Game of War problems

Game of War Fire Age is a stunning MMO strategy game, which does come with problems now and then. These can consist of not being able to login, and players having connection issues.

Machine Zone are the people behind Game of War’s development and publication, and in 2014 it was one of the top-grossing apps. There are millions of players already battling it out for total domination to become the hero.

Other Game of War problems can include apps not loading properly, refunds not being given when monsters have been hit etc. If you are having any issues with this game please do share them below. For Game of War help and support please follow the links top right of this page.

Game of War status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Game of War is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Game of War? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jillian

    I did not like the latest Game of War update.It starts to load and gets to like 20% and then stops. Massive problem guys.

  • Graham

    I have been having issues with login last week but all good now. But this week i seem to be having issues with Med Packs.

  • Billy

    There was a new update a few days ago so I decided to go ahead with it, wish I didn’t now because Game of War will not open up for me now. Just keeps saying connecting and that’s it.

  • Nigel

    I am having issues connecting to Game of War on my smartphone, what is happening?

  • Marcus

    Game of War speed ups and my gold are now gone thanks to the game going down. Are the servers down or is there a maintenance update?

  • Melany

    Game of War is down, i am having trouble trying to login. All it ever says is connecting. I have tried on both LTE and WiFi.

  • Mark

    Game of War: Fire Age server is down and I think it has something to do with a suprise Halloween update.

  • Tim Brotherton

    My marches returned no all of my gathered gold is gone and I’m left unshielded too what’s next
    kingdom burnt down……is it a ploy to get people to buy gold packs

  • Keith

    Can’t log in, screen displays “New Features Coming soon” we will be back up shortly

  • Ariel B.

    anyone from andris?!

  • Steve Shearer

    When the down as I was getting attacked

  • PHYCOMAN 488

    This is bs. Hopefully they SHEild us

  • Modemmix

    Suprise planned outage would be a GREAT way to piss people off. If this is indeed for the “suprise Halloween update” they could have called it something else and notified their customers. After the new ToS my first thought when i cant log in is they decided to exercise the “we can shutdown forever whenever we want” clause..

  • PHYCOMAN 488

    For the thousands of dollars I’ve invested, we all invested. A “Hey we’re going to be shut down” would of given us the curtesy to let us know. Hopefully they SHEild us because if not I’m not spending another dime on GOW

  • Mike Stock

    Unfortunately they could care less about the rest of us I’m sure they phoned and warned there poster boy

  • Debbie Louise Stott

    If they don’t shield us all then it’s a scam to make us all have to buy packs and rebuild arrrrgggghhh please update and let us play GOW I’m worried about my troops and my hero…..

  • Mike Stock

    I am sure if it was a upgrade or planned shutdown they would have posted in the blog thus I’m leaning towards the theory that either there servers crapped out or they were hacked

  • Leo

    Outage started at about 3:30 am eastern time. I had logged out due to lag and couldn’t get back in. The current message went up between 4 and 6 am. So clearly not a planned outage. In my opinion MZ has made too many changes lately without sufficient system testing and they got caught. Ordinarily if an update causes problems I would think it should be simple to restore the system to a previous point. The length of this outage suggests something catastrophic has happened.

  • XK tags

    Anyone here from Petoria?

  • Jay Peso

    Anybody from catarex been knocked off since 2 am est

  • Jerrol da Cool

    Anyone else getting that big wallpaper when trying to log in? I can’t get in from last night and my shield will expire soon

  • Sorhabwesley .

    They don’t care that you paid thousands to play in a fantasy land.

  • Jerrol da Cool

    I’m from edia

  • PloChu

    Im from Edia

  • Jerrol da Cool

    Are you getting on GoW? I’m so frustrated right now

  • PloChu

    I havent been able to lov in since 12 am its 9:30 now. I just checked the facebook page for GOW and they barely addressed the issue 25 mins ago.

  • Jerrol da Cool

    Your getting the same wallpaper? They better compensate us because some of us invest money in this game

  • Francis Lynch

    Even if they shield everyone, we will all loose any heroes captured. How do they plan to compensate for troops and rss used to make the captures.
    Btw, does anyone else have a problem with not getting the materials listed in the Gold Packs? Only 10% of mine ever had every thing delivered, and that was the beginner packs.
    GOW is disappointing.

  • PloChu

    We wont loose the heroes. The last time this happened it wasnt quite as long but the even shielde people holding heroes, I logged into a kindon where people were shielded and hopding heroes.

