Some of the main problems with GoDaddy include login access, emails, total outage where no one can get online. As well as trouble with Outlook and WordPress, these are only a few nuisances that can arise. And before any official Twitter or status update has gone live it is the user that reports any issues.

GoDaddy is the service offers web hosting and domain registration, and these do include software, virtual servers and even email hosting. Not too sure how many domains are under GoDaddy, but back in 2013 it was reported to have been 55 million names.

If you are having any GoDaddy email, login, downtime, or any other problem please do share them with us and the community – Please also add your location as this helps determine the main problematic areas.

GoDaddy status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if GoDaddy is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with GoDaddy? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Ray

    The Go Daddy server is so slow at the moment, this is not good because I cannot upload my new files, when I do try and upload all I get is connection timed out.

  • Lynnda

    I am able to reach the server now, all reponse seems to be running OK now. Lets hope it stays that way Go Daddy.

  • Justin

    How long does it take to send an email from webmail, clearly on Go Daddy’ slowness, erm like forever.

  • Bruno

    GoDaddy emails are not coming through.

  • Maila

    Fr some reason I cannot get my website to load or get emails to open. I am hoping there is a small glitch and GoDaddy fixes as soon as possible like they normally do.

  • Owen

    Go Daddy seems to be down for me, cannot get anything working at all.Website, emails, etc are not working.

  • Karen

    My emails are not working today, this is the second time in one week, which is not good right.

  • Mario

    Is GoDaddy down today on July 29?

  • Clement

    There is surely a godaddy server outage, even though the website is working the emails are not not.

  • Blaine

    I think the Linux hosting is down right now.

  • Josh

    From what I’ve been told two major routers have crashed and they are working on getting new ones in place. We are seeing routing issues, not server / hosting issues. I know most won’t care because the sites are still down, but the plus side is that there should be no issues with lost data :p

  • Biggs

    I can get my emails on my iPhone but cannot seem to get them on PC. I am having serious issues trying to login to my account.

  • Joseph Julie Licklider

    Company email went down Monday 19th at about 1PM. STILL down!!! 30 employees that are dead in the water!!! WTF Godaddy???

  • carolannie

    GoDaddy is rejecting emails from certain addresses with a message that there is a problem with the mailbox, but not all email servers are affected.

  • Miguel Proença

    Managed WordPress is intermittent today …. 503 Service Unavailable

  • No business email since Monday at 11:01 PST. That’s BAD for business!

  • Emjay Redha

    Is not working right now (March 8) in Malaysia – @12.40 pm same as 12:40 am eastern USA.

  • Candy

    No business email this morning and our clients are reporting bounce back error messages when they send us emails in DC

  • Erin Corby

    my hosting is not working it says I have a bad link and it’s not my fault.

  • Kelly

    Everyday after lunch, Email goes down. This has been happening since Monday. All we have been told is that there is no ETA on this issue.

  • Laurie Gouley

    Email server is down….SIGH

  • Richard Wakeel

    Hosted exchange (we pay big money for) IS DOWN!

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Call free help now.

  • GoDaddy is down big time for the all day here in Thailand….connection is not refused but website do not load or take immense amount of time to load …. FTP and uploads impossible.

  • David

    try this 1-844-844-0101 for go daddy support help.

  • Burgerdogboy

    can’t access email, 10:35 AM Central. Get “authentication error” or “page does not exist”

  • LGS

    No account or email access

  • Jason Smith

    Mobile Outlook appears to be working. Web access not so much (at all).

  • Greg Mitchell

    Our Godaddy webmail and account management was down so I chatted with them and in minutes it was back working

  • Annette Townsend

    Can’t open GoDaddy in Chrome or Internet Explorer, UGH!!!!

  • GlamKitty

    Still down! WTF. We’ve been down since the middle of last week and godaddy offers no solution. We have out I.T. come in today and they clearly saw that it was godaddy. Godaddy admitted that they didn’t create a ticket on our account for the issue (despite our many calls), and says they’ve heard nothing. How are we supposed to work???? It’s like they could care less. If you are going to go with godaddy, reconsider your decision.

  • JJM

    Go Daddy is still down. This seems to be a regular occurrence.. Time to move to BlueHost or Ilisys I think.

  • Rob William

    Godaddy free support staff now 1855 777 helpline

  • Marcella Ellwood

    Have registered several domains with Godaddy this past week. Having trouble with domains intermittently not resolving. Registered a new domain with Hostgator and no problems at all. Godaddy refuses to take responsibility. I won’t be registering anymore domains with them.

  • Adam Jay

    We are receiving 404 ERROR pages, is anyone experiencing this. Godady simply says its internet outage problems or ISP issues. Yet its clearly not. Funny how they denied SEO visiblilty wasnt affected this morning, then this afternoon admitted they knew about it & it has nothing to do with live sites. Full of it!

  • ANES

    my godaddy email is very slow for downloading , i am using asia server can anyone know the support in dubai for godaddy

  • Carlos Jearmy

    Godaddy Support Staff 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.

  • Rob William

    Report Issues Now 1855 777 1707 Godaddy Support Helpline.

  • D R Maharaj

    Trinidad and Tobago – total email outage. When can we expect to regain access?

  • Sara

    email down right now – anyone else?

  • Mark

    Email is slow. Can’t send an email and all of my contacts are gone even though at the bottom it says I have 317 contacts. Everything is at a standstill.


