Hay Day problems

Hay Day is an addictive game when nothing is going wrong, but when problems do occur such as opening up the app, not loading on Facebook or a complete server outage, people will want to complain. This is where Is Down Right Now USA comes into play, we are here so you can have your say, no matter how big or small the issue is.

There are always updates and sometimes the Hay Day sneak peek can sometimes be overwhelming, new tasks, improvements to the search, new minimum level to join a neighborhood. One of the latest to be included in the Sneak Peek was new in-game events, just head on over to the official Facebook page by clicking on the link provided on the right of this page.

When there is a Hay Day update thousands of players tries to download and install at the same time, meaning the game will not respond as fast as it should. If you are having issues with the Supercell app not working or connecting to Facebook is an issue please do comment below.

Hay Day status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Hay Day is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Hay Day? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Hallie

    I had to uninstall the app and download again, but still having issues with the game staying on, just keeps crashing on me.

  • Nancy

    My game is stuck at the installing stage, this was jsut after i upgraded, I have tried to ask apple for help and they cannot help me.

  • Brian

    My Hay Day app is not loading, is there an issue today we do not know about?

  • Key

    Hay Day seems a little temperamental at the moment when trying to play, it just crashes now and then.

  • Crystal

    I cannot load this game using WiFi but i can using 3G or 4G, why is this so because it doesn’t make sense to me?

  • Sarah Lang

    Game is stuck on connecting screen

  • Adams Teresa

    I havent been able 2 play my hayday in bout 5 days! It says connecting but never connects…I had just hired Tom for 5 days and only got 2 days because it won’t connect. I’ve emailed supercell and left comments but no one has answered me at all. I spend money on this game every week….I at least deserve an answer!

  • Adams Teresa

    Mine is doing the same thing

  • Dan

    What kind of phone do you have and who is your provider?. Mine started Wednesday last week. I have a galaxy 5 and use straight talk. Works fine on wifI but when on mobile network is just says connecting!! Very frustrating.

  • Adams Teresa

    I also have straight talk..and my fone is the LG sunrise..cheap fone but I’ve never had any trouble with my games..and now I can’t play anything..my fone keeps saying “unfortunately Google play services has stopped”. I don’t know what is goin on but yes it’s very very frustrating! If u find out anything plz let me kno

  • Carolyn

    Sept.15,2015. Hayday is not working.

  • Mar

    Mine does not load anymore 🙁 please help,

  • Help

    My hay day says I need to update it to make it work, so when I clicked update its says all your apps are up to date.

  • bill

    Hay Day hasn’t been able to load for two weeks! What’s going on?

  • mini me

    i play hay day everyday and have real money invested! I have not been able to log in for a week and had just gotten into the derby! Surely there is some technician with the knowledge to fix this game. I’ve been getting kicked out all week and that’s not fair. I expect a full refund of my monies!!

  • Jamie

    me too

  • Melanie Gebhardt Wright

    I had no problem until 2 days ago. Now hay day will not load. Starts and then shows “updating” and then says cannot connect try again. I am having no problems with any other apps. I can’t be the only one having this issue

  • tpetrone

    My hay day won’t load unless lm on wifi.. It won’t load on 4glte ever since the update a month ago! What can I do I have tried everything

  • Carolina

    I’m have issue, too. Have not loaded hay day since December eighth now.

  • Great man

    My game, I can’t even pull up it says cleaning when I go to it.

  • Sue Stanton

    I have the exact same problem!

  • brw

    I haven’t been able to play for months and I can’t get an answer back to get my money I have spent on diamonds. It is loaded, it loads up I can see my farm but as soon as I try and do something it goes to a blank screen

  • Lin

    Can’t get game to load ask morning, unistalled/reinstalled both hay day and facebook and restarted phone. Got into game intro, but when i told it to load my user, it went back to hanging and not loading.

  • Fleur

    Hayday crashes everytime i try to open the derby, the boat, the market shop, or when im playing longer than 30 seconds.
    Hayday crashes after the update today. Im playing on a samsung tablet! Please fix the bugs, please fix the crashes! I want to join the derby!

  • kim

    The app won’t open after the update…unfortunately hay day hasc stopped working

  • Debbie Ann

    Android app requesting update, but when selected, no update button available on Google play. Will not start.

  • Clyder17

    Android app very slow and choppy since the latest update. Any suggestions on what I might try?