  • PloChu

    Yes, same wallpaper as the majority. I feel you on that brother

  • BorisRae

    Their server crapped out, the client. (Us) wasn’t sending pings to servers which was giving us false info on our screens, e.g tiles spawned not shown, tiles sat on unoccupied and so on. They have masked their gaf behind an update that went wrong as well.

  • Bing


  • Suzanne Bottomley

    Do they actually have a clause like that

  • Eddie Mac

    Ipsus #645 Matawann, lost connect around 3 AM yesterday, still no connection.
    I understand upgrades, even computer issues but almost 12 hours later? Inexcusable.

  • Chris Healey

    WhI too have been not getting all the items in packs what can we do about it though?

  • Vince2015

    Still no connection in the netherlands?if i loose something, like troops etc than i stop playing GOW , shield is expired . So i’m a sitting duck !

  • Modemmix

    Yes, if you havent you should read the recently updated ToS. You basically lost all rights of digital ownership and the professed the right to close up shop at any time for any reason or close individual accounts simply for suspicion with no requirement for actual evidence you violated and policy or rule. Overall a drastic change.

  • Recon 48

    This suck 3new phones and still cant login to game of war for two days now

  • Hugh J Ardon

    Good afternoon. Was not able to log into any account on Game of War. Was asked to perform a manuel update which I did. Game loads to 50% and stops. I’ve let it run for about 15 minutes and then received the instruct on how to force stop. Tried that and no go. Uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. I’m on a Kindle HDX 3rd gen.

  • Paddy

    Is GOW having log in issues again???

  • Mike Breeden

    same here just lost connection and cant get back on!

  • Steve

    Not working

  • joe

    Cant login either

  • QueenPilak

    Guess so. Can’t get in as well. Tried both by wifi and cell data — no go.

  • Scutternut

    Dropped connection halfway through getting rallied. Tired and want to go to bed, but can’t until I shield

  • Jill

    It’s down …..again

  • mrthc

    Piece of s%×t game down again !! Just purchased a pack and I can’t eve use it

  • Jill

    Let’s see what excuse they use this time

  • Doug Russell

    Gave me a be patient new content incoming screen

  • Deathsound95

    I wouldn’t get too worked up everyone…MZ compensated pretty well last time this happened.

  • Deathsound95

    And MZ will shield everyone.

  • Ashley

    Last time this happened the game started running even glitchier than it was before. Hopefully all these kinks will be worked out its not like they (MZ) don’t have the money. Compensation is one thing, trying to pacify players and never fix any actual issues or add any of these new grand features is another thing entirely.

  • Slayer

    They better or pay up I only had a hour on my shield

  • David Abraham

    MZ uses Cloudfront which has recently been targeted by the hacker group Anonymous for issues not related to MZ or the game itself, however the group has vowed to hack Cloudfront to take it offline. I’m betting MZ is caught in the crossfire and game is down due to Cloudfront being hacked, that’s my personal thought, and of course MZ says its new features, they can’t run out and say the truth.

  • Slayer

    I believe it

  • Miranda Hurley

    Anyone have any information on when it will be back up my shield ran out 2 hrs ago

  • Cesco

    Warum kann MZ nicht die Benutzer warnen?
    Eine Meldung im Blog: Support on monday 01.01.2015 from 01 to 13 h UCT ????
    Schlechte Informationen….

  • PHYCOMAN 488

    Thank you MZ for the huge gold, chest, and extended time. Everyone check your items and you will see a lot of extra gold

  • Randy Shelton

    I haven’t been able to sign into my account since last Friday ,is there a particular reason why?

  • Doc

    Log in is okay, but it will just hang or take forever with almost any request.

  • Dorothy

    Every time I log into my game it shuts right back off again. It is extremely frustrating and I would like to know how to fix it.

  • Elessor

    I play on a Samsung S5 (Lollipop). Game play went fine for the first month but now I have suddenly been unable to play on my home wifi. I can log in but only half the game loads with several items missing and play is impossible. I can play perfectly on friends wifi, public wifi or commercial wifi networks. I can also play via data but that is expensive. I have also tried playing on an older Nexus 4 and have the very same issues. My internet service provider is Shaw in Canada and I connect through their Cisco DPC 3825 Modem. They have not made any software changes in the last month. Connection speeds average 27mps and signal strength averages -55db. All other apps work fine without issue. Contacting & expecting any help from MZ is apparently not an option although I do have a ticket in with them. Anyone have any ideas. I may pick up a dual band router and give it a try.

