HBO Now is a very good Internet streaming service, so when something goes wrong, which is very rare users can get a little annoyed when there are issues. If you are having HBO Now problems then you have come to the right place to share and discuss.

Customers are most annoyed when there is a server outage leaving HBO Now on demand down completely. Other issues consist of not being able to login, videos not loading or running very slowly.

Maybe you are having sign-in issues or not allowing you to open your app version on your mobile device, but whatever the reason simply share your location and your troubles to the community.

HBO NOW status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if HBO NOW is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with HBO NOW? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sam

    Same exact thing for me

  • ilnanaretaw

    Same issue.. except then it tells me to renew my subscription and when I click that it tells me I already have the service. WTF.

  • Sean Ada

    Doubtful but if so congrats.

  • Sunshine Then

    Furious that this happened on this episode. Can log in (now), but still can’t click any episodes on any device! Roku, computer, iPad, different browsers.

  • vaibhav jangam

    we nee melisandre for HBO NOW

  • He Has No Name

    You know nothing Katie

  • Michael

    Go ahead and kid yourself.

  • Barn farts

    Turn your computer or tablet off, wait 30 seconds then restart it. Worked for me


    Holding the door in St Louis Mo still working

  • Kari Gil

    Thanks Obama

  • Duesce

    Still down in Austin

  • AerynGwendolyn

    Down in Pennsylvania on and off.

  • Brian Coari

    They had the GAUL to blame MY WiFi signal!? They switched to audio-only and said “try a stronger signal”. My WiFi is fine, fix your system.

  • Rich Henry

    Actually they don’t have one server location. A service like HBO has content distribution across the world from various locations, so yes their comments are meaningful.

  • Ahmed Barakat


  • African girl

    just restart and try again. I have a Samsung 7

  • Alonzo

    Well I certainly can’t launch any videos at all.

  • RayonLuvsU

    we better get a free month of HBO Now because of this crap.

  • Charlie

    Same thing. Its asking me to renew but already am a subscribed member.

  • Cherry Bee

    It’s still not working in south jersey. it kicked me out and is still giving me an error code.

  • tess

    down in New York

  • Theresa Keohunani Taber

    Down in Hawaii!! – Damn – I guess next week – don’t everyone hit GOT on HBO’s crappy cloud servers at once. If this outage lasts to long everyone will just have to come to Mauna Kea, Jason Momoa is here holding his battle axe in one hand and cradling the mother of dragons in the other!
    www wewearmaunakea com

  • De’Vontae Dejaun

    Everyone is here because of George R. R. Martin. A girl would do well to recognize that.

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    down in gainesville, FL. 🙁 good thing i came here, thought my ROKU was acting up again…

  • Benny

    The ISP and the streaming service are the pillars…..blah, eff it, down in Maryland

  • Cathy

    What the hell!!! Was this planned HBO??

  • Melissa Hunter Arellano

    Down in Charlotte

  • jim

    Been having weird issue like get it to play then stop have to get completely out then back it to start again ….,

  • BabyDietrich

    Down in NYC.

  • norota kai

    Not in denton. Can i come over?

  • Mike tyson

    Really? Today?!

  • James Fox

    You guys suck!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmed Barakat


  • Tim Fellow

    Down in Denver. Only getting a white screen (of death). Winter came, I guess.

  • Ana

    To just watch a show?! It isss!! Considering im paying for cable and some other channels ughhhh

  • Ahliz

    Can’t wait more

  • AerynGwendolyn

    That’s what it’s doing here, too. It’ll play a little, then go down.

  • Kyle

    The app is back up


    no content will play

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    H-Town going down. The finals it is

  • Rickie Bansbach

    Still down in PA! WTH?

  • Hendrik Dahlkamp

    No, really. Try turning it off for 5 minutes, to de-energize the electrons.

  • RKW50

    This is why I stopped paying for premium channels, and purchased HBO Now just for GOT. Of course, when this season is over, HBO now is cancelled until GOT next season. At least we will be able to see this later.

