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You can check the Google Hangouts server error status right here on Is Down Right Now; if you are experiencing any problems at all with the service by Google you can share them here. The Google Hangouts server status will say down now and then, which the messaging service will be out of action from time-to-time.

Google Hangouts is one of the best messaging and video chat platforms on the market, which can be accessed via mobile devices and desktop through apps, Gmail and Google+ etc. Hangouts allows people to have chats with more than just two people, some of the major issues other than a total outage can be MMS and SMS problems, login issues etc.

If you are experiencing problems with Google Hangouts whatever the issue please do share with all below. Is Google Hangouts down right now for you?

Google Hangouts status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Google Hangouts is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Google Hangouts? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Francesca

    I tried to do a hangout with friends on my contacts list but it would not go through, so i called them to start the hangout with me and it still didn’t work, what am i doing wrong?

  • Seon

    MMS stopped working for me yesterday for not apparent reason, it doesn’t matter if i send a single or group message it didn’t work. Today seems to be back and normal, due to my curiosity even though up and running again what happened?

  • Stella

    Google Voice is not lett me make calls in Google Hangouts. All I ever get is i need to install some sort of google voice plugin.

  • Ashley

    Not able to connect to Google server when try to open hangouts. This is only happening on the app version.

  • Deepak

    I always use my iOS app in India to make calls, but when i tried to make my last call even though it was ringing it never connected. It was basically ringing my end but not their end.

  • Shelly

    I use my Google Hangouts app to call people and for some reason it rings my end like its calling them but they never see to pick up their end. So i call using mobile and they said they get no calls coming in their end.

  • Demitri

    People are vanishing from my Google Hangouts, some have even been blocked without me having to even block them. Mind of its own i think annoyingly.

  • Judith Alexander

    Google Hangouts is down for me right now

  • gjfjgftfhchfc

    down now in ohio log in not to not to mention audio problems

  • Hangouts is sporadically down in central Ohio today.

  • Mike

    There seems to be a Google Hangouts outage right now October 26th.

  • Jiles

    Is Google Hangouts down because I cannot seem to start any chats with friends.

  • Joe Girl

    Hangouts down in Alberta and BC. Won’t work for anyone in our company. Receive an error message when trying to send messages.

  • TDub

    Google hangout not working New Jersey won’t send any messages out

  • brant

    I have issues as well, here in slc,UT.

  • J

    Down in chicago, il.

  • Jamie Dawood

    Down in Cypress TX too

  • Bre A.

    having trouble sending/receiving messages in Indianapolis

  • JJ

    Can’t send or receive texts. San Diego, CA.

  • stobak

    Not working.. San Francisco

  • Ht Msi


  • Mommo Peverell

    Down in Milan, Italy

  • nilesh

    can’t believe it? its almost 4 days, hangout isn’t fixed yet

  • Marie Thornton

    Yes google hangout is down here in Ga and over in Syria

  • Flip

    I have used Google Hangouts and it is great. I’m having major problems right now. I can call out and the phone will not ring. Google hangouts states: “Call Failed to connect or was disconnected. Please try again”. Its’ funny, it does ring on the number your are trying to call but you wouldn’t know because it states that your call has failed and can’t hear anything.

  • Vase

    Can confirm, exact same scenario is occurring for me.

  • Antonio Castagna

    Seems to be down in Usa.. NY

  • Nockit

    Not operating for me in FL, USA right now

  • Michael Clark

    Down in Madison, WI right now.

  • wesley

    Sat. June 2nd. 2018 Googlr hangouts won’t let me access my account, keeps kicking me out, says it can’r verify my account. What happened?

  • Disqus User

    can’t send

  • Bob Redman

    I can’t open a legit attachment. oops 401 error. Google Hangouts is down. Why is this affecting me?

  • Doug Atkinson

    Hangouts seems to be down right now…

  • Shelby Smith

    Is gchat down for anyone else?

  • TEraun

    its down for mew it says theres a problem thats all we know

  • Paula A Reborchick

    Is Google

  • Paula A Reborchick

    Hangouts down?

  • Dorothy Schlegel

    down in phoenix

  • Michael

    Down in Houston

  • John

    is hangouts down right now??

  • Bobby Costello

    I haven’t been able to connect to the server on Google hangout since last night

  • Tim Walters

    Hangouts out in Georgia