FIFA 16 and EA server status

When EA servers go down or they hit any other technical problems, many games suffer the consequence, and FIFA 16 is one of them. FIFA outages do occur where gamers cannot get online causing gameplay to be rather difficult or in some cases an abrupt end.

It is common knowledge that the FIFA 16 Web App had issues as soon as it went live, but this was all down to many people wanting to play at the same time. FIFA UT (FUT) goes down from time-to-time for short periods when there are scheduled maintenance plans as well as unprepared ones.

Is Down Right Now USA is here for you, please do leave your FIFA 16 and EA server status comments below. If you are having issues with EA or FIFA please list them so all can understand the problems occurring today.

FIFA 16 status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if FIFA 16 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with FIFA 16? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chirag Arora

    I can’t connect server in android device

    Every time from 3 days i try it shows ea serve are not available ?
    How to fix it

  • Hicham Kasbaoui

    ea sever doesnt work on pc , im from Morroco , and still not working for a week 🙁 🙁

  • TJ

    Been trying to play FUT 16 for the last few days day. “FUT service is currently experiencing a high volume of server traffic. Please try again later.” Rather annoying

  • Vatsal Jain

    Whenever i search for a seasons match it searches for about 30 seconds and then it shows “No opponent found.Try choosing a club with a different star level,or loosen your Matchmaking and Controller Settings.” My matchmaking settings too are on default
    Please revert back and give a solution.

  • Julfi04

    Is there any new information about ea Server Starts burdened by this kind of waiting, and I had important things in between until the ea server millon decided to crash the server will open again Does it week or two weeks because I want to play fifa16 it is the best game you’ve played is 12 years old

  • Callum Lee Chapple

    Cant reviced any of the players i have bought

  • Disastrous

    I haven’t been able change my team since February because of unable to connect to servers. Any idea what to do.

  • Parshav Shah

    1 the badge and club name is not coming on ultimate team. It usually comes don’t know what’s happened. I also tried on my 2nd account and my brother account same thing
    2 when you finish a game it says we are sorry…… That message. Contracts are gone and no coins awarded. Pls fix the servers we have holidays as kids and we want to play because school is soon opening. FROM Nairobi, Kenya

  • Kristian

    I loses my coins when i play matches if i dont get 1000000coins then i will be?

  • justinnanda

    Hi i am justinnanda .I am from Myanmar . I like play fifa 16 . It is beautiful game but i have connection problem it is confuse. How should i do . I really want to play fifa 16 please give me some advice thank you.

  • Peter Petersen

    servers are Down, here in Netherlands too, we have To wait

  • Hello

    servers are down in aus as well

  • Daniel

    Servers are down in CA as well.

  • Peter Petersen

    on twitter it says there is maintenance from 6 am untill 12pm UK Time so we must Be patiënt and wait for maintenance to Be ready

  • Lolphone

    Hi dude, what’s not working for you ? I’d be glad to help you if you could describe the errors you get ?

  • Lolphone

    As others, European servers are down, does anyone have an ETA ?

  • hughes

    Down here in Africa(Rwanda)

  • Peter Petersen

    12PM UK time so we still have To wait about 3 hours

  • Peter Petersen

    there is a maintenance going on right now, it Will still take up To 3 hours, after that, You Will be able To play

  • Navneet Ranjan

    Hey i am from india
    I am not able to play fifa 16 ultimate team
    The error says-“we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to fifa 16 ultimate team. you will be returned to fifa 16 main menu”
    Can anyone help me please.

  • justinnanda

    Yes it’s right . Now i can play . Thank

  • justinnanda

    I have next problem that not smooth.i try setting-developer option-force gpu rendering-and the other etc…i think connect the ram .my phone is ram- 1g.what did you think?thank you.

  • hughes

    Its fixed I’m playing FUT now

  • Mark Lee Smedley

    FUT constantly losing connection midway through a game. Needs sorting. SO FRUSTRATING!!! It’s becoming a joke!

  • Peppe Lizio

    hello are several days that tells me that there is an error with The fut update roses and with the servers and what can I do?

  • Jass Jhajj

    hey,im from india,i have xiaomi redmi note 3 with good specs but it takes much time to connect moreover, there are small lags in the game guring a match! can anyone help me??

  • Jose Alvarado

    Its been 2 days that i Couldn’t find anyone online for fifa 16 i searched for 30 min and didn’t find anyone

  • Todd

    Can’t play PVZ 2 GW…what’s up? Are the servers not fixed yet? Haven’t been able to play for days.

  • Jass Jhajj

    how man????

