For Honor Server Maintenance and Server Status

When there is a For Honor game maintenance the server status for majority will be down, when this happens it leaves many players asking why and if it was scheduled or not. It is common that servers go offline when there is maintenance but other problems with the slashing and hacking Ubisoft do occur.

What is your For Honor status, are you having issues? If the answer is yes please do report below with what platform you are using. The For Honor Beta always begins with loads of teething issues where the game will not load, not being able to register and one of the most common with beta players was how to invite friends to the game. Things do normally iron themselves out when out of beta and servers have been maintained for a longer period.

But, if and when there are For Honor issues PS4, PC and Xbox One players need a place to go to have their say, call it your complaints community where you can discuss and read about yours and others troubles with the game.

For Honor status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if For Honor is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with For Honor? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jackson

    Apparently there are going to be For Honor beta codes being given away over on Twitch just search for swolybible.

  • Petra

    I am trying to install For Honor and it is basically getting stuck on me.

  • Charlie

    For Honor servers are down for me right now, is there another maintenance already? I am playing on the PS4.

  • Daniel Chambers

    Getting server maintenance code got it twice then 3rd attempt it loaded I’m on xbox one.

  • adf

    3rd try on PC yielded unfavorable results

  • potato

    still down for me matchmaking error restarded game pc internet multiple times help ?

  • The Z

    It’s down for me right now

  • The Z

    anyone know the time?

  • will


  • Rhys Leftblank

    pretty sure the beta ended check the email, it seems to have ended about 8 hours and 17 minutes from when i sent this message

  • Danilo Andreoli

    Its still down… why?

  • Chris

    I just downloaded it last night and today it’s in maintenance though it’s suppose to be open beta…..

  • Wyatt

    Download it last night for ps4 been down all day

  • Marcel Dreyer


    The servers will shut for maintenance. It will affect your ability to log into Ubisoft websites and Uplay PC.

    Estimated downtime: 4 hour(s)

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Ubisoft Customer Support

  • coma

    public beta won’t start on ps4… server down down down. still. why? wtf….

  • TS61

    It says that to me also, but i believe that it will be running again when open beta starts on 9 January. I participated in closed beta and i had that message, and i couldn’t play it at all. So i call BS on Ubisoft. And Sony also has server problems, they aren’t better, it took them almost 2 months to fix servers after hacker attack.

  • Brandon Parsons

    Ya it’s down for me Xbox one

  • Harper

    Down on xbox

  • Harri

    Any 1 know when xbox 1 servers are gonna b up

  • Austin

    Whe are the servers going to be back up?

  • Ferg

    Anyone know when maintenance ends ?

  • Matt Newman

    xbox one down :c

  • Verdict

    Servers will go live tomorrow. Open beta doesn’t start until then. They just let us preload it.

  • Faker

    Guys the beta servers will be live tomorrow 9/2/17. Ubisoft set the pre-load to be ready for the launch day

  • Jedd_394

    How long till its classified as the launch day its 12:30 i heard it was starting around now. Does anybody know the actual time for tomorrow if its not now

  • Chris Morningstar

    *clears throat*
    FEBRUARY 9th…. TODAY IS 8th.
    9am (EST) the For Honor open beta should be up and running.

  • liam

    Trying to connect now in Australia. Server is down for maintenance… On the release day??? WTF?

  • Callan

    What time can we expect to play?

  • Reek

    We are on a time limit with this beta and most of it is spent on maintenance what’s with that?

  • WillT

    Trying to play on xbox one and ubisoft servers are still down for maintenence. This sucks

  • Callan

    Why you do dis

  • Randy

    Still waiting not like I wanna play the beta or anything just love waiting for maintenance

  • Damo

    Bloody beta I pulled a sickie so I could play and all it’s doing is in maintenance

  • Randy

    Better not be like this when full game comes out

  • Fieldy

    Xbox one still down 🙁

  • smig

    Anyone know when servers up gmt???

  • Hudson Liebelt

    Meant to be 2pm. But seems to be delayed everywhere

  • Fiel

    Its not delayed, I believe its February 9, 2017 2PM GMT. Currently it is 2:41 AM GMT.

  • Hudson Liebelt

    It’s Feb 9th here in Australia. Meant to be open at 9am. It’s currently 1:15pm.

  • Randy

    I want to play this beta soooo bad but these stupid servers

  • Eric Slaughter

    Any good news yet!?!?!?

  • Jaidyn Cockroft

    I’ve got in on ps4. The dialogue box comes up telling me the server is down for maintenance and then it disappears. Bottom right it says updating- patching complete but nothing will happen..