  • Jessie

    Not loading since update yesterday for Easter special event .

  • loverboy

    m having the same loading issue. the game freezes at the loading page.can’t play the game since 4 days 🙁

  • Marysia Masia Grochowska

    I can’t open game last 2 days..yellow bar keep connecting/updaiting and again..my google connection doing well,so what is wrong??? I check so many players have the same problem..Send myself emails to game center support, they advise open settings!:( HOW????? IT’S NO POSSIBLE NOW! from 2 days i see only yellow UPDAITING/CONNECTING!

  • Marysia Masia Grochowska

    no! I have exactly the same problem!

  • warda

    i have huawei not loading

  • Rii

    The game is not working for more than 2 weeks for me. It keeps connecting / updating and so on and on and on! Nothing is happening besides connecting/updating. I did everything what Hay Day recommended, several times actually but nothing helps.

  • Shaun Lindsay

    Hi Rii – Have you got the issue sorted, my daughters game is doing the same, it’s showing the Halloween characters but flashed connecting…updating…
    Thanks Shaun

  • Jimmy

    I cannot open my Hay Day app, is this to do with the new meet the helpers update?

  • Zori

    Is there maintenance going on? Funny how since yesterday October 30th i have not been able to pen this app. Halloween is spooky.

  • Max

    Hay Day app is down for me.

  • Joyce

    Why is it taking so long to upgrade hayday with apple got another farm on android tablet and it upgraded no trouble if I had the nerves to swap hayday from my iPad without losing it l would then I can say goodbye apple

  • Annie

    Can’t get into the game today since the update. Can’t collect my derby prizes. ☹️

  • Carol Padolsky

    I can’t get into the game since the since the downloa I can’t find a new download to in the App Store. Please help my farm needs me.

  • shay

    When I click into my Hay Day app, it says to download the new update & gives me a download button which takes me to my AppStore but there is only an +OPEN option & not an +UPDATE option so when I click +OPEN it takes me right back to the game again. Is anyone else being taken in circles like this?

  • jennifer beverley

    I have the same problem. It is 520p on east coast. I have been trying all day.

  • Sharyl

    Try going to the App Store, select ‘Updates’, and there should be a Hay Day entry with a “Update” button.

  • Mena Hayday

    I just updated my iPad to the new version of iOS 10.1.1 and I am able to play! Know I’m updating my iPhone & hope it will work!

  • Juan Tamad

    Updated Hay Day to Version 1.30.141 in Andriod. Now I’m stuck in the loading screen and can’t play at all

  • Kola Bear

    I updated my hay on my tablet and I couldn’t get back into it so I deleted it and reinstalled it and I still can’t get it to open. What do I do

  • Kola Bear

    Someone please fix hayday

  • Tiff

    HayDay keeps crashing for me since I have updated. It played just fine before now I can only play for a few minutes & then it shuts off. Extremely frustrating! This is the only game that I have actually spent money to play. Please fix this!

  • Batya

    My problem is the same as Tiff’s. When is this going to be fixed???

  • Sheri Waterman Stewart

    I can get the update on my iphone6, but it will not load on on my Ipad Air. This sucks.

  • Kimberly Wise Rizzolo

    I am unabel to get onto Hayday since doing the update on Monday.I reported several times no responce.I have tried everything even uninstalling and reinstalling the game still wont let me on and i have lost my level 78 farm!! Will this ever be resolved????

  • long time player

    Unable to load for multiple days now since update

  • Frustrated:/

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and have never been so UNSATISFIED!!! I have been trying for days to access the game but have been unsuccessful in doing so. It simply says loading as if it gets stuck. There wasn’t an issue until the recent update. Please fix this issue before you loose a lot of your valued players!!

  • Pamela Flores

    Using a Samsung S3 and since last Mondays update, I have not been able to play. ..keeps crashing

  • IChosetheBrownDollbaby

    Hi Mini Me. Do you mind sharing what happened with your inquiry? Did Supercell fix your issue or refund you? I’m having the same problem. It has been a week since I reported my issue. No response. Thanks for info!

  • larry b.

    I have uninstalled the game several times and reloaded it but still wont load….I have a Samsung s3.

  • jen c

    I have a problem with connecting to facebook and when I get into my farm stand it has a different person listed…like someone hacked my account…the same name appears when I open hay day

  • Tam

    Same issue as most and game will NOT LOAD! No one seems to be listening!

