GTA 5 Online

GTA V or GTA 5 as everyone calls it will have problems now and then, the game by Rockstar Games includes both single player offline and online mode with multiplayer, and people do have issues. As we all know regular patch updates, maintenance, new features and enhancements to the game are always occurring.

Because of these update there could be teething problems, worst-case scenario is when the servers completely go down and GTA 5 Online problems happen. GTA 5 online going down on the likes of the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC etc will most definitely upset players and this is where people can come and share their problems with us as well as sharing with others.

Updates are important for GTA 5 Online but downtime is not, when the Grand Theft Auto Online servers go down reports will show up on this page. Please do report if you have any issues with the game with your problem and location.

GTA 5 status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if GTA 5 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with GTA 5? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Karma Reign

    It installed a new eboot, mod menus use one of course, they did this to try and catch them, if a modder uses their’s it’s an instant console band

  • Cheyenne W Tibbs

    I just lost 500260$ because of gta5 survers down wtf. Tryed joinging a session and it kicked me got back on everythin gone

  • Karma Reign

    Rockstar does an update to cath modder by installing a new eboot, the menu makers have a new one within 12hrs for them to use to avoid getting caught, yet regular players can’t even get online…. way to go Rockstar, that helped, smh

  • Allen Jr

    Does anybody know what’s going on with gta5 I can’t get on says rockstar services unavailable but yet there ppl still on the playing on line what’s going on

  • Blue toe

    This is very confusing my friends are playing but I can’t can someone explain that

  • Blue toe


  • Killa23

    Its still out? What’s going on?

  • Bo

    What the fuck’s that to do with servers

  • Adog

    Wth I am trying to play as we speak but my buddy’s are playing and I keep getting A error message

  • Pat Sheridan

    I’m back on in NY

  • Thomas Maniscalco

    I still can’t join im getting mad now like if I lose anything that’s it I’m getting it back for free cause I did heists for my money and worked hard for it

  • Blue toe

    Just checked the status for all consoles (and pc) and it says they’re all up idk what this means

  • Blue toe

    It just let me join one everybody go try it

  • Michael Kosman

    Says on PS4 that servers are down WTF?!

  • Blue toe

    Idk what to do I’m on PS4 too it almost just let me on

  • Brian Hunt

    I’m tired of rockstars bs server status page. They always say up when they’re constantly disconnecting

  • Blue toe

    It’s letting me load I’m not getting the “rockstar servers are down” bs but I’m not loading in

  • Blue toe

    I’m in idk how but I’m in

  • Allen Jr

    You everyone gta5 back up

  • Cobain

    people able to get in?

  • Allen Jr

    I’m playing gta5 now online its up no body’s on I’m by my self

  • Brandon Hardges

    Add me on ps4 lifevisions I’m a friendly player unless you kill me

  • Cheyenne W Tibbs

    I was on for 30mins i got off and then same thing gta5 survers down im losing my money cuz it dont save bs give up trying get money for the new dlc and this bs fix please

  • Allen Jr

    I’m playing gta5 now online its up no body’s on I’m by my self

  • love.meets.lust

    Hey is it working for u yet??

  • Jeremy Benghazi Barmore III

    Yes. After about thirty minutes it let me back on.

  • Jeremy Benghazi Barmore III

    It kicked me off Saturday night, and a half hour later I was back on. Before that I haven’t had any problems, and haven’t since. Some people are saying they’ve been down since the 2nd. I think that’s probably a problem with your system, not the servers.

  • Aldric MrMojo

    Cant log in, its 12dec 2016 im lvl 250 and my friends are playing online, every time i try they say rockstar service i is offline, are they closing it down for new update for 13dec or do i have a problem?

  • razorback6922

    Keeps kicking me out of session and I lost 100,000 🙁

  • Pokah

    Same old.. I’m from the UK, on a new PS4, hard wired connection and just keep getting ‘The rockstar game service is down right now.. blah blah’. Just checked their website and it says all servers on all consoles should apparently be ‘UP’. Sort it out Rockstar because that’s clearly a LIE!

  • tsd345

    down down down in CT USA

  • Nick Disotto Kufrin

    Just lost 400,000 $ fix your game

  • 08ipeL

    Rockstar services/ Cloud servers unavailable on PS4 in Finnland.
    Had same yesterday.

    Fix it please.

  • mike jensen

    Down in dk

  • Xano

    Offline too USA

  • geeky theory

    From the UK, I can’t get on but one of my friends are playing what’s going on

  • Barbie

    Hello Rockstar Please ban This Player He Kicked Me Action All The Time Nickname: XMadAmsX

  • Barbie

    Rockstar why you do nothing with these The players who are doing time trials in thousandths? Do the time trial after which it is to some sessions and non-stop spam from some great players 00:00:053, 00:00:069 etc. why there’s nothing doing? it is impossible to function normally and play like something is

  • filomena Wollensack

    Offline too Australia

  • Amsterdam_AFCA76

    I’m from the Netherlands, Amsterdam City and I to have issues here, verry odd. Game won’t start up and keeps telling the same old story.

  • AV

    offline New England, US

  • Offline too, Russia

  • vera lemons

    Still down in the NC

  • Μαρίνος Αργυρός

    Offline As well,Greece

  • Javi

    Down aswell from Spain

  • Sweet_Chelsea7

    Offline in TN USA

  • All right from Russia

  • Graeme Liptrot

    cant join my friends gta5 online uk its just putting me on my owne someone help

  • Graeme Liptrot

    i can get on line but not with friends on my owne all the time our with modders who i dont no its says wrong title update when trying to join friends am on 1.27 update helppp

  • Graeme Liptrot

    will it work if i instll eboot coz its just putting me with modders cant join my friends it says wrong title update why

  • TheGamingGalaxies

    Doesn’t work at all for me in the UK :/

  • Justin Trudeau

    Ontario Canada

    Getting update error after 3% on patch 1.21? Won’t update and can’t use online features.

