GTA 5 Online

GTA V or GTA 5 as everyone calls it will have problems now and then, the game by Rockstar Games includes both single player offline and online mode with multiplayer, and people do have issues. As we all know regular patch updates, maintenance, new features and enhancements to the game are always occurring.

2K and GTA V servers down on March 11

Because of these update there could be teething problems, worst-case scenario is when the servers completely go down and GTA 5 Online problems happen. GTA 5 online going down on the likes of the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC etc will most definitely upset players and this is where people can come and share their problems with us as well as sharing with others.

Updates are important for GTA 5 Online but downtime is not, when the Grand Theft Auto Online servers go down reports will show up on this page. Please do report if you have any issues with the game with your problem and location.

GTA 5 status reports for Tuesday 21st of November 2017

To find out if GTA 5 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with GTA 5? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Zman

    down in Richmond, VA 5:00PM 8/26/17

  • Cody

    I am out in walker,la have not been able to get online in 2 days

  • TinDoragon

    Down in St. Louis, Missouri 8/30/2017 20:03

  • Dawson

    Down in newfoundland now

  • Korey Christopher Dishaw

    That’s my issue at this moment…smh

  • Peter Buchorne

    Down in Sydney , Australia

  • Von Ulveighs ✅

    Gta Online should be getting discontinued! Lol. Not anytime soon though

  • Christopher Reynoso

    It says my xbox live acount doesn’t have premission to play gta 5 online do how am I going to enjoy the game

  • T

    Down in South Africa

  • T

    Says that the Rockstar Games services are currently unavailable.

  • T

    Is this only on PS3 or are other consoles being affected?

  • Evan Smith

    Down in North Carolina, October 12th, 2017, PS3