  • Ahliz

    Still Down in Boise, ID

  • Ronda Wilson-Ratton

    i want my GoT, I can’t sign in from any of my devices

  • Rich Henry

    HALP. It’s getting to where i have to stop reading other sites to avoid spoilers. HBO… work with us here.

  • Alonzo


  • tess

    im getting either status code -1000 or -3500

  • Same here. The IPhone app won’t even let me sign in.

  • Andrea


  • Katie

    Maybe for different countries. But not for different parts of the US.

  • Ryan Manning

    Looks like they’ll be offering some more free months for new subscribers after this debacle

  • Barn farts

    The NBA really wants you to watch basketball

  • Shyam

    Can’t click on anything!

  • Stephanie Perez

    Anyone been in contact with HBO NOW about this?

  • Kit McGee

    Can’t log in, but I can use the app in Minneapolis.

  • Sacha Rathe

    Mine is Apple TV

  • #CancelledNOW

    Down in illinois…and HBONow is CancelledNOW

  • Kayla McPeak

    Still down in Ohio 🙁

  • TRIP

    Is this just HBO Now or also done on cable and Direct TV. Mine doesn’t work in NC

  • Laura

    Down in Idaho 🙁

  • yummytummy

    down in South jordan, UT. 🙁

  • Nathan Groat

    Down now Kansas


    watching now want me to post updates on whats going on with this episode

  • Alonzo

    Same Here

  • Sam

    Still down in NYC…

  • CeeLoRen

    As soon as the NBA Finals are over it will work. #thepowerofdisney

  • Deuce

    I finally was able to log in, but cant play new episode… ATX

  • Ronda Wilson-Ratton

    down in Lakeland, Fl

  • Lance Mascarenas

    Philly is down. Boarding up the windows now. Riots getting out of control…. Food is low. Will no one save us?

  • Michelle Love


  • Richard Plepler

    Hello everyone, this is Richard Plepler CEO of HBO. I am sorry, we are experiencing some usually high network traffic and working on resolving the problem. The service should come back up at Midnight EST. Thanks for your understanding !

  • Ahliz

    I blame Chaina

  • Isaac Askew

    Larger websites absolutely have multiple servers hosting their content.


    Ha! Hodor is alive! who knew?

  • KingMarvel

    Well this “free trial” sure isn’t making me want to buy HBO…

  • Adam Chao

    Katie, you honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Ross

    Down in kenya

  • AryaStark

    Probably won’t come back up until the episode is done airing.

  • nikita

    im just going to be like ayesha curry and blame the nba and the cavs for this

  • Leslie Braniger

    Yep, and an HBO Now would also do well!

  • WeWantTheFunk

    What am I supposed to do now? Talk to my wife?

  • tom


  • Amanda Lazarowitz

    I get that and error 500 and an error 504

  • Jan Todd May

    Up finally in FL

  • Joe k

    Down in NJ!!

  • uw0tm8

    Logged in now but still can’t get video to load. Kind of funny that the illegal streams are working but HBONOTNOW is down. For the site is dark, and full of errors.

  • txsaint

    A device has no connection.

  • Stephanie Perez

    This HAS to be a joke.

  • Dane Harvey

    a girl will go to ammospy . net to find the best deal on ammo

  • Brian

    Damn Lord of the Light

  • matt coulter

    Says to renew subscription i did already

  • Unfinishe

    MAYBE… if everyone stopped trying to login in every two minutes, then… I might be able to get on. Go spend time your families. It’s father’s day. Play a board game.

  • KingMarvel

    Don’t do it man! It’s a trap!

  • Ross

    you shut your goddamn mouth

  • Graham Slater

    not workin in southern california, wtf

  • RayonLuvsU

    Yes, just talk to your left hand

  • Gary Qian

    Aw man, I just got to the point where Daenerys dies and it froze up on me!!!!! NOOO! Why HBO!

  • Dylan Young

    If i see spoilers, someone oughta get sued

  • highbury

    HBO Now doesnt work on Fire tV but works on iOS

  • David Augimeri

    Dallas Texas is out also

  • Shyam

    It works in the App. But not in the browser.

