FIFA 16 and EA server status

When EA servers go down or they hit any other technical problems, many games suffer the consequence, and FIFA 16 is one of them. FIFA outages do occur where gamers cannot get online causing gameplay to be rather difficult or in some cases an abrupt end.

It is common knowledge that the FIFA 16 Web App had issues as soon as it went live, but this was all down to many people wanting to play at the same time. FIFA UT (FUT) goes down from time-to-time for short periods when there are scheduled maintenance plans as well as unprepared ones.

Is Down Right Now USA is here for you, please do leave your FIFA 16 and EA server status comments below. If you are having issues with EA or FIFA please list them so all can understand the problems occurring today.

FIFA 16 status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if FIFA 16 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with FIFA 16? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • anggi kurniawan

    Down in indonesia

  • Obama

    Down in UAE

  • Omar

    Its down right now in saudi arabia

  • hala

    down in israel

  • Kenta Sugano

    Down in Japan now

  • Jota Migas

    Down in Portugal

  • Elie Ataya Elie Legend

    Down in lebanon

  • Alex

    Down in Romania

  • Elvis Metrins

    Down in Denmark. When it will get back up?

  • Denis Trecha

    Down in Czech Republic

  • Me

    Down nyc

  • erwrg


  • NordicStudioCenter

    down in Sweden

  • HRMN

    Down in Holland

  • Manoj

    down in NZ

  • Erfan Farsizadeh

    Down in iran

  • Erfan Farsizadeh

    Down in IRAN

  • HsN

    Down in saudi arabia

  • Gopal Messi Joshi Barcelonista

    Down in Barcelona!

  • Hasoi

    Down in Israel

  • Andhika

    Down in indonesia
    Iam cannot connect to ea server

  • Kalle Moberg

    Down in Finland

  • Kaz

    Down IN UK

  • Oatesy

    Down in australia

  • Zaven

    Does anyone have an issue like unable to connect to EA servers at this time.please check your Internet connection or try again later


    Down in PL

  • Kenta Sugano

    Get back up right now in Japan

  • ivanvallejo1011

    Its back on

  • ivanvallejo1011

    In IL

  • Saravia

    Down in america

  • MohamedZ

    هنا في الجزائر

  • lewis

    Down in uk

  • MohamedZ

    Down in algeria

  • Dieter Polen

    Down in Belgium 🙁

  • Győri Balázs

    Down Slovakia

  • gardd

    Down in Norway

  • Daniel Kvelstad

    Anyone know if there is any ongoing maintance on the servers?

  • Антон Стоянов

    down in Bulgaria

  • Johnny Abikaram

    Down in Saudi Arabia

  • Simone Tremoloni

    Down in italy

  • Hitch

    Down in Oman

  • Alin

    Down Romania

  • Paulos

    Down in South Africa

  • Tiilk

    Down un spain

  • Mephisto TFSI

    Down in Brazil

  • dooma

    down in Croatia… 🙁

  • Hoby Jones

    Down in Germany

  • Karim Ayad

    Down in Egypt

  • Ovidiu Orlando

    When will work de EA ACCOUNT who know?

  • mike roberts

    down in wales/uk please help.

  • Don Artúro

    It will be fun if all ea accounts gone forever.
    This will be the last day of EA … they gonna burn.

  • Kim Madsen

    Down in Denmark

  • Kenneth Syvertsen

    Down in norway

  • Ovidiu Orlando

    România work now

  • Angel RT

    Down in Mexico

  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    Down in Serbia, soo sad 🙁

  • waleed b

    down in Egypt now

  • Allan Wright

    Down in Scotland. Just back from holiday..wife away out to visit family…perfect opportunity for a fifa session ruined!!! Pretty sure this happened a year ago to the day..could it be related to the transfer window closing?

  • safa mehdizadegan

    Down in Iran

  • Allan Wright

    back up…

  • Michał

    Down in Poland. Can’t play Battlefield 4 🙁

  • MBD_6600

    Servers down in the Netherlands, probably just the EA servers as BF1 is down as well

  • Michael

    I’ve got the same problem Don Arturo.