  • Stephen

    I have not been able to play for about a week now. The game hangs and freezes – I can’t use items or speed ups I get error c1 but my wifi speed is good – same issue on playing on iPad and iPhone

  • Casey graham

    When I click on the game, it loads to 50 percent, then says login failed, server under matainance try again later, but all of my friends can log in. It started doing this yesterday…please help!

  • Serena Cabe

    Can’t load past %20 for the past few days from two different devices. Deleted and reinstalled it and it still won’t work. Its not a service issue EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS PERFECTLY! Its happened several times before. I’m quite frustrated.

  • Serena Cabe

    With two different accounts as well

  • Serena Cabe

    Me too from two devices and two accounts won’t load past %20 since early yesterday

  • Casey graham

    Sane here

  • Serena Cabe

    They told me to go to device management and FORCE STOP the app. It worked . it was slow after that though. But I’m on.

  • Serena Cabe

    They told me to go to device management and FORCE STOP the app. It worked . it was slow after that though. But I’m on.

  • Rockorne

    Not connecting for me for the past 10-15 minutes

  • Dale Johnson

    Can’t log in this sucks

  • Steph

    I’ve been trying to connect for the last 20 minutes and getting nothing

  • Philip

    Not working for me either

  • Joe young

    Trying for about an hour can’t get in

  • A Shaun Mueller

    No luck getting on here.

  • Jeff

    Can’t get in for. Couple of hours.

  • x Priestess

    game froze then crashed at start of kvk ke while trying to rein wonder… :/ thank god someone else was able to log my account. not been able to log back in for 10 hours now

  • Pudge 747

    Loads to a certain point then stops will not connect

  • Aggravated one.

    Servers slow. Game lagging map refresh takes long wait.Claiming alliance gifts and other button clicks throughout take 15 seconds to respond. Mail… not everyone seems to have this issue but many in my alliance report similar problems. What is the issue MZ is a billion dollar company? Fix the problem taking alot of money (100s $$$$) from people …. And cannot keep the product working.

  • Michael Goding

    I use a Verizon Ellipsis 10, and cannot get the game to load. Been this way since before Christmas. Have a ticket with MZ, but they are useless. Any ideas?

  • Enaj Tergram Morante Alfonga-A

    My Game cannot connect. It has been 10minutes and more and still connecting only

  • Stacey

    When I start the game, it loads to about 70% then throws up a message that says Login Failed. Server is under maintenance. Please try again in a while. I’ve had this for 3 days now. MZ has not responded to my 6+ emails.

  • Stacey

    Did it ever come right? Mine loads to 70%. The I get: Login Failed. Server is under maintenance. Please try again in a while. I’ve had this for 3 days now. MZ has not responded to my 6+ emails. I’ve tried the Force Stop that others had success with (no dice), and uninstalling and reinstalling (also no dice). I’m on a Samsung Galaxy 5.

  • Nick Lorek

    Got attacked when I had two days left on my shield then I could not login,when I finally logged in everything froze- up I was using wi-Fi thinking this was the problem I switched to 4G on my phone did the same thing nothing was responding tryed to re activate peace shield but it would not activate it went all dark and un-responsive this when on for a couple of minutes

  • John

    My friend’s account has been deleted…. I mean it is gone….. We can’t find her city anywhere…. This all happened a few days ago, she tried to login to her account and she couldn’t access her account. She contacted the MZ and all they are saying is that her account is not available at this time and her email address is not linked with any of the Machine Zone account. They are saying “feel free to contact support team”, but they are only repeating the same things over and over. She has spent alot of money already and doesn’t know what to do other than contacting their so called support team, which is not very helpful…. any other suggestions or have you guys ever seen or heard of this before????

    Thank you

  • kirk

    I can’t get past 56% loaded and connecting to server. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it. NOTHING!!!
    Same issue.
    I’ve been trying to log on all day.
    My shield is going to expire.
    For one heck of an expensive game it sure has a lot of short falls.

  • kirk

    I can’t even figure out how to call them.
    And besides, any and all tickets I personally submitted to them have always been extremely contentious.

  • Sam

    my game hasnt loaded for 3 days

  • Michal Korkáče

    cannot play last 10 hours. only loading screen.

  • geris

    game hasn’t loaded in 24 hrs, only gets to 79% then shuts off … just purchased a game pack and unable to put up shield,,,,who is going to be responsible for the money this is costing the players

  • P Florez

    Game has not loaded for 2 days now, Game starts and offers a pack at start up, then shuts down after a few seconds. Really sucks that you pay that much to play and MZ doesn’t address any issues. I do not recommend this game to anyone, and it looks like I wasted $1000+ on this crap.

