

    I’ve been playing fallout shelter for few months now but since yesterday after 40 seconds or so game crashes and won’t save anything. This is first time this game crashed on me like that but like I said, since yesterday it won’t go past that magic 40 seconds. Iphone6+ 128 GB still lots of memory left so I don’t know what’s the deal 🙁

  • Kathryn Kruszelnicki

    Exact same situation here! 🙁

  • A H

    So did I. Same problem here.

  • Robert W. Vaughn

    Mine iPhone now will not boot up FS I just started my 3 vault and my first one only had 5 more dwellers to hit the stat room for level ups so WTF I spent good time and money playing this to crash and not work what are they doing to fix it?

  • avery

    this is exactly my problem!!!

  • Its almost been 8 months since i am playing Fallout Shelter and for me this game is working fine in my mobile iPhone 5 S. .

  • thpsycho

    same here but mine just happened towards end sept
    i’ve been waiting for a fix for over a month now

  • Marlene

    Same thing with me. Annoying! I’ve spent so much time and money! They need a fix for this!

  • Steve

    it’s been crashing before the game is able to load fully for a about a week. glad I haven;t spent any money on it, but would still like to get it to work correctly again

  • Henrik Bauer

    its because it doeant work on iphone 4

  • M156

    Crashing since 9 Nov and cannot start up any of my 3 vaults. Have reloaded the app (iPad Air), re-tooled my cloud, and still getting the crash. This happened before and finally resolved -after 2 reloads of the app and an update by Bethesda – but the glitch lives on…

    When you contact support, you get a lovely message suggesting that you (the customer) bring up your “issue” in the forum… Since when does the “community” owe other customers assistance? Lol usually the person/company who creates goods or provides services is expected to provide assistance, answers etc… Suggesting to a customer that she explain the issues to the forum AFTER the customer took the time to explain them to the tech support division is pretty darned obnoxious.

    The app is fun, and one can easily spend a tidy sum on it… But be forewarned: it’s a glitchy, crashy pain in the rump. Make sure to enable the cloud function when playing, and expect the app to be inaccessible for days on end.

  • Kv ZG

    mine works great…JK!!!, IT CRASHES ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Mark Tarrant

    The game worked great on my iPhone 6 until I had to get a new handset. When I restored the phone from the backup file and downloaded all the apps again, fallout shelter now loads but only lasts for approx 30 secs before crashing. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve read the other posts and they appear to have been from about 1 year ago.

  • Ikilltangos1

    It’s been down for three days you would be trying there hardest to get it working but nope. I spent money on my vault (only $5 for the starter pack) I want my app to work or my money back. Probably won’t get my money back.

  • Ikilltangos1

    All I get is a black screen than it goes to my home page and then I either get unfortunately, fallout shelter has stopped. And get the chance to report it not like they see it

  • Benn

    Not one to complain much but my Fallout Shelter app keeps crashing on me, any help would be greatly appreciated.