HBO Now is a very good Internet streaming service, so when something goes wrong, which is very rare users can get a little annoyed when there are issues. If you are having HBO Now problems then you have come to the right place to share and discuss.


Customers are most annoyed when there is a server outage leaving HBO Now on demand down completely. Other issues consist of not being able to login, videos not loading or running very slowly.

Maybe you are having sign-in issues or not allowing you to open your app version on your mobile device, but whatever the reason simply share your location and your troubles to the community.

HBO NOW status reports for Friday 18th of August 2017

To find out if HBO NOW is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with HBO NOW? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • De’Vontae Dejaun

    up in chicago

  • Ron Hudson

    Just came on in Arkansas

  • Steve Holzer

    from buda texas able to login to web and roku3, playing on roku3, won’t play web

  • Janis

    Not working in Corona, CA

  • Wilton


  • Tyler Thurston

    Can’t you get Dumbledore to fix it?

  • Gregory Carlos

    up in San Diego

  • WeWantTheFunk

    I can’t wait to cancel this subscription. Only one more week after this.

  • Demetria Shaw

    Yes!!!back up in Dallas!!!!!!

  • Al Fontaine

    Working on Roku in CO.

  • anthony

    Back In NH

  • Brian

    Not the Father’s Day gift I wanted!

  • Shelley Carney Anderson

    It’s back on in Green Bay, Wi!! Finally!!

  • Janis

    NOw its on.

  • Sathish

    its back in troy, mi

  • Meagan Walters

    Ok everybody relax. It’s only because GOT is so popular that everyone tuned in at once and it was more than their network can handle. This season’s been slow in the middle and all fans know this is where shits gonna happen. Thank you to the CEO for letting everyone know your working on it.Things happen and it’s not like you won’t get to see it in a few hours. Be thankful they created HBO now. Usually you need to pay for cable to see new seasons airing.

  • Sylvia A. Goodwin

    So do you think I should cancel my HBO now subscription that I have through Google Play which renews on July 5th and then just continue my HBO now subscription on July 19th through my Amazon Fire stick when they charge my credit card again?

  • Sandy

    Up in Michigan now

  • father of dragons

    the North will remember this!

  • Brian

    Still Winter in PA

  • Alex Drennen

    Working in Chicago

  • Andy

    Back in Detroit,MI

  • Ted Anderson

    The CEO did not reply on this thread. That was someone trolling.

  • Ryan Manning

    back in AKRON OH

  • Angry GOT freak

    this blowsss

  • Marmalade

    Just now started working in Iowa.

  • Annoyed

    Up and running in AZ!

  • Jenny

    Won’t let me sign-in in Chicago. Says wrong user name and password, but it’s not. So tried to reset password and though it says reset password email has been sent to my account, I don’t have it yet. Frustrated!! We were in the middle of watching a movie when it cut out over 1 1/2 hours ago! Ugh!

  • Ted Anderson

    I’m watching OITHNB until I hear more evidence that it’s back up.

  • Angry GOT freak

    Same here Jenny. I’m using the correct pword, but tried to reset just in case, no reset email sent and I did it 20 mins ago.

  • chardra

    It’s back up most places. Try rebooting your device

  • David Augimeri

    Working now in Dallas

  • Angry GOT freak

    Apparently it’s working in Dallas an Houston.. but I’m in Austin an no luck :(

  • Ted Anderson

    “most places” are not saying it’s back up. It’s hit or miss across the board.

  • Missinglink

    back up in Land O Lakes, FL

  • Jacki Viles

    Back up in Atlanta

  • Angry GOT freak

    Back up in AUSTIN! PEACE

  • Ted Anderson

    Back up in Salem, OR! Happy viewing people!

  • Doug Petroshius

    Back up in Chicagoland. On Roku not Chrome. Did have to restart Roku device.

  • chardra

    Gee I guess when it includes you it is “most places”

  • Ted Anderson

    Fun to be a smart ass on the internet.

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    back up in Gville, FL for ROKU! did restart Roku device and delete and add back HBO NOW app to home screen. had to sign in again, but no more error messages! yippee! GOT Time y’all 😀

  • Meagan Walters

    That is my bad, no the CEO probably did not reply. But everything else still stands.

  • Dustin Good

    anyone still having issues?

  • Justin Bell

    Just watched oitnb for an hour. Now everything is fine.

  • ptezco

    Had to beam from iphone to apple tv. Even After the Thrones is showing only season 1…

  • Jordan Brookins

    I did the same but only til about nine

  • Jordan Brookins

    Worth the wait….

  • Wakita Bradford


  • Nitaka

    Thank you!!!

  • Light

    Holyholdthedoor was that intense.

  • Ross


  • Peter Gunn

    and just like that I am having problems again, hbo you have pissed me off 1 too many times tonite..