  • FE4R


  • lureru85

    Down in Norway

  • Michał

    Working in Poland

  • Me

    Down in Sweden… Crap

  • Pidr

    EA Down syndrome

  • Michał

    Again – down in Poland

  • Ahmed

    Down here in France

  • Andrea

    Coop 2vs2?

  • Andrea

    Dai devasto!

  • Tennessee Titans wax dat ass

    Down in USA

  • Billyboy

    Down in Greeve

  • Shuran

    down in Russia

  • Abood Dido

    Down in middle east

  • Stefan Fredriksson

    Down in Sweden

  • Giuseppe Torrisi

    Down in italy

  • Giuseppe Torrisi

    It s incredible

  • NeD_Vahalas

    Down in Ukraine

  • Ronny Hammersmark Nordhagen

    Down in Norway. Like our national team…

  • SyMe Demo

    Down in norway

  • besiktasli

    Down in denmark

  • Ahmet

    Down in Turkey

  • Joshiwiis


  • Ayoub Benmeri

    down in Morocco

  • Chewbaka

    Down in South Korea , it says you will not be able to use online features in fifa 16 unless I create an EA account. WTF

  • draco102

    DDoS Attacks (bf1 open beta)

  • Manuel Pardo

    Down in Argentina

  • Ed

    Down in South Texas

  • Adam

    Down in United Arab Emirated

  • Adam


  • Jason Bauer

    Down in North Korea

  • Erfan Farsizadeh

    che ghalati mikonin

  • Daniel O Connor

    Anyone know when it’ll b back I know it’s down since this morning in (Europe)

  • Andy Woods

    Down in uk saying need to create ea account when i already have 1

  • Jordy Lammers

    Down in The Netherlands

  • Rene


  • Daniele

    Down in italy

  • Carlos Vega

    Down in Mexico it says I need to make a origin account

  • Ali kerkenez

    Down in Turkey

  • Nathan Hemperley

    Down in northern Louisiana. Need to create EA account. Damn you Battlefield 1 for taking away my FIFA

  • Luis

    What message are you getting? Im in Argentina too

  • Amadou Nelson Pinheiro Marico

    Down in Canada

  • Robin Bílý

    down in cze

  • Aviran

    Down in Israel as well, thanks agavin EA 🙂

  • Oluap

    Down in France to.

  • RJ

    Down in Toronto, Canada

  • Manuel Pardo

    It says you will not be able to use online features in fifa 16 unless I create an EA account.

  • DiviziaPs

    Down in ROMANIA !!!

  • Mohammad javad khammar

    Down in Iran

  • Michael Hall

    Its back on now working for me

  • Jim

    Down in England

  • Michael Hall

    Back on now

  • Levan

    Down In Georgia ! ( country 😀 )

  • Smincio_Vic_

    Down in italy, EA server trash!!!

  • DAN

    Still down Canada

  • eri-erick

    Just got to division 1 in fifa 16 and now it won’t let me log in, says I need to create an EA account…. guessing network is down?

  • mohammad khammar

    Down in Iran
    Please resolve this problem

  • Michał Zowada

    Down in Poland

  • Bobi Vasov

    Down in Denmark still

  • Bobi Vasov

    How long does this usually last?

  • Guilherme Castelan

    Down in Brazil

  • William Schrøder

    down in denmark. when will they go on again?!?

  • Bobi Vasov

    This is BS

  • Gill

    Down in Belgium

  • David Belchior

    Down in Portugal

  • SteAmeX

    Down in Sweden. Come on EA!

  • Ahmad Saqer

    down in jordan

  • Hasan

    Down in holland

  • Saladin

    Down in Turkey 🙁

  • Robin Bílý

    down in czech

  • Robin Bílý

    ea forever young idiots

  • leo

    down in norway

  • mohammad khammar

    Down down down Iran still

  • Tamer Alsharif

    Down in Israel

  • Tamer Alsharif

    Now it’s ok..

