Go Daddy servers slow with access issues

Go Daddy is experiencing a few issues at the moment with server access, reports are coming in from users saying they server response times are very slow. Most of the pages are not loading and when they are it is taking time to do so.

GoDaddy @GoDaddy Twitter have just tweeted they are aware so its service is slow and that there are access issues. They are looking into things now and do thank customers for their patience. As of yet nothing has been resolved.

Tweets are coming in from Go Daddy customers; one said they couldn’t access their site since this morning. He called Go Daddy and waited around for 30 minutes with them replying with a yes we have a problem our servers.

In one reply to a tweet Go Daddy said they were sorry, and are looking for a solution to the slowness. They also said chat could be a bit delayed because of high volume.

Are you having Go Daddy problems at the moment? Please do share them our other page here.