    Email totally down. Can’t see any messages in my inbox when logging directly into godaddy webmail. Email won’t sync with outlook or phone. Godaddy responded that they are aware of issues with email, but can provide no time frame for repair.

  • Leslie Davis

    I have also received no emails in my g mail account for several days, I thought it was because I Was near my size limit, but deleting stuff does not seem to have helped.

  • Khalid Putres

    I can send and receive. But I can’t delete emails from my inbox!! That is interesting!?


    My file manager not showing any folders.

  • Sonet Thomas

    Godaddy is down and i cannot login into my account. This site can’t be reached. Facing since past 12 hours.

  • David

    anyone else having problems with Godaddy database connection today 2016-10-26 ??

  • GlamKitty

    GoDaddy – down again. Almost daily within the past 2 months we’ve had issues. You call the support line and they say it’s Time Warner. Yet, everything else on our internet works. Then they eventually admit it’s GoDaddy. If you haven’t signed up with them – DON’T! It’s so cheap but you get what you pay for. This is on November 2nd.

  • GlamKitty

    Yes, we did and again today!

  • Alice

    Go Daddy is DOWN again TODAY Nov 14th 2016

  • My Website hosted by GoDaddy is down today…on cyber Monday! I’ve been waiting on hold for 11 minutes now…any one else having this problem? Sigh.

  • Dave

    4 of my godaddy websites are down todday

  • Carol Bettencourt

    Website ok, but can’t get into any email. Email login page says to call support. Support phone number returns a busy signal. Trying an online support chat returns a message that no agents are available and to call. Busy signal again. Sigh.

  • Dan Harper

    Godaddy site down for me today

  • Tim Drumheller

    All e-mail down via SMTP as well as web mail. 4/14/2017

  • John

    GoDaddy is not being a good daddy at all, i am not able to connect with my mail.

  • Jamie

    I am starting to feel a little perplexed with GoDaddy, all I get is 503 errors and never being able to access my website or emails.

  • Christina Pagliarulo

    Go Daddy has been down all morning, email templates wont load, emails wont send.

  • Customer Service

    Contact us 185577717O7 Toll Free Helpline.

    Report us your problems

    Login issues

    Mail problems.
    Customer Care Available 24*7

  • jonathanbartlett

    Godaddy redirecters are adding characters to the end of URLs intermittently.

  • Joe blow

    no email in B.C canada all day!

  • Velma Velvet

    No email for Phoenix, AZ

  • Guy Connor

    e-mail been down all day; their response was to switch me to an Exchange Server at my cost – WTF anyone else being exploited?

  • Joe Bowerbank

    TOTAL MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Smallwood

    No email since 10:32am. Clayton, NC

  • Certainly Do

    no email all evening. chat support not available. call the number and it says their “mailbox isn’t set up yet” so no phone support. no service. no help. bad!

  • Sam

    Still no e mail . Lost lots of business today. Sue godaddy.

  • John

    I have not had email for my company since 11am EST. We do international business and have hundreds if not thousands of emails we’ve missed. Nothing from GoDaddy. Tried calling and support chat and can’t get through anywhere.

  • Still down. Why do I suspect a giant lawsuit with punitive and actual business loss damages. This will be a good test of the legitimacy of their no liability terms.

  • Also support desperately understaffed for emergencies. Currently predicting 38 minutes wait time. Few have that kind of patience with nothing better to do. Also no word on whether missed emails have been backed up and will be provided or lost forever. Really bad customer relations.

  • Frank M

    In spite of godaddy status showing email problem of 9-25-17 is resolved there are still very serious problems being experienced. Some emails coming in, but very slowly and erratically. Messages shown as being sent but they are not getting to the recipients. Can’t use live shat to report problems because of volume (gee, really?) This is very serious and dramatically affecting business.

  • Thomas Jeffersoni

    problems yet again! Super slow login, page changes, nearly unresponsive….Planning my exodus

  • BrentandAllison Eaton

    Godaddy is Down on Thanksgiving Morning 10AM EST November 24, 2017

  • Israel Lopez

    GoDaddy has been down for a while now – Mar 2, 2018.

  • Amy Schuett

    Trying to reach GoDaddy because my Office365 program is all screwed up and they are not answering the phones . . . . I need my Excel spreadsheet!!

  • That is what I dislike about them. Instead of fixing the problem they always push for the sale, really annoys me. Specially when I know the rep is using useless claims as to why the site is having an issue.

  • GoDaddy hosting been down for 12 hours now, they say that it is a known issue affecting a lot of people and they are trying to fix it. I am here in Colorado.

  • have a domain stuck in the “pending” state since last thursday. They say it’s a know problem. I can’t set it up for wordpress. Far too much time on hold. getting nowhere daily. Who’s good at hosting wordpress – ready to take my stuff and move.

  • Fred Rexroad

    My GoDaddy email has been screwy. Yesterday I received a reply-all email from someone who replied to an email. I got the original email over 2 hours later. Today I was waiting for a response that someone sent and after 15 minutes I went directly to GoDaddy’s Webmail page and it wasn’t there–it was for a link that expired after 10 minutes. I sent myself an email from a different account and it didn’t show up. While on Webmail, hitting refresh, An email showed up with a time stamp of nearly 4 hours earlier. This time lag is unacceptable.

  • Michelle

    Go daddy and outlook down since july 3rd anyone else?? Any fixes besides buying more services. Lol