Hay Day problems

Hay Day is an addictive game when nothing is going wrong, but when problems do occur such as opening up the app, not loading on Facebook or a complete server outage, people will want to complain. This is where ‘Is Down Right Now USA’ comes into play, we are here so you can have your say, no matter how big or small the issue is.

Hay Day problems

There are always updates and sometimes the Hay Day sneak peek can sometimes be overwhelming, new tasks, improvements to the search, new minimum level to join a neighborhood. One of the latest to be included in the ‘Sneak Peek’ was new in-game events, just head on over to the official Facebook page by clicking on the link provided on the right of this page.

When there is a Hay Day update thousands of players tries to download and install at the same time, meaning the game will not respond as fast as it should. If you are having issues with the Supercell app not working or connecting to Facebook is an issue please do comment below.

Hay Day status reports for Friday 21st of October 2016

To find out if Hay Day is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Hay Day? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Hallie

    I had to uninstall the app and download again, but still having issues with the game staying on, just keeps crashing on me.

  • Nancy

    My game is stuck at the installing stage, this was jsut after i upgraded, I have tried to ask apple for help and they cannot help me.

  • Brian

    My Hay Day app is not loading, is there an issue today we do not know about?

  • Key

    Hay Day seems a little temperamental at the moment when trying to play, it just crashes now and then.

  • Crystal

    I cannot load this game using WiFi but i can using 3G or 4G, why is this so because it doesn’t make sense to me?

  • Sarah Lang

    Game is stuck on connecting screen

  • Adams Teresa

    I havent been able 2 play my hayday in bout 5 days! It says connecting but never connects…I had just hired Tom for 5 days and only got 2 days because it won’t connect. I’ve emailed supercell and left comments but no one has answered me at all. I spend money on this game every week….I at least deserve an answer!

  • Adams Teresa

    Mine is doing the same thing

  • Dan

    What kind of phone do you have and who is your provider?. Mine started Wednesday last week. I have a galaxy 5 and use straight talk. Works fine on wifI but when on mobile network is just says connecting!! Very frustrating.

  • Adams Teresa

    I also have straight talk..and my fone is the LG sunrise..cheap fone but I’ve never had any trouble with my games..and now I can’t play anything..my fone keeps saying “unfortunately Google play services has stopped”. I don’t know what is goin on but yes it’s very very frustrating! If u find out anything plz let me kno

  • Carolyn

    Sept.15,2015. Hayday is not working.

  • Mar

    Mine does not load anymore :( please help,

  • Help

    My hay day says I need to update it to make it work, so when I clicked update its says all your apps are up to date.

  • bill

    Hay Day hasn’t been able to load for two weeks! What’s going on?

  • mini me

    i play hay day everyday and have real money invested! I have not been able to log in for a week and had just gotten into the derby! Surely there is some technician with the knowledge to fix this game. I’ve been getting kicked out all week and that’s not fair. I expect a full refund of my monies!!

  • Jamie

    me too

  • Melanie Gebhardt Wright

    I had no problem until 2 days ago. Now hay day will not load. Starts and then shows “updating” and then says cannot connect try again. I am having no problems with any other apps. I can’t be the only one having this issue

  • tpetrone

    My hay day won’t load unless lm on wifi.. It won’t load on 4glte ever since the update a month ago! What can I do I have tried everything

  • Carolina

    I’m have issue, too. Have not loaded hay day since December eighth now.

  • Great man

    My game, I can’t even pull up it says cleaning when I go to it.

  • Sue Stanton

    I have the exact same problem!

  • brw

    I haven’t been able to play for months and I can’t get an answer back to get my money I have spent on diamonds. It is loaded, it loads up I can see my farm but as soon as I try and do something it goes to a blank screen

  • Lin

    Can’t get game to load ask morning, unistalled/reinstalled both hay day and facebook and restarted phone. Got into game intro, but when i told it to load my user, it went back to hanging and not loading.

  • Fleur

    Hayday crashes everytime i try to open the derby, the boat, the market shop, or when im playing longer than 30 seconds.
    Hayday crashes after the update today. Im playing on a samsung tablet! Please fix the bugs, please fix the crashes! I want to join the derby!

  • kim

    The app won’t open after the update…unfortunately hay day hasc stopped working

  • Debbie Ann

    Android app requesting update, but when selected, no update button available on Google play. Will not start.

  • Clyder17

    Android app very slow and choppy since the latest update. Any suggestions on what I might try?

  • Jessie

    Not loading since update yesterday for Easter special event .

  • loverboy

    m having the same loading issue. the game freezes at the loading page.can’t play the game since 4 days :(

  • Marysia Masia Grochowska

    I can’t open game last 2 days..yellow bar keep connecting/updaiting and again..my google connection doing well,so what is wrong??? I check so many players have the same problem..Send myself emails to game center support, they advise open settings!:( HOW????? IT’S NO POSSIBLE NOW! from 2 days i see only yellow UPDAITING/CONNECTING!

  • Marysia Masia Grochowska

    no! I have exactly the same problem!

  • warda

    i have huawei not loading

  • Rii

    The game is not working for more than 2 weeks for me. It keeps connecting / updating and so on and on and on! Nothing is happening besides connecting/updating. I did everything what Hay Day recommended, several times actually but nothing helps.

  • Shaun Lindsay

    Hi Rii – Have you got the issue sorted, my daughters game is doing the same, it’s showing the Halloween characters but flashed connecting…updating…
    Thanks Shaun