  • Lorie

    Since the maintenance they did on the 15th, I’ve not been able to connect to Hay Day. I’ve spoken to them and all they do is tell me to uninstall, clean and delete things. And none of it helps. The servers just wont let me connect anymore. There seems to be ZERO help for us. Lvl 72 Farmer 🙁

  • Jeb

    For several days I have been unable to load the game. It says connecting but doesn’t make any progress. I have an iPhone 5. No updates for hay day or iOS that I know of so not sure why this is happening…

  • RTR100

    I can access Hay Day on my phone, but neither of my tablets will access Hay Day. I get connecting, and then updating until it time out. This has been going on for a week now.

  • Angeles

    I can’t connect to Hay Day. can anyone help?

  • Earl

    My game isn’t loading it just says loading

  • 92 Alpha

    I can not connect to heyday even with a data connection and WiFi at home.
    Once I click on the app it repeatedly day connecting, then updating. I’ve done everything from uninstalling to reinstalling clearing data etc.. someone please help….NOW

  • 92 Alpha

    Have you figured it out yet.


    I downloaded Hay Day and can’t play it because it is stuck loading…

  • chantelle

    Hay day is not connecting its is now almost two weeks

  • Lauri McAlpin

    Not connecting

  • V

    Won’t open. Stuck loading. Soooooo irritating!!!

  • Sha

    App updated but showing as download the update when I open hay day

  • Jacki Morie

    New update required for iPad. When I click on the download button it takes me to the store, where there is no update but only an “OPEN” choice. That choice takes me back to the “must download new version” screen in Hay Day. Circular frustration!

  • Steph

    I updated the app but when I go in it, it didn’t do anything

  • Karon sears

    Having this same problem

  • Victoria25

    Help! HayDay asking for an update. When I click to update takes me to screen to open the app. When click open takes me back to the message to update!!! Any suggestions?

  • Victoria25

    Having exactly the same problem. Anyone offered you a solution?

  • Jacki Morie

    nope – and still not fixed

  • Jacki Morie

    Come on Hay Day – no way to play all the dang day. How about fixing this!

  • Jacki Morie

    I cannot even find any indication SUPERCEL knows or acknowledges this problem.

  • Carrie Burge Avant

    Game will not open. Continues updating!

  • Js

    I got thru update….stupid neighbor tutorial starts every time you return from fishing or town….ridiculous….hanging up and glitch ingredients constantly.

  • EJ Nolasco

    Helpppp! Whenever I click update it continues to go back to the same message to update. I have been doing this daily for so many times already but I failed. I can no longer play since the recent update. Any solution for this?

  • Shannon Campbell

    Mine can’t connect to the server….

  • Calimero

    It crashes on opening. This has been happening for the whole past week. I can play in between, every now and then… LG L90

  • Aislinn Thurman

    I haven’t been able to play since Saturday! It won’t even open up, just goes to a black screen.

  • K Pink

    Can’t connect on my iPad. But have another hay day game on my android phone and it works fine. Don’t understand

  • Beth

    Help I can get on Hayday with my I pad. It now works on my I phone but I want it on my I pad. When will it come back up. I love this game .

  • Kranky

    The server running the store has started being selectively slow. Everything and I mean nearly everything has been sold the instant the magazine clicks open. It was reasonably ok before the update but now it’s not worth opening

  • Mary Camacho

    not connecting right now

  • Ann Victoria Wilson

    Havent been able to connect since August 28, 2017


    am i the only one who is stuck on the connecting / updating page… it wont open up to my farm…ive uninstalled and reinstalled. but nothing worked…weird.

  • patricia norris

    The mail box will only open half way or less for 10 seconds and growing. I have no chance of competing like this. I have sent Hay Day 3 messages and discredit the problem. Here’s the answer. It’s on my end I have to many things saved and I have no room. This is not true as I rarely save on my Nook. The there was other reasons why it was my fault. I didn’t even get a we will look it, or sorry your having trouble or your a valued customer.
    I guess thermaking to much money to be bothered by me. Or it seems that way. Also the game is running selectively slow, that started before the mail box first page started freezing half open.
    Any one else experiencing this problem?
    I wrote to hay day again I wonder if I will receive an answer.