  • Michael W. Wilson

    down for me here in NC …

  • Infinite loading screen, was fine yesterday. But loading feels like an eternity.

  • AscendedWolf26

    Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

    Unable to access either online character as rockstar cloud servers are unavailable right now.

    GTA’s server page on its own website says it is up for everything with no errors, but their last update was two days ago for most platforms.

  • Harsg

    Down in California

  • Harsh

    It’s up now

  • Aiden


  • Curtis Jurgens

    It’s down now for western Canada. Xbox 360 – Limited status on R* site. What update are they doing?

  • John Turk

    It worked yesterday fine but today it won’t even attempt it!

  • Aaron Z

    My GTA 5 online is down and I just bought $30 for the new Dlc and can’t use it.

  • Aaron Z

    In KY

  • Aaron Z

    Anyone know when it will be back up?

  • Tyler lauritsen

    down in denmark

  • Adam

    Been back up for me. Just got off. I played for about 3 hours. Had a load of people in the session too.

  • Chelsea_hey

    Was on it yesterday not even 10 hours ago. But not for too long someone kept putting stupid glitches e.g fire inside all characters.

  • Gavin

    My online wont work on Xbox One, I keep trying to access it but it keeps saying that the rockstar online services is not working at this time.

  • Paul Standrews

    Down in uk now

  • Jason sieverin

    It says im missing content

  • SCobra

    Down in California on PS3. Hasn’t been online for a few days. Forever lasting loading screen

  • Vincent

    Down in Malaysia

  • Zylo HD

    Its Saying Cannot download Online Files

  • Dude

    Down in Canada been off few days too

  • Kaboom780

    Down in Canada

  • Canuck

    I am outraged I just got gta5 for my xbox one and took 14+ hr to download it and now this wow

  • Graeme Liptrot

    Down in uk right now

  • Jacob Waldron

    Down in VA PS3

  • Jacob Waldron

    For ps3

  • Navia Villagomez

    It’s been down in Texas since Monday I think

  • jacob creech

    Down in North Carolina for PS3

  • jacob creech

    Saying cannot download online files from rockstar

  • @RockstarGamesSupport:disqus Festive Update is now avalible

  • King4322

    Guys plz when is it going to be solved any ideas

  • Jake


  • A player

    I have the same problem. When Im joining the online. Loading screen ends and it crashes. Location : Turkey

  • Bri

    Usa is down in utah.. please get it fixed. I never get to play so this sucks ass

  • Rockstar Games

    Our service is back online

  • IanM

    Still having issues. Can connect, but initial connection takes a very long time and once connected cloud save and transactions don’t work most of the time. CST, US.

  • ShadowPhoenix Gaming

    in northeast USA, online just not connecting

  • Trace Taylor

    I was literally just playing yesterday and now I’m getting Rockstar game services are unavailable. Xbox One. Please help.

  • IanM

    Can get into the game, but no cloud save, no transactions aside from customizing cars, no Import/Export work, and can’t join a friend’s session. CST, US.

  • Kayla Adkins

    xbox one having problem… rockstar services are not available.. help!!! ugh i just wanna play gta v online

  • Playstation3Player

    Playstation 3 having “The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now” problem. Just got the game today for Christmas, was hoping to play online. Location : USA

  • Tommy Boy

    Mine is down for pc in michigan

  • VoidDark

    Gta v online servers are down for ps4 n it really got me pissed off

  • Freddato

    Is Down in Italy too

  • Devin

    When will they be back up

  • IanM

    Still not working for me, CST USA. This is four days in a row that I can eventually get into a session, but no cloud save of progress, no transactions, no Import/Export, and no joining friends. I experienced similar issues shortly after the Bikers update, which then resolved after a few days. Please look into this.

  • Wes

    Mine says rockstar game services at unavailable right now TN

  • Wes

    It’s been this way for days now and I have all of the festive content this year please fix this

  • Wes


  • Gta5

    Anyone know if it’s fixed yet

  • GTA sever

    Hello every one I work for the GTA Server Progressively Squad and the servers are down due to hackers is 6 different country’s Italy,US,Brazil, Germany,Japan and finally Canada. We won’t be able to get the servers back till December 28. Thank you for your under standing

  • GTA sever

    Working in Michigan, California and now Pennsylvania. Others will be in 2 days

  • Houston

    Down in Alabama fix this

  • Chris

    I just got this game and it plays for about a min or so and then starts to glitch and and eventually freezes up. Returned it for another redownloaded it and it’s doing the same thing any suggestions

  • luke

    i cant get on but my frinds can in the same state ???

  • luke

    in pensulvanya

  • luke

    rockstar cloud and server it says

  • Me

    It is still down in South West Michigan
    contrary to what “GTA sever says” . I have been trying to connect for 2 or 3 days now as of 1:10 A.M. December 28 , 2016 it’s still not Working . I’m connected to internet with 5g with full speed connectivity so speed isn’t a problem, which in the past never is an issue . Even on 2 G nothing …
    This is getting ridiculous, please fix…

  • tyler

    Down in ohio

  • Nemo-Invictis

    This is natural, because so many players. don’t forget you guys at rockstar have families too, as this world ends, people will become more and more bitter. So don’t feel rushed. Who ever takes the man hours to keep updates anyway. Im just glad gta online is free with content. The developers must even be enjoying thier game. X3

  • Nemo-Invictis

    Haste makes mistakes. I can do 1,000 other things to pass the time. Take your time. And thank you guys for free updates. Not mamy developers these days whom are actually concerned about something they enjoy but more on money. So much appreciated from planet mars underground city.