  • Ygritte

    You know nothin HBOOOOO

  • Maria Nichols

    Down in San Marcos and tried all the trouble shooting… Now what!

  • Melody

    Cant get it to work for me in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Bree

    This all day lmao rotfl

  • yogoddess

    oooooh! just came back here in LA!

  • Louis Perico

    Georgia here; that’s what i got as well. can’t pull it up on pc and phone won’t pull it up either ><.

  • Richard Plepler

    Hello everyone, this is Richard Plepler CEO of HBO. I am sorry, we are experiencing some usually high network traffic and working on resolving the problem. The service should come back up at Midnight EST. Thanks for your understanding!!


  • Carl

    Hodor holding the door closed to game of thrones

  • Shantwan Franklin

    Down in Norfolk Va

  • Susan Teagarden


  • Nicholas Greiner

    working on my iphone now

  • Michael

    Why? We are all canceling after next week until season 7 anyway. What are we going to do after next week with a free month? Watch Veep?

  • Ryan Manning

    I hate you.

  • Talish Alizade

    Is anybody here who is not trying to watch Game of Thrones?

  • Morgan

    sick troll broooooo

  • Dylan Young

    Do we believe him though.

  • Phil Kupczyk

    Working in Tampa

  • Gary Qian

    Aw man, I just got to the point where Daenerys dies and it froze up on me!!!!! NOOO! Why HBO! Dang.

  • Randy Niles

    Down in the Twin Cities metro area, MN.

  • GetYaMindRight

    on in Brooklyn

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    seriously, we do it right and pay them don’t pirate the episodes and look how they do us…dirty…

  • Richard Plepler

    Hello everyone, this is Richard Plepler CEO of HBO. I am sorry, we are experiencing some usually high network traffic and working on resolving the problem. The service should come back up at Midnight EST. Thanks for your understanding! !!

  • Uuu

    What’s the Muslim say when he walks into a gay bar???

  • Ryan

    Fecking ISIS white walkers

  • Ryan Manning

    You shut your whore mouth

  • Alonzo

    Do you kiss you mom with that filthy mouth?

  • Jimmy Smith

    I just hope it’s working in time for Silicon Valley…

  • Andrea

    Hbo we’re about to come and eat every fvckin chicken you have

  • Andy Waller

    Can log in but can’t click on anything! I’ve been trying to watch GOT for the last 30 minutes…

  • just passing

    HBO NOW, how ironic.

  • Brian

    Daenaryis is really a guy? Didn’t see that coming

  • Phuck Ewe

    HBO was paid off by the NBA so no one will leave the game

  • Brian

    Now working in WV!

  • vaibhav jangam

    HBO itself

  • Shally


  • Will T

    iOS works in Denver!!!

  • Adam Chao

    Guess I’ll go watch SPORTS BALL.

  • RayonLuvsU

    it’s working!! for me…though

  • Deuce

    They’re customer service line is busy

  • Barn farts

    I want my free trial refunded immediately!

  • RA

    If you say you’re watching the episode now…you’re LYING! If it’s down for one it’s down for ALLLLLL. Stop lying…

  • Jessica G

    Everyone is trying to watch GOT back up in Knoxville TN

  • yoo tuber

    Just started working in nyc

  • Rich Henry

    Holy crap… playing…. central ny. Sorry all you’re on youre own.

  • KingMarvel

    No episode is still better than last week’s episode.

  • ivleague

    Working now for me in Los Angeles

  • Nate Wise

    Seriously??? How about you give me a refund than?

  • Robby.

    Streaming in IA!

  • Mercworx

    cant be real

  • Phuck Ewe

    I bet it comes back up when the finals are over in about 30 minutes

  • Carman Lovett

    Down in GA

  • Daniel A

    Working for some folks on the East Coast.

  • Ahliz

    yaaaaaaa back in Boise, ID

  • Michelle Love

    i always welcome more people to talk about GOT with. I only have a select couple to talