Google Play issues today

Google is a different entity when it comes to supplying a service, and when it comes to Google Play services you can bet your bottom dollar something goes wrong. The what was know as the Android Market is busier than ever, and the online store encounters issues such as download not working, unable to login and much more.

Problems have arisen when users have tried to download games, books, music etc and it freezes mid-way through, or it takes forever to install. Maybe you are having Google Play network problems, whatever the predicament let the community know about them.

Are you having Google Play issues with downloads, payments etc? Most of the time the service is faultless and since 2012 when it was launched a staggering 50 billion downloads have been made.

Google Play status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Google Play is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Google Play? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Austin

    I cannot seem to login to make purchases, keeps saying wrong password details.

  • Walter

    I tried in download a game and when i started it all seemed fine but then went blank after a while.

  • Gabby

    I have a Sony Android phone and its not letting me buy anything from the Google Play Store. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Lacie

    Is your Google account down right now, it is for me so was just wondering if it is an individual or global problem.

  • Izzy

    I cannot seem to purchase anything, not saving for me.

  • Dirk Whittemore

    Google Play has been down for about a week now. All I get is a white page on my phone when I try to open it.

  • Babs

    My Google Music is rubbish at the moment. I have tried to play music and its not happening especially when the ones i choose is not playing at all and picks some random song.

  • Joey

    I tried to download an app from my phone and it did not work, yet when i got home and used a laptop the app install to my phone from there. How weird.

  • Courtney

    Is it normal for Google Play to disconnect on me, as well as when i am not disconnected i am unble to purchase any apps?

  • Stuart

    I am trying to update my Google Play and it will not let me do so. I have the nok and apparently it is not compatible.

  • Nicky

    I cannot download this app i really want onto my Samsung Galaxy S5. Tried like 5 times now and still not happening.

  • Maxx

    I cannot get the Google Play Store search to work, i try to look for an app or a book etc and nothing is working.

  • PreachJohn

    On Nexus 4 can reach Internet easily with any other Apps for a test. Just not Play Store.

  • Geoffrey Russell

    “Server error” RETRY

  • Michyle Fenner

    My download reaches 100%. Then it just freezes, it doesn’t install. Plz help anyone!

  • Customer SERVICE+185577O7790

    ok we are here

  • Cant buy anything today. Check internet (which i have) or try again later.. Help

  • Marc Teugels

    Unable to buy an app,…refused…with good credit card….bad show Google

  • Austin

    I have purchased a fair few movies and music but it will not let me play anythign on my Samsung Tablet. Even if i download or stream still nothing.

  • Joy

    My music is not streaming, had a few issues intalling apps lately as well.

  • Daniel Jereb

    No access to playstore or anything Google, gmail, maps etc.Tablet no longer compatible. No access to Google server for upgrade rh-01 error

  • Olivér Báti

    I can’t download anything from the Google Play Store. It just hangs at downloading and nothing happens and later eventually shows the error message with the error code of 495. I tried everything, clear data of Google Play Store, Google Play Services, reboot my phone, but none of them worked. I even factory reseted my phone, but that didn’t helped either. Is there some kind of server issue going on right now?

  • Bryan

    Google Play has been taking forever to download different apps. What is happening?

  • rizza

    Why I can’t download or update my apss from Google Play Store? I have a string data connection, it says, waiting for network and it doesn’t change.

  • rizza

    Why I can’t download or update my apss from Google Play Store? I have a strong data connection, it says, waiting for network and it doesn’t change.

  • Gem Daly

    Google play not working for us all in the house and friends from other places as well ….

  • Alfred Spiteri

    Google play Store try to install Smarters Pro says waiting for download takes forever for the last 6 hours still nothing Europe (Malta)

  • Norfazni Zulkiple

    I can’t do any purchases in app game because Google play show an errors. Please fix it

  • Tina

    Same frustrating. Just want to decompress after a long week and only night I can binge play!