  • Abdullah Yousef Shami

    its been down for over 10 days

  • Abdullah Yousef Shami

    same problem, goona get a new game farming im done with hay never works a day


    i fixed mines some how….what i did was clear my data in the applications manager. then i uninstalled the app for a couple of days. when i reinstalled it, it worked with no problems…….that was just freakin weird…….but i feel you. hayday is starting to get REALLY old now. its the same crap over and over again….and the special derbys are just a load of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..400PTS MY ASS!!!!

  • Terry’s Farm

    It is saying my app was updated but when I go to hay day it says it needs to be updated

  • Peter

    My hay day won’t work, I can’t down load it and I don’t want to lose out on my diamonds.

  • Vikki

    Update not available in the App Store but HayDay won’t let me in. Says game needs updated.

  • Cat

    I deleted the app and re-installed. Works fine now

  • Kleinie

    I can’t get it to update…it doesn’t show any updates available

  • CJ

    Can’t find update for Hayday in app updates.

  • Karee Greene

    I open the Hay Day app and it says download when I press it goes to the App Store and it just says open. I don’t get why they haven’t fixed it yet.

  • Linda Simpson Reid

    When I went to Hay Day app, it says update needed. I clicked on download, it goes to App Store and on Hay Day it says open. I click on open, it takes me back to page stating update needed. Does this on both iPhone and iPad!

  • Lois Mattson

    Deleting the app, & reinstalling, got mine to work again

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    I deleted the app. Went to App Store and uploaded the hay day app and opened it. It automatically downloaded, updated – it worked!! Didn’t lose my farm. Whew!

  • Ashleigh Smith

    Constantly crashing on me. It’s getting super annoying. It started when I updated the game a week ago. It’ll crash like every couple of minutes

  • Kelsey

    Deleted and re-downloaded app and it still keeps crashing and every time I’m about to fill a truck order it changes the price to one coin. Super frustrating, have tried everything. About to delete the app permanently because I’m over it.

  • Josh

    I just downloaded the new Hay Day update version 1.37.104 and now it is stuck, just says “Update Needed” and not able to open any other screen.

  • Lynn

    Hay Day devs need to sort out a fix to resolve problem I am having after downloading the new update, since doing so I also have issues with it saying an update is needed.

  • Lisa

    When I open HayDay it says update needed get 5 diamonds, so I click on download and it opens Apple Store but the button says “open”, not update. When I click on the open button it brings me back to HayDay where it again says update needed. So it’s in a loop. Just started today 12/18. USA player.

  • Suzanne Ward Huckaby

    When I try to download the update it says open instead of download. It just keeps looping.

  • ynpguy

    Yeah, I get same thing too. Stuck in a circle. I even tried closing Hay Day, then navigating to the pp store for the update. Nope. The App store seems to “know” that I have Hay Day loaded in my device, running or not. Only presents an “Open” button. 12/18/2017

  • Lisa

    Hey all.. just letting you know I was able to update Hay Day and it’s working again. I tried again tonight and it again said to download update, so I clicked on it and got to Apple Store where it said “open” again.. this time I clicked on “updates” on the bottom right bar of my IPad and when I did that, the Hay Day update appeared again but this time said “update”. It worked!

  • John

    I updated the app but now keeps on crashing when you want to open the game. It loads until it says “updating” and crashed immediately. Please Help.

  • Mw1981

    Hey Day won’t even load… having the same issue as most for 2 days!!… keeps trying to load but saying it is updating then loading then nothing opens!

  • Kat Nuchols

    My game keeps saying updating. Won’t load.

  • Grandpa

    Same here. No help on SuperCell site. They say it is “fixed” or at least maintenance is “done”. Still cannot load game, and getting tired of this. May just dump it and not come back. Shame since I have 4 years into it, big barn, level 130, etc.

  • Ella

    I love hay day and it stoped working it said I needed an update but when I went to the App Store nothing was there that said I needed and update really annoying.

  • Mary

    It directs me to the App Store to update, but there is no update available. Is anyone else having this problem

  • Linda

    Same issue. Game redirects to App Store, App Store just says ‘open’ it does not have an update

  • Linda

    Update won’t download on App Store. Can’t play Hay Day at all.

  • Rie

    Since sat april 15 Hay day update will not download to iPad which is compatible please post corrections – When click on download goes to App Store with open button clicking return you to opening HD page with download reiorement

  • Amy Keegan

    I completed the update, and now it won’t connect. Been on and off since the update.