  • hughes

    U still can’t play online??!

  • Christopher Hall

    Not playing FIFA, but I cannot play my Mass Effect 3 demo. After seeing all the outage reports, I will most certainly not be buying it.

  • It has been 2 days now in Nigeria that EA servers have not been available at this time. I am not enjoying my FIFA 16 at all. Please, when is it likely that this error will be fixed? Thanks.

  • Bradley L. Hamilton

    DOWN. As always.

  • Chate

    That phone sucks ass

  • henry

    Same bro Lagos

  • Abdlkader Kalaliz

    Je veux une solition pour le probleme ” EA servers ” 🙁 stp please

  • Emanuel

    Server has been down for 2 days now, wont let me play at all….

  • Olgun

    Server is down today in Turkey.

  • Marius Sivertsen

    Ea server down here in Norway now, for how long ?

  • Valeterix

    In italy the server is down. Pls fixed.

  • hamstaaa

    Down in germany, sucks

  • Ju Lio

    in germany too

  • Florin Amuntenci

    È vero… non va.

  • Andreas Makris

    server down ….cyprus

  • Fil_ksa_Ip

    In Slovakia its the same. I am very bored of that :/ fix it as soon as possible

  • Ah Maung Ye


  • Calin

    Also în România,for 6 hour now

  • U

    server down in GEORGIA TO

  • Drboom Kbom

    Down in KSA

  • Zimone zolofra

    Porco dio anche a Napoli down

  • Joe Veliyath

    Down in India

  • bjowen

    down in South Dakota

  • Andreas Makris


  • iDean

    down in Poland

  • Alessandro Cavalieri

    Server down in Italy, vaccaboia!!!

  • Richard LeosDaddy Robinson

    It’s back up but still can’t get on UT

  • Eye Em Naqash

    down in pakistan

  • Jacky

    Down in nigeria still!!!!

  • Joe Veliyath

    Unfortunately #FUT maintenance has to be extended until 14:30pm UK. We will tweet when it has been completed.

  • Lalloo

    I can not play my fifa 16 ultimate team

  • Husein

    It’s crazy how it’s always down I know it’s a third party game but come on and it seems to happen when I’m going into work later and then you send a gift pack for the troubles which sucks cause you can’t sell them or duplicates items u can switch on only some guessing on your convince

  • Florin Amuntenci

    Now working in Italy…

  • Vatsal

    Down in india

  • Viktor balo

    Can anybody help me I can’t playe online season for almost 2weeks now . It says I can’t find opponent. Thank you

  • Mohammad

    Down in Iran

  • Fevil

    It is down in India!

  • Scott

    FIFA been down for around 2weeks now on my Xbox one

  • Jamie

    Down in the Netherlands

  • Danny

    Never been able to sign on to EA servers since FIFA 16 was released. Going on 4-5 months now. Not once, it never worked to sign on to EA servers. EA servers are not available at this time, please try again later – all suggested fixes been attempted. Can play all other Xbox360 games online fine, here in the Philippines, except Fifa 16.

  • John

    Down in Germany

  • alen joseph thomas

    Well its down in India too
    Tried and failed for a week in my android
    Can’t even get to the game
    it will be good if you could provide a offline mod apk+obb

  • Alberto Viegas

    Down in Brasil

  • Dave Nome

    Down here in the netherlands

  • Caelen

    Down here in Canada

  • Jonathan

    Down in Sweden, was up 4-1. Win needed for the div 1 title fml…

  • Anon

    Down in usa Florida

  • Peter Petersen

    and again it is down here in Netherlands EA is doing a Great Job This year Fifa 16

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Down in Denmark. Luckily just won and it went down right after.

  • MvP

    Down in US

  • MvP

    Up 1-0 in 4th match of fut draft. They’ll probably screw me

  • Lou Suarez

    Down in the US of A.

  • Landstrykern

    “Please try again later” – @schooltomorrow :(((((((

  • Themisgen

    you won 2-1 in div 9 ?

  • ChelseaFever

    down in sweden

  • MvP

    Any1 know what’s goin on?

  • Karwan Peshmerga

    same for me…
    was up 2-1 in the draft final

  • Landstrykern

    EA is going on!

  • PhillyRocks42

    Down in US can’t get into UT

  • Karwan Peshmerga

    down in Sweden, was up 2-1 in the draft final

  • UNNER1997

    Down in England just put a bid on Greizmann hope I get him cheap

  • Jonathan

    Wow ur a funny dude

  • Vitor Fernandes

    Down in Portugal, while I was building my draft they give token for that, or just continue building the team?

