Frontier Internet outage

Are you experiencing a Frontier Internet outage? Frontier Communications offers services such as Internet, digital TV and home phone, but the main service that encounters the most problems surround its Internet. Its broadband is used is 27 states and uses both fiber and DSL technology, which is branded as FiOS.

If you are a customer and experiencing a Frontier Internet outage, having issues with Frontier email login then list them here. You might even be having issues with the Frontier website not working again or even the Internet speed is just slow, share with the community what is / isn’t happening for you.

Frontier is the 5th largest DSL provider and the 6th local exchange carrier in the United States. Tell us what you know on our Frontier Communications service status page, share with the community what problems you are having.

Frontier status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Frontier is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Frontier? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tam

    The Frontier internet is not high speed at all, its so slow i could actually deliver a letter quicker.

  • Jamie

    Frontier Internet is still down in Portland for me.

  • Lizzie

    I cannot even do my homework because my Internet doesn’t work.

  • Bob

    Internet! what blooming internet, i cannot open anything online so guessing service is down again.

  • Kelly

    Internet is down in Marysville Wa.

  • Mason

    Internet down in Illinois, yesterday and today.

  • Brandon

    Frontier Internet was not working in Ohio yesterday, seems to be up and running now but very very slow.

  • Rose

    I need my internet so i can play my PS4 games, come on Frontier sort it out please.

  • Doug

    Internet is down here in Woodburn in please fix it because i pay a monthly bill for my service.

  • Ado

    I am in Illinois and there seems to be a Frontier Internet outage, on ff then on back on and now off again.

  • Rhonda

    My Internet went down in Oregon, been offline for about 20 minutes now.

  • Terri

    According to Frontier, there are about 4,200 customers without internet due to possible cut fiber line and there is no resolution of when it will be repaired. They did say it is usually a same-day repair.

  • Sach

    I have no phone service or wifi in Ohio. I need this service because i run my business from home and without it im dead in the water so to speak.

  • Bobbie

    Frontier server issue apparently, which is not good because i have not been told i have to go to the office to work. I was working from home today because my wife is sick this week and i said i would work from home to look after baby. But my boss is right i have to come into the office as my work is very important it gets finished and closed today. Sorry wife.

  • Blue

    Internet is down and out in 97006, whats wrong?

  • Grady

    In West Virginia Frontier just doesn’t work. They don’t have FiOS in West Virginia, and the regular internet is absolutely horrible. The only other option is Comcast, which is much too expensive. I’m in an internet crisis.

  • Denise

    98012 without phone and Internet for 6 days. Have called in every day. Still no service.


    14803 zip code, State Route 21, Between Alfred Station and Andover has no Frontier service.

  • Sandy Poindexter Sommer

    06801-bethel CT. Internet keeps kicking us off yesterday and today. 45 min wait time when you call. Why don’t they send out a bulletin telling customers what is happening?

  • Kathleen Davis

    No Internet all day. Can’t do my homework, BSN online with deadlines, and I can’t enter my work, as we do computer charting. I don’t have the option of going to the office, as it is 2 hours away, or going to the campus, because it’s even farther away. Come on Frontier, fix it quick or I’ll have to change my service.

  • ConMoose

    98012 as well. It’s been spotty for days. No answers.

  • Thierry Clicot

    and Poor FiOS in Edmonds,WA–Service person tells me “WE *HOPE* TO FIX
    IT BY THE 24th—WHAT!! THE 24th OF SEPT!!!! —WOW–JUST [email protected]@@@@ WHAT

  • Verp

    Moscow Idaho. My internet cuts out for up to 20 minutes two or three times a day for the last few weeks. It was quite dependable for the first couple of years.

  • Bryan

    Genesee, ID. Internet cuts out 20+ times a day, every day. It has been doing this for months, why can this company not fix these issues?

  • future comcast customer

    Frontier internet has been down at my house in fort wayne Indiana for almost 36 hours now. I’ll be calling to cancel my service if it isn’t working when I wake up tomorrow.

  • Sean Cox

    Tuscola IL. no frontier internet for 15 hours

  • pretty6894

    Internet down Rochester my 14619

  • Moody

    Internet down in elko nv

  • wish we had more options

    No internet in Thornton IA. 2nd time in 2 weeks. Very discouraging.

  • Frontier is garbage

    Very terrible internet quality in Portland, OR.

  • TomF

    Internet down for 7 hours and counting in Edmonds WA, north of Seattle. Latest in a series of sudden major outages this year. Terrible ISP.

  • Rick M

    DSL out since Oct 19. Still out @2pm Oct 20. Fish Lake Indiana

  • simtimpson

    Fiber is out right now in Mount Vernon, WA 98274. Was working and went out at about 0015.

