Farm Heroes Saga issues

Are you having Farm Heroes Saga problems? There are around 910 levels and things never run smoothly, due to download issues, crashing and even when FHS doesn’t load due to server issues being down or undergoing maintenance.

Players have on many occasions complained about Farm Heroes Saga crashing, many error codes such as 919 have popped up on devices and online. Developers King has created an awesome game, but when problems do crop up please do list them all here and joining a huge community.

Are you having issues with the game where you match three or more cropsies? Other issues that have occurred include in-app purchases where people have not got what they paid for straight away, as well as the game not opening when using Facebook.

Farm Heroes Saga status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Farm Heroes Saga is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Farm Heroes Saga? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Unnis

    My Farm Heroes Saga app keeps crashing on my iPhone 6.

  • Jade

    It is taking forever loading on my Facebook.

  • Harry

    When i open the app game it keeps on loading and nothing more. Basically keeps getting stuck on the same scree.

  • Kate

    Farm Heroes Saga is a nightmare on the iPhone lately. I open the app and then it plays for like 20 minutes and then crashed on me, now when i try to open the app its not even doing that.

  • Kiwi

    I love playing this game through Facebook on my iMac 27-inch. But even though it all sounds good i keep losing levels. Then they appear again.

  • Christine

    I got to level 772 and i bought a few in-app purchases such as plus 2 with every match but i did not get it.

  • Babsita

    i get to level 124 on my samsung S5 but it says:” unfortunately, farm heroes saga has stopped!”
    Please help…it is the second time.

  • John

    Playing on various PC’s and having the same problem all week. Level 785. Very Frustrating.

  • Kirsty Schultz

    Anyone having problems loading today on app??

  • anne

    It won’t load since 1/19/16…..on my phone app or Facebook

  • manu

    It crashes when I’m playing, in the middle of the set … especially when I’m close to win. Murphy’s law, I suppose.

  • Lyndsay Woodward

    Been crashing all day on Kindle. Have cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Still crashing. Have been syncing with Facebook. Don’t want to have to start again.

  • krowwt

    updated today then quit working

  • Perumal Pandiarajan

    whenever I was opened the farm heroes saga application then suddenly shows like “unfortunately, farm heroes saga has stopped”. then what can i do to play in my mobile.

  • William Green

    Farm hero saga sucks. Every time I get close to winning the screen goes black. I like the game but enough is enough.

  • Lisa

    Beginning yesterday it would not detect my Internet or wifi so couldn’t play. On tablet couldn’t play because of consistent crashing. All android devices.

  • Sue

    Farm heroes was updated yesterday 31st May 2016 and now it will not even open

  • Kathy

    Level 732 requires you to get 3 of the flower pod thingys, and now I only have 2. Where did the third on go.0

  • Pankaj Phukane

    Bug in level 835. Count is wrong for taget. While updating from google store raises error -18.

  • Lisa

    I have a feeling the Farm Heroes Saga is down for a new release coming today.

  • Patrick

    According to Twitter a new release is coming and will be a new episode. Click on the Twitter link top right of this page to see a glimpse of the new map.

  • Raveen Dhiman

    i am playing on Level 1364, there is no Carrot come in this level but the gamers give the score crate 50,how it possible.

  • Betty Jerome

    Is farm heroes down right now? I’ve been trying to load it up, but the screen just goes black.

  • Pamela Lindquist

    I’m having trouble with the treasure mill! It shuts down every time I open it. Also the best daily challenge it will not count my potions I make? Can anyone help me

  • Paula Odell Stevenson

    This game shuts off while I am playing most frequently on my LG tablet , and sometimes on my kindle. It is very annoying to be 2 moves from completing a level and have my device go back to the home screen.

  • nellie

    Hi my name is nellie i complete my level 420 but now iam stack it just show coming soon i can get to the next level plz help

  • Carol Kolcun

    My name is Carol when I go to log on Farm Hero Sega it says unfortunately no longer working does anyone else have that problem

  • Simone

    Since i got the iPhone 7 I cannot play Farm Heroes now, it was fine on the 6S and I want that back.

  • Carl

    I open the app on my phone via Facebook and it just crashes immediately.

  • Kathy

    I’m on 935. When I play pink splotches go in and out on the board covering the cropsies. When the game needs to shuffle it immediately takes me out of the game and to my tabs home page. I’ve lost a ton of boosters and I’m fed up with this.

