FIFA 19 Server Status, Web App Login Problems

FIFA 19 is the latest football game that many will love, but as soon as the EA game servers go down this will have a great impact on players. Released onto many platforms such as PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and 360, Android and last but not least Microsoft Windows, when the game on any of these encounter problems the player needs somewhere to report their status.

Are you having FIFA 19 web app or Ultimate Team server problems? If the answer is yes then simply report your status below along with what platform you are playing on as well as your location as this helps understand if it’s a local or global issue.

The main problems with FIFA 19 can include servers going down, not being able to login, game crashing upon opening, lagging etc. You can also discuss about FIFA maintenance and updates etc, as well as ask any question you please about the game. This is a cool game with face scan, 20 Premier League managers as well as cool attacking techniques.

FIFA 19 status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if FIFA 19 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with FIFA 19? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Mike

    I have been playing the demo and for me seasons is not working properly. For me 3 out of 4 gaes are being disconnected on fifa 17.

  • Craig

    Is anyone still having issues with FIFA 17 web app invites?

  • John

    Playing FIFA 17 way too much because Frostbite is amazing, the game looks and feels so much better than any others ever period.

  • Kieron

    Got the free trial but i heard the web app has been released, is this the demo or full version of the game?

  • Victor

    Today is the day FIFA 17 releases, I am getting my copy today if i can. Hopefully we do not have issues getting online because this is going to be one busy game so servers may falter.

  • Kies

    My FIFA 17keeps saying “Login preempted because new version of the downloaded update file exist”… will I need to remove anything FIFA 16?

  • Mohammed Othman Almulhim

    have you found a solution?

  • Moose_k

    I have the same issue as Kids. How do I resolve it?

  • Moosey_k

    Problem preempted because update file exists. How do I resolve this?

  • Calrey

    I cannot connect to EA servers, are they down right now? Typical when I need to logon to the actual game to claim my weekend league prizes.

  • Skip

    EA have said on Twitter they are having intermittent connectivity issues, this is just the same as EA servers are down and i believe its to do with BF1 maintenance which knocks us all offline.

  • The Bad Rad

    I can’t login in the EA servers because EA told me ” Login preempted because a New Version of the downloaded update file exists. I don’t know what that means and I need help.

  • Larry

    Fifa 16 and 17 is down for me right now, guessing servers are not working yet again.

  • Fa_reed

    Me too same issue here … any solution ?

  • teng

    i played a total 38 games, i won 21 games, i lost 17 games. why i did not get any awards. please anyone know thank you!!!

  • Ahmad Hambal Noorsham

    Down now in KL, malaysia. How’s other places?

  • Fernandogalvanv

    Ultimate team down in Bloomington,Minnesota

  • Bahaa Hussein

    I am trying to login online but I get a message that login preempted because of the downloaded update file exists ?

  • Conor

    Did you get this solved?

  • Bahaa Hussein

    Unfortunately Not. !!!

  • Mark

    FIFA 17 is not opening online for me, servers are surely down.

  • Gavin

    The FIFA 17 pack opening is giving me some issues at the moment. Is anyone else having issues please.

  • Fletch

    It wont let me access ultimate team because it is saying ‘login preempted because a new virsion of downloaded update file exists’ but I have already updated it what do I do?

  • Juan

    I am so frustrated as I woke up this morning hoping to play me new FIFA 18 I got yesterday and not letting me play online.

  • Kevin

    I pre-ordered my game direct fro my PS4 PlayStation Store and cannot get the game loading. It has fully downloaded but will not install.

  • Sarah

    Not even able to find any player in the Market on FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • Paul

    I have selected language but as soon as I do this on FIFA 18 it just logs me out and then i see an error code (np-41372-7).

  • Jay

    I am on the PS4 and the FIA servers are surely down because I am unable to connect to any game.

  • Jaz

    Just update fifa 18 ps4 and now its saying login preemted or whateva, and it wont let me on pro clubs, anybody know what ta do??

  • Krenar

    What is it cause i dont know either

  • Doyler

    Did yous find out the problem ?

  • Johnny

    #FUT and EASFC maintenance begins at 12:00 AM PT on June 6th and the FUT Match Creation will be down disabled 30 minutes beforehand. All services estimated to return at 1:30 AM PT.

  • James

    This is a nightmare getting online to play, and the 19 is coming out this month. Watch the servers crash all the time.

  • Caleb

    I have the Xbox One and FIFA 19 is just playing online, keeps asking me to buy the game when I already have it. So a heads up everyone, go to the Microsoft website log in to your account and go on to your order history, once you have done that you can reinstall onto your devices.

  • Simon

    I dont think they should even bother releasing FIFA 2020, because there is nothing but online play issues with FIFA 2019. Gameplay lag, not being able to play friends but can strangers.

  • Simon

    This is getting stupid now keep on getting booted from an ultimate team game.