  • Hodor


  • emm

    Has anyone had any luck with the password issue? Before I realized the service was down for everyone, I thought it was just my own problem. I signed out, and tried to sign back in. It said I had the wrong password – even though I knew I didn’t, I tried to re-set it. It says it emailed me, but never received anything. Been doing this for hours, probably 50 times. No dice. Tweeted HBO, no dice. Completely locked out. Anyone else?

  • emm

    Any luck?? I’m having the same problem. Been trying for hours. About to cry. :(

  • Sean Ada

    Oh wow. We have an Internet bad ass over here. If 15 bucks a month is expensive for you then you should probably not be spending it on HBO.

  • Ross

    No, but I do kiss yours.

  • credulousdolt

    Hoofah. My crabbed organ of generation feels worlds better already.

  • Katelyn Abbott-Marsh

    Anybody else getting an error message about the server right now?

  • Scooooter

    plays two frames then halts. re: any video series/movie.

  • DoomNymph

    HBO NOW is freezing up on both my iphone and my laptop. tried Chrome and IE. refreshed my router, refreshed my laptop. Netflix is streaming just fine. Even tried it out on my computer that is hardwired in and it’s moving super slow/freezing up. :(

  • Vicki Howell

    HBO won’t load in Ft Worth TX. It is down.

  • H. Adr.

    HBO Now is refusing to play and is giving a message that says, more or less”write to file system failed because there is no space left”

  • Annette Greenspan

    How do u download a movie HBO

  • Annette Greenspan

    Please tell me

  • Ebudgirl

    as of 7-22, my hbo now wont load on my roku tv (new tv). anyone else?

  • Slr

    Can’t play anything, can’t remove channel, won’t work after restart. Only option I see is to cancel my subscription and start a new one. If it isn’t resolved by tonight, that’s what I’ll do.

  • Taaubo

    It stopped working for me too. When I click it, it’ll show the opening screen and then go right back to the Roku menu

  • Ebudgirl

    That sounds exactly what happened to me

  • rsg0917

    Me too. Mine stopped working, it does the same thing. I’m totally pissed and do not understand.

  • J.Mac

    I am experiencing the same exact thing.

  • Shawks2013

    For the past week it won’t play on my Xbox one. It’ll play for maybe a minute and then buffer out. So frustrating.

  • Irene Crocker

    Same for me.. it just completely opts out when I select the app

  • Dan

    I chatted with Roku support yesterday as I’m having this issue on my new RokuTV, after working fine for 2wks. Apparently HBO has changed the API of their streaming service and the Roku software developer(s) are still changing their Roku HBONow app to handle the change. They would give no estimated completion date, and claimed they’d already escalated to mgmt. I plan on checking mine every few days to see if it resumes working.

  • Ebudgirl

    Hi Dan! Thanks for the update!
    Please let us know when you have access, and I’ll try to do the same!

  • MikeeJ

    HBO Now will not work on Apple TV. Anybody found a work around?

  • Hamster Hockey

    HBO NOW won’t load on Roku for last two days (at least)

  • Steve Sayer

    HBO Now will not play videos on IPad App in Florida.

  • Save Us Jeebus

    Umm…Showtime’s app works perfectly.

  • Save Us Jeebus

    I can’t get HBO Now on Roku to do anything really. It will only play the first thing it lands on when it opens, then it won’t play any sound. Ugh. As I said above, Showtime’s Roku app works perfect and is cheaper than HBO Now.

  • brain

    I was also having issues with HBO NOW not playing on my xbox one. I reset the system and so far is working fine. But before that it hadn’t worked for approx 2 days . hope this helps.

  • Save Us Jeebus

    I think HBO Now updated on my Roku a few days ago, but I’m still having the same problems. Only shows like John Oliver will play with no problems…BUT…only one will play, then you have to get out of HBO Now and go back in to watch another and, even then, it’s a crap shoot as to whether it will actually play. I can’t play movies at all – no sound. The HBO splash/rating screen comes up (with sound), then the movie loads and no sound plays. UGH! This has got to be an HBO issue…Every other channel I have on Roku plays everything perfectly – Netflix, VUDU, Showtime are all good. I would love to have HBO Now, but I won’t pay $14.99 a month for a crappy channel with no sound. C’mon HBO!!!

  • n2dep2care

    Works for 5minutes then freezes, constantly. Will not hold my place in a series, have to forward scan to find where I left off, annoying! Not worth the money until they fix the issues.

  • MaGicBush

    Not working for 3 days now on Xbox one. I am unsubbing. It’s almost twice the price of Netflix, which has quadruple the amount of shows and now doesn’t work. Was fun for 2 months.