  • Austine Odiete

    My farm heroes saga cannot load. I’ve restarted and checked for updates but still cannot load. Austine

  • Pam Schumacher

    I have not been able to sign into Farm Heroes Saga for about a week now. What is going on?

  • Shannon P. Sarty

    I’ve cleaned my cache and restarted computer. Game will load but level won’t open for four days now 🙁

  • Monica Latchison

    forbidden error

  • karin

    all my King games wont work…not even load blank page only…

  • Cholly Knickerbocker

    Not loading

  • Trina Wuhrer

    Won’t load on my android phone. Just jumps back to my home screen. Frustrating!

  • Sheryl Wenig

    Farm Heroes will not come up and hasn’t loaded since the beginning of May 2019. I have posted the problem several times but have not received any help. I play through Facebook. When I try to bring it up it brings up the loading screen and goes off. Please help if you can.

  • MaryZimmerman

    What is going on with farm heroes saga. Window pops up Last Chance to buy 11 gold bars for $2.79 and then it freezes. I play on my iPhone. This has been happening for about a week.

  • Sandy

    I’m having the same problem! When will it be fixed?

  • Mary Robitaille

    Also have the Last Chance offer freezing game. 6 days so far. Will it be fixed. My game is downloaded on my IPad.

  • Mary

    I was beginning level 189 and last chance purchase popped up and it’s frozen! I don’t know what to do!

  • Antoinette Arianno

    Game is stuck on screen saying last chance to buy bars for $1.99 frozen cannot continue

  • Gg

    I have stuck on level 415 &cant start a new level. The map isn’t responding. I only can play with events levels. What should I do?

  • Ky

    I get as black screen with snow. I can’t see any levels, but can tell from those in the race that I’m not at the end of the levels. This has been happening for the past few days.

  • ebee8472

    been having a problem since a week before Halloween, on PC via Gameroom. after level 1222 or so, as if I hit the level’s roadblock; all I get is “something went wrong, please reload” showing the critters looking in an empty hole. does this on facebook as well, after i tell it to run flash player.

  • Jaime Dunn Elliott

    I was playing farm heroes saga yesterday morning and it worked fine. I always have to give it permission to use Flash, but now it is loading and immediately the message comes up, to something went wrong please reload. Can you please assist with getting it loaded?.

  • ebee8472

    mine has been down since before Halloween, usually have to play it through gameroom, reloaded twice, same thing. maybe its a bug, since i just beat 1222 area.

  • Jada Hammond

    Keeps saying it has crashed for over a week now

  • I haven’t been able to play this game for months.

  • Dani Lynne

    I have not been able to play since 12/7/2019 in the evening. Game almost loads, then I get the screen telling me to reload. This happens on both gameroom and facebook. Just checked out Community, and they suggest loading the app, and connecting to facebook. Supposedly working on the issue.

  • Brenda Rhea

    It was working yesterday, now it won’t finish loading.

  • Linda Dunlap Baver

    I am having the same issue tonight.

  • DC

    Freezes halfway through the loading (on PC).

  • i got same i thought it was just me. tried 5 times and on different browsers too.

  • DC

    Still down, Boston, MA USA

  • Truthteller

    I’m in Chicago and cannot load it since yesterday.

  • Truthteller

    The same thing is happening to me.

  • Sandy Michaels

    Down for me since friday an no idea whats up

  • Jennifer Metzger Docherty

    Mine won’t load either. I can play other games on the platform, but not Farm Heroes. It gets stuck 1/2 way through loading

  • Heidi Jameson

    My game finally loaded, but after hitting send (lives to other friends) it goes to “Oops, something went wrong, please reload”. Have tried several times and it won’t go any further.

  • jks

    It looks like it’s loading and then I get “Sorry, Farm Heroes Saga has crashed” with the option to Go Home or Try Again.

    I’m not sure how long it’s been like that – there’s a new look to the way it opens, so maybe since the change? I was away on vacation and didn’t play for a week and it’s been like that since I came home Jan. 23

  • Cindra Crowder

    I’ve purchased so many gold bars to continue levels it’s takes my coins but then I can’t continue to play!!!!! This is absurd!!!!!! My Money!!!!!!! I’m pissed!!!!!

  • TLC

    Is anyone experiencing their power-ups being disabled? They are “locked” and I cannot use them. I am on level 550