  • laws69

    Updated my iPhone OS two days ago no way my kingdom map will not load unless I’m connected to wifi anyone else having this problem?

  • Rikki Walters

    I can’t even see the map when connected to wifi.

  • Rikki Walters

    Did this ever resolve for you?

  • Barbara Bogerman

    i can only load to 56% what is going on? i even tried to uninstall & re-install did nothing.

  • Michael

    I can’t log in

  • Marcel

    I have similar issue but it works on mobile data but struggles on any wifi!

  • Richie Reynaldo

    yes but mine not load when using wifi

  • Frank

    Seemed all LG g4 and LG 10 users are having the same issue. The new update on 7 November causes these phones to have a reduced screen and the game is unplayable. MZ has been emailed numerous times with no response or timeline as to when this issue will be fixed.

  • Truth Teler

    Thank you MZ, I couldn’t get the game to be full size on my screen of my LG phone and I am probably zeroed…….good fvkin bye A holes, couldn’t even E mail me back???

  • Torena Badry Newcomb

    Getting very frustrated. Has anyone heard from makers at all if they’re even working on this shrink screen issue?

  • John Bacon

    Any news as to whats going on with the half screen.?? Been like it for a week now and no response

    Lg g5

  • misty may

    Super annoyed, Its been well over 4 days that I have not been able to get into my accounts. Takes forever to load but never goes past 56%. I’ve done everything from deleting other apps thinking maybe had to do with storage space to deleting and reinstalling GOW, but nope nothing worked. I spend way to much dang money and time in this game to end up zerod because a multimillion dollar company refuses to fix these issues or even respond to us. Yet they have no issues dropping new gear, research, buildings etc every other week. I want into my accounts before my shields drop and I get zerod!!!! Or then again maybe that’s mz plan keep some people out the game so after you’re zerod you have to buy more packs to rebuild…..

  • μουρικης

    I have reported the problem to MZ last week…
    I found a work around, it seems to only be affecting LG phones
    I managed to get mine working (LG G4) by disabling the feature “Game optimizer”
    It is under Settings-> General -> Battery and power saving

  • Robert Shimer aka UncleBobby

    I have the same problem with my LG V10

  • Merlin

    cannot get into gold store, another problem.

  • Hoss471

    I’m currently having problems logging into the game, or at least it loads but kicks me out just as it is loaded , please help, been having issues for over a week as i keep getting lost connect messages

  • Julioh511

    Cant log in on android or i pad ,if i get zeroed im done . Ive spent way to much time and money .

  • Amanda Hobbs

    What is the problem MZ? I can’t log in, it gets stuck at 70%! Can you please fix this?? If my peice shield drops, then I’m done! All few in my alliance has been zeroed due to being kicked and not being able to log in!!! When will this major problem be fixed!!! And you can email us back! Its rude of you not to!

  • Amanda Hobbs

    Same problem here

  • Julioh511

    Exactly the same issue 70% load and stops. No responce from MZ . Im not on line ap so i cant warn my aliance . Doomed ! I tried on android and on i pad .70% thats it

  • Blahed

    I have not been able to login for 2 days. It gets stuck at 70% when loading.

  • Paul

    Has anyone been able to login to GOW. I have been stuck at 70% since the 6th. No response from GOW except they were reviewing my concern.

  • random user

    an _entire_ alliance in 591 has been unable to log in for the past three days now – only at 70% as well. they’re being zero’d slowly but surely as their shields expire.

    when you tap on their alliance city>profile, a blank screen comes up as though it’s loading but you
    just get a constantly rotating circle. absolutely horrible.

  • Kristin Brown Regan

    Please join LINE group ‘MZSucks’
    We are joining forces to get this problem resolved.
    C0UP-Bessara 831
    V0D- 384
    Or at least tell us what kingdom and alliances are being affected! Thanks!
    Khilary99 LINE ID

  • Gavin Marcum

    I paid 100$ on troops and lost them all in oracle and a 3day shield i just put on. I shielded and went to work and when I came back my game wouldn’t load. I finally deleted the game for the 5th time and I loaded but it was too late. I lost everything. 100$ just wasted. I want my money back and plan on talking to my new lawyer of I don’t get my money back. THIS is stupid and definitely illegal if they don’t give me my refund.

  • Gavin Marcum

    I have a solition, my lawyer wants to have as many people as possible to help out in this case. MZ owe lots of money and I need more people, this could be a huge case

  • Donny9802

    We all need to put up 30 day shields and not spend any more money until they fix the game. That is the only way MZ responds. When it affects them then they take notice. Until we all protest together then nothing will change.