  • Jordan Weflen

    Still the servers are down. December 28, still down. I just got the the game and I really would like to play online.

  • Just a voice.

    Anti-viral maleware might help friend. If they hack the system thier servers automatically shut down. Just a thought. In tjis already lawless world. XP

    Thank you for your time on it, sir. 🙂

  • Just a voice.

    What i mean by server i memet the souce-device where the hacker is conducting his folly of ruining fun for others. If its a PC or anorher system. Just think about it. Its a wild, wild west world we live in after all. Jesus be coming soon too, so no worries about life stress of trivial things kind sir. 🙂


  • Dawn Gholson

    Are the Rockstar servers down? My son has been trying to install GTA 5 and do the update since Christmas. We were finally able to install the game with the disc offline, but he still cannot do the update so he can play online. It gets to 77% and stops there. It never finishes. Do you know what’s going on?

  • Dawn Gholson

    Thank you. We are in Arizona. Any ETA?

  • Jordan Weflen

    Yeah inline is down

  • John Leonard

    Down in Kentucky has been for awhile now when will it be fixed

  • Person

    Calis all good

  • A Fellow Gamer

    Is the internet connection fast enough? The most I have seen rockstar servers down on ps3 or ps4 is a few hours.

  • A Fellow Gamer

    Depending on your router speeds drop off. I have 300Mbps internet. I get unable to login randomly when I use wifi. Hardwired it to router no issues since.

  • annms

    I live in canada and it’s the 28th. its still not working. you clearly said it would be back by now so wtf.

  • hhhrtre

    they still aren’t working you said 2 days. ITS BEEN 2 DAYS

  • Some dude

    Nebraska is down. 2 weeks no2.
    Makes. I wondering if these people are even trying to diagnose the problem.

  • Johnny

    Down in Florida

  • person 2

    It was working on Christmas but all after that it has not been working.

  • brandon

    down in mississippi

  • Paul Lemon

    Down in London, UK

  • a pissed off person

    They are perfectly happy to practically force you to buy shark cards, but can’t keep the game running… wow.

  • Rob

    Down in Ga

  • Edward Refice

    Online game won’t let me load in Scranton Pennsylvania

  • Ivan Blanco

    Down in Kentucky

  • Isaac K

    Took a few hours to get on last night in MN. Now again tonight it is not working. Can’t even play single player because this game is so pathetically deigned that you need internet no matter what. They should have to give refunds to everyone. Useless co.

  • Rockstar Games

    Is this issue still occurring?

  • Rockstar Games

    Much appreciated Nemo-Invictis

  • Isaac K

    Capitalism at it’s finest. Yay America.

  • Ivan Blanco

    Hyes rockstare servers are not available it says

  • curtdogGaming


  • IanM

    Still having the same issues – takes a long time to connect, once connected:

    -Cloud save doesn’t work
    -Transactions don’t work other than car customization
    -Unable to join a friend’s session and vice versa
    -Unable to do CEO or Import/Export work.

    I have experienced these problems since December 23rd, when the content update was released. CST, United States.

  • Bobby Lambert

    Down in Florida I CANT CONNECT. Why??? All I wanna do is enjoy my New Years relaxing playing GTA. You guys just don’t care about your customers??

  • Awol

    In Wisconsin i can’t connect

  • Nick

    Still down on xbox one

  • Mason Cole

    This has been happening for the last 3 days and it’s really starting to annoy me. I was able to get on last night and earlier today, but now I can’t. I am also having trouble saving. Does Rockstar even care about there customers. If this isn’t fixed soon, I want a refund

  • Mason Cole

    I’m just gonna play 2k until this crap gets fixed

  • Rockstar Games

    We are sorry to hear about this issue. What system are you using to play GTA V?

  • Rockstar Games

    We have been working on these issues and are aware. We have multiple complaints. We are working to make sure the service stays online without difficulties.

  • Rockstar Games

    We are aware of this issue. What platform are you experiencing this error on?

  • Rockstar Games

    We are working on the service. They should be running

  • Josh

    Gtav can’t play online Xbox1

  • Josh

    In ny

  • Rockstar Games

    We are sorry to hear that alot of you have come across multiple issues. We are expecting the service to be online by now. Xbox One and PS4 may have unexpected errors.

  • Rockstar Games

    What system are you currently using?

  • Rockstar Games

    The service should be running by now. We have been experiencing major issues

  • Rockstar Games

    The online service should be online. We have experienced major issues

  • Mason Cole

    Down in ma

  • Pichi

    Hello sorry you mess with you but I haven an PS3 and I was online yesterday and work good but then at night time and this whole day it been not working so I’m trying to know what is happing right now ?

  • Phil

    Gta5 online isn’t working right now for us here in Claremont nc on the ps4

  • IanM

    Hi, sorry. I’m playing on the PC. I experienced similar issues shortly following the Bikers update, but they resolved after a few days with no action taken on my part.

  • FrancisPotatoes

    Down in Los Angeles, on PC

  • Jason Corrigan

    Gta v not working right now for xbone… Getting, Couldn’t download files from Rockstar game services required to play GTA online. Seems like Rockstar site down too.

  • Jason Corrigan

    Still down. And have reset everything. Still can play other games online

  • Its Yo Boi

    I was playing gta online on ps4 30 mins ago i closed the application to watch YouTube and then when i go back to play online it says couldn’t download files from Rockstar games

  • Michael Elliott

    online is down for lubbock tx on xbone. this SUCKS! “the rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please return to grand theft auto v and try again later. how bout another economic stimulus as pennance for this bs!