  • Rasmus Jørgensen

    works for me now

  • mohammad khammar

    OK it’s good . I am now connect to server

  • Ahmad Saqer

    its worked now


    The server is back on in South korea, ready to play

  • julio

    up up up

  • Robin Bílý

    online 🙂

  • Robin Bílý

    in czech

  • Amadou Nelson Pinheiro Marico

    Now is working

  • Amadou Nelson Pinheiro Marico

    it is working now

  • Nik

    Still down in norway

  • Alexander the great

    Not working in Argentina

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    Still down in UK so annoying

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    So bloody annoying

  • HeRmEtIkA

    Down in Argentina mi amigo 🙁

  • Augusto

    Not working on mexico

  • jean


  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    How long does it take to sort it out ea

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    It’s a joke

  • Tony P.

    In italy(turin) the server fifa 16 is down.

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    It’s easy a multi million pound network reboot have better software to block hackers how much more money do they want . And run it like ametures

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    Been the same all night in UK too

  • James

    Not working in ecuador either

  • Adam Shah

    Still down in the UK

  • Andrew Tortorella

    Long Island ny not working joke

  • Down here in Los Angeles too

  • Yong fut

    Not working in south Florida

  • Legend killer

    In Malta it is down to

  • Professor Hamad

    Not working in Qatar either

  • Professor Hamad

    Not working in Qatar too

    The Ea servers and PS system is too easy to hack..

    They must fix the problem

    It’s really joke

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    I agree they get loads of money this happens too often

  • Paul Tut Tut Flint

    Makes you mad don’t it

  • Juan F Paz

    Not working in Miami

  • mr.mister


  • mr.mister

    Down in Montreal.. I paid for the game and want it to work, am I asking too much here?

  • Danilo

    working in brazil

  • Adam Shah

    They back online for you yet

  • Adam Shah

    Anyone’s servers online yet

  • Rens

    Here in Holland Down

  • Kwazie Mkhwanazi

    I’m here in South Africa and still nothing. This is very embarrassing for such a large company

  • Gino

    Game starts then connection is lost 2 minutes into playing.

  • Steffen

    down in Denmark

  • mohammad khammar

    Problem again

  • mohammad khammar

    Down in Iran

  • Mème Ude

    I can’t play here In Australia. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • Nigel rankine

    Not working in England

  • Yong fut

    Down in Florida.

  • Yong fut

    Any1 playing? ?

  • Dddd

    Down in Croatia..

  • FutLord

    Its down in Tennessee

  • mohammad khammar

    Down in Iran. I have problem again

  • Korea

    Its down in South Korea

  • Corey Riordan

    My ea is not working

  • Tanmay Lashkari

    Down in india

  • Isaac S.

    Down. Damnit.

  • Fc milan

    server lag. Serbia

  • John Wilkinson

    Fifa 15 UT on mobile is consistently impossible to log on to. Please sort it out, as I love this game. UK player.

  • Tera

    FIFA 16 UT for iPhone servers are down in Bangladesh.

  • Luke Reynolds New

    How can ea be down again get this sorted NOW

  • Robin Jain

    Down in India

  • Weazy

    Down here in canada

  • Yong Thariwong

    Down in. Miami

  • Yong Thariwong

    What does it say

  • Trenton

    Problem with FIfa UT servers being fixed rn check back n couple of hours

  • jsun

    figure it out EA this is ridiculous. I wish 2k sports would make a footy game and bury FIFA just like they did to NBA. You suck EA

  • Gaurav Singh

    back up for me.. wasn’t working but 5 minutes ago

  • Yong Thariwong

    Lol my man

  • andrew

    Down in lebanon

  • Jed

    I am also down and i am in Florida.

