Fortnite Battle Royale Server Maintenance and Issues

If you own Fortnite we all know that any game with online multiplayer mode can lead to issues when the servers go down due to maintenance etc. This is an epic sandbox co-op survival game by Epic Games and People Can Fly and the latest is Fortnite Battle Royale for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Are you having issues with Fortnite Battle Royal? If the answer is yes then please do report your status below or read other comments from other players having issues.

The main issues include servers going down completely due to a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, not able play multiplayer online, game crashing or error codes showing and major lagging.

Fortnite status reports for Monday 11th of December 2017

To find out if Fortnite is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Fortnite? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Mike

    it says the servers are up and running and yet I can still not play online, not able to get onto my account.

  • Billy

    I am having serious lagging issues, connection is so poor.

  • Angel

    5 hours and still down for me, Battle I am not nmy fellow gamers.

  • cant login right now…

  • Jason

    The servers went down because they werte implementing a new patch, this was for the new Smoke Grenades.

  • Carl

    The servers go down just for a patch update, this has never happened before just fo a simple update.

  • Mark

    Fortnite maintenance is underway I think because on Twitter they are saying this, “Matchmaking for BR is now offline. V.1.10 is releasing in just a short time and there will be some downtime. Timers for Llamas will also be reset.”

  • Lisa

    Yeah Fortnite is down for server maintenance, the downtime is basically for the V.1.10 patch.

  • Troy

    I keep trying to sign in but says I’m in queue for 41 mins

  • Guy

    im offline when im online and cant see if friends are online

  • Kevin

    Yeah it won’t let me switch match type so I’m stuck playing solo and my stats aren’t resetting