H1Z1 server status and maintenance

H1Z1 is a stunning massively multiplayer online game developed by Daybreak Game Company, which include H1Z1 Just Survive and King of the Kill and now and then gamers run into a few issues. These problems could be to do with login, lag, downloading as well as codes popping up such as H1Z1 game error g28. But no matter what the problem we would like for toy to share them.

The game for PS4 and Windows platforms sometimes goes under maintenance leaving H1Z1 down and unplayable. What is your H1Z1 server status right now?

Surviving the zombie apocalypse in USA is hard enough, but to be offline and having problems is not kind at all. But hey this is the world of Zombies and they are never nice. If you are having any issues at all please use the comments below and let the community read and join in.

H1Z1 status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if H1Z1 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with H1Z1? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jobey

    Still offline for this maintenance.

  • Meek

    Yeah, i had this H1Z1 game error g28 thing, what does it mean?

  • Kiley

    How much longer is this maintenance going to last?Love the game though its awesome.

  • ziq

    H!Z! is down right now?how long will it takes?

  • Logan Miller

    command promt is popping up everytime I click play on the daybreak screen. It says, “starting battleeye service…” and has been for an hour, I tried multiple times, it just wont work.

  • The_Maskata

    For me the game just dont like to launch i click on h1z1 king of the kill then i log in then i click play it stays like that for about 2/3 minutes then it automatic closes and i cant find the game open and steam is saying that im playing..

  • DJ Spectre

    Got the latest May 11th update, servers been down for 4 hours. This normal?

  • Kurai Kotodama

    In H1z1 just survive the ambient sound gets cut off then starts up again after a few seconds & servers are really laggy.

  • Bluemoon HD (BlueMoon)

    H1Z1: Just Survive is currently under maintenance. For more information, visit the H1Z1: Just Survive site. For server status, go here. but the servers are online wtf is that for an bug

  • Mandy

    my h1z1 server status is basically down, I cannot get online at all. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Brian

    H1Z1 is all about the just survive, but how can we when the game wants to kill us off by not allowing us to play. The game is down again.

  • Nicky

    my h1z1 kotk server status is basically down, offline, not working what more can i say other than annoyed to the hill.

  • Luiise

    I am having issues trying to login to h1z1 kotk.

  • Mikel

    I just keep getting message when I try to login, “The team is looking into the issues with launchpad and logging into the various games.”

  • Adam

    I cannot get to east as it is locked for me. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Macie

    I am unable to connect launchpad. Seems like the servers are down, one minute I cannot get to login and now this.

  • Justin Death

    unable to connect to server 🙁 i really wanna give this a try out…but seems broken which should of been tested a month before release j/s

  • Mike A Davis

    Yea same it jus keeps saying cannot connect to server

  • Cory

    I can’t connect to teams. Been an hour now

  • SExylicious

    When are servers up again?

  • SExylicious

    When are servers up again? I’m in Europe

  • Jamesjason Welch

    Servers are currently down. No info has been released on if it will be back up today.