  • Jaidyn Cockroft

    Currently 4pm in Australia now and still nothing…

  • Hudson Liebelt

    Yeah that’s what’s happening to everyone

  • Adge

    No it’s open at midnight for Australia

  • Adge

    If you read the email right it says it’s open at 2pm gmt which is 12am aest (Australia)

  • Adge

    Read the email properly, it starts at 2pm gmt which is 12am aest

  • Jaidyn Cockroft

    So midnight tonight? What email? I never got one?

  • Adge

    If you signed up on the ubisoft website to play for honor they sent out an email, I got it Tuesday morning explaining that you could pre-download the game for its opening 9th-12th starting at 2pm gmt which is midnight for Australia.

    Hope this clears things up for you all.

  • Metz

    Still down here. 1am cst 2/9/17.

  • Broughto95

    This sucks balls.

  • Jamal Joseph

    So I’m on PS4 any new players wanna be my 2v2 partner when the games goes up

  • Nappa play’s

    My username darrienakadj I want to play

  • Jacar115

    Cool I’ll add you my name betenoire2536

  • Nappa play’s

    I just got it do you have a mic

  • Athos Pellegrini

    I’m still waiting so how long till it goes up in america?

  • Jacar115

    Yea I do

  • Nappa play’s

    Cool and to the other question it goes back up at 3:30

  • Nappa play’s

    3:30 AM

  • Athos Pellegrini


  • Seven7Hundred00

    Anyone knows the date for Europe ?

  • dashuroj


  • Jacar115

    Is anyone playing it yet

  • Athos Pellegrini


  • Athos Pellegrini

    3:39am still can’t play -_-

  • Jacar115

    God damnit

  • Athos Pellegrini

    If it’s not up by 4:00am I might snap roflmao

  • Jacar115

    If its not up by 4 I’m hitting the sack

  • Athos Pellegrini

    I’ll drink ass loads of coffee so I can play for at least 6 hours XD

  • Jacar115

    I want to play so bad tho like I’m getting really mad

  • Athos Pellegrini

    I’m hitting the punching bag in my house while I wait adrenaline will keep me awake till it makes me crash.

  • Athos Pellegrini

    So anyone else waiting still? 3:50AM

  • Bloodynine

    Y me isi it suppose ti be up in europe

  • Athos Pellegrini


  • Bloodynine


  • Athos Pellegrini

    You’re welcome

  • Benjamin Thomas Boerner

    Still waitin’. Oh well.

  • Athos Pellegrini

    Yeah I only woke up about 7 hours ago or so, so I should be able to play regardless but the wait is tedious -_-

  • Jesse210tx

    It’s working!!!!

  • Jesse210tx

    It’s working 3am US central

  • Jesse210tx

    I’m watching it right now

  • Athos Pellegrini

    Mines still not ;-;

  • Jash

    When is Xbox server coming up in America

  • Seven7Hundred00


  • Hudson Liebelt

    I hell need a partner to play with when the game releases haha

  • Kevin

    Still off

  • Athos Pellegrini

    when is EST time going online ffs

  • Coben Williams

    Anyone know when it will be working for Xbox us central

  • London Ariá

    4:22am eastern st and still under maintenance smfh!!!!

  • Athos Pellegrini

    Ikr I’ve been waiting on this website since 3:30AM when it was supposed to go online.

  • Athos Pellegrini

    Jesus X-X

  • London Ariá


  • London Ariá


  • Th3R3alUchiha

    4:39 am Here in Michigan, severs are down. After waiting 4 hours to download this beta…yea no pre order for me

  • SkeletonMonkey Gamez

    Does this count for Xbox as well?

  • Jacar115

    Put your name and I’ll add you

  • Hudson Liebelt


  • SkeletonMonkey Gamez

    Nothing yet I’ve asked around but found nothing

  • Jacar115

    K Ima send it my name is betenoire2536

  • Zuriel Pridgen-daniels

    Still nothing huh???

  • Jacar115

    Nope at Least not for me I’m just playing league till it works lol

  • Taleek

    Servers are down for me aswell…may of jumped the gun when I pre ordered the gold edition

  • Don Smith

    Nothing here on my ps4 yet 5:43am

  • Max Nin Racicot

    Does anyone have an answer to why the BETA is down at the mmnt?

    We are the 9th after all…

    Kinda just spent 3hrs downloading this.

  • Max Nin Racicot

    Also does anyone know if multiplayer will be available?

  • Joe

    My question is how are there people on twitch right now playing when servers are down

  • Don Smith

    Michigian still a no damnit

  • Max Nin Racicot

    This is really dumb bcs all i can find is a server maintenence for The Division scheduled on the 9th 3:30 am EST

    Can’t find anything on For Honor tho..