  • Abby

    Cant login, “An unknown error occurred. Please try again” keeps popping up

  • dub1ous

    We just bought it for apple, logged in on xbox one and it says to renew your subscription. Will call for support later but its lame we cant use it in both rooms

  • Bob Merkt

    Took the free offer and constantly having problems with streaming. My internet connection is 36 mg down and all you need is 25 Mg down to stream Netflix 4K which I do regularly without ever a problem. HBO craps out just running 1080. What up? They are killing themselves.

  • chris9465

    HBO Now has been nothing but problems since it launched. On the xbox one and PS4 its nothing but audio video sync is spotty at best. I only came here looking to see if all the problems are at least acknowledged.

    From the 1st paragraph I can tell this is another bought and paid for advertisement.

  • CamelTojo

    I just close the app and restart it and it works fine.

  • Avinono1

    It’s down right now- when clicking on tha app I get a black screen on my ipad

  • Wsholar

    Why do certain shows not run on my Apple TV?

  • RiotGirl

    Not working on my ps4 either. I send customer support an email. Hopefully they know already. Damn right in the middle of Westworld as I binge watch. Grrr

  • Anjrue Sellers

    Yeah, I agree. I’m upset just like you. We’re the same you and i, you know…

  • RiotGirl

    Down again… if anyone monitors this or cares. I was so happy when it came back up b4 Monday too. Guess it’s Netflix. Hopefully this gets ironed out. Netflix has never done this.

  • Yougfshouse

    Vice news tonight not working nov 21 2016

  • Joe Ramsey

    Getting an error msg when loading the page on the Mac. WTF?

  • Frank Northmead

    HBO Now is down for Apple TV now

  • Shelby Hansen

    Mine has been down for a week. So is
    Rebooted, its paid. No luck. Wtf?

  • Tony

    Down for Apple TV right now. Unable to load any content through the app.

  • Shaun Bassett

    Apple TV HBO Now goes to blank load screen and sits idle.

    But works in iPhone. So I suppose I can mirror the show to my TV. But not ideal

  • Todd Shanker

    HBO Now down in Michigan – friggin ridiculous.

  • Todd Shanker

    On Apple TV

  • Brian David

    I get a white flash on MacBook Pro (in both Safari and Chrome browsers), same issue on PS4.

  • Brian David

    No video, just aduio. Worked with no issues for the past several weeks.

  • Michael A. Gable

    Ok I stream through Roku and have as of late have had issues with HBO Now.
    when I watch a movie it stops every 5 minutes and says it lost connection, no other devices are interrupted. When I check my settings it states I am connected.
    I also stream Netflix and Hulu plus and don’t have these issues. I have had different issues in the past with streaming movies, when I have I stream through my computer which is a gaming computer have 8 Gigabyte of Ram no issues but when you buy HBO through Roku they haven’t given my a sign on through my computer to stream yet…. I am about ready to give them a ultimatum to let me stream on my computer or I will cut my subscription…

  • taylor

    Having the exact same issue but with Chromecast

  • Michael A. Gable

    Ok so I removed hdmi cable to the roku and put the RC cables connected and what do you know…it works not perfectly but well. All I can say neither hbo or roku are ready for hdmi cables…I can’t see any difference in clarity or definition. And I can now stream through computer.

  • brooder

    the streaming service seems to be offline right now. Quite frequently, recently

  • Ethan

    HBO NOW is down again!! It’s frigging ridiculous. You pay so much for the service and keeps going down again and again and again.

  • Sarah Justine Hunt

    Been down for the past 25 hours

  • KennyB123

    It’s down. Multiple devices.

  • trakblue

    Anyone having trouble today (2/4/2017) ?

  • bob martire

    Have no HBO Now

  • Michigan Mel

    Down. Again. *Sigh*

  • Christine Fedruk

    app is crashing on my android tablet even after reboot. Not sure if it is the service or the app.

  • elladeon

    Is it down? I’ve tried the Roku and PC, and neither works.

  • Jennifer Green

    It’s down on roku

  • Wendy Greenstein

    down now on firestick

  • Felicia

    app down and on chromecast ultra

  • will

    HBO now is down… Technology hates me today .

  • jimmy

    HBO is down, response from server is bad data in stream, HBO says it is a reported issue

  • Gary Thunder

    I’m so glad I just made an hbo now account. I must have the worlds best timing. lol

  • Jessie Moore (MzNightmare420)

    Down on Xbox One app

  • Monk

    Down on iPad as of now.

  • DrugCourtAttorney

    Keep getting “unexpected error” message on iPhone

  • amber rose

    Down on Roku and IPad app…sucks!! :-(

  • Draxo Drax

    Down or Roku in KC

  • la

    Yep, down for me too across all platforms.