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Haha yeah

  • Landstrykern

    Nice! unfortunate for the seller 😛

  • MvP


  • haukir

    Down in Norway to

  • Themisgen

    no i lost 2-1 in div 9 bro so im just asking

  • Laurens.

    Down in Belgium, was up 3-1 for Div 1 title. Go EA. Match ended, clicked X en boom, servers gone..

  • Themisgen

    gg mate nice first goal

  • Jonathan

    Allright 🙂

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Wow.. That’s a long shot. I should imagine it’s about 1/100000 chance that it would have been me you just lost against. Strangely enough NO it wasn’t me you just played! 😀 I won 3-2 vs someone with a guest.

  • Landstrykern

    Its down everywhere, and we will get a free pack containing Rolando, Giaccherini, A GK coach and some bronze contracts…

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    I was writing back to Jonathan when he said you were a funny dude. Of course it wasn’t me who you played! Hahaha

  • Raid

    Down in Switzerland

  • Themisgen

    really ?

  • Carlos

    Cmooon EA. I was 2-0 Down on extra time 1st minute and I was about to win 3-2 but servers down…. 🙁

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Oh cool. I would prefer Ronaldo though. But I suppose Rolando is better than a kick in the balls

  • SINX

    down in Lithuania

  • Themisgen


  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Hahaha 😀

  • Yusuf Aktas

    Whats going on

  • MvP

    EA needs punched in the face

  • Sven

    Kan ook niet anders he..

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Kim Jong Un just made a nuclear bomb test on Fifa headquarters

  • Landstrykern

    OK, I was not in the title match of the 1st division, but I was just selling all my players to make a new team. Then this happens and I cant sleep tonight thinking of all signings I was gonna make!

  • Landstrykern

    EA totally did cost you advancement in the cup. You should get free drafts for life!

  • Yusuf Aktas

    Huhuhu, man what are we supoosed to do now

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    Gta of course 🙂

  • Landstrykern

    I knew it was a bad idea by EA not making a 99 rated TOTS Jong Un….

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    I think he did it because they only made him a 98 standard NBA 16 card

  • MvP

    It’s probably the Germans all pissed off they can’t win a Champions League Title!

  • Adrian Juellund Sorensen

    I’d be losing more sleep worrying about all the players you have potentially sold dirt cheap :O

  • YoungboyMootje

    The servers are down in Holland… Refreshing… I assume EA will do nothing about it as soon as possible? (Like these fuckfaces always do..)

  • Landstrykern

    Oh damn. I guess I am going for a Non-rare team now!

  • Landstrykern

    Wait… I am currently selling Greizmann! :O

  • Karwan Peshmerga

    fuckt uppppp

  • Daniel De Oliveira

    contact ea help they will give you the coins back

  • Alessandro Mauro

    down in italy

  • YoungboyMootje

    Ik speel haast nog liever FIFA04 dan deze wanhopige poging tot game… Hopelijk wordt FIFA17 beter, maar ja dat hoopte ik in 2015 ook over FIFA16..

  • Conzii

    When Is It Going Back Up Ffs I Better Get A Free TOTS Player

  • YoungboyMootje

    I think the chance is bigger that all wars in the world end and the world will live in peace forever than that you’ll get a free TOTS player from EA

  • Ghanim Akrawi

    Down in Sweden.

  • Brick Tamland

    Down in Canada. Thought it was my router!

  • ok

    down in Turkey

  • Hanno

    Down in saudi as well! It seems the problem’s only with FUT the rest is working just fine 😐 also my pro is down in points

  • MvP

    Anyone on yet?

  • MvP

    O hear anything?

  • MvP

    On un US your welcome

  • MvP

    It’s on

  • Guilherme Samama

    Just lost my FUT draft final match with WO because of this EA Servers error! Where can i get support? 15k and prizes lost

  • ذوالفقار شمسه

    Down in UK,

  • Martijn Spiegelaar

    when this happens, dont quit your fifa, but alt tab and go to the ea chat (google for it) and then when in the chat, make sure your fifa still stays on and that it dont closes, and explain the issue to the chat employee, and then ask if they can reset the draft for you.
    This way, i could restart my draft 🙂

  • Martijn Spiegelaar

    anyone else have server down?

  • Richard LeosDaddy Robinson

    It says I don’t have a Ea account

  • Hadidsson

    UK server down for any1 else?

  • Joshua Webb

    Same for me, it syas go create one and when i even click that it says I need one to create one? lmao

  • Nikhil Sham

    I cannot seem to get an opponent in FUT seasons for the past 2 days. Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve? I am from SA. Thanks in advance.