  • Amy Hutchinson Tanner

    Have been able to connect 2 times since the update. Keeps saying connecting then unable to connect to server. All other apps running fine on my device.

  • Suzy Badger

    Updated Hay Day on my phone, Samsung 7S edge, on Monday morning. Updated Hay Day on my tablet, also Samsung, on Monday night. Game has opened on my phone 2 times since them but works fine on my tablet!! Supercell needs to let their players know what’s going on and give some idea of when it will be fixed! I’ve posted 2 messages on the official Hay Day Facebook page this week (along with several 100 other people!) and emailed Supercell directly but have seen no replies on FB posts and got no response to my email!! Is ANYBODY even getting our messages?????

  • shannon webb

    App keeps crashing on LG Tablet but runs fine on android phone any suggestions besides uninstalling and reinstalling? Emptied cache and even dumped a few apps to make sure there was plenty of room. Restarted device but to no avail. Game loads up but as soon as it begins screen closes out. Help please!

  • Nano

    I can’t even download the app

  • shannon webb

    Lg tablet Hay Day is the only app that won’t load or crashes immediately after loading. I’ve factory reset .. installed and uninstalled. I’ve kicked out apps and cleared memory all for nothing. It’s only Hay Day crashing still. Please fix it’s been over a month now unable to play.

  • shannon webb

    So we put our issues here and still no body addresses them…what’s the point of this¿

  • Masoomi

    Loading slow after last updates

  • Jazzkcl

    What is wrong with this game, it is so slow loading.

  • Lisa Crowell

    Hey day was updating and then it telling me server is not responding and to check my internet connection And try again . What I s going on ?

  • Michael Smith

    Still not working!!!!!! A week now!!!

  • Valerie Simpson

    Been booted out all day March 16. What’s going on ?

  • Cathy Mac

    Supposedly installed update and now hayday wont load. Went into app it offers OPEN then sents me to same screen that just keeps loading. Is there a solution? I purchased a so called package so this is very frustrating!

  • Bonnie Holland

    My game will not load for 1 month now.

  • Beaver valley 72

    Mine has not been able to load for the last two days.

  • Mame Ohenewaah

    Using Samsung galaxy S9 with android version 9. Whenever I tap on the valley board, the whole game shuts down.

  • Terhi

    Hay Day has not been able to function or load for the last tre days. I am using iPhone8.

  • Sandhya Patel

    My hayday game is not loading since last 2 weeks

  • Apoorva Gupta

    Not able to connect since yesterday.

  • Em

    Unable to connect to hay day for over a day now.

  • Regina martin white

    Unable to connect to my hay day

  • Ant

    Updated hay day a month ago. Game will come on but features in game will not load up. Been a problem since the last update

  • Dawn Polidori

    I’ve been trying for 2 days, to get on hay day and it won’t connect. Everything’s fine with my Wi-Fi all my other games I play. What seems to be the issue?

  • Paulo Francisco

    Same here (Samsung S7)

  • Dawn Polidori

    Paulo I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it I ended up right where I was and it started working.

  • Julia Copus

    Mine has been down for well over a week. No WiFi issues. All other games are fine.

  • Andrea Brooks

    No access to Hay Day for a week! Still nothing today and they claim they fixed the problem.

  • Tammy Nighthawk

    Hay day not loading or connecting to wifi or Facebook

  • Blessing Bakare

    Hay day not connecting since yesterday. My internet connection is okay, other games are playing but hay day game to loading. South Africa

  • Blessing Bakare

    Hayday game not loading

  • Hillary Welton

    Hay Day not connecting. Stuck on opening screen and progression bar is about halfway. How do I fix this?

  • Pam

    Hay Day hasn’t finished loading for over a day now. Status bar stuck about 55%, on good wifi with other apps working.

  • Silver

    Hay day has been stuck loading at about 80% for 20 hours.

  • Lisa

    10/30/19 Has anyone found a solution for Hay Day not loading? Been a week since I’ve been able to open it and play! Really don’t want to try deleting and reinstalling in case I would loose my level 119 status.