  • Morten


  • Fi


  • Erfan Farsizadeh

    down in abadan berzilete

  • Abas Ali

    Down in australia

  • Marc


  • Yong Thariwong

    Me too. Im in miami. Where are u

  • Ali Haji

    Down in Dubai

  • Surem

    Down for past two days in India… Transfer market is in accessible…

  • andreivalake

    Down in Germany

  • Samer

    Down in Iraq

  • Rick

    Down in brazil

  • Yuvraj

    Down in India

  • David Seguin

    down in canada

  • David Seguin

    down in canada

  • David Seguin

    we are millions who paid for this game and can’t play….what a joke

  • Jacob Copperfield

    Still down in India

  • Yong Thariwong

    Down in Miami fl

  • Litha

    Fifa is down cape town south africa,

  • Litha

    Fifa 16 it’s says severs unavailable

  • Carl Vincent Miller

    down in SC, what a coincidence that they have all these problems right as fifa 17 is about to be released…. 16 is the last fifa game I’m buying for soooo many reasons

  • Mahi Rahman

    WTF! Worst service from a gaming company!

  • Abas Ali

    Only couple of days for 16 and guess what ea servers are fkn down

  • Mohammed Ashraf

    down in kuwait

  • Nathan Coward

    Yea mate still down now I sick of this

  • FAWZ00

    Down in bahrain

  • Bruno Marshall

    Down In Nepal Too !
    Hope It Works Soon!

  • Litha

    How long it will take the technicians too fix this EA server?

  • Andrzej Pisarski

    Down in POLAND

  • Lorenzo Lore

    down in italy

  • Atch

    Down in Canada, I was selling some valuable player’s, I hope I don’t lose the coins for them.

  • Tse Chi Hou Gary

    Down in Hong kong

  • Eduardo Marques Aldeano

    Down in Belgium

  • Geoff

    Down in Australia

  • Damien

    UK down it says there’s an error connecting to fifa16 ultimate team. You will be returned to main menu

  • Johan

    Down in the Westland Holland.

  • Abas Ali

    Its working now

  • Mat De Cola

    Still Down in Québec Canada

  • Sanyam Pujari

    EA server is not available right now.

  • Mohammad

    down in Sweden

  • Mohamad

    Down in brazil

  • Rushikesh

    Are there player of the week now or they stopped doing it for fifa16

  • Rushikesh

    And I didn’t get 85+ Rated players lost 1000000….in player exchange

  • daniel grant

    cant find oponents not even 1 since 3 hours ago in Canada

  • Siusiekxpl

    Servers are not unavailable right now :/

  • James O Driscoll

    rep ireland my server is down nearly 18 days for fifa 16 server on ps3

  • Ffaebankp

    Down in GREECE

  • Dawood Ali Buckas

    Server not available in South Africa

  • Dpk

    Down in india,

  • C

    Down in the US

  • Veniero Gherardelli

    In Italy,FIFA 16 COMPANION app told me that there is an update available but, if i try to follow the pop up it gives me, there is nothing and i have no way to start the app

  • Erik

    Servers down in Australia

  • Dangus

    Down on mainstreet

  • Chad

    Down in usa

  • Lori

    EA servers are down, I blame BF1 game. Do you? Maintenance rubbish or something.

  • Richard Hurd

    Down in Ontario Canada

  • JUAN

    Down in Colombia

  • Daniyal

    Down in Pakistan

  • Ea sucks

    Down Manitoba e days now issues

  • Billeh jeeeen

    Down in Australia

  • Majid

    Down ksa

  • Ganjaman

    Can get on ultimate team but won’t let me in a match uk

  • Svenniemuis

    NOT NORMAL over and over again

  • TokeTimbers

    down east coast usa

  • Yong Thariwong

    Same here Miami

  • Frank

    Down in korea

  • tusar

    Why is this down??

  • Cgfrost

    Down in TN, USA

  • Rozhyar

    Down In Kurdistan, Iraq

  • Aj

    Ah is down right now… here in texas

  • DesiredAF

    down on fifa 16 as well. for how long?

  • KIRK

    Fifa is down for me right now is it down for anyone else?? Im in the US.