  • Rudi Peterschinigg

    Down once again? 3 times in a week? Get a grip EA

  • MvP

    EA servers not available at this time, please try again later. I’m in USA anyone else having problem? Everyday EA fck.

  • Lio

    I cudnt play a match.. I cudnt enter the shop.. Always server down..

  • Bigosh

    Match entry currently disabled. Anyone else have this issue

  • Martin mc Manus

    Is anyone else’s fut draft not working ?

  • David Norbury


  • guest

    Yes br here

  • GreenLogic

    Yeah server is down here too. Cant go online with fut. But normal online is still available. And with normal i mean the online matches with regular club teams.

  • Martin mc Manus

    Do you know when it is coming back on ?

  • GreenLogic

    mine is okay again. I can ply fut online:D

  • Milhouse

    Am I the only one who, on fut, has no recognition of any button i push on my controller for sometimes 3 seconds after a search. ???

  • TheUnknown

    Down for me right now

  • TheUnknown

    On mobile android I add


    Down right now

  • Sup bro

    I bet you thought you would never find something that goes down more than yo momma

  • Frédéric Mentzen

    down right now ( fifa 16 IOS )

  • Iman Zahedi


  • kpitt28

    Is fifa down in texas

  • kpitt28

    Is fifa down in texas aeea

  • Ahmed Nabil


  • Michael H

    Down In East Coast of usa

  • Jay Badweather

    FIFA 16 [Android] down also

  • Olaleye Oludotun Samson

    Any troubleshooting steps?.. The sever is down here in Nigeria too

  • Jack

    FIFA 16 down in nigeria

  • ShiBaalNommAh

    Down here in Korea… Absolute disgrace

  • Farhood Mhy

    down in Iran

  • Ianho

    Down again uk

  • Steve Mendez

    For the past couple of days I keep getting kicked out of games….” You have lost connection with the EA servers”. I hardly get the chance to finish an online match now and these false ‘Quits’ are killing my record.

    Toronto Canada

  • Saleh Aiiaf

    Same problem in Australia. Cheers

  • Saleh Aiiaf

    Same problem in Australia for a couple of days. Cheers

  • Luke

    Same Ireland

  • Carter

    Down here in Edmonton, Canada

  • Jack O’Connor

    Down in Eastern us, haven’t been able to find an online game in 2 days, regular season and fut

  • Wei

    Down in Toronto

  • Igor Donin

    Down in Brazil

  • Sian

    Is the new FIFA 16 update 6 available for PS4 yet?

  • Gabriel Dronjic

    Down by me in Germany too…but other friends in Germany can play FUT? Wtf

  • HaMod Alblushi

    Down in uae

  • Frederick

    F the servers, down again since days (up&dowwn & cant find oponent, try later) Lower Saxony Ger.

  • Bradley Sims

    down again in uk; ffs

  • Bradley Sims

    down again in uk; ffs..

  • billy

    my coins are frozen I sol some players but didn’t get the coins

  • Nathan

    I sold someone but didn’t get my coins

  • Nathan

    And in fit draft I was wining but it said I lost

  • Prince Alexis Promise

    it has been down for the past 4days in ghana

  • HaMod Alblushi

    Fifa what’s going on .. Can u fix the servers or what ?? Ots been one week now i cant play online!!

  • n0ri4

    down in US

  • Edbert

    Down in indonesia i try from morning to connect server but can’t. Please fix immediately

  • Jason

    It has been a regular problem the last month or so! Xbox one Fifa can’t play online

  • Desmond egeolu

    Wtf ea the game doesn’t even open it just show s the mess I logo and goes back to the home screen.. and I really want to kick butt in thus game… my phone is infinix zero android 5.1 in Nigeria pls fix thanks

  • Jimmy Tingström

    why cant i play fifa 16 online? its never find opponent and says its a nat problem

  • yves binda

    I’ve been receiving error message “connection failed. Unable to connect to opponent please try again later” for nearly two weeks now on the iPad iOS version of the game.
    A week ago I could still log in one time out of 10 restarts, but I don’t have such luck anymore.
    I tried it all. Clearing iPad cache. Deleting/ reinstalling the game. Restarting app. Nothing works.
    You would think that with over a decade of FIFA gaming experience EA sports would be close to having a reliable product, but far from it.
    It’s borderline shameful to be this rich and yet this incompetent.