  • brooke

    Down in the U.K. on PS3.

  • Michael Elliott

    guess i gotta go back to the ever reliable OVERWATCH

  • Michael Elliott

    man i paid 59 dollars for this game… here it is new years eve… i been waiting for this time off… and i cant play. i want you guys at rockstar to know that it REALLY sucks!

  • Philip DelHagen Philip

    Down on Cape Cod still.Using xbox 1

  • Sarah Foran

    Is it still down for ps3

  • Sarah Foran

    What’s up

  • Philip DelHagen Philip

    Thank you for informing us about the issues

  • Barbie

    good game from your Rockstar reduction on GTA V, and now the same cheaters is swarming and you there’s nothing you’re doing and then will probably by you banned innocent people like for example: I was at the session, I wanted to kill the person he jumped to 3 meters up and then he started to throw me some suitcases with money or something like that, and now I understand that you get banned from how I did nothing? where your this new system banning or something ??

  • Seven 7citiesbabyy

    Gta 5 online is down on ps3

  • BadCrime

    Down here in pennsyltucky on xbox

  • Kev

    Gta5 is down on ps3

  • keiran

    gta been down for 4 days for me in uk on ps3?

  • Vintageeroses

    Xbox one GTA 5 online down in Houston Tx 2 days now.

  • Tim

    –> It’s still down for XBox One / XBox One S in Switzerland. In the morning, online worked just fine for me.

  • John Leonard

    It’s been down now for me sense Christmas on ps3 getting ready to delete everything rockstar and selling all my rockstar games getting old rockstar

  • Gta5Gamer

    Same i logged in to play gta 5 and guessed what i couldnt access gta 5 it told me to insert disc 1 even though yesterday i reinstalled the files i cant access gta 5 even though it is on the usb stick

  • Gta5Gamer

    Cant access gta 5 even though it is on usb stick it says i have to install game on disc 1 even though it is already installed on the usb stick

  • MuffinFTW

    Not working on PS3 I’m getting bored I love you rockstar big fan !!! You guys make the best games you are my childhood but I have a PS4 as well but I want to play with my friend who at the moment does not have a PS4 but it says the rockstar services are currently univalible I spelled it wrong I was in a rush sorry but any recommendemets to how to fix it it ?p

  • Tim

    But we are discussing about the online mode. Nevertheless i’ll try to help. Did it work before?

  • svtheghost

    It has been down for 3 days now. PS4 CT NY area. We should be compensated for GTA$ lost during this time of not being able to play. Ridiculous. Even more considering it’s the festive time of the year. Come on now.

  • svtheghost

    Still down for PS4. Been two days. The only free time I’ve had to be able to make more money. Maybe a GTA$ compensation?

  • Gta5Gamer

    Yesterday yes

  • Rockstar Games

    Thanks for the information!

  • Rockstar Games

    PSN is having unexpected errors. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Rockstar Games

    It’s because PSN has been experiencing unexpected issues within the online servers. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Rockstar Games

    Hello Sarah Foran!

  • Chris

    Down in Scotland keeps saying that rockstars servers are unavailable and keeps timing out when it manage to join.

  • Lyrics Maker 2.0

    Why is it still saying its unavailable on Xbox one? I think its bc of the snow. It did not do this before they added the snow in. They need to fix it NOW!!!

  • Bernie Strick

    Been intermittent for Xbox one in North eastern USA. been like this for 2 days (since I’ve downloaded it. I’ve owned this on ps4 pc and xbox one. Kinda bummed I can’t play…

  • Ferrari_Money


  • John

    Ps4. Los Angeles. I can’t have 4 friends join a Closed friend session, only 3. Once the 4th tries to join, it says that the session is no longer available. Sometimes it says it doesn’t exist. We’ve tried inviting straight to a heist and once the 4th tries to connect, it kicks the player out. This has been happening the last 2 days.

  • Bobby Singh

    Houston Texas on Pc has been down since before Christmas. Same error as others. Servers not available.
    Anyone Else?

  • Tyler

    Is GTV servers down right now on the east coast?

  • Rockstar Games

    Is this error still occurring?

  • G4Me BOX3

    its still down even though they said it was suppose to be resolved days ago im on xbox one in atlanta and it still says rockstar game services are unavailable even though its nine days later

  • Nathan

    Are they down as of January 4, 2017 because I’m trying to join online and it says “The Rockstar game services are unavaible right now. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V.”

  • Chris

    Yes it is and it is also happening on Xbox One.

  • 5s poppin

    Yo im getting “alaert, the rockstar game services are unavailable right now plz return to gta 5”

    Bought tha system & game on 1/3/17 and havent been able to get online once

  • ummmmmmmmmm

    The servers are still down !!! This is so annoying , Houston tx area .

  • Tim

    online is down again…..

  • Michael

    Severs are down in Oklahoma City to do its happening everywhere hmmm

  • Rockstar Games

    Are you able to connect to online as of January 6TH 2017?

  • Rockstar Games

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  • Rockstar Games

    The service should be up and running. Can you clarify that this is still a issue?

  • Shaun

    It happened to me. Said the same thing minutes ago. I’m in NY

  • Kevin

    Not me …

  • Brian

    This is for me, in Ohio

  • DylanPsybient

    It just went back up it did it to me but i reopened it and it worked

  • Scott Wagner

    Why do the servers always say they’re down? Really frustrating.

