H1Z1 server status is down after maintenance delay

Those of you who play this zombie game may be a little upset with the latest H1Z1 server status. There is a slight maintenance delay, which means the servers will be down a little longer.

H1Z1 servers went down at 5AM Pacific for an estimated 3 hours, but over on the games official Twitter account they have tweeted they may run up to an half-hour over the expected game maintenance window.

Servers are still down; it is not the end of the world, as you know it. Just a slight delay and hopefully all will be back online soon and gameplay can commence.

Reddit released the H1Z1 patch notes, which includes correction of the jumping height, the server fix for invisible players in BR and Survival, when entering a vehicle there was a crash problem but a fix is underway. Read more about this via Reddit.

If you are having H1Z1 problems please share then here on our brand page.