  • Ram

    Down in sweden! Ea error sucks

  • Ram

    Ea server down in sweden

  • Juan Carlos Argote

    Sucks in Chicago USA is down

  • André Calvário Pais Martins

    Ea server down while playing ultimate team quarter final tota cup. Come on!!!!

  • EA is gay

    I can’t connect to the EA servers on FIFA 16

  • Firoj Hossain

    I have a problem

  • Jovani Ruiz

    Server down in Texas

  • John

    fifa 16 on ps3, all time when and match fifa can’t connecting to ea server and i get “DNF”….

  • John

    fifa 16 on ps3, all time when end match fifa can’t connecting to ea server and i get “DNF”….

  • Crystal

    PVZ GW2 ON XBOX is saying server is down all day grrr

  • afgHUSTLA

    It’s been 4 days since I could play now in Virginia,USA

  • Baybijhem

    Unable to connect to opponent on Android Fifa UT16. 2 days now.

  • iltas

    playing final against Argentina in Silver cash tournment server say please try again later

  • Ÿu Gnain

    Unable to connect to opponent FIFA 16 iOS

  • Muhammad Imran Maan

    Cannot play multiplayer since 3 days

  • Pranav

    Not working hhhhhhhhhh. DOWN IN INDIA………..

  • Shahin Habib

    i cant access in fifa16 online season by shows unable to connect to opponent.. (Bangladesh)

  • 477 TKB

    Can NOT connect multiplayer tournameNt (android) in Estonia for like 3 days now.

  • Ahmed aly

    Can’t play online season always says unable to connect to opponent. Down in Egypt.

  • Kunal Sahu

    It is showing ” ea server unavailable ” while playing in iPad (here in india).

  • Gaurav Kamra

    Can’t connect to server. India

    Same issue since 1 week

  • Florin Amuntenci

    Don’t work in Italy!

  • Florin Amuntenci

    EA server down in Italy (android). Fixed please!

  • Youness Ben Wahhoud

    can’t play online season since 11 day server down here in morocco

  • Youness Ben Wahhoud

    is there any solution for that issues

  • Youness Ben Wahhoud

    can’t find opponent

  • Grrruby

    PC UK also down ;(

  • Florin Amuntenci

    We’re sorry to inform that the EA servers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.

    More den one week I have this problem. What happen? Wy nobody can’t answer?

  • Ash

    Fifa 16 UT moble down. Wont even let me go on the home screen without notifying me every 2 seconds. 🙁

  • Wayne Macnamara

    When you get the message “unable to find an opponent” turn you Xbox off and unplug the power for 1 minute approx. When you turn it back on and sign into FIFA you will have an opponent first time. It’s something to do with Xbox being “always on”. This has worked 100% of the time for me. Hope this helps.

  • AVnCA

    “Unable to connect to opponent. Please try again later.” I’ve had this for two weeks…

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    Unable to connect opponent for last 15 days in surat,gujarat,india.. i think ea has decided to not play free game for android users.. u hve to spend money on them to buy points and pack.. so its ea n fifa strategy

  • Cameron David Agha

    Unable to connect to opponent, it’s been like this for a good time. Please fix this. Thank You.

  • Ram

    Down in sweden EA S****

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    Its only in fifa 16 problem or fifa 15 has also samw problem..

  • Pranav

    Man its down in india. It shows ea servers not available while playing from ipad in Delhi,india.Same goes with ea s other game i.e. UFC

  • Lol

    I can’t play ultimate team

  • Amnaya Paudel

    server down in Thailand

  • Jana Janka


  • Piyush Vyas

    EA servers are temporary down for now..cuz there’s gonna be an update to Fifa 16 UT….it’ll imporve speed and performance in devices and fix lots of bugs!

  • Donks

    Server Down in Australia

  • Samu

    Sever down in Italy

  • dimerz

    server down in UK

  • Alin Alexe

    Down in rom

  • Calvin LaPoint

    I can’t ever play this game I’m very close to deleting it

  • Jordan Jake Knieriem

    Server down in Germany

  • Santi

    Down in Austria more than 15 days now

  • Brian Cele

    server down in South Africa
    I am so close in deleting this game now

  • Brian Cele

    updates in FIFA 16? I just hope you are ryt… they should also improve their servers. Thanks for letting us know

  • Dr Sugus

    Server Down in Switzerland.

  • attila

    server down in Hungary

  • Shahin Habib

    2 weeks long unable to connect opponent

  • Houston Tx

    Deleting fifa 16 ios serv rs never gona comback thas a shamee good quality free game

  • Musa

    Server down in Pakistan since two days. How much time would it take guys ?