  • Carl Cox

    Im in europe romania and its down too

  • Kirk

    Thanks for letting me know

  • teng

    i played a total 38 games, i won 21 games, i lost 17 games. why i did not get any awards. please anyone know thank you.

  • Mido

    Same here in England

  • isaanru

    italy.. server down

  • Alatriste

    same here, in Spain

  • ozil

    Have a problem with account,how is problem?

  • Adarsh AM

    Same here in India

  • sree

    Skill games not working, EA server problem

  • Mido

    Please do something

  • Dane Jensen

    Says maintenance servers are down

  • Ansh Raikwar

    It’s down here in India as well, since 2-3 hours. Fifa Mobile.

  • Luc

    Same in Sweden

  • James

    I am still playing fifa 16, not even got 17 yet as cannot afford it. But with all the problems connecting online lately i think i will not get it when i get the money.

  • abhijith

    Same in
    delhi saying server

  • Yasin

    My Fifa 16 is not working I re-download it several times but it is not working yet what is wrong?

  • Mike

    This is typical, the first time I get to play FIFA 17 in ages and EA servers are down.

  • Bruce

    Love the fact people say unplug everything then try again, how the hell is this going to work if EA servers is seeing an outage, down means down dimwits.

  • Michael

    it’s not working my market is down I really want to play this game

  • Michael

    it just happened suddenly

  • Bagus Lintang

    Servers down in indonesian

  • omkar shinde

    Fifa 16 ultimate team android! The online seasons server isnt working! How are we gonna play then! Fut 16 is the best game in the market! The new Fifa 17 mobile is awful! Has a low storage, low graphics though

  • Michael Monda

    Online seasons on Fifa 16 ultimate team android is still down. When is it going to be fixed???????????

  • Michael Monda

    Online Seasons on Fifa 16 ultimate team android is still down. When’s the issue going to be resolved???? We need to play Online!!!

  • Mohammed mehmood

    Fifa16 iOS online seasons isn’t working or something? It goes to ‘connecting to opponent’, then it either hangs or says ‘connection lost to opponent’ without even showing the opponents kit. Anyone else having this problem or has a fix? Absolute BS!

  • Rashid Ansari

    Connection to opponent lost in oline season of fifa 16 please ea resolve this issue

  • Rashid Ansari

    Same problem here and there is no solution

  • Attila Terecskei

    Fifa 16 ios online connection not work. :/

  • Rashid Ansari

    Play without facebook login

  • Roshan Baig

    I have problem

  • Roshan Baig

    Fifa 16 ut mobile

  • Sidharth Verma

    It’s down again

  • Robert Cifuentes

    How can I connect to the server for FIFA 16 ps3

  • PCCphoenix

    At halftime, the highlight reel keeps playing even after I select “Resume Match.” All attempts to rectify this problem have failed.

  • Roshan Baig

    Ea server not available at this time.

  • Cj Lechuga

    Is fifa 16 server down?

  • Dani Perel

    Not working fifa 16 online for ps4

  • Krystal Denson

    >hey Saleh……..i miss u so much how are u….. I need ur help please

  • Saleh Aiiaf

    I am fine thank you. How can I help?

  • KiKi Dawn Denson

    There a way I can tell u in private? Wow I’m.floored I found u on here and !!!!

  • Fox Panagiotidis

    Fifa16 ps3 cant connect to server

  • Md Ab

    Since over 24 Hours and I could not join any online season PS4 FIFA16 Ultimate Team.
    Error Message (Sorry, an error has occurred and we were unable to retrieve your seasons data. Please try again.)
    I have tried licence restore and restart PS4 but problem not solved?

  • Hector

    Since the 4 of January 2020 I can not play online with others nether seasons games. will it be fix?

  • Maxson4ikCSGO Maxson4ikCSGO

    Does it works right now?

  • Antony Isaac

    Mine keeps on shows EA servers no available at this time

  • Antony Isaac

    On my android phone

  • Keno

    When i,m starting my fifa 16 on my androd phone they telling me ea server in not avaliable pleaes try again lata