  • Dex

    Still nothing

  • Dex

    Yeah ive been up allnight for no apparent reason by the time we get too play beta will over and nobody will want pay for the game!

  • Xdarkrocker

    Still down in maine.

  • Reece Boyle

    The ubisoft support twitter page says that the for honor beta will start a 2pm GMT

  • Nikos Avramopoulos

    The For Honor Open Beta
    Will be live from

    9th (2PM GMT) to 12th (10PM GMT) February

  • Max Nin Racicot

    So this would mean 9am ET

  • William

    The For Honor’s Open Beta begins on February 9th at 9AM ET / 3 PM CET

  • Xdarkrocker

    Too bad. I was hoping they would do an early start.

  • Fdederdy

    2pm gmt is 10 pm in malaysia which means another 3 more hours to go see you guys online

  • London Ariá

    Yes all platforms

  • koekenbakker

    Here in The Netherlands it is down

  • London Ariá

    I said it starts at 9am Eastern Standard Time. So in 2hrs 20min it will be available to play and yes multiplayer will be available to play just not single player mode except for practice mode

  • F3rdio

    i think all ps4 users still still down now , ubisoft sent an email saying that i’ll be online 2/9 2pm gmt , if anyone is curios what time that is in your country just type it out in google “2pm gmt to “

  • Hayden Collins

    Down in Australia

  • Don Smith

    Any news yet

  • Nicholas Batty

    Down in USA

  • London Ariá

    2 hours

  • London Ariá

    2 hourss

  • Stephen Jett

    Hell I think it’s just outrageous that we can even practice against bots and get better that way when the servers come up everyone will be ready to go even if it was just three basic heros at least.

  • Dylan Z

    When will they come back up?

  • Dylan Z


  • Hunter N

    It’s gonna be up in 2 hours?

  • London Ariá

    Well a hr and a half now

  • Timothy Hagen

    In 1 hour 30 min

  • London Ariá

    1hr 24min

  • Hunter N

    Ah damn I got up early for it. That sucks

  • Kellen Lee

    For me I haven’t been able to play at all starting to think it’s not worth the it. You would figure that they would have tested the severs first before relaseing the beta.

  • Jack Bergquist

    Hey London, where does it say how long it will take?

  • Red307

    Yeah it sucks bit the problem with that is that the whole game runs with internet connection. So no internet or no servers no Gameplay at all even in the full version

  • Austin

    I woke up early for THIS


    Down in the United States, MN

  • Seven7Hundred00

    Still down in UK

  • Orlandico

    Still down in Ohio US

  • London Ariá

    In the PlayStation community for the game

  • London Ariá

    40minutes Left Everyone!!

  • SkeletonMonkey Gamez


  • Timothy Hagen

    It’s going up in 38 min

  • Timothy Hagen

    Should be up for you at 8:00 should Ben the same I live in Illinois so should be same time zone if I’m correct.

  • London Ariá

    Here Is The Article I Found For The Time. “Ubisoft have now confirmed that the For Honor beta start times will begin in unison, meaning no waiting around on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

    The For Honor Open Beta begins on February 9 at 2pm UK time (9:00am EST) and runs through February 12 at 10pm UK time (5:00pm EST).

    The Open Beta will be available on Xbox One, PS4, UPLAY and Steam and is open to anyone, as long as you live in a supported country, meanig no taking part if you’re in North Korea or Mainland China.

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the Open Beta comprises a limited portion of the game, which is still being considered a work in progress – meaning it’s not the final product.”

  • Jack Bergquist

    It will be up at 9 if your on est

  • Timothy Hagen

    Hope fully it’s correct.

  • London Ariá


  • Timothy Hagen

    Working let’s go bois

  • Timothy Hagen

    It’s working now

  • Timothy Hagen

    For Illinois (Chicago)

  • London Ariá

    ITS WORKING!!!!!!

  • Xdarkrocker

    Servers are upp

  • Orlandico

    They are up in US

  • Aaron Moore

    you guys having issues logging in

  • szugabo

    WTF? So if i live in mainland china i cannot play Beta means i cannot play with the whole game later also? :S

  • Stockton Harris

    I am

  • DovahDeusWeeb

    They’re slow because every dovahkiin, deus vulter, and weeb on the planet is trying to play

  • mahdi norouzi


  • mahdi norouzi

    biggining of the match

  • mahdi norouzi

    t gives me an error

  • BrandonDaSavage

    Can’t connect to servers, Northeastern Kentucky

  • Jacar115


  • Thelag

    Me neither

  • Cheese

    Every time I matchmake it immediately disconnects me and tells me that there is an error as soon as the match starts

  • Boobs25

    Blah.. cant get into any game even a custom game. Here in the good ol us of a

  • Boobs25

    Any idea when servers will be back online?