  • marcin

    Oct29 2pm red light tried all called and got hung up on before a real person answered

  • Samantha Kenney

    Nov 2nd west virginia internet down since yesterday

  • erica eaves

    Internet has dropped out with red light on modem about 20 times since 6:30pm have to turn it off and back everytime been dealing with this for months west virginia

  • johnrf

    My internet was down all weekend. Finally was back when I got home from work Monday, 11/9. What really bugs me is that as it was getting worse, no tv but very slow browser, I connected with their tech dept. They NEVER tell you they’re having problems, they always pretend its you. I did 3 chats. First one I guess I got disconnected after restarting the router. Second one the tech said I had to be wired to the computer so I disconnected while I found a wire, the wire the installer told me not to use anymore since we got wifi. Third time the tech insisted I had to restart the modem again. Told her I had done that several times, at least 10 times, why again. Nope, had to do it again. Then she wanted me to do a ping. Told her I had already done that and told her the results, .12 and .26. Sorry, you’ll have to do it again. Did it again, reported the results, and sat for 20 minutes before I got a message that I had been disconnected again. So they waste your time and never mention that they’re having problems. And how many times can I restart the router before we all know that’s not the problem? They waste your time and pretend there’s something wrong with your computer, laptop, kindle, iPhone, roku, etc. Liars!

    Guess what? Tomorrow rcn cable is coming to install internet service and Frontier can go to hell.

  • TboneSwatta

    You must have just gotten stuck with a tech support rep that didn’t know a whole lot. One of the ones who just follows the checklist and transfers you if nothing works. I just got off the phone with a guy who sounded knowledgeable. He was able to answer some of my more technical questions and after I confirmed everything on my end was tip top he checked to see if there were any outages in my area. Sure enough there was and he let me know. I’m still goin to switch ISPs because I’ve had other annoying little issues but their customer service isn’t god awful across the board.

  • johnrf

    You’re right about the checklist. Usually that seems to be all they have. Restart, restart and then let’s try again. My new internet provider so far is much more reliable and hopefully I won’t have to call customer service.

  • Monica

    So how long does frontier intend to be out of service in marysville this time? I’ve not seen one single frontier truck all day, yet I’ve seen Comcast everywhere…what’s up frontier?

  • ksur yrogerg

    Down in Brazil IN since 11/19. Getting all kinds of stories from Frontier people. At least they are admitting it’s their fault. Wonderful how long it would be down if their executives were affected?

  • mdc

    Problems with internet since last weeks snowstorm.

  • Andy Blythe

    Internet is down since yesterday. Frontier has been working on installing fiber for months. This is Westfield, Indiana 46074.

  • Art

    My frontier Internet not working Pennsylvania

  • Tom Accuosti

    Central Conn. Down since early this morning.

  • Manda

    Tishomingo Mississippi been down for months

  • Manda

    Been out for months sick of it. They need to let at& my have them. No good company. Couldn’t find the self out of a box. Tech support says they can’t fix it because it’s secret.

  • pattib

    Internet down since early morning December 26th. If we could just get an estimate of what day, month or year it will be up and running again, it would be a big help. No communications with customers at all.

  • Juanda Howe

    Landline is down, Merrill Wisconsin.


    TV & internet all out in. Connecticutb

  • glenn Smith

    I have four tvs in my home, right now two are working, two have that spinning wheel of death in the lower right side of the screen, frontier from the start of their takeover from Att has been a disaster from the start…

  • Mike

    Down in wi 53011

  • Angel

    Waterbury CT tv and Internet down since last night

  • tobias

    53073 down internet down down

  • Elizabeth B. Charles

    Internet has never worked right in my household, or my neighbors, who also have Frontier. If there was a blog, or Facebook page, we would see unreliable Frontier really is.

  • Raven Melonai

    Out in 98271 for at least the past hour!

  • Nancy Miller

    Internet down since March 17 in 17061 (PA) – getting sick of this

  • dewaltcr

    YES!!! Have internet, but lost TV about an hour ago. On phone with technician…no help whatsoever!!! Beyond pissed.

  • Jody Wissing

    Frontier is awful. As soon as they took over, my internet went down and it’s been 2 days. The techs take you through all the troubleshooting, THEN they tell you there’s an outage?? I’m beyond angry.

  • Florida Fios Fiasco

    Internet out for 5 days. Must be really bad now. Got cut off is a twice this morning when calling for an update. First day I called Frontier rep to say internet not working. She told me I’d have to go online and set up a Frontier account!
    What I don’t understand is why there is no communication from Frontier. Do they have a public relations department? The lack of meaningful information from F is like throwing has on a fire. Hey Frontier, it really would help if you would give us an honest statement as to what is going on and what you are doing to fix the problem.

  • Melissa

    Landline and Internet/wireless down 7 days. Had 4 repair appointments scheduled but all 4 were no shows. No one called me to cancel or reschedule. I had to call CSR or Chat line each time to reschedule. Trouble ticket status online has not updated in 7 days. Still no service, no answers and no help. But my bill for $229.00 arrived promptly! At least ONE thing works at Frontier…the billing department! In this case, I am Definitely NOT getting what I pay for.

  • Tammy


  • Jerry Todd

    Internet down for 2 days in Cornelius Oregon

  • Mark

    April 1st Frontier took over. On April 9th my mothers phone went dead. I called Frontier to report her outage while on the phone with them for 2 hrs mine went dead. I lost my voice to cancer and have trouble speaking. I have been hung up on or have been told that my connection is bad and to call back. This is by people who’s accents are so strong I have trouble understanding them. Every day I have spent 2 or more hrs on my cell phone or on their chat line. After 15 days now I and my 80 yr old mother who has a medical alert system(that doesn’t work without phone service) still do not have phone service. It sure was great when Frontier moved to Florida!

