FFRK maintenance and problems

FFRK maintenance and problems do occur and sometimes it is a relief just to vent out and share issues with other gamers, and this is where you can discuss with other Is Down Right Now community followers your troubles and tribulations. There is no need to keep things locked up inside when you can share Final Fantasy Record Keeper frustrations with others.

FFRK maintenance and problems

Final Fantasy Record Keeper known by the world as FFRK does have problems now and then, the major one being its servers going offline with a total outage due to a scheduled maintenance or something else.

Other issues that have occurred since being released worldwide 26 March 2015 and in Japan September 24, 2014 have included FFRK characters not unlocking, being kicked out of the Battle Arena, the Final Fantasy Record Keeper Reddit page going offline etc.

The free role-playing game by DeNA and published by Square Enix has also in the past had FFRK character problems, but whatever the issue please do share below so others can discuss them with you.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper status reports for Tuesday 25th of April 2017

To find out if Final Fantasy Record Keeper is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Final Fantasy Record Keeper? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Brent

    I had trouble accessing a game earlier on today via my iPhone. Has anyone else had the same issue where the app crashes?

  • Mikey

    I have android phone and i have had a few issues with game freezing on me.

  • Danny

    I have had the same issue, sometimes i choose a character and when doing so the game crashes on me.

  • Anne Camp

    Couldn’t sign on yesterday evening, thought they’d have it fixed by now…

  • Anne Camp

    STILL down. *sigh* I hope they give us all the items we missed if we can’t sign in today. *grumbles under breath*

  • Paul David

    Yup games been freezing lately and crashing, now it will not load at all, no errors

  • Odekka Mu’Siku

    Sure, get me hooked on the thing and send me into withdrawal!

  • Alec Heesacker

    I am down on KOPLAYER PC!

  • Alec Heesacker

    Google Play not notice!

  • Josh

    Mine has been down all day. Says that its not authorized by Google.