For Honor Server Maintenance and Server Status

When there is a For Honor game maintenance the server status for majority will be down, when this happens it leaves many players asking why and if it was scheduled or not. It is common that servers go offline when there is maintenance but other problems with the slashing and hacking Ubisoft do occur.

for honor maintenance

What is your For Honor status, are you having issues? If the answer is yes please do report below with what platform you are using. The For Honor Beta always begins with loads of teething issues where the game will not load, not being able to register and one of the most common with beta players was how to invite friends to the game. Things do normally iron themselves out when out of beta and servers have been maintained for a longer period.

But, if and when there are For Honor issues PS4, PC and Xbox One players need a place to go to have their say, call it your complaints community where you can discuss and read about yours and others troubles with the game.

For Honor status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if For Honor is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with For Honor? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Breon Hunt

    I agree

  • Ben boston

    All this morning I’ve been having issues connecting to the game at all. Then when i would finally get in my nat would be red and i wouldn’t be able to connect with any players. Im on the ps4. I have good internet and never run into this problem. So idk whats going on on ubisoft’s end.

    Edit: now my nat is green and am still running into this issue of not being able to connect with any players.

  • Rhett Rasmussen

    Game is not connecting with a green nat all morning player skill level will not expand past strict limiting potential games. Get to fixing Ubisoft I want to kick some ass.


    March 28th, Tuesday.
    11:09am NA Central time zone

    Matchmaking is broken. Can sit in queue for 20 minutes and not find a single game. Player skill is even stuck on Strict the whole time. FeelsBadMan.

  • Matt Long

    It’s back up for me in Texas. 11.47am

  • Jason Skorupski

    Still down in california. This game is trash.

  • Jason Skorupski

    They don’t even warn us or have an estimated time. Wtf? I’ll never buy an ubisoft game again.

  • S

    server is still down here (CST) 1:26 PM, we need an ETA on things like this, idk how long ill be waiting to play and i only have an hour at most to be able to

  • S

    and im on PC

  • S

    also we cant even play story mode or bot practice while servers are down? ew

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Whn are the servers going back online?

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    And rainbow six is down too

  • ttt


  • Adrian Lopez Silva

    I can’t play any Ubisoft wtf

  • Wulf Speed

    I don’t remember any announced email about maintenance.

  • patrick

    It said an hour its been one hour what the hell

  • Pedraam

    For honor Xbox 1 down

  • Ks

    PC version down since morning

  • Kurtis Taylor

    ffs everytime i wanna play there shitty servers are down

  • Kurtis Taylor

    sounds about right

  • Kurtis Taylor

    its not a scheduled one as its not on there twitter page

  • Jon Hart


  • Duffman

    Well Xbox 1 and PC are still under maintenance. Gotta love ubisoft servers right?

  • Axe Raider

    Not for me.
    France by the way

  • Axe Raider

    And Clearly, it was obsolutely necesary to to force players to connect for playing the story mode (solo mode).

  • Meezy Wilson

    All I kno is that Samurai better have won Round 3 , I went hard final hours of Round !!

  • sloTh-

    They did

  • Meezy Wilson

    Ok nice .. I can’t tell cuz the servers been down since 8am , and was only supposed to be for 10mins , 8 hrs laster and still down

  • Tyler Richardson

    not for me on pc

  • Tyler Richardson

    its an emergency one they said

  • Jon Hart

    Ps4 is up now and Samurai won Round 3!

  • Max

    Down on PC still

  • s

    pc is up

  • For Hodor


  • Max

    Up on PC now.

  • Axe Raider

    nope I just tried, and don’t work

  • God

    Its up on ps4 but for some reason ive lagged out of 7 consecutive games or had it freeze at the end screen resulting in zero completed games anyone else finding the game worse then before for lag (btw i rarely lagged out before today) it seems like every time the ubisoft devs touch this game they break it more also im with the samurai faction that just won and we got no reward for some reason ? Guessing its a glitch due to the time they decided to start the maitenance

  • Antonio Zap

    Xbox it’s messed up right now I’m working off 2 Xboxs and can’t even get a game with the 2

  • Addison Stickney

    Yea for honor has been like that for me since the fix* I can’t even get into a game and when I do everyone is kicked

  • Addison Stickney

    On Xbox

  • Addison Stickney

    Xbox April 7 didn’t work at all.

