Grindr App Status, Login Problems

There are many apps out there on the market where people can find their perfect matches for dates etc, but these are for men and women. But the best application for curious, bi and gay men is none other than Grindr, but when there are issues such as login problems or the servers going down completely this can be annoying for the user.

Is Grindr down for you? Finding the perfect guy can be a concern if the app is not working! The main issues with this social network app has to be when the servers are down, login not working, crashing upon opening, not being able to download the app, online profiles disappearing, Grindr profile pictures or search not loading and messages being grayed out or faded.

In the past users of this app have reported issues with connecting to server, notifications not working and in rare cases not being able to set up a new profile. Please do share with us your Grindr service status or any troubles you are having.

Grindr status reports for Thursday 15th of November 2018

To find out if Grindr is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Grindr? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chris

    I tired to open the app last night and it just kept crashing on me, this is not the first time this has happened to me.

  • Brian

    I cannot connect with Grindr, there is an issue connecting. Are the servers down?

  • daniel

    my grindr, doesn’t seem to be working, its showing me as online and showing people from yesterday’s photos but not online, when i pull down to refresh nothing changes and no one else is showing as online, but if i go into messages then some people are showing with green dot so signify as online, is this just an issue with my phone or is it an issue that grindr are having atm?, other friends locally say their grindr is working fine

  • PAUL c

    Keep getting the ‘unable to refresh’message whether on wifi or 4G or 3G

  • Cam

    Grindr is not connecting on my phone and my internet works fine. It keeps saying unable to refresh and I can’t send messages because it won’t connect.

  • William James

    My grindr app Didn’t work last night,
    I can’t login with my account and password
    I can only see, invalid email and password

  • Anthony S Allen


  • Rob

    UGH – what a bunch of idiots that run this site – get some programmers that know how to design and run an app