  • Publius HBOicus

    Down on a Windows 7 pc

  • Spaceghostess

    Down on Roku in Mystic, CT

  • Stephanie Ayala

    Down on Roku in Michigan

  • Corey

    Down on all apple devices

  • Skip Federico

    Down on Apple TV in Covington Louisiana

  • Kevin Moore

    Down on android app.

  • GBo

    Was working earlier today for me. Literally up to about 1 hour ago.

  • Skip Federico

    Looks like it’s up!

  • Princess MB

    Down on Apple TV and iPhone. Up on Xbox one app

  • Bennie Bingham

    Down on Amazon Firestick and from my iMac. The app opens and I can navigate, but no content will stream due to content protection error.

  • Silight

    Intermittent on Roku right now in Athens, PA.

    503 error then works a few minutes later.

  • Erica Rodriguez

    Still down in North Carolina

  • Toney Erwin

    I keep getting the 503 error it’s been all day here in Kansas it won’t let me watch anything

  • Shawnna McLaughlin

    503 in Montana

  • Samantha Renee Ruble

    Is HBO still down ? Hasn’t been working since yesterday

  • Amber Madden

    Down in Ann Arbor, Michigan for days. 3/14/17.

  • Frank Abbot

    “An unknown error has occurred” HBONOW, on firestick. After each step I’ve tried to log in.
    1.Force Stop
    2 Force Stop, Clear Cache
    3 Clear Data
    4 Uninstall, Re-install

    Novi, MI

  • chris karlic

    Down in Northeast PA

  • J

    Not working. Will I be able to start my trial over?

  • AT

    On the computer, links on the website are not working. Site comes up just fine, links to videos do nothing…
    On my xbox one S, the videos constantly freeze up. Just about every 15 minutes. It’s always been like this. Is there a fix in the works?

  • AT

    oh, in Denver, CO.

  • KV

    Down for me as well, has been all day.

  • Greefer

    Had problems streaming yesterday. It was fine this morning, and now I have the same streaming problems again.

  • Chips

    Slow, interrupted streaming today. So annoying!

  • Vicki Isola

    2am pmt. Streaming just went down. Super annoyed as I live in Vegas an many people work 2nd shift and this is their prime time viewing window. Anyone else?

  • Teresa Dombek

    No HBO Now in upstate NY.Super frustrating. …

  • Casey Lane

    ‘An error has occured. Please try again later’ Getting this message on a galaxy s5. Nothing will play

  • chris

    having problem with download

  • Fletch Jackson

    HBO NOW will not load; can’t get to login prompt on android tv Message: job now has stopped.

  • Idaho Show

    HBO Now will no longer load on our Android TV. Has worked for the past
    year without issue and just noticed problem yesterday. The problem is
    specific to the app on the TV (Sony 4k) and still opens on laptop. No
    message is displayed, just reverts to the app screen. Going to cancel
    subscription if TV viewing is no longer an option. All other apps on TV
    work fine. Have cleared cache, rebooted TV, factory reset, etc.

  • Mar

    HBO now on Apple TV, latest version, is not loading last nights episode of bill Maher. It is showing up in the TV section, but will not load from the app. Tried deleting and reinstalling HBO Now, no luck.

  • Ian D

    Trying to sign up HBO now, from Roku, I enter all required information and all goes well until I press the pay button, then I get a message saying my credit card address is not valid. I use the same card on Roku to pay for other services without problem. Contacted both Roku and Google, each service claims the other has a problem anyone run into this before?

  • Bullet Bob

    HBO NOW is NOW down…actually, STILL down (2 days)…5 July 2017 10:42AM CDT.

    OMG whatever will we do?

  • Kay Ferrell

    This happened to me! I ended up having to create another HBO account which kind of sucks, but at least you get the first month free so when you cancel your other account you won’t have to pay for the same service twice.

  • Trina Gilletti

    Mine keeps connecting, then kicking off at about the minute mark. I’ve done everything.

  • Regan Hunter

    My HBO now on PS4 is running super slow and won’t play any video

  • RiotGirl

    Super slow and won’t play videos for the last 4 days. I’m using HBO Now and in California.

  • CS

    Down during Game of Thrones!!!

  • Daniel McNab

    me too. this eats ass

  • Nichole

    We have been trying to watch GOT S7E3 for almost 2 hours. There is such a lag that is impossible.

  • Brandi

    Still having problems, that’s 6 days. Sometimes it won’t play at all. It’s not my Internet connection either, cuz Netflix has been working perfectly. I’m about to just drop HBO!

  • vtbobm

    HBO NOW not working 10:09 am CT for streaming GOT S7E3.

  • Sas Christian

    HBO NOW unable to stream on Apple TV or IPhone/iPad

  • Paul Frost

    Detroit, MI. 6:30am EST. Works on my phone (cellular) and my laptop on my home WiFi, but not my fire tv. Could be an Amazon issue somehow which wouldn’t surprise me either.