  • Tonya Sue Baker

    Still having issues with game staying loaded. I deleted for awhile then redownloaded it today. Issue is still there

  • Cathy Lang

    Can’t get use my pin code problems for two days now

  • Bruce

    I cannot collect my research quests on any new research added to a existing research tree. I have complained six times, sent screen shots, rebooted or reinstalled the game a dozen times and nothing works. Filed a complaint with Apple Store (iTunes cards were used during xmas) and they said they would looking into it. MZ keeps sending me emails saying they are working on it. They even send me surveys before they fix the problem! Apple guy told me if they keep getting complaints, they will suspend MZ from Apple Store.

  • Karl

    This game has way too much time of mine playing and my money to act up good thing I got multiple devices !

  • cjjf

    Havent been able to connect for last 8 hours

  • nancy44fr

    Me too. Live in France

  • Matt Morschhauser

    Same it’s stuck at 0%

  • Gregory

    Won’t load

  • Jerry Jones

    Won’t load smh how do i fix this??

  • Jerry Jones

    Mine is doing the same how did you fix it?

  • Pam Mccaffrey

    Our alliance has said the same thing and we’re trying to get other kingdoms to do it too. MZ keeps adding new stuff and it’s hard to keep up. The rss and speed ups that you have to use is ridiculous.

  • Donny9802

    I quit the game. I gave my account away but I understand a 30 no buy protest starts this Sunday. 5/21/2017

  • Patrick Gillespie

    I have a Kindle fire tablet and almost every time I try to open GOW, I get an error message saying App Store connection error or App Store not present on this device. Any help out there?

  • Lynn Fangue

    Anyone experiencing this problem? I have participated in the Build, Train, Research events and always trained enough troops to qualify for all three levels or rewards. Last Thursday, I training the required troops and it gave me zero points for that training. I get credit for buiding and researching but not training. tha tsame thing has happened with the Ultimate Warrior Challenge Events. Lyle at customer service and responded to me email but basically says there is not a problem.

  • Star

    Are you still playing po? What kingdom?

  • transporter freak

    45 second loading screen on attack. Troop problems remaining. Not getting any or freezing up. No points no troops. The attack load screen is the worst. Blame it on overload of server people logging in.

  • Crystal Bish

    6 days of the same old story from MZ that it is the players fault not theirs. 3 years playing taking time to deal with medical issues since March. 30day shields notification set on phone as a repeat every 28 days to backup MZ’s continued failure to fix issues before creating new ones. An account built on old packs offered and accounts close to a trillion where rare and proven never zeroed 967 billion total power account zeroed due to MZ system. 20 hours left on my 28 day repeat reminder with ZERO alerts from Game of shield expiring or in coming attacks or messages from alliance players till 2 hours after. Reset phone deleted app ect to get missing reports and hit logs NOTHING till 15 minutes after email from MZ to do all listed and already performed actions. They are calling 1/8th of what I had into trops, my hero and gear not available any more fair. I am fighting this i never agreed to or rejected the uncalled for gift. My empire rebuild 100% is enough via MZ funding. I will take nothing less.

  • Ralph

    Game of War Fire Age will not load beyond 84% and will not run. Using alternate network connections does not resolve the problem.

  • Jason

    I am not really having much luck with Game of War Fire Age either, Keeps crashing on me and then when I try to load it gets to 86% then does not run.

  • Vickie Ware

    Any one having problems with downloading has available update on loading page

  • Amy

    My game won’t update either , won’t load , or update! Can’t get new device either won’t to go back to games!

  • Amy

    Want to back games + I clears cashe too

  • Taylor Danielle Beaumont

    I signed in but I got wrong account I have am level 1130 and power of 2.84m ⭐️. I just want my right account back. I’m not starting over.

  • Steve Cody

    I can’t log in. We just changed from Xfinity to ATT. All the other wifi apps work fine except this one.

  • Jennifer Sheldon

    That’s why I quit playing!

  • Lisa

    Can’t log in, GOW just keeps booting me off

  • Lisa

    Can’t login I keep getting booted off

  • Dave decamp

    Every time I login the screen has contact support I do then it goes on to game the game shuts down

  • Dave decamp

    Ok now they have changed the amount for 30 day shield from 30 million loyalty to 300 million loyalty. They say no boost hall unlock above level 1 anymore now but people that work at mz play too gets inside information and dont care about customers now.
    They started catch up event but it only to avoid some people complaining more about things and event prizes are old.