GMX server problems

If you are using the free webmail service GMX Mail and are having issues then you have come to the right place to have your say. GMX server problems do occur and customers can say what’s on their minds right here on Is Down Right Now, this is a community dedicated for GMX email users.

Many problems can arise such as your GMX login not working, in some case new users have had trouble trying to sign up to a new account. Worst case is when the GMX mail server goes down completely leaving everyone without service.

Other cases have included customers having problems with their GMX smtp settings, but whatever the issue please comment below with your problem and location. GMX offers unlimited mail storage, the ability to access your emails from your smartphone or tablet and more.

GMX status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if GMX is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with GMX? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Charlize

    I have noticed that there is no GMX mail in the french store. How not?

  • Alli

    I have a few business clients in India, and they called me to say they sent me me email with some sort of GMX id on it. I have not seen this at all within my mail account.

  • Brent

    I am having issues sending via webmail and outlook. Looks like GMX Mail is sending mail down.

  • Dominic

    For some reason my GMC password recover is broken, how do i sort this out?

  • David

    it was very hard to get help. i got the number for help i.e 1-844-444-0101 and all my problems solved.. by the gmx mail suport team..

  • Carlos Jearmy

    Gmx Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Free Help.

  • Zimon

    i dont know

  • Zimon


  • Rob William

    Call Free Helpline Gmx Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Toll free

  • Rob William

    GMX Customer Care 1855 777 1707 Toll Free

  • Crazy Horse

    GMX Customer Care is 1855 777 1707, it rings twice and then automatically hangs up.

  • UrgetoSplurge

    Can’t log into GMX mail from Outlook 2013 or 2016 all of a sudden: getting message “Unable to log onto incoming mail server (IMAP): connection to the server failed”.

  • Outgoing mail server is down, timing out. Unable to SEND e-mail from Thunderbird.

  • There’s no need to be stuck with GMX’s outgoing (smtp) server anyway. I just set mine up using my ISP’s outgoing server to send mail. It’s still “from” my GMX account as far as the Reply-To indicator says, but sent without the dumb timeout errors and without being blocked by several ISPs who apparently don’t allow GMX because of it’s reputation as a spam factory.

  • Dave Crane

    24 APRIL have not been able to login to my email–says PW is incorrect. Tried resetting PW but security question does not come up–only contact page. Contacted support and received an email back and tried their link for resetting PW. Still no joy. Instructions on their reply said to reply to them at [email protected] if unable to reset PW which I did but the email keeps coming back as invalid. Help! Anyone?!

  • I am having problem accessing my gmx email account. I cannot log in and cannot access my email

  • Customer Service

    Contact us 185577717O7 Toll Free Helpline.
    Report us
    Login issues
    Mail problems.
    24*7 Customer Service.

  • Jolly Jellybaby

    Fed up with error messages on gmx smtp etc when I know all is ok. Seems to be a problem with IOS as emls work ok on Microsoft

    Wish they wld admit something is wrong. Is there a free contact number for UK plse

  • Nic Weston

    imap down πŸ™ sent ticket. – Outlook 2013

  • Pete Austin

    Both phone and thunderbird failing to login, but webpage working fine.

  • Tom

    same here…i can’t login using Outlook now but can access via Internet Explorer…

  • Tom

    I can’t login via Outlook but can do so via IE. Something is wrong with the system.

  • Mail Helpline +(1)855-777-1707

    Contact us for issues and Problems
    Free Helpline and Support Staff.
    Thank You.

  • Em

    Server unavailable, technical error message. Safari browser cannot open it, nor can Chrome.

  • Max

    Its also down in germany. Im using Linux with firefox and the GMX app

  • SH

    I’m in NYC and I’ve been trying to register for a new account – it keeps saying ” not able to process at this time. I was going to switch from Earthlink, because of problems with there server – so much for that!

  • Sophie Kosznik

    I am in the UK and could not log into my business email and saying it had been blocked, is there a UK number to call to rectify this as has been very unhelpful so far.

  • Oli sol

    Having problem with GMX mails?

  • GMX Mail Help +1-855-777-1707

    Anyone having SMTp error timeout?

  • Daniel Martin Jr.

    @@oli_sol:disqus Not able to have not been able to login to my email–says Password is incorrect. Tried resetting PW but security question does not come up–only contact page. Contacted support and received an email back and tried their link for resetting Password. I need help.

  • george

    I am trying to register for an account and the message I keep getting is technical error occurred. then later word sequence error

  • edu

    How did you solve this issue? I experienced that last night and today.. frustrating!