  • Aaron Taylor

    Here in South Korea and it’s barely worked since the beta opened. I waited for nothing. Super glad I wasted the money preordering…

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    It won’t let me join my friends groups or games

  • Aaron Taylor

    Not even for a custom?

  • Ziggy Ziegler


  • Aaron Taylor

    Are you on PC or console?

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Console, Xbox one specificly

  • Aaron Taylor

    Likewise. Is anything working for you?

  • Boobs25

    Still nothing on my end.. only thing i can get into is 1v1 against a bot

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Yeah. Everything except that

  • Aaron Taylor

    Well that’s good. At least you can play against random people

  • Aaron Taylor

    Console or PC?

  • Boobs25

    Console. Ps4

  • Aaron Taylor

    Same for Xbox

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Yeah but it would be nicer to have a friend. No one talks on this game

  • Boobs25

    Yeah i get into matchmaking and its just constantly loading… havnt gotten past that point.. no error messages or anything

  • Aaron Taylor

    I completely understand. Hopefully they fix it. I can’t even get into a match

  • Aaron Taylor

    It’s too bad Ubisoft hasn’t said anything about this. It’s also right in line with their reputation

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Well I’m sorry to hear that

  • Aaron Taylor

    No worries, hopefully it’ll get fixed in time

  • Boobs25

    Yeah its upsetting cause the potential of the game is incredible! But if they cant work out server issues it wont matter

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Yeah same

  • Aaron Taylor

    I completely agree. I was very excited about the beta too

  • Boobs25

    Hopefully they can get it worked out by the end of the night.. im going to be on it till early am. So ill stay updated on here

  • Michael Donovan

    I can’t even get past the tutorial portion before the game crashes on the PS4. I’m mega dissappointed

  • Boobs25

    Try deleting and reinstalling

  • Ezekiel Josiah Martin

    On Xbox One I’m very frusteratingly being kicked from most matches because it says that my ethernet cable disconnected. Problem with that is I’m using a wireless network so there is no cord. I have had a similar issue in Rainbow Six Siege and a way to contact Ubisoft directly is SORELY needed.

  • Ezekiel Josiah Martin

    That sucks to hear man, the amount I’ve played of it has really impressed me tho. Some minor bugs that need fixing but I don’t think your money will be wasted.

  • Cyriox96

    Cant even log in its always saying that the servers couldnt be connected to

  • Dalton

    I had the same problem. I plugged in an ethernet cable and it works now.

  • Dereck M Pritchard

    Same here. I keep closing and trying again. No luck.

  • Dereck M Pritchard

    Scratch that. Right after I posted. It let me in.

  • Krumpwizard

    servers down for me, cant get past title screen, i guess the servers are just down for now, hopefully they will be up in the morning.

  • Dereck M Pritchard

    It seems to be working for me now. And I thought I’d get sleep tonight. Haha. Not now.

  • Frank7

    Sooo frustrated. Mostly because the download took so long and wasted my time with it. Now cannot log on server because says they are down with error. Way to launch a open beta to the public. Bet for honor going to lose alot of people. Who going to spend $60 on a broken game and servers that donot work. Divison was a mess too.

  • Frank7

    Error error error. Fix this damn game. Should of expected this from the company that made division. Game is boring. Dame sht over ndand over. Iam not buying it. Just saved $60

  • Boobs25

    Hey boobs25 here again.. i reinstalled the beta and tried again i am able to make it to the multiplayer screen but again anything i chose to play that isnt 1v1 against AI i can not get into.. just stuck on match making screen.. disappointment. Been trying since 7pm yesterday and no luck.. though fighting a computer bot is still somewhat fun it gets boring after a while. I really want to experience the game.. i mean hell i pre ordered it its paid for!

  • Boobs25

    Still nothing cant even get into a custom game my internet connection is wireless but its strong never had any issues with it ever! So why cant i get into a game?!

  • Yo nibba qwy bong beng

    Beta doesn’t work. Major server issues for an only online game. Kinda pathetic ubisoft..

  • Whatoshi

    This is a beta you’re attitude is kina pathetic dude

  • Ahmad Diab

    Beta on Xbox one is down rn. 1:20 PM PST. Most likely maintenance, have patience.

  • Giancarlo Moncayo

    Dude it is a beta this is why it was released as a beta to fix these things before the actual release.

  • Paulo Kroese

    beta over

  • Joshua Griffith

    When will it be back online?

  • Joshua Griffith

    How do you know the beta is over?

  • Jon

    Is the beta over on xbox one or just really shitty servers?

  • B.S

    No server is down in Cali. Ubisoft must be working on their shity connection. Lol

  • B.S

    No sever is dwn 4 Ubisoft. It ends 10 days from 2day

  • B.S


  • Nathan Allen

    I specifically came on for the short period of time I have and of course the severs had to be down.

  • D

    It’s a beta, there’s has been constant patches and it’s improved tons in the past day alone

  • Phill

    This is what it says on Ubisoft’s For Honor Beta FAQ

    How long does the Open Beta last?
    The For Honor’s Open Beta begins on February 9th at 9:00am EST and runs through February 12 at 5:00pm EST

    Sadly, it has come to an end.

  • Luke

    Hopefully all this server nightmare BS is in an effort to make sure this kinda thing doesn’t happen after launch

  • Ebona

    Xbox one for honor servers are down right now, or at least for me.

  • kaden

    For Honor on the PS4 is completely down rn

  • Jeffrey P Thomas

    Its not working much at all right now. Ive done 3 eliminations and was kicked out of every one with an error message.

  • Shane Quarles

    Lost one match, made it thru another, down again. Ps4

  • Caleb Senechal

    Can anyone else connect today? I haven’t been able to all day

  • Darren

    Been down for at least 24 hrs in NC

  • Darren

    Literally bought the game and then bought Xbox live. Soon as I hit multiplayer, guess what happens……Fuckin Server Crashed!!! Time to go get a refund.

  • Darren

    Thought ppl would’ve learned that server issues kills businesses from PokémonGo

  • Bo Turner

    No Xbox one

  • Jason

    And yet again cannot play. Are the servers down?

  • Lamapunk

    I can’t log either

  • Colton Morace

    seem to be for me at least (xbox)

  • Brett Wenneman

    Can’t connect on ps4

  • Joe Roque

    I can’t connect to the server either. PS4

  • Jonathan

    Down in Europe on ps4

  • Logan Martin

    wouldn’t let me in. i jus bought champion too

  • Lamapunk

    This is saddening

  • Revon

    Servers down inXboxOne NA

  • Daretvman

    My honor is hurt

  • Daretvman

    Need to play as fat man

  • Jeremy Jinkins

    Ps4, West coast states. Won’t connect, ofc right when my spawn leave to park and daddy with free time…….

  • Illidari’sbitch

    not working on pc for me

  • Guest

    Down in MI..

  • Chris Peoples

    I was playing last night for hours so it hasnt been down in NC that long.

  • Josh

    Not working on PS4 in Texas for me. Wanted to play before work. Seems like that’s not going to happen. Big disappointment

  • Guest

    On PC

  • Damien Neri

    Still not up on ps4 lame

  • guest

    its down on pc

  • Guest

    Is it down across the board everywhere????

  • Damien Neri

    Any body know why

  • Kevin Reyes

    Bored, waiting for servers to come back

  • Logan Blakeman

    It’s down right now on PS4, keep getting the “unable to reach servers” error and a link to the Ubisoft customer service website, on the site it says that there’s a scheduled Ubisoft Club server maintainance for Feb. 25th, I can only assume that’s what all the trouble is

  • Guest

    REFERENCE ID: 000026417

    Uplay services are currently experiencing degradation. You may be unable to reach the Ubisoft Servers. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Opening a support case is easy! Email us your issue or chat with an expert.

  • guest

    they’re being ddos attacked

  • Jago Jack

    Servers are down.. really hope they open the parry window for grab. PS4 . My whole crew is having this problem. Ohio , Alabama , and I’m thinking okc..

  • Travis Bowdish

    How do you know

  • Joey Riggs

    Down in Alabama on Xbone

  • christian duran

    They openned in Cali

  • Keith

    Back up in ky

  • Silv3r

    Servers up in europe

  • Terrance Cunningham

    Back up in usa

  • Joe Roque

    They’re live again on ps4

  • newboy2008

    Ps4 doesn’t work…

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    some one has a better nat than a RED NAT ?

  • Orion

    I was able to log in but unable to connect to any game modes with other players involved. I’m on PS4 as well. only thing working is 1v1 against bots. And I’m so close to rep 3 with my warden, bummer. Also Daniel my NAT type is red as well and it has never been anything but green before this.

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    ahh ok … mhhh

  • Colton Nay

    Yea my friends are playing with green, it depends on where you’re located I believe

  • Colton Nay


  • Storm

    Still down in ky

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    where u from dude?

  • Peppumies

    Down in Finland

  • Leon Sanborn

    Lies, its still red for me.

  • Leon Sanborn

    Lies, still red.

  • Gavin Peoples

    Still down in Colorado on PS4 even though I got the notification to restart the game because the issue was “fixed”.

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    new tweet is out now

  • Awsomniss

    Still red here in TX

  • Awsomniss

    Also was yellow then got notification saying restart to recover previous bat type and when I restarted it putt me in red instead of green.

  • Awsomniss


  • Stephen Hamm

    Still down in co after message saying issues were fixed

  • Hayden Jones

    Gold Coast Australia, It has strict NAT for me atm and since Beta ive had open. I’m hoping its just the severs becuase the only other option ive seen for fixing
    NAT: Strict is to open ports and i dont want to do that.

  • Hayden Jones

    Im using the PC btw.

  • Awsomniss

    Still down in TX to so what are they doing

  • Will Blucher

    Thats the same with me, i dont know why but i was able to join one game today then nothing, Im in Canberra Australia

  • God

    There is a loop keeping 1v1 duels vs an AI until your NAT changes from red green

  • Hayden Jones


  • Carl Bonello

    Yea I had strict NAT issues as well, only way I was able to fix it was to run a cable to my ps4

  • Jason Byrd

    Is the For Honor server down? I’ve been trying to connect for over an hour in Alaska

  • Ninjahitam

    down ??????

  • Richard Swartz

    Currently unable to connect in NA on PC.

  • asdres123

    I Play game at 30-45 fps before the update but now the fps is 1 or 2 at the logining and it says servers are unreachable now pls help

  • 3Oh3


  • Yves Luethi

    always disconnecting and sent back to main menue while being in the middle of a game. Since this afternoon

  • james

    ps4 not connecting

  • Mark

    I love everything about this game until you try to connect to the junk servers. I literally drop more games than I finish and I have checked and rechecked my connections. It is clearly UBI soft. I’d much prefer my $55 back if this keep up!!!!!

  • Mark

    Can’t connect at all right now. The most frustrating online game I have ever played all do to server issues. UBIsoft gets a 10 on game play but a -10 on the online side do to connection issues. Very unhappy and likely will never by a UBisoft product again. Get dedicated servers or do release the game. You all suck and wasted my money. Thanks

  • Daniel Masalin

    It’s been days of not being able to play any pvp. Error message says my ether net cable has been disconnected along with being kicked to the main screen due to “network issues”. No problems with my network. This is thoroughly saddening. Just want to play the game we’ve all been excited to play. Buzz kill ubisoft. FIX IT!!!

  • Aaron James Wrann

    Why is it so hard to connect to a game ??this sucks!!!

  • Deepak Sharma

    50 percent i get kicked…and now its keep matchmaking……nothing happens……..i cant play……com mon ubisoft u guys better use the old pvp technique rather than using this shitty one

  • Muhammad Nabbi

    I was playing single player and all of a sudden critical error appears on the screen and Ubisoft servers are under maintenance.

    I don’t know the scheduled time of it. If anybody knows please do tell

  • 21

    V1.03 – Live Update 1 (All platforms):

    All Heroes: Simultaneous Guard Break attempts will push back both players. Subsequent simultaneous Guard Break attempts will not connect.
    Warlord: Full Block Stance was not intended to be a reactive tool to replace all other defense methods. The Full Block stance has been delayed from instantaneous activation to a 200ms delay after the input. This will also fix some replication bugs.
    Valkyrie: Shield Tackle Full Block property was not intended to be a reactive tool to replace all other defense methods. The Shield Tackle Full Block property has been delayed from instantaneous on activation to a 200ms delay after the input. This will also fix some replication bugs.
    Conqueror: To fix some replication bugs, the Heavy Attack Interrupt Block animation has been delayed from immediate to a 100ms delay after the input.
    Kensei: Fixed a bug that caused Unblockable Top Heavy to cancel back into itself. This was never intended to work like that.
    Shugoki: Fixed a bug on Charged Heavy Attack hitting twice and being un-parry able when releasing lock during the attack. This was never intended to work like that.

  • 21

    V1.03 – Live Update 1 (

    All Heroes: Simultaneous Guard Break attempts will push back both players. Subsequent simultaneous Guard Break attempts will not connect.
    Warlord: Full Block Stance was not intended to be a reactive tool to replace all other defense methods. The Full Block stance has been delayed from instantaneous activation to a 200ms delay after the input. This will also fix some replication bugs.
    Valkyrie: Shield Tackle Full Block property was not intended to be a reactive tool to replace all other defense methods. The Shield Tackle Full Block property has been delayed from instantaneous on activation to a 200ms delay after the input. This will also fix some replication bugs.
    Conqueror: To fix some replication bugs, the Heavy Attack Interrupt Block animation has been delayed from immediate to a 100ms delay after the input.
    Kensei: Fixed a bug that caused Unblockable Top Heavy to cancel back into itself. This was never intended to work like that.
    Shugoki: Fixed a bug on Charged Heavy Attack hitting twice and being un-parry able when releasing lock during the attack. This was never intended to work like that.

  • Anthony Murphy

    Can we play yet?

  • Anthony Murphy

    Can we play yet

  • Sloster

    servers are down folks

  • Doggiver

    Not working with me either

  • Mike

    How long is this going to be

  • Archangel0879

    Game is up for me

  • Gol Acheron

    any1 know when it will be back up?

  • Jason Caisley

    it was scheduled for 45 mins around 45mins ago i think

  • Arnold

    Up and running

  • julian

    not a troll?

  • Oket69

    More like scheduled for 45 min 75min ago

  • Arnold

    Not a troll.. im in matchmakig.

  • Arnold

    Shows medium activity.. cant get a party … waiting for more ppl to come online

  • Marshall Raiza Rock

    It’s still down on PS4.

  • rogue legion

    same with me

  • Oket69


  • Arnold

    Well im on xbox and im in, but cant seem to get a party up and running, so i do practise with bots… in uk btw.

  • Philip Milne

    Down on PS4 in the UK

  • Andreas

    Same in swede…

  • Andreas


  • Mars Bear

    And Denmark

  • Austin Downs

    PS4 in the USA, still down for me at the moment…can’t contact servers

  • Derrick

    Been down all morning for me since 8

  • Craig Coster

    Got a message saying the servers would be down for 45 minutes starting at about half 12 and are still down over an hour later.

  • Austin Downs

    Mine just states that it’s in maintenance mode. Doesn’t tell me a time.

  • Cisco

    I just want to play a game. Been waiting for an hour just closing the game and re-opening it waiting for it to work.

  • Christopher Solomon

    The one day I get to play more than like 10 minutes and the servers are down, great. 45 minutes maintenance that’s fine but nearly 2 hours that’s bull.

  • Cisco

    Can someone please post when we can play?

  • Reticulated Gamer

    Got the game today, waited over an hour for update…Fair enough the get kicked at emblem creation for 45 min almost two hours ago F U ubisoft lol

  • Will Sprakel

    same got the game last night downloaded overnight woke up and boom servers are down

  • Bloodbathx

    Are they fixing the connection problems or making there advance peer to peer connection worst 🙁

  • Troll

    I’m in

  • Reticulated Gamer

    Just typical… Devs should actually think about finishing the development of a game before releasing them half finished. And they all do it too

  • Bloodbathx

    Still down for me

  • Adolf Ziggler © ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Still down on PS4 for me

  • Hunter Sandridgecool

    same here lol

  • Johnny Valencia

    its up guys

  • Not a troll anymore

    It’s up! (seriously)

  • Niv Cohen

    Back online ps4

  • Reticulated Gamer

    Lol i see what you did there xD

  • Noah


  • Christopher Solomon

    Well that’s great. Just as I’m about to leave for the weekend

  • Neil Verner

    Back up Scotland Uk

  • Bloodbathx

    Online anyway kicked from two matches lol about done with this game unless they do dedicated servers

  • Almog Goll (TheRealWag)

    offline for PC

  • Almog Goll (TheRealWag)

    they wrote that it would be for 15 minutes though

  • Zeph Reimer

    took a long time to log into the server but I’m in now.

  • Tommy Djurgården Lenander

    Anyone else with problem to find a game?

  • Trey Jewell

    Servers down on ps4

  • Adam

    For honor servers down for xb1

  • Dallas

    Are servers down for xb1 right now? Been kicked due to “issues” like 6+ times over 15 minutes. About to break lots of stuff..

  • angry player

    the servers is shitttttt ps4

  • Callum Muir

    servers keep crashing pc

  • Alastair Devlin

    Won’t allow me to stay in games of pvp – been like this for about 4days and seems to be getting worse – I’m in the uk, anyone else suffering like this. Current errors are 0006000037 (Xbox one) @ubisoft

  • Joseph Trenton

    Xbox one says servers are untraceable why it’s 4:22am on the 14th of March

  • Pablo Robles

    It continues worst online game ever….ubisoft refund?

  • Shawn Federer

    Up for PS4 yet ??