  • Julian Hebrard

    Yo my GTA v is saying The rockstar game services are unavailable right now. And idk what to do I’m on ps3 in Texas

  • Rahul Vaswani (Caelum)

    As of 12:22am Eastern Standard Time on January 7th, 2017, the “cannot connect to rockstar servers” message continues to show and prohibits us from saving and starting heists


    My GTA is down and Oregon it’s been doing the same thing for like the last 2 to 3 weeks me and my buddies in Molalla all have the same problems says Rockstar servers are down please go back to GTA V and try again later whenever we do get in we get in for about 20 minutes and then it just drops out. sometimes it says the servers go down and then it says your connection to Xbox Live is lost. I power cycle my router many times trying to fix it and turned off my Xbox and nothing seems to help so they need to get it fixed, really starting to become a nuisance.

  • Bumpydoughnut

    The server is always down or either timeout error. This ridiculous!!!.. What’s the problem??

  • Bradie

    Wont let me character transfer as of 1-7-2017 says there is something wrong with the servers


    I have ps3, and play GTA online as well…. but since yesterday when i want to joined the session, the notice show up says “rockstar games servers are unavailable”…. any ideas how to fix it??? I really want play GTA Online right now

  • Brent

    I live in kentucky and im on xbox one so i just bought a sharkcard at gamestop and went to go use it on gta 5 and it says rockstar game services are down please try again later can you help me?

  • Mal

    Hi I’ve been experiencing difficulty playing heists (series A funding) I’m in the set up…. works for friends but not my self. Any suggestions?

  • Corbin Phillis

    I just finished my PC ready to play GTA Online on the 4th and nope, still not able to

  • Me Me

    Rockstar don’t fucken care they already got our money my game has been down in Chicago for 4 weeks now

  • Me Me

    An there just gonna give us fake money jn return when ever they decide to fix the game I’m just not gonna buy the new gta when it comes out let there sales flop that’s how you deal with the situation

  • ummmmmmmmmm

    I’m On for 20 minutes and then I get kicked and now it says that the servers are down again !!! What a waste of money on a game that doesn’t even work !!

  • Rockstar Games

    Is this still an issue?

  • Rockstar Games

    We have been looking into this issue, Can you clarify this issue?

  • Brynolee Brutus

    Its says “Your profile does not have the correct permission to access Xbox Live functionality.

  • Devin

    Yes. In ky and can’t get on right now. Says Rockstar game servers are down.

  • Simply Four

    It is January 8th I’m in ocean springs Mississippi and my server is still down I’m on Xbox one

  • Eric Kelly

    Haven’t been able to play online in almost 2 weeks. Servers down my a**. They need to get this sh*t fixed, or they might as well close the doors because no one will buy the next game…

  • Jay Dee

    Jan 9 2017

    Saving failed-unable to connect to the rockstar game services. Been this way for two days now. Very frustrating. Please fix. Can’t do heists…I’m holding on for a fix of some kind. Georgia, USA by the way.

  • Caleb P

    Services unavailable, constant saving failed notifications, not just with me but with the rest of my crew, all playing in different cities. I’m on a wired connection with open ports and have been having these issues since right before Christmas, as have most of my friends. What gives?

  • Kevin Roberts

    It’s screwing up here in NC as well. You can play for a while then it kick you and says that the rockstar servers are unavailable. It’s been doing this for 2 weeks now. I have a hard time joining friends. ROCKSTAR GAMES please take note and help us out and fix whatever is messed up so we can keep playing your awesome ass game.

  • Can’t connect, errors everytime, yup, definitely a problem like comments below me said.

  • FuzionxRagz

    Every time as soon as i hit join a solo session in gta 5 story mode it instanly goes to rockstar games services are down 🙁 Any help?

  • Edward Refice

    Gta 5 won’t load and keeps kicking me out saying the connection is lost!!!!! And I’m pissed off!!

  • Edward Refice

    In Pennsylvania

  • Nicholas Beadle

    Hey everyone who is having a issue with saving or loading up the game please contact rockstar and tell them! I have been having this issue for weeks and ive constantly tried to contact them about it and they say its our connections! They need to know that this is not a problem on the players end so they will fix it! There currently reporting that there is 0 problems with there game they need to be held accountable we spend money to play these games and they should work

  • Draven Minx

    GTA Online continues to stay on the loading screen.

  • Barbie

    Rockstar where are you now? a lot of modding a game you anything you do not tmy someone steered my car on Race Premium and I understand that I Bana get something for which I was not guilty? because someone like me can recorded as I had nothing but someone I specifically did this?

  • Brandon Taylor

    Gta5 online will not load ive been trying for 3 weeks now and its the same thing. Detroit MI

  • Gaugedantatted

    Every time I try to go online it says the Rockstar game is unavailable. This has been going on for a few hours now.

  • Christopher Oiler

    Ive opened all the ports recommened to have open for xbox live and gta on my router my nat is open and i have amazing speeds. Rockstar i keep having troubles staying connected and cloud servers are down half the time since lol gta4 do you think mabe this has something to do with your part of the connection. My location is springfield ohio 45502.

  • Sierra

    I was able to get on but I had to leave for five minutes and I can’t join again for me this has been going on for two days

  • Sierra


  • Sierra


  • Sierra

    Gta V online for a lot of people (me) is not working

  • Cody

    Mine has been down for 3 days

  • Cody

    Tired of it

  • josh

    I played a little last night but now it won’t load for crap

  • Joseph

    Says rockstar cloud servers are down

  • Joseph

    And i cant character transfer from my ps3 to ps4

  • ZacH

    Mine’s up just sold one of my sandking XL’s. Play time to get away buy the 6 car garage near the north airstrip and buy a sandking xl it spawns after you drive down the pay n spray road by the airport, drive around the fruit stand near the jail take a u-turn drive back to the pay n spray look across the road it’s a new sandking XL! sell for $18K every 45 mins $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • ll-Young- _ -Thug-ll

    is it working now??