  • This is now day 24 of failure to provide the Internet connectivity for which they are billing me. I was looking for information on whether this is an intentional fraudulent billing scheme or some identifiable “technological” problem with their ability to provide the Internet service.

  • Now Day 25 of failure to provide the Internet connectivity for which they have billed me. Along with more than two thirds of the “internet” billing, far over 90% of the “voice line” service has been nothing but having to call Frontier and waste hours of my life reporting the outage that they never correct. Not even any information on what’s actually wrong, only one technician who did show up and verified there was nothing wrong with my modem nor at my service address. Especially no information on “when” (if ever) they might get the problem(s) solved, only an insistence that I pay the bill for services NOT PROVIDED with a mere “pending approval” partial credit for the fraudulent billings already inflicted. Preliminary complaint filed with FCC.

  • lynnann50

    Intermittent DSL this morning…some sites come up..many just don’t. Happening past few days. Router says everything is just fine…..interwebs say otherwise.

  • ashley redden

    if you don’t mind me asking where r u located? trying to find out if its the same b.s. here

  • kate6667

    Horrible product service and customer service is ridiculous! Really? You need my account number and PIN to tell me if you have a service outage in an area? Then they say there is no outage yet everyone else in the area is having the same problem. Can’t wait to switch providers.

  • Dee Jones

    Internet down for me in Cerritos Ca since 5/4 am. No channel guide or search function on the DVR.

  • CatoTheEldest

    Internet down 12 days now. Told would be up on 5/3 … not. Now telling me there’s no specific date for getting the line hot again. Elevated the service ticket to the network level. It’s not in my house, it’s in the distribution hub. North Texas locale.

  • Sue

    Live in Beaverton or has been off and on for 3 days they are no help

  • Jean

    Internet has been out for 24 hours now. Beaverton, Oregon.

  • MiUser

    South east Michigan is out as well

  • Kelly

    Southern WV, internet has been out for 3 days now.

  • Teresa

    We are in Palm Harbor FLorida, our entire computer system is down. Is Frotier to blame today again?

  • Sg

    In NC internet down since May 11. Tech cannot fix. Troubleshooting no help now they say they must send technician out and I must be there! Why? Phone works. It will now be June before it can be fixed!

  • Becky

    Today is May 24th and I have had no Internet since May 23rd, so you can guess my dismay with the service.

  • Clarissa

    No internet in Fort Wayne, why is there and outage right now?

  • Grace

    Frontier Internet is also down in Elkhart.

  • Linda Cook

    Kicked off the internet twice had to reboot my set top box 4 times in 2 weeks. Price raised $34 a month. Have 13 Hispanic channels. No one speaks Spanish. I don’t want HBO. I have Netflix no other viewers here. I never ok’d the upgrade. I had years of good service with Verizon, but not since Frontier took over..I am about to go to another provider. Plus I was charged in advance for my payment! Looking at another provider. Also the wait on the phone to get help is awful! Dropped 3 times… California is very angry.

  • Motyesam

    System was down for 2 weeks… No phone no internet… Spent hours on my cell phone trying to ge it resolved- got disconnected 4 times, got transferred to people but they dropped the call and never called me back… Tired of retelling my issue every time I call. Getting different information each time I call, tired of them trying to trouble shoot over phone every time I call. Finally a rep came and stayed 8 hours to repair the system … Got a rep after I called a higher up in the company… He too the extra step, did everything he could to resolve issue including replacing a router and the connection box outside. System was up for two weeks now both systems are down again since May 30… Getting frustrated and loosing patience !!! Called my tech guy and he is coming out again to help… My kids can’t do school work, my husband can’t work at home my cell phone data is off the charts UGH!!!!!

  • Mike Dunlap

    Near peoria il. No Internet. Have rebooted the modem a dozen times no luck
    Called the 888 troubling and all I get is a busy signal . Going to have to see what else is available in my area.

  • rcarol

    In Tampa, Florida. Internet went down on May 31. Spoke four different times on the phone, they each put me thru the motions of resetting the router, disconnecting the ONT and reconnectING it. One gave me a service ticket number for a tech to come out. No one showed that day. Placed fifth call and was told the problem was with Frontier and no need for a tech. My job requires me to work from home, so during that period of outage I lost $1,000 in wages. Then a tech showed up last Sunday, spent 5 hours trying everything to get reconnected including putting in a new router. He was on the phone with other techs, only to learn that the problem is with their huge Gateway system. Finally got the Internet connected, then it crashed again in 2 hrs. Still down!

  • rcarol

    Same here, I keep adding more data to my mobile phone and it’s costing me a fortune.

  • rcarol

    Yes, Frontier’s massive Gateway system can’t handle the 3 million Verizon customers who were all switched the same day. This was told to me by the tech who spent 5 hours at my house today trying everything to reconnect the internet. It worked for 2 hours and crashed again for good. Been down since May 31. I just lost my remote recruiting job because of it.