  • Lisa Sinnott-Liddell

    My GMX just suddenly quit working. It said it was unusual activity. I did the help ticket and got the canned response with no follow-up. All of my important business law emails are gmx.
    I did strictly nothing illegal. If there would be be a virus inside, they would be in a position to eliminate it from my mailbox. Now.
    Theirvv way of communication might give the impression they consider some of their customers as dishonest persons. They look shady.

  • sy

    I can’t registered for a free mail account. After I finished it shows “A technical error has occurred”

  • Kevin Ashton

    After years of no problems Gmx email accounts seemed to be having logging in and redrawing the page problems.
    It is very frustrating , I presume that GMx is the target for hacking at the moment ?

  • Kalsom Tina

    Hello GMX Team,
    I’m from Toronto, Canada and can’t access my GMX account.
    The server is down, so I can’t access my email to print out some important documents for an interview tomorrow.
    Any feedback on status of your server would be greatly appreciated.
    Dated: August 21, 2019 (7:55 pm EDT)

  • My Picasa

    No GMX mail here in Vermont either.

  • Gregory Phillips

    I have the very same issue if I use Outlook or a web browser on any pc, however, my android phone’s outlook never missed a beat sending or receiving email. I’ve resorted to just forwarding my emails using the phone to a working email address so I can get them on my desktop.

  • Jonathan Vincent

    GMX still down as of 12:34am 8/26/19 in NY….fuckers!

  • Patrick Mcdonald

    GMX is down here in Washington State.

  • Martin Jacobs

    Trying to subscribe and create an email address.
    I get “A technical error has occurred”.
    Please help.

  • Martin Jacobs

    Same problem. Did you solve yours ?

  • Furkan

    still i cant sign up i get A technical error has occurred

  • Bill

    When checking the e-mail, get “A technical error has occurred.

  • 11th dimension

    GMX e-mail access in Spain. Monday 27 January 2020. Again we are forced to experience those old typical problems with this useless german corporation. Not even the contact / troubles form works. This has happened too many times in the past to me and to an important number of users. This company should be abandoned definetly. Take lot of cares with these shills.

  • Kalsom Tina

    GMX is down right now in Canada.
    Waht the heck? I have to send and retreive an important email.

  • Metla Kire

    Hi I have problem to login in my account on GMX in MACEDONIJA 27.01.2020

  • Colette Profitt

    I am unable to log in to mine right now, tried to reset password and it didn’t work either. I live in US in the state of KY. 1/27/2020 at 6:17 am

  • Carmen Cuevas

    I’m not able to login 2/17/2020 USA

  • Robie2

    Nothing but blank screen

  • Kevin Hill

    Cannot sign up – have tried a host of different platforms (laptop, pc, mobile) and keep getting error messages such as: A technical error has occurred. Error Code: 99b0505f-a0d9-4c93-b156-ca4c45af0c63 Anyone, any ideas at all. Many thanks for any pointers

  • Mark Marranca

    I down loaded the app for android, but I go to log in to the app it asks for email and password, iII input my credentials. It then tried to get online to take me to GMX. NET which is a German web site. I did log on to the using GMX.NET by using a translator but the only thing it does is open the gmx web page in German. Why can I not log on to the app in English? Also there is no other option to try anything else

  • disqus_NIZQM0ChM2

    A technical error has occurred been trying to do it twice yesterday on iphone – trying twice today at PC seems not working or having major problem. ANy idea if the server down or this service are suspended? My wife have gmx for years and now she convincing me to get it

  • Edna Luxton

    I’m getting the same issue on Sept 15

  • Arty

    GMX not working for me in the UK

  • love boy

    ts my browser from refreshing without constant manual cache purging. I went to Microsoft support chat client and spoke with their online technician. 1st he told me to follow steps on a link to a dead webpag
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    β’Έβ“€β“’β“£β“žβ“œβ“”β“‘ β“’β“”β“‘β“₯β“˜β“’β“” β“—β“”β“›β“Ÿ β“›β“˜β“β“” β“β“€β“œβ“‘β“”β“‘ β€― β€―+β‘  ⑧⑀⑀ ⑨⑦① ⓄⓄ⑦Ⓞ
    e with 404 error. Then he sent me new link to install a 3rd party software, cclearner. Whi

  • Vasi

    I cannot log in gmx now

  • kass koi milja



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    .8.0.5. .6.ᴏ..8 .5.4..0.6.


  • Katy UK

    A technical error has occurred. Error Code: 7c2c1159-179f-4ed5-accf-c73af1e6749f. GMX SUCKS! Can’t verify my Facebook now, so it remains locked πŸ™

  • Marianne

    A technical error has occurred. Error Code: a2c5ffb6-30a9-4330-bc13-75a68ae0f840