  • Anon Live

    Lmfao! Dude buy a RGH and mod GTA with AnonLive Stealth we have all GTA Bypass and Built in menu! 🙂

  • Harvey Alley

    I haven’t been able to play online since last night! I’m very close to just saying screw it and give up on gta5 and rock stars sh***y servers. I think they should give us online players a credit or something cause this is straight up messed up! I’m on the verge of going back to call of duty!!!

  • Jay

    Having same connection issues here in Prince Edward Island ! Frustrating to spend 70+ dollars on a game that doesn’t work and downloaded it so can’t even sell the Damn thing

  • Scott Trumps

    I just started having issues with online saving about 3 hours ago. How long will it take to sort all this bs out?

  • Jay Pacheco

    I am having problems connecting to GTA5 online. Constantly saying rockstar server unavailable. And this problem constantly happens frequently. Maybe a hacker or a virus whatever it is it’s very annoying.Hope it gets fixed. Also follow me on twitter if you need a GTA 5 buddy @PainusInYoAnus. 🙂

  • Cameron

    Every game I join I have message pop up saving failed – unable to connect to rockstar services. And then I’m told the cloud servers are down. I’ve been having this issue for weeks now and it’s so annoying! Nothing saves for me if I play a heist the money I was suppose to earn I never actually earn because it never saves! Fix this issue! Location Wisconsin

  • Gavon Jones

    I am on pc and when ever i log onto gta my game crashes i previously uninstalled and if was working yesterday but when i return from work i can’t log on. HELP?!

  • Armyaftermath

    Game services unavailable near Houston tx

  • Juston

    Can not connect online says rockstar server unavailable try again later I’m hard wired directly to my modem my phones pcs tablets every thing else is working just not my xbox one i rebooted the modem to see if that fixes it have a 100 mbs so I know it’s not on my end

  • Fred

    Down for Xbox One in Juneau AK. WTF??? 1/23/17 5:45 PM.

  • alex

    i have the same problem on ps3 , when i try to connect online game say me rockstar game services are unvalibel please try again later , and? a resone pls? down or not down?

  • SCARFACE man1

    Am having the same problem since last night I’m trying to login in gta5.and is not let me log in this message keeps pop in. It’s said alert the Rockstar game service are unavailable right now. W.t.f is going on. At list they should let’s know this was going to happen

  • Casper Möllering

    Hi guys. Im sadly still on PS3, but all my sessions are empty.Does anyone know why?

  • Casper Möllering

    hi alex. I have a problem with empty sessions. If you’d like, we could add each other on PSN and get in each others sessions, and maybe game together?
    Im “MillzThaKilla” on PSN.

  • Max

    Not able to play GTA V on my PS4 because the PSN servers are down, how come because the scheduled maintenance is for February.

  • black_hammer_v2

    it might b bcuz of your connection the same happened with me few days ago on my ps4

  • Casper Möllering

    what did you do to fix it?

  • Latrarl

    Same in anchoragr

  • mike

    I haven’t been able to sign in online for a week now on xbox 360, gta 5. I’ve sent about 30 emails to rockstar. I do get the odd response to send all kinds of screen shots. Rockstar first said it was my internet connection. its not the internet as we found out. rockstar asked me to re-download game 4 times. didn’t work. asked me to get a new hard drive. did that also and didn’t work. so I went and bought new game to run disk and go online. didn’t work. rockstar said to try another xbox. did that and it didn’t work. rockstar is just passing the buck. be the last time I buy a rockstar game….period

  • Rafael Olivero

    its been 6 days and i still cant play online all i get is “THE ROCKSTAR GAME SERVICES ARE UNAVAILABLE RIGHT NOW,PLEASE GO TO GTA5 AND TRY AGAIN LATER” can anybody help me out???

  • Tyler

    It’s been down for two weeks on Xbox one Florida

  • PizzaFriday

    Saving failed-unable to connect to the Rockstar game services. Please help.

  • Dustin

    You really did all of that?

  • bcmike

    it doesent let me in gta online severs severs r down i think on ps4

  • Davy Lopez

    For my PS4 it says I need a very important update but my PS4 says it’s up to date and always sends me to story mode does anyone know why

  • Hailey

    Rockstar services have failed to sync files for my xbox360

  • Isaac Guiste

    But the PS3 was and remains the King of the 7 year title has some serious games I do miss mine 🙂

  • Aiden

    Gta online is down for PC right now

  • Charles Brandt

    Said it cant load my character from the cloud, now saying rockstar game services are unavailable right now

  • Milano Stone

    If you go to the rockstar webpage they say that the servers are up across the board from Xbox one to ps4 to PC but that is ridiculous bunch of BS can’t be right because we wouldn’t still be getting error messages!! Smdh

  • leeleebaby:)

    Servers have been down over a month for me. Not happy. Called rockstar and all they do is tell you to do a bunch of bs, they send you an email with troubleshooting, but that doesn’t work neither. I just purchased the game for download on PS4 after my disk broke and it played really good for about a month. Now no matter how I try to get online it doesn’t work. I can’t even invest in stock on story mode. I can play every other game online but GTA! Really tho. Like what’s the real issue. It says the server’s are up and working but I beg to differ.

    – Pissed in Texas

  • leeleebaby:)

    Why would you do all that? That’s crazy. Unless they were paying for it. That’s different. But come out of pocket for something that’s not fixable is clearly not the answer. If you have to do all that for a game you should just request rockstar reimburse you for the game and call it a day. Hope all is well.

  • Barbie

    Nickname: honeybunny97 Please Rockstar Watch This Player He Have SpeedHack..