  • Javier

    That’s so bullsh**
    I want to play but ea is just like that

  • Alan Štôrm

    Keeps telling me “Entering a match has been temporarily disbaled”…….really ea over here in North

  • Marcus j Cunningham

    getting the “entering match temporarily disabled” message. usa

  • Miguel

    Same with me and I’m in California it’s so annoying!!

  • Dre Tremblay

    Same here getting this message when trying entering any FUT game..”entering match temporarily disabled” but Club Pro works …. Weird…
    Montreal, Canada

  • Sky

    Word from NY

  • Varun

    Same here, message continuously coming’entering match temporarily disabled ‘. India

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    Hey guys.. i just played fifa 16 android game.. now i can play online game with opponent.. ea just solve the problem which cant connect with opponent.. now android users can play again online opponent ganes

  • Julie Chrimes

    Fifa not working uk

  • Fairuz Jeffry

    Fifa 16 pro clubs is down..

  • Artur

    not working in POLAND

  • Karl

    FIFA servers down grrrr

  • ethaya

    Pro club cant get in. its bad enough that most times its lagging but now cant even get in !!!!!!! what r u guys doing bout all this ah EA ???????

  • AlexisDS

    not working in Greece

  • Rob William

    Call For technical Isuues 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline Thanks.

  • Acmq420

    Fifa not working in Panama

  • Kobren Kollen

    Also problems in Holland.. a lot

  • Shola

    Not working currently in Nigeria can’t connect to server, serious headache!

  • John

    I can’t login into my ea account so it doesn’t let me play on ps4 in florida

  • iwill

    not working in Canada all weekend,

  • iwill

    not working in canada

  • Svenn

    It’s not working in Norway either…

  • Swerge

    It won’t let me access EAS servers, my Pro Club player rating dropped from 88 to 83! It’s been like this for about 5 hours! Anyone has any ideas how to fix it? Or is EA doing anything to fix that?

  • Utkarsh Raghuvanshi

    It’s working in India as well . Fifa 16 always have this issue . EA pls fix this ASAP !!!

  • Utkarsh Raghuvanshi

    It’s not working in India as well . Fifa 16 always have this issue . EA pls fix this ASAP !!!

  • Utkarsh Raghuvanshi

    It’s not working in India as well . Fifa 16 always has this issue . EA pls fix this ASAP !!!

  • Clay M

    anyone having problems with FUT 16 , North America East Coast is my region, i cannot connect.

  • Anshul Duggal

    New Delhi: EA Servers for FIFA 16 and Battlefield 4 PS4 down since July 8,2016

  • Michael Monwuba

    Down since July 08 2016. Any word from EA?

  • lacko

    problem with FUT16 SLOVAKIA

  • Felipe Barrero

    Match has been temporarily disabled message in the U.S. Is anybody else getting this message?

  • Niccolo Curti

    Not working in Hong Kong.
    It was working perfectly yesterday

  • Dodo

    My fut 16 web app is the server down you cnt even play in tje oflien mode 14.07.2016 ( berlin / Germany )

  • Dodo

    So.e bodey witve the same problems ?

  • Jesper

    Servers Down in Europe. No notice until you try to start match

  • Kevin Claessens

    No gaming possible. BELGIUM

  • Football crazy

    You notice it Just when you try to start a match! Ea Please fix This!

  • Omar Marø

    No Gaming possible Norway

  • Giovanni Playz

    Ik heb hetzelfde ook in belgie weet jij mischien wat meer pff

  • Giovanni Playz

    This game is anoying me !!

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    When online opponent start to begin game.. and it says you lost the connection with ur opponent.. cant play with online players from 2 dys.. in india

  • Abdallah Ali

    The sever is down in Kenya but yesterday I was playing perfectly

  • Abdallah Ali

    Fifa 16 server for android version are also down

  • Fabrice Eboué

    Can’t play offline or online on mobile.. Please fix it.. We need online friendly with coins bet from 10k-1m..would be superb update.. Fifa is life

  • Sven

    this is not normal!!!! Always problems with this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian Wilko Wilkinson

    Server issues again for Android version Fifa 16 UT. Tournaments and Seasons you get through process of picking team, kit etc then loading loop but as soon as you go to kick off server down. It’s just beyond belief that EA haven’t sorted this out by now. And us mugs keep ploughing money and effort into the game but still get a mediocre service.

  • Chyzz McDaniel

    Down right now in USA

  • ssvvnn

    Not working in Finland, can’t play my starters cup final!