  • Jil Heppell

    Why wont hay complete loading

  • Steph Russell

    Hay day will load once And a while on my tablet but normally, I hear the start up musicand screen stays grey, then have to restart my tablet . ive cleared cache, checked settings, tried google play version and apk, uninstalled and tried again and again and again haha 🙁 just wanted to play on a bigger screen and cant figure out why it loads sometimes but majority it just does as stated above…. Pls help ! Boys and I are trying to see how quick we can level up haha at this rate theyll be so ahead of me. Love this game, dont want to find a diff one

  • Jimbob

    Still not able to connect. Same issues as everyone else. Tries to connect, gets about 80%, then stops. Good connection. Other supercell games work. But not Hay Day. So sad.

  • Carol Eason Burt

    Hay day not loading yet why

  • Carol Eason Burt

    Mine is doing the same do u know y

  • Mishimoo

    Hay day down for me since 2nd dec

  • Frodan

    3 devices in our house, 2 of them work fine with hayday, 1 hangs when loading at 80% like the others here reported.

  • Maharshi

    Hay day keep crashing when I press continue to update my level. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. But it didn’t work. It keeps crashing repeatedly. My phone memory, ram everything is fine but it didn’t solve the issue.

  • Crystal Lynn

    Hayday keeps crashing when I press on friends and followers bar. I’ve been playing for years and haven’t had any issues till now. I’m disappointed because I’ve spent money on this game and I can’t even play it. This started on the 16th of December and still no improvements.

  • Trina S Miller

    hay day not working

  • Jennifer Smith

    Will not load, goes to a black screen and then back to Blue Stack’s home page. So sad.

  • Caleb

    When I click on the game everything is normal it goes through the loading process
    but then it lags goes to a blackblue screen and kicks me out

  • Carrie Jenkins

    Heyday not working kicks me off and keyboard not able to use since new updates 31 March and 1st April 2020. Playing on 5th gen kindle. While family play it. Three pads no problem. Two with the same problem. Been playing for a year, really unhappy. Any suggestions?

  • Pam Shank

    Yes it loads on my iPad, BUT not my iPhone – grrrr lost a puzzle piece on a boat because I didn’t have my iPad with me!! So frustrating!!
    Other issues I don’t understand too!

  • ellen smith

    hay day will not load. first time in years. have lost everything. this happened after i signed up for the stupid super cell id

  • Marla K McFarland

    Haven’t been able to open hay day for 3 days. What’s up?

  • Paula

    The game just won’t liad

  • Sharan

    Been having problems with hay day. When u go to buying items from other players, when u go to their farm site the game closes. Well now I can’t even open the game. What is going on???? I see I’m not the only one having bit issues with the game

  • kathy

    Hay day doesn’t load for me on my iphone. It tries to load, but kicks back out. I tried to delete app and try again, but it does the same.

  • Janet Yanulevitch

    Not been able to get Hay Day on tablet for a week now,stuck on connecting thing!!!

  • SC Smith

    Works find on Android phone. Trying to play on LG tablet (reset to factory, so no space/memory issues) & stuck on loading screen before crashing. I’ve uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, repeat. Just won’t work.

  • Almas Nasim

    Stuck in the connecting thing. Wont load at all

  • Almas Nasim

    Stuck in the connecting thing..wont load

  • Hermiany

    I have an iPhone and I was playing hay day then it kicks me out back to my home screen. I have no clue what to do.

  • Shellie eads

    Game will not load

  • M C

    Crashes on opening, great update!!!!

  • Leslie

    Crashing on my Android but not on my ipad. I mostly play on my Android.

  • Jennifer Moutou

    Not opening crashing

  • Cindy

    Hay Day will not load. Is it me or you?

  • Sabina Watts

    I cannot connect my hayday with facebook since the iOS update 14.5

  • S. Gray

    Hay Day is stuck on the “connecting” screen… 4 days in a row now.

  • 8th Conversation

    The update won’t finish installing. Every time I go to check it’s still working on it. NEVER experienced this before. What do I do? Can’t play HD without the update. Help!

  • N.rapose
  • Cathlene Du Preez

    I’ve forced stopped, cleaned cache Uninstalled restarted and installed it again. Same issue don’t want to open.

  • R. E.

    Haven’t been able to log on for 3 days after the update. App crashes after being reinstalled

  • Juliann Steiner

    Not on my android.

  • Tanveer Ahmad

    My hayday sticks on loading and then the message says hayday is not responding. Its since last update. Please help