  • Pssed Off Customer

    Down for me aswell 2/20/17 5:04 pm PST. XBOX ONE platform. Same error message. ROCKSTAR SERVICES ARE UNAVAILABLE. And its been doing it all morning. How about you “look into”, being compitent, “RockStar”?Just bought this XBOX ONE so I could transfer my Character content from 360 since you thought march 6th was such a fair deadline. Now my only weekend off the servcies are “unavailable”? Now I get online and see you giving people the run around? Take some fckn accountability classes

  • Vincent Ryder

    Servers down for me here in Tucson, Arizona and have been for several hours February 20th

  • Dakota Davis

    Servers down in Portland, Maine as well. Just bought the game for download too along with the great white shark bundle. Let’s hope its back up before I need to invest on BAWSAQ

  • Noah Risner

    Been down for days here in Chesterton Indiana

  • Sumeet Singh

    keep getting kicked out connected from Chicago Feb.24th 2017. This is driving me nuts

  • Bushido Brown

    Gta 5 works when it feels like it, troube playing offline, when I use mobile hot spot, another excuse pops up, asking do I own the disk or did I purchase the game from xbox 1 store, when in fact I bought the game from game stop, so yes I do own the disk, disk has no scratches or damages, tried all possible solutions nothing works, can’t update the game due to error asking do I own the rights to the game, fix solutions on YouTube are NOT working, even having trouble playing both Blu ray & HD movies, read other comments on xbox 1 forum others are having the same problems ever since the latest console update, as of now no console updates are available, starting to loose faith in both xbox & rockstar, pissed in humble, Texas date 2/26/2017

  • Jaco

    Having issues in South Africa as well. Hope it gets fixed soon!!

  • Noah Little

    Servers are down in Davidson County North Carolina right now! The servers seem like they’re never up after school! Rockstar needs to get their stuff together now!

  • Adam West

    Bought xbox one and gta and It keeps saying unable to transfer yall said ya shutting it down tomorrow i hope you fix this today or this game is dead to me if i lose everything help plz sincerely gta lover

  • Ooskaar Valles

    What’s bawsaq. I have gta v for Xbox one also. None of my friends with PS4 have this problem. What is the actual problem

  • Ooskaar Valles

    Servers down Houston tx. How long is this gonna be an issue tho

  • kristymb

    Down in Tennessee

  • ohhhhh loord

  • I’m just looking at PSN, n my freezing rate

  • so BS Mins

  • Cory Collins

    Same issue, but the error message I’m getting is something along the lines of ‘you are trying to connect using an altered version of the game’, and until this update about a week back I was able to log on just fine. I don’t use mods in MP, and I’ve never seen this kind of issue with this game before, when and IF it clears I hope I never have to go through this headache again. -_-;

    (R* for real though, please fix it already guys, haven’t been able to get on in a week now and I wanna drive my Coquette around like a madman again, the T20 is on sale now too fer crying out loud! TwT)

  • Karoline

    Why can’t I go online on gta5? What’s going on with the server?

  • Karoline

    How long before the server goes back on?

  • Chris

    Been down off and on all day, mostly off.

  • Down now. Been down since 4:01 and status on thier website just says thats when was updated. WHY are we not told when maint happens and an expected duration?? Dont want sit for hours trying to log in if it is going to take a while.

  • Jeremiah

    The servers are down today at 4pm MDT

  • B lucas

    Mine hasn’t been available for DAYS now..? What’s going on?

  • Trevion Wortham

    Haven’t been able to get on gta on 2 months whats going on man?

  • Barry Kim Johnson

    This just started for me….I tried logging into GTA 5 5 times and it keeps on telling me that GTA 5 is not working…..I was like what is going on?….

  • Please understand the service for Rockstar is limited due to updates.

  • Harley Lynn

    Why can’t I get on gta online right now

  • pissedcookie

    cant get on gta 5 online again for like a straight month and a half besides 3 times starting to piss off alot of people in seattle and spokane washington usa and we all put alot of real cash into our characters


    Down in MICHIGAN

  • Isabel

    It says Rockstar isn’t available. It’s pissing me off.

  • Evelyn M Diaz

    Undergoing maintenance

  • Houssem Jebaly

    Lol rs support suggested to me “connection troubleshooting” Its so frustrating when they don’t admit that they are wrong and they tell “its your connection” this happened to me after purshasing ps+ a week ago now look the whole US is down tell me I need to configure my router again.

  • Pretzel

    Servers are down

  • Xiona Jones

    Keeps kicking me.out of sessions saying a problem with the connection and then it ends session and restarts me in the therapists office offline!! What’s going on?!?!?! And don’t say it’s my connection… my ps4 is the ONLY THING ON my awesome connection!!

  • Xiona Jones

    I feel their bottom line is to take money and not care about the people giving them money. PlayStation made over 3 billion in revenue last year… yet they can’t fix a server problem!!

  • rune

    Down in Belgium

  • Mark Smith

    ROCKSTAR suck. A game like this should NEVER be down! Servers are obviously shite, support couldn’t care less about us, and I’ll never buy another damn product from them again!

  • Howard W Fisher

    Services unavailable. 5/9 10pm central Houston TX.

  • Far00z

    I cant get on gta online and its been goin on for like 5 days

  • Aaron P. Jenkins

    I think that cyber attack got to rockstar as well. 🙁

  • Igor Velikic

    *gta 6 comes out* i changed my mind

  • amadeuss1 amadeuss1

    down in EU

  • Jayden Lee Clark

    Down in Australia as well

  • Is down right now in EU… :))

  • Michael Pace

    Down in Eugene, Oregon. Saving isn’t able. Says Rockstar Games Services are temporarily down.. 3:52pm pacific time

  • Jeffrey Havel

    Down in alaska

  • John Manson

    Its down here in Richmond, Va. My psn friend also reported too me earlier who lives in northern California it has been like this the past 3 days as well!