  • Tim

    Not working fully in our office and with many of our clients in southern California! VoIP services previously setup and working right have gone out during this transition from Verizon to Frontier. We are a small IT service Co. and cannot have this going on!! It’s hurting us and our customers’ businesses. We use ScreenConnect to remote onto our clients computers to work on them. Since yesterday and still today so far we have not been able to use Screen Connct!!

  • Maggie

    Since December 2015 our neighborhood Frontier internet has gone from bad to worse. We have lost internet or had download speeds less than 0.50 so many times that I’ve lost count. It’s gotten to the point where you don’t want to waste 45 minutes to 1.5 hours on the phone to go over things that you already have done (i.e., checked speed, turned modem off and on, etc.). All you want is for them to issue a damn ticket and fix it. No more apologies and don’t worry’s, just fix it. Our local service people say that the lines are “old” and that we will and then won’t get fiber optics out here. We all rely heavily on internet for our business and school work and I’ve lost rental income because people don’t want to rent a room where there is no reliable internet. We are only 3 miles out of the town of McFarland, WI and there already are fiber optics cables running to the local cell tower only feet from our road. I’ve complained to the FTC. Don’t know what else to do. There is no other provider and we have too many trees to get satellite.

  • Tennille J Kalitta

    Frontier is down across the entire US, but they are sending messages to all their customers on Twitter telling them to restart their modems over and over. This is ridiculous. What am I paying for? Nothing!

  • Matthew Williams

    FIOS TV is down in the Tampa bay area. Frontier support is useless, saying the problem is at my location, then offering to send out a tech in a few days. This is totally unacceptable. Verizon never would have let this happen. If Frontier doesn’t remedy this situation fast, they will loose thousands of customers very quickly. If any of you own stock in frontier, you’re about to loose a boat load of money.

  • Fred Barnes

    TV out for almost a day now @ 33511. Frontier is the worst company OF ANY TYPE in America. They report service will be off here until NEXT MONDAY! What government agency gave Verizon permission to sell to these looney tunes?

  • Lamar Smith

    Internet was slow, then nonexistent starting two days ago. Now there is no TV. I waited thirty minutes to talk to someone yesterday who finally told me “the Internet is broken in Texas.” Unacceptable!!!

  • Frontier EMAIL is DOWN in Venice, Florida.

    FIOS connectivity is currently OK.

    1446 hours, 7/18/16

  • Daniel O’Brien ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Tampa Bay Area is having FIOS Internet BACKBONE ISSUES not subscriber issues. Pages half load. Have to click reload. Facebook is especially bad with half the pictures not loading. Videos buffering and not playing. This has been going on since Thursday night. FIX THIS DAMMIT!

  • Mark Baird

    Internets been down since Sunday here in N Seattle, customer service says it will take 3 days to get a tech here.

  • Roz

    My internet has been out since Monday, 7/25/16 in Andrews, NC. Supposed to have tech to come over on Wed. Didn’t show up or call. Now phone is out today. Tech won’t be able to come till Tuesday. Ugggh!

  • Johnny Ruckus

    Outage near Hall Lake in Lynnwood, WA.

  • dr_eburg

    Outage in Los Angeles, CA 90024

  • Carlene Earl

    Tampa area slow loads with FIOS, raining but that should not matter with underground fiber. Been bad, then fair, then regular for weeks now.

  • David Dean

    Frontier outage in Dallas

  • Katie

    Out in Tampa area

  • SoCal

    Out in SoCal

  • Allison Foerster

    Out in Portland

  • Abe Froman

    Out in SoCal

  • JC

    Frontier communications downright sucks, I have been without internet service for three weeks, I run a business that depends on their service because there is no other provider in our area, of San Bernardino California. They are there claiming they fix the problem only to continue with no service, they claim they cannot fix it and leave us hanging until we call to complain, and they come out again and the same cycle happens..yet they’re threat to shut down our service if we don’t pay…pay for what..there is mo service. The fact that this city allows such company’s to monopolize these type of services or even do business is just cannot run a business with this company as a provider, and there is nothing we can do..this is the result of money lobbing that politicians get from these company’s that don’t work or don’t know what they’re doing.

  • C. Essrig

    C. In Tampa Here
    Frontier Phone Service has been out here for 3 days now. Luckily, our Internet and TV is working . . . so far!

  • Vc

    Out in Lutz, FL. 7 DAYS NOW

  • Hiren Naik

    No internet in Redmond WA since 2:30 pm

  • G Mccormick

    whats happening with internet today 9/21/16 almost impossible to load pages..anyone have an answer?

  • Christine Boyd

    No internet in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

  • Lisa Jack Cleveland

    No Internet today and yesterday SUPER SLOW! Canyonville, OREGON

  • Nothing in Hillsboro right now :/

  • Ashley Postlethwait

    Speeds of .1 for the past month now no Internet at all in new martinsville wv

  • tvd0405

    Down in Dallas TX

  • Fullsoul

    Storm came through the Dallas/Ft Worth area last night. Knocked out my internet and TV. Talked to Frontier then, they said it was a known issue. Just got off the phone with them again, about 20hrs later. They now say they never received any calls about an outage, don’t have any record of ME calling last night and my issue is only with my ONT. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST. I don’t know if I’m more pissed at Frontier for their horrible service or at Verizon for selling their service to such a low rent company.

  • Whynergal

    No Internet or phone today in lakewood california. …

  • Lanette

    No cable, Internet is fine in San Jacinto, CA

  • Dan Armstrong

    Phone has been out since Oct 21 2016, Internet DSL been mud for several days. Was told will be fixed by 8PM Oct 22, never happened!! Arlington, Washington

  • CJ

    Down in College Station TX. Began acting up around 9pm and totally gone now.

  • Star

    Frontier DSL completely down in Bryan, TX. Also Verizon 4G having very limited connectivity. I’m wondering if this is the result of a cyber war.

  • Star

    Same in Bryan TX.

  • Star

    I’m not sure how long it was down for, but DSL is back up now in Bryan, TX.

  • David Shafer

    No Frontier FIOS internet for over 1 day now in Lake Oswego, OR-tech supposed to call back as last night spent 1 hour with them on the phone, they have no idea what is happening. Phone service works which is also on the fiber run to our house.

  • Craig Michelson

    My FIOS internet has been down all day in Beaverton. The strange thing is that my daughter & son-in-law, who live about a mile away, state they aren’t having any outage.

  • Craig Michelson

    Starting second day without fios.

  • Craig Michelson

    David, wondering if you have had any luck with your fios? Mine has been down for two days.

  • David Shafer

    Craig they came Friday night turns out my router had finally kicked the bucket new one works fine good luck

  • Craig Michelson

    Thanks. I spent 45 minutes on the phone earlier today without a fix. The tech will be out Wednesday. I’m hoping it’s just the modem/router since it’s probably 10+ years old.

    At least I have a lot of saved wifi in my T-Mobile account for the phone and iPad.

  • Craig Michelson

    The Frontier tech came early this morning. Sounds like they rebooted the box that lives in our bedroom closet and is near the box (ONT?) that is mounted on the outside wall.

    Sounds like the person I spoke with on the phone could have directed me to reboot this unit (not the router) by unplugging it.

    The key was seeing an amber light on the router. Next time I have a problem, I’ll reboot both the router and the box in the closet (the box that has the battery in it) before phoning Frontier.

  • Kimberly Douglas (Kymburly)

    Our Frontier Internet (DSL) has been down since Monday 10/31/2016, in area code 98290 / Snohomish, WA. Called customer service and they said that there are many outages in WA state, and they are looking to restore service. Doesn’t help me at all since I work from home, and rely critically on my home internet provider. I feel a higher priority should be placed on resolving this issue.

  • KenRobinson

    Works but very slow. Hulu, YouTube and like buffer even though I have 150/150mb. Speed test time out and can’t complete and latancy is very high at around 36ms. Long Beach CA 90808 here.

  • anebt

    Lutz, FL, just north of Tampa. I have a 3,000,000 kilobytes-per-second DSL plan. It is running, on a good hour, at 72,000 kilobytes-per-second. That’s 2.4% of advertised speed. I went through the modem reboot and nothing worked. They said they would come 11-18-2016, Friday. It is now 11-16-2016. Will keep you posted.

  • Ethan G

    Camarillo, CA

    Internet has been out all day (Nov 20, 2016). Tech support won’t give me any details.


    TV program has no information, Internet down since last Friday night. Tech support opened a ticket but no technician shows up to fix the problem. I called Frontier again, they said it would take up to 5 business day to fix the problem! What am i supposed to do? Will Frontier reimburse their service charges for those downtime?

  • Jan Clark

    I have a business line that has been down since Wednesday I think it’s time to change something namely my carrier Frontier has proven to be worthless

  • Jan Clark

    Not only are they affecting my business and daily operations I am now forced to push notifications on all 114 unit in this complex that the phone is down due to failure Frontier service and repair I have repeatedly called and requested service as a business they are supposed to repair in 24 hours they have not repaired since Wednesday and will not be out until Tuesday what kind of management do they have I will not recommend their service to anyone again

  • Christina Burton.Wilson

    My internet went out several hours ago. We have had a storm and I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems in the Portland Metro area?

  • Finnaeus Easterly

    We don’t have internet service in Hillsboro either. We’ve been experiencing terrible service for months, unfortunately.

  • Lake Havasu City

    Internet out yesterday and still out today. I DONT CARE THAT ITS CHRISTMAS!! Have someone on call. Get it together. TERRIBLE!!

  • Louis

    They keep sent me the bill without service since i was call to ask the price of phone and internet , but i never has any service form frontier

  • Fred Brooks

    Beaverton appears to be back up since about 11:50…

  • cashbyair

    They are scam

  • cashbyair

    Ours has been out for years download is <0- a few kbps

  • cashbyair

    Frontier is SCAM!

  • Nicolas Curry

    Outage In rochester ny

  • Chaddilac_28

    My Internet has been really slow for the last six days it’s never been like this and I live in Pennsylvania I mean it’s snowing really good here but that is never been an issue before now the Internet is really really really really slow could this be because all the outages in Florida New York and California with Frontier if anybody has an answer for me please reply back I would appreciate it thank you

  • Ann Chappell

    I live in Indiana and my frontier internet is down now and has been for the last couple of hours.

  • Robert Brown

    Sarasota, Fla.
    Internet has been down since yesterday, 4/7, afternoon.
    They are saying an “outage” and they don’t have an eta to get repaired.

  • Yvette Flanagan

    Internet down in Fort Wayne IN. Has been down more frequently in the last month.

  • David McKnight

    Greenfield Ohio no frontier email updates since April 25th 2017, majority of websites err_connection_timed_out and slower than normal

  • Sarah Jackson

    No phone or new in genoa wv since april 25th might come on a few hrs then loose it minutes later woman died at home in a stabbing was left for 4 days cause no phone frontier says “we have you covered” not this time I guess way to make emergency calls unavailable because “220 people with down lines isn’t important” that’s right that’s what I was told last night lucky me my convos are recorded 😉 youtube and yelp here I come

  • Donna Carr

    Got cussed out by a rep when I reported for the better part of 13 days my phone has been down along my net. They told me the number of people in dunlow wv. wasn’t enough to matter and be in a rush to fix I do my work from home and pay my bills online guess frontier will be waving my bill this month

  • Julia Anderson

    Internet service down in Stanwood Washington – FOURTH DAY now and no word

  • Wanda

    Frontier internet has been down three days. Then they still want us still pay the full bill. I been having problems with Frontier internet from day one. I talk to other internet services and they don’t have this problem. Frontier needs get a new update. How do they think that we can make a living if internet is down. Frontier needs to step it up.

  • Barbara Bussler

    No internet since Saturday, no explanation, Morgan Hill, CA
    Beyond ridiculous but actually very annoying as I need to get some work done!

  • Lptexas

    FIOS is down in Allen, TX. Frontier expressed an outage and could not provide an ETA to fix it. Over five years with Verizon and never once had an outage. Thankfully no severe weather… home phone, internet or tv.

  • Sharon West

    Telephone, cable and internet down for entire day in Tampa. Called customer service twice no estimate to fix it. Never ever experienced service outage like this with other providers. Terrible!!!

  • Lptexas

    Very frustrating….Voicmail on Frontier site recognizes FIOS is down in my area… but they state, ” no estimated time for repair”….Horrible

  • Patricia

    Internet and phone down for third day in Bothell, Washington.

  • vickie conner

    Frontier WiFi has to be the worst service and there techs will sell you ocean front property in AZ…UNBELIEVABLE! From Manteca, Ca

  • Jim Bennett

    Internet is completely down in Everett, WA tonight.

  • Curt Hansen

    My Frontier Internet is running so slow . and they keep saying we are working on it but I have my doubts. Frontier needs to reimburse the customers for no service on their phone bill. The raised their rates for poor Internet and phone service this really sucks when you have to use the internet and it’s down this has been like this since Saturday and here it is Friday almost a week with out service. I’m about ready to call the BBB. on them if they cant fix their problem for crap service


    1RUFDAY.FL in Lake Hamilton FL: Frontier Communications so-called High Speed Internet service is a joke, and it’s been down for 2 days. Usually, it is the same as using Dial-Up service.
    We are being robbed.

  • John

    Frontier Internet is down yet again in Denton. Router reset, unplugged and turned off for like 10 minutes and still no network.

  • Kristina Z

    Frontier down since last night. Newington CT. 30 min wait customer service!

  • Len Bose

    Service is down in Huntington Beach Ca, 2nd time this month. Looks like it’s time to call Comcast.

  • Tracey Wilson

    Southern WV FIOS down 4 days now. Temp have some internet by saying accept to the message coming up on all browsers. I can access some websites through saved browser locations on my phone. Frontier message when called is they know and are working on it. No time frame for fixing it. I have a cardiac monitor and a pacemaker that use cell service to upload information to my cardiologist. Neither working. So now what?

  • James Roth

    Fios internet down since 6 pm today, following two days of intermittent and sustained outtages. Moreno Valley. CA

  • Joey

    Down in Tampa. REDICULOUS!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Okay good, I thought it was only me D:

  • Deborah Gouveia-Millin

    Down in Lakewood ranch fl since last night- told they won’t be able to fix it until Monday!!! Ridiculous!

  • T. R.

    DSL internet service has been down since this afternoon in Westfield, Indiana. On hold on the phone and large queue in chat.

  • Carol Jackson

    Down in Santa Monica since 7/21/17 at 3 pm.

  • Scott

    Internet has been down for 10 hours so far…

  • Jessica Peterson

    Internet and fios tv is down in palm harbor fl right now. Is this common?

  • Jessica Peterson

    talking to frontier right now and he told me the verizon server box is down

  • Karen Withner

    This is not the first time recently. Out again today 9/13.

  • Phyllis Pitts

    Out in bridgeport,wv for several hours. Router for wifi says no internet

  • Emptydemclips

    Your internet works maybe a little in the morning and then it won’t work until like 11:12 ish a.m.

  • Kim Greiner Rosales

    My dsl Internet has NEVER worked consistently since the switch more than a year ago. It’s constantly turning off. Back in 2010 when Frontier bought a section of Verizon, they had the same problems. Why were they granted the ok from the government if they didn’t do it right before and is still not working well in that region.

  • Jane McCormack

    Over the last couple of days, Internet here in Pendleton County WV going out a few seconds at a time. Not cloudy out so not the issue. However, according to NOAA, there is a geomagnetic storm warning. Geomagnetic storms can cause power grid fluctuations. (Have also been noticing lights flickering.) As a result, satellite systems may experience significant charging, weakening them.

  • Marco Ching

    Any reported outages in Portland, OR 97229?

  • Kenny Rogers

    Down in ct for hours. Frontier you suck

  • Andrea B

    Getting Xfinity, Frontier connectivity issues are the worst. BYE FELICIA

  • john

    frontier is the worse product offered to the public…they should have never tried to out do verizon i will be cancelling fr. after 1st of the year..what a piece of s—..

  • ryan

    its down in beaverton

  • Drumguy

    It’s down in New Martinsville wv

  • Drumguy

    It is down in New Martinsville wv

  • Mike war

    Perris, ca. The internet and phones have been down for 3 days. All they do is give a BS answer it is in some common cause department. So they are saying this is normal for them to take our money and not give us service for days ? People have not been able to take online courses and have failed tests, businesses are losing huge money and customers and all they say is they have no idea when they will do their job. Sure seems they are blowing everyone off because no one will work during the holidays. This is unacceptable. We have never had an internet company leave us without service more than a few hours. They are leaving us hanging for days. They owe us a lot of money

  • Lonnie Klein

    No internet in pal harbor fl

  • Charity Overbeek

    No email/internet in Durham nc

  • Kyle C Sawyer

    Can only go on youtube and a few other sites please fix in Camarillo CA

  • Andres Pedraza

    No internet in Long Pond, PA since Saturday. Tech Support comes up with ingenious but nonsensical reason. Worst internet provider this side of Africa.

  • Jimmy Clary

    Oddest thing. Internet works, but will only load certain pages. Other pages it times out. I have restarted my router 3 times as that is all Frontier tells me to do. Again the internet is working but it is so slow. Also when we try to use our fire stick it will not connect. So I am restarting my router yet again.

  • Karrell Spidle Yeagle

    No Internet Frontier Wi-Fi in Delaware Ohio. Zip 43015

  • Brittany Cox

    No internet Richwood Ohio 43344

  • Bens Mcgee

    No internet since 5pm medina oh 44256

  • Chris

    Slow, spotty internet for the last 4 weeks. Help!

  • Ray SaoReyes

    Frontier internet down in Whittier, CA

  • Chris

    is internet still down in martinsburg, wv area?

  • Martin Sandoval

    Is frontier internet down in Winchester California right now?

  • joseph hoydilla

    No interwebs here in Tampa for the last hour +

  • Bryce

    No internet in Madison, Wisconsin since yesterday at 2:45pm.

  • Frontier Service 1800-343-7179

    Call us for any kind of help

  • Paul Miller

    Scam ! Scam ! Scam !
    Real number for Frontier is 1855-888-1706

  • karen

    I am in the area of Stateline, NV and internet is totally down for me. Two days and counting, the bad news is they cannot get anyone out until Wednesday this week.

  • Barry

    I have had no net for 6 hours, I am in Nettie, West Virginia. Cable is down as well which is no good.

  • Kristin Stevens

    We haven’t had internet for almost three days. Cookeville TN. Dad called Friday and was told they’d work on it. Still down.

  • Archer

    Internet has been spotty, up and down the last few days in Bothell, Wa. Been 2 years since I have seen any outage here.

  • No internet service in Camarillo for over a week took off work today was told at technician would be out he never showed up Frontier has the worst internet service I’ve ever seen

  • Manuel

    Frontier , internet and Phone has been down since Wednesday October 3, 2018. It is now day 6 and no information or ETA for us.

  • Manuel

    Frontier , internet and Phone has been down since Wednesday October 3, 2018. It is now day 6 and no information or ETA for us. location is Bridgeport Connecticut

  • Tina Catherman

    No internet since yesterday afternoon when our power went out. When the power came back on the Internet has been out since. Valparaiso, Indiana

  • Jaime

    Ontario/Upland Ca Service is down October 15. Was also down Friday, October 12.

  • Anthony Frey

    Internet down in Wixom Michigan for like the millionth time…. definitely finding a new isp…..

  • Marybeth Justine Mitsch-Quinon

    Not working here in Waterbury, CT

  • José Morales

    Slow downloan speed in Riverview, Florida. I pay for 150/150 mbps but I’m getting 3.17Mbps download and 153Mbps upload. Is Frontier having issues in Riverview, Florida?

  • trudiamond

    NW Tampa FL, internet down since 1 PM

  • Kathryn Anita Bailey Conant

    Still down (landline and Internet) since Sunday evening Mannings WV

  • Demobius

    Frontier just came back up in Oregon. They had a statewide outage that lasted 4 days. It’s really irritating that they won’t tell customers what is going on. Their web page and Facebook page had nothing about it. I had to drive to McD’s to get service, and people are hauling laptops all over to stay in business.

  • Sotomayor Michele

    Is frontier internet down right now?

  • Tonya

    My internet has been down all day! What’s the issue?

  • Ben Alterowtiz

    Hello my internet and phone have been down for 2 days now and frontier is noth returning rthere calls for customer serice and i have asked waht the problem is they come back and tell me they dont know as well as they dont know when the sercie willbe restored

  • Slick Show

    Internet down in NC, ETA customer service 35mins been waiting for an hour and 23mins. All week net has been randomly disconnecting and reconnecting then tonight at 11pm disconnects for good. Come on Frontier, get your act together and make technical improvements instead of personal investments.

  • Krista Kurtz

    Down in Homedale Idaho

  • Fred

    Frontier Service Down

  • Fred

    Live in North Idaho. Have not had internet or phone service since 0800 this morning. Cannot get through to Frontier on a cell-phone, get routed to extensions that click, buzz and then hang up.

  • amy

    No internet again Elizabeth WV.

  • Brandon Stayton

    Is ft worth down? 76244 TX..WTF this provider has been trouble from the get go. And it’s the only service available in my area…

  • Susanne Pomeroy

    We had a short (few hours) area-wide power outage DAYS ago. And since then, no internet. I’m in Gold Beach, OR. I signed up to be notified by text message when it was back up. I’ve heard NOTHING. When I try to call I get the endless, irritating, abysmal robo-response phone tree. Can’t get any info and can’t get through to speak to a human being in tech support. Wtf? Frontier is our only option here. We moved here about 2 mon

  • Susanne Pomeroy

    the ago from CA. This is hard to deal with. There’s no Mcdonald’s in town – where am I supposed to get my WiFi now?

  • Wesley

    My internet is out in Plano. This provider is pure garbage. Not only do I not get the speeds I’m paying for, the service is horrible as well as the customer service. No wonder this company is tanking and about ready to declare bankruptcy.

    Sad part is, they are the only company that can service my apartment.. go figure!

  • Ude

    Carrollton TX. TV picture and recorded programs have constant visual and sound distortions. My “Box” will allow me to use the channel guide for only one station. And I can only tune in to 2/3 stations. Now the Frontier website freezes and I cannot sign in. Last week we went through the reboot and all the other things they do, Nothing helped. No offer to send a tech. There was a Frontier service van on our street last week, so at least one person has had help. I can go back to Spectrum, but I lose all my recorded programs and lose two stations that Spectrum does not carry. LOL

  • Brenda Hermanson

    We have had no phone or internet since Monday night, July 15 in the Elkins, WV area.

  • ZiggyStardust

    Internet goes out every night just befor 9PM for about 30 sec, and then goes out about every ten minutes until midnight

  • Deborah. Lashley

    I am in North Myrtle Beach SC and have no Internet. Is there a outage here? Tried all the usual.

  • Co

    Denton tx no internet for 19 hours now

  • Lorahbee

    No internet since Tuesday morning here in Kirkland, WA. It’s impossible to get ahold of them by phone to ask for an idea of when it will be restored.

  • Barrett Miller

    My internet keeps going out and has been for a couple weeks now. A technician came out and changed our router and power source and it is still doing the same maybe even worse. Still needs fixed so it stops going out every 20 minutes or so. Fix this please.

  • Barrett E Miller

    Mine has been doing the same thing even with a new router and power supply

  • John

    Internet down since 2:00 pm yesterday supposed to be back on last night didn’t happen 25045 wv

  • kim murray

    No wifi or internet 97457 area myrtle creek or. Over 24 hrs

  • Lance Blakey

    Is there an outage in Illinois?

  • Bob Grumbine

    Has been down over a broad area between Los Angeles and Las Vegas since about noon Thursday September 19, 2019. Tech support says only “24-48 hours” before it will be back up and that there are “thousands of customers” being defrauded by the outage. Frontier web site lies and pretends there is no outage at all for my Internet dead expensive 70Mbps “service”. So does the DSL modem which pretends to be operational while refusing to connect to ANYTHING ANYWHERE.

  • cindy

    Theres a problem in Michigan. I have wifi but not frontier email.
    Just frickin lovely.

  • scott

    down here in Mich told they will be out Oct 8th are you kidding me time to look for a new internet provider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    This is ridiculous schools rely on internet to function on a daily basis. North Greene Elementary In Roodhouse has no internet for second day in a row. Get it together Frontier. New Wave was more reliable and cheaper.

  • Justin

    In Ridgecrest CA, our internet has been down since September 19th. Company should be called Frontier No Communications. My guess is the issue is with their finances , not a hardware or software issue. They probably are on their way to going out of business.

  • Ethel

    Everett, WA – our FIOS internet is down. Anyone else?

  • Ryan McGhie

    Lynnwood. Ours is down too.

  • Billy Pacino

    Just signed up today. Cant login to ANY website. I feel like Ive been bamboozled. Definately canceling tomorrow. I dont want this bootleg service.

  • Carol lindlow

    I have no email as of 730 am. 12-22-19

  • Raquel Yesenia Cruz

    Is FrontierTV /internet Down in Milford CT?

  • LonnyBush

    Out for 24 hours in Vienna Illinois!

  • Dianne K Jester


  • DL

    Down for two days. Internet and TV. Pico Rivera, CA.