  • Claire

    For Honor Servers are having issues here in Ohio.

  • Jess

    For Honor or For Dishonor? Hate the fact servers are down again.

  • Nicholas

    Servers down in Italy, somebody knows how much does the maintenance last?

  • Brandon

    How long will this maintaince last???

  • Nicholas Sigalas

    It’s unspecified currently. When the server was scheduled for maintenance it was only meant to b down for 20min, 2 hours ago… Then they announce on Twitter they are having issues with the servers and to b patience. Lol

  • Brandon

    Doesn’t really surprise me.. It’s ubisoft we are talking about here. *sigh*

  • Chase Yancey

    This patch had better be worth it.

  • Coby Anderson

    STILL waiting on these servers..

  • Politikil

    Still down

  • Dave Vermeulen

    When is the maintenance in Europe? Because its 17:30 here and still i cant play please help me

  • Diomious

    Probably still down, just tried a couple minutes ago, still nothing.

  • chris ginn

    Down still

  • Maarten Kfmenwfkejemejmd

    Stille down, please fix

  • chris ginn

    Or make it so there can be offline bot mode

  • Nas Diz

    Why is this happening!!!!!!!

  • Chase Yancey

    11:01 in US Arkansas, xbox one is still down.

  • Chase Yancey

    Cause ubisoft is to cheap to use dedicated servers.

  • Clay A Easterling

    When is it supposed to be back up?

  • Billy West

    Yep still down on the PS4 as well

  • tim caldwell

    this is nuts

  • Diomious

    I wouldn’t expect it back up in any working order in the next few hours. Apparently this was a big patch, and that means that they had to do ‘a lot of work’ which means ‘something broke’. Either that, or someone got into their system and crashed it. Either way, its down, which sucks, because I was looking forward to the new patch fixes.

  • Diomious

    this is what happens when you let monkeys manage your servers, take away their bananas, and tell them to shut up.
    Usual day at Ubisoft.

  • Rob Lee

    There’s a new update, maybe there was one worker who said something like, “you remembered too add that server part, right?” And a co-worker was like “****! It’s ok we can fix this. We gotta be as fast as possible.”

  • Rob Lee

    And is getting fired once he’s fixed it. …maybe

  • Rob Lee

    Are we not being unfair?

  • Rob Lee

    Surely they care. This a multi million dollar business. They’re just people, right?

  • Rob Lee

    Either way, I just want too play

  • Charlie Ellis

    so what’s the deal ubisoft, I wanna friggin play!!!

  • tim caldwell

    problems everyday with this crap

  • tim caldwell

    they say it is ” a server degradation”

  • Diomious

    more like a company degredation

  • Dallas tx

    Mine just came back onbeen waiting all morning Dallas tx 11:28am

  • Diomious

    checking now, NY

  • Diomious

    servers back up in NY

  • Billy West

    Back up

  • Tripper

    still waiting in Atlanta!

  • Derrick Nix

    AZ still down

  • Derrick Nix

    so who does everyone Main I play as valkyrie

  • Tripper

    rank 20 Warden

  • Diomious

    I used to main Warden, but recently been playing more Kensei and Law Bringer. All are a lot of fun

  • booogo

    ps4 is up

  • Derrick Nix

    AZ up

  • Diomious

    really wish they had consistancy fixes coming soon. When someone’s blade goes through your block/perry like you didn’t do it is getting really annoying

  • NC Warden

    Down in NC

  • Anthony Klem

    Down in Pa

  • MJ Smith

    Down in PA on ps4

  • Joshua Ralston

    I’m down in Indiana ps4

  • Lee

    Server down ps4 GA

  • Phil Longden

    NY still down

  • RastaMan

    Down in La. Xone

  • Phil Longden




  • tim caldwell

    is it still down?

  • Benjamin Means

    Down in GA

  • Ben Jensen

    When will it be back up and why cant i play offline

  • N D

    Same here servers down in NM can’t even log on to practice duels1v1 vs AI