  • Dewayne Alford

    down in NC, support site says all platforms limited except social club. pretty sure that means worldwide. what’s the story?

  • Kris Káfa Kafik

    Down in Czech republic xd

  • Colby Tuttle

    down in ct when friends in my town are playing online

  • Danny McCallister

    Down in Ohio too. What’s going on with rockstar?

  • Abby Holford

    Down in South Carolina

  • Jjjj

    Down in Fl

  • sean

    Down in the state of Georgia in the US

  • John Manson

    id go out on a limb and predict its another endless effort too patch” another clothing or launch glitch yet again! judging of late!! smh!!!!!! (i wish i was sarcasticly speaking as well)

  • sean

    Down in the state of Georgia in the US….

  • Mario

    Down un chile , wtf is happening?

  • sean

    Rockstar you could have sent out a email or something if there’s a problem. I spent hundreds
    dollars on this game. It’s the least you could have done.

  • Mario

    What is happening?

  • Abby Holford

    Maybe it’s the WannaCry ransomware thing causing this

  • Nathan

    Down in East Canada

  • sean

    I read there was a huge hack of about 70 countries that wanted ransom or they would delete everyone’s data.

  • Abby Holford

    That’s the WannaCry thing. Maybe they got RockStar in all this too.

  • Michael Slawienski

    Been down all day here in Detroit. BOOOOOOOOOOO……

  • sean

    I cant even get rockstar support to load

  • sean

    ah ok yea could be it.

  • Samasaurus Rex

    down in canada

  • Abby Holford

    The people live streaming the Halo tournaments just went down too. This is a massive hack.

  • drew

    back up yet? a few of my friends say it is

  • Kirbee14

    Ain’t this bout a b*tch.. The one day I have to myself to play the server wants to be down. Go figures

  • John Manson

    same here! smh

  • Kirbee14

    I’m on now in ATL GA

  • Kirbee14

    Try it now. I’m on 😀

    For now…

  • Abby Holford

    I’m back on in SC

  • David Cabanaw

    Is GTA V going 2 have double the money and RP on heist longer then. This is stupid every time double XP on anything something goes wrong

  • David Marold

    It let me in for sec and said I was awarded 425,000 then error joining session wtf, tried again and I’m in! With the money!!!

  • sean

    I was able to get in to im sure they are working on it

  • sean

    I keep getting disconnected . My charatar disseapers then it freezes and goes to an error about the server. Im in that state of Georgia in US

  • FizzBlue17

    It’s still down at the moment, I’m sure it’ll be back up soon. Hopefully.

  • Abby Holford

    I keep getting kicked out of the server after about 2 minutes.

  • Tristan Byers

    It aint working atm

  • Jose Garcia

    i was playing gta 5 online 2 days ago and now it don’t let me go online. everytime I try to go online it says “your profile does not have the correct permissions to access Xbox live functionality”

  • Peter dubbed


  • MURK

    Hi my online gamer tag is XXMURKURASSXX n on june 8th 2017 every time i try to play gta5 its telling me gta5 servers are down n are experiencing issues all day its 3am n it still want let me on i live in georgia plz rockstar get this fixed n platform im on ps3 n by the way i dont mod so stop banning me plz n thank u i earned everything but every time i kill sombody they report me because they dont want to get killed stop playing gta5 i think the ps3 servers r not up to date but im not sure im driving n half of the map dissapears

  • Casian Horne

    Mine will go the joining gta online and just stay there not frozen or anything just stays there

  • Bill Acord

    Online not working in Monticello ny

  • Demonslayer696

    Keep getting disconnected from gta 5 online on my xbox one rockstar better fix this sh*t -_-

  • Firecryp

    Down atm

  • MeDiCaTeDmInDX Haze

    Woke up today early to get my GTA 5 FIX and servers are down. On XBOX ONE @4:49AM-CALIFORNIA

  • me

    working earlier, now gtav.exe crashes after 2 mins of game-play

  • Alex

    It’s been down for 5 hours now jesus

  • Joey

    Everytime I get on GTA for one my account starts to act up.
    When loading the online screen it only says loading story mode. And then my Xbox says “syncing data to GTA V” “Could not load account data” so I can’t even get online let alone my story account.

  • Zach

    online servers on pc are currently down, :/

  • Lexi

    Its still saying unable to connect to Rockstar games on my account when i Try to sign in. Its been about almost 3 days now

  • Gus

    It won’t let me play jobs

  • John Bakersfield

    Still down can’t sign in server account info is
    Unable to download . 8/1/2017 5pm PST

  • Foolishspy30877

    It seems to be down in ohio, USA on Xbox one started not letting me on (8/8/17)

  • Deven Baker

    First I couldnt do any heist even though I’m level 17, then it was any job now online

  • cliffemall502 hubbartt

    Douchebag of the year has already been decided, so stop trying so hard. You need to threaten stuff the likes the world has never seen before to catch up, ass clown.

  • Gusto

    Virginia, USA. Been going through server problems for over 4 weeks now. 8/20/2017

  • Armando Muñoz Jr

    Can’t get go on line any help

  • Aiden Davis

    Cloud is down Florida USA 8/25/17

  • Derek Krouskup

    Down in Texas

  • Friendly Shadow

    Servers are down in Wisconsin.

  • this is me

    down in ga

  • Anthony Reyes

    Down in Ohio too.

  • this is me

    getting farther

  • Lenny Martire

    seems to say something about offline mode then when i go to login it fails

  • Cillycole

    Out in ky

  • A M

    Europe has trouble connecting too..
    Down in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as well 🙂

  • this is me


  • Zman

    down in Richmond, VA 5:00PM 8/26/17