  • Alex Parrilla De Jesus

    Is still down on ps4

  • Bonehard

    For honor is still down in MD

  • Daniel Liberty

    Down on Xbox One

  • BwrightAway

    Skipped work this morning to play and of course the server is down (ps4). Just my luck

  • Tom Wilson

    Servers unreachable in Canada PS4

  • March 16th, 9am Eastern US. This maintenance issue is getting out of hand. Twice in the last two days I’ve booted up For Honor and the servers are down for maintenance. It’s ridiculous – I just want to play the fricken game! If the single player mode was available offline, I could at least play that, but no – the whole game is online only. Ubisoft, get your fricken act together. I didn’t pay for this game to just have it sitting idle on my hard drive while you update it. I’d like to play it occasionally.

  • TimeWasters

    Been off for an hour or so in aus qld

  • Rylond Gaines

    When will the servers be back up for

  • Paul bull

    Rediculous, always having issues getting kicker or some kind of error, anyway anyone know when the servers is coming back up

  • matt

    945 eastern

  • Paul bull

    Thanks man

  • Joseph Glidden

    Down in Foxcroft Maine. For Honor 925am

  • Joseph Glidden

    Anyone else have the disc? Loading problems like witcher 3. Unreadable….gotta eject and push it in hard for it to work? Anyone else having this problem? Im stickin to digital from now on

  • Joeroe2

    down in denmark

  • Rylond Gaines


  • billsons

    servers back up

  • Mark Fontaine

    Back on in Louisiana, had to highlight then “quit” from the menu for it to restart but when it did it connected right away.

  • Alex Koenig

    For honor is SLOW… lag lag lag server boot etc. ridiculous 9:00 p.m. Missouri march 16

  • Peter John

    Won’t let me join servers.

  • ValkyriesTestosteroneOver 9000

    is the game down right now?

  • Allyn Shaw

    i want my money back

  • Brendon

    Booted every other game barely finishing any lag messy. All ports for the game forwarded. Xb1 I love the game but I’m slowly starting to never want to turn it on due to the worst servers I’ve encountered since the beginning of gears of war 2

  • Mark Abcede

    people get kicked out then Im stuck playing AI characters

  • Madi the Man

    Laggy as hell, keeps booting everyone else from lobby. Finding games, joining then it tells me it’s missing players.. been fighting this for three day now.

  • Equilibrium

    Down 🙁

  • Elias Holmberg Ringhage

    its not down, its server maintenance

  • Priya Ponguru

    It takes alot of time for match making. Always kicks out. Laggy. Plz fix these probs and for honour will be a beast in gaming.

  • sebbe

    When is it up again?

  • Prem Ponguru

    It takes alot of time for match making. Always kicks out. Laggy. Plz fix these probs and for honour will be a beast in gaming.

  • Alexander

    Either servers are down or in maintenance

    Southern Ontario Canada

    Time : 9:09 am

  • Dorian Walker

    How is it down for

  • Dorian Walker

    How long is it down for

  • Jason Moore

    Down xbox1 is anyone else still having problems?

  • Anthony Bardi

    Since the 1.04 update i cant connect to server and when i do it won’t let me play everytime i try to play it tellsme the party leader has to join a match and i am not in a party i just turned it on so how am i in a party with a party leader

  • Thura

    anyone have problem with joining group with friends each others?

  • szugabo

    WTF is happening? Since the update i cannot join to the servers at all. It is ridiculous!

  • puchovarela

    i havent been able to play 1 game since the update. its always lookking for a match. then it says fame found joining. then it just gives me error. ( a network error occured . retunring to main menu (0004000021)

    i dont know what to do and im desperate to play

    can someone tell me how to fix this?

  • Shawn Brazeau

    9:57am ontario, i can conect online
    but its not finding anyone ubisoft fix your stuff PLZ what really sucks is they make really good games but the lagging out and the games being always down half its pretty shittyy

  • MirukusekiMu

    7:42 am San Francisco, CA.. connected but cant join a single match, even with green NAT and high activity in game * spent $100 on this game, cant even play…

  • Anthony Blaze

    To avoid getting kicked from matches, I found that connecting my ps4 to the modem by wire gives me less disconnecting from matches.

  • Michael Williams

    Not going to lie, this game had a lot of promise. What’s worse is I keep bringing myself to the game although it’s torturous and so unreliable that in 2 hours I may compete three matches. Nobody paid the money they did to go through such a headache. I even find myself telling others not to come to this game because of how inconsistent this is. What’s worse is there is not much compensation even with in game rewards when ubisoft has had ample amount of time to do something about it. How do you expect to keep up the volume of players on the servers when games end abruptly, people can’t group up, matchmaking even at this exact moment has us waiting for 30+ minutes. The WORST servers I’ve ever encountered and I am an avid gamer.