  • Robin Jain

    Not working in India since last night , game doesn’t begin at all

  • adrien

    i cant connect to the eas fc servers.why?? Lebanon

  • qdrien

    the same thing

  • Atimo James

    EA server is currently not available!!! Leave match. So annoying…. awesome game though

  • Fabrice Eboué

    Won many matches ea servers disconnected.. Did not Record it.. But the last match shock me won it and dey recordedd lost…ea should return back my wins… And #update online friendly with coins version.

  • Dipesh Subedi

    can’t find the opponent in division from last 3 days.. whats happening?? anyone know??

  • Suleman Faruque

    It says I have to create an ea account to play online ON MY ACCOUNT I HAD 600 FIFA POINTS FOR FUT DRAFT PLS HELP ME

  • Paddy

    My Fifa 16 says i dont have an account but i do

  • Wouter

    Same here in the Netherlands. Annoying!

  • Connor

    Same here.

  • Jay

    anyone have a fix?

  • Jay

    Anyone have a fix?

  • Amund

    When do they fix this ???

  • Jeffrey Visser

    apparently i suddenly am now too young to play fifa online wtf kind of issues are they having
    it says “thanks for your interrest . we’re sorry but you are not eligible to use EA’s online features due to an afe restriction” well played ea

  • Robin van der Heijden


  • Wouter

    Somehow I am in again

  • Peter Kubala

    i pay for this product always problems

  • wernerjonck

    Im in South Africa and now its working again but cant play draft can only pick my team

  • Craig Hughes

    I’m on FUT but no matches… Taking advantage of a slow transfer market lol

  • Jack

    When are they going to let us play aging .

  • Craig Hughes

    Any update on being able to play?

  • Max

    Still not able to play games, could join fut but No match

  • Ash

    Wtz happening to EA server.. I am indian

  • Thatguywhocommentseverywhere

    I can only play FUT online but I can’t access the transfer market or I can’t buy packs, FIFA points, etc…

  • Bradley Pereira

    the same here buddy !!! im fed up

  • Rigel

    FIFA 16 maintenance is happening right now, was down for 3 hours and that was around 2 hours ago. So not long now until we are back in.

  • Jeremy

    The FIFA 16 Maintenance means that servers will be down for 3 hours, which start at 10:30pm PT, match creation was disabled 30 minutes before. Servers are always bad no matter what maintenance they do, it happens on a daily basis where we have issues getting online.

  • Ancheyta Erwin

    Do you know if they are still working with servers? Any estimated time restore?

  • Mariusz

    Problem account connection? Anyone knows what is going on?

  • SeanyC

    I can’t connect to ea servers for FIFA 16. Anybody know if maintenance is occurring or did the servers crash??

  • tmk

    can’t connect with ea servers
    can’t download latest squads…

  • What the f

    What’s up with the servers? I’m starting to hate this game.

  • Brutus

    I have not been able to connect for a week now, anyone have an idea what is going on?

  • Diego Luna

    I just held my division in dub 4 and when I finished the game it said I got the 10000 coins for holding my place but when I checked my coins it didn’t add anything. Fitness decreased, contracts were used and it even reset my season… What do I do?!?!

  • Eric Docherty

    If you’re on Xbox one you may just need to adjust the privacy/security ppreferences to the unrestricted adult settings. You can choose the adult option or customize each setting to allow everything that applies to online play. This fixed the issue for me in the U.S.. If that doesn’t work open the Network settings, then select test multiplayer connection. This will at least let you know if the issue is related to EA / FUT servers or the actual console.

  • Eric Docherty

    Umm wait how’d you do that??

  • Markus Rønning

    I cant play ultimate team, with friends or just online. I get to the point where i can see their squad, and after that i getting kicked out. Whats wrong?!

  • Abdullah

    What’s problem of ea fifa 2016 I can’t play match ?

  • Abdullah

    I can’t play match in ea what’s problem



  • Happy Pro

    besuce fifa 16 is down right now you should give every fifa 16 account hold you should give us paid fifa 16 packs and so we can sell the players for money manny thanks when you give us free packs we never can get money for the pack you give away for free so give us packs so we sell the players

  • Happy Pro

    besuce fifa 16 is down is down you should give every fifa 16 account holders free fifa 16 packs you owe us for loseing hours of playing time that we have miss out on manny thanks

  • Neil Parrsh

    Well said

  • Neil Parrsh

    It goes down to often

  • Kevin Corrales

    What happened to my FIFA16?!?? The server is down. Im freaking out someone help me!!! I just got back from a va-cay and the only i wanted to do is to play FIFA to my surprise i cant…. wtf?!?

  • Nicholas

    I have win so many games but the games is just kicking me out and I want my coins back for all the games that I got kick out from

  • Denc

    Its on now, thank god the servers good ,, hate these maintences

  • tony

    Its been over 2 hours and I can’t find a online player

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    Kick me out in every game i played online whenever am win or losse.. aftr playing some minute.. bad fifa 16 android experiance ever… It says server problems..

  • Bhanu Chaitanya

    cant play wid friends online

  • Alan Ninan

    Right now down in India?? Cant play online matches.. “Unable to connect to opponent ” Anyone else having same issue??

  • Mehul Mashruwala

    Unable to connect opponent, plz try again later.. yahi msg aa rha he.. ab ye sever problem 1 month tak solve nhi hoga.. last tym bhi 1 month laga tha.

  • Dhaval

    Yep.. Same issue

  • Speed Racer

    I’m trying to play Need For Speed, nothing is happening right now.

  • Dhaval

    Any in India able to play online?

  • muhammad anwar Alias

    Same thing happened in malaysia

  • Vårin

    It is down in Norway too, super annoying!

  • Sid

    Was not able to connect to online mode. I performed following task given bellow. And guess what now fifa16 ut working fine. Can connect to online mode
    1.While on the desktop, press Windows Key + X (for windows 8) or run command prompt as administrator from start menu >>accesories
    2.Select Command Prompt (Run as Administrator).
    3.Type ipconfig /release in the command prompt.
    4.Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been released.
    5.Type ipconfig /renew in the command prompt.Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been re-established.
    6.Type ipconfig /flushdns in the command prompt.
    7.Close the command prompt and attempt to make a connection….
    8.Also disabled SPI in Router’s firewall settings if it’s enabled
    9.Also unchecked IPv6 from Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork ConnectionsChange Adapter settingsRight click on your ethernet conn.propetiesuncheck IPv6press OK…dont forget to restart ur pc and router at end

    let’s hope it works 🙂

  • Shahin Habib

    same issue from Bangladesh

  • Pat&Mat

    Slovakia, 4 hours still dont work…

  • matt

    its down in finland now..

  • Martin Kollar

    Kedy to maju nakopnut?

  • David Roach

    Down scotland useless company always something wrong even with in game play

  • Priyam GX

    Down in India from morning. Anyone else facing this?

  • Gor Khanyan

    Down in Belgium…

  • Liverouh

    Thailand, fkng down

  • Tdoc

    Down in USA for 2 days now

  • givemeurewallet

    Down in uk

  • Alessio

    Down in italy now

  • Jahanzaib Malik

    Down in Pakistan too

  • tobi oladapo

    Four days and counting. In the US

  • Karol Mancewicz

    Not working in Poland as well

  • kr0m4L

    down in Poland… can’t connect to EA servers in fifia 16

  • Zotoff

    Not working in Bulgaria 🙁

  • AB

    down in India! WTFFF!!! MaximBady will screw u !!

  • Chris Collyer

    Down in UK

  • Pat&Mat

    Again dont work EA servers…Slovakia

  • Pat&Mat

    zase nejdu:) ked tak si ma pridaj, mozme zahrat. nick: maros63

  • Brewster0101

    Still down in UK – can’t play plants vs zombie 2 either.

  • ton-jem

    indonesia also,,, 4 days or more…

  • Nyben Sailing

    Still down in Nigeria can’t play Fifa16 soccer

  • Christian

    Down in MA

  • Ameen

    U either b lucky r els u r a looser here in India.
    No sever connection at all.

  • Dre

    We should sue them, we pay money to play and pay for gold packs. I should play ultimate team game when I want, or refund the money we spend on this game.

  • Ivailo

    Oshte li ne ti raboti pich?

  • Marley

    Down in Seattle USA for 2 days now

  • Temmy

    Down Houston Texas for 4days now

  • donkeyhotey

    Can’t even play offline in Denver.

  • corey stimak

    Austin tx down now wtf award me 500 gold packs or I want a refund on the 500 I’ve bought lol

  • Hossam AbdelMonem

    Down in egypt now

  • Daniel L Belcher

    Down in Nashville TN

  • Elvis

    down in United states

  • Matt Clark

    Down in IN

  • Ed

    Down in South Texas

  • ivanvallejo1011

    Down in IL

  • ese NINO

    Its down in california now

  • Bigbz Zooyork

    down in thailand

  • Velvet Sky

    Down in Argentina now, yesterday i played

  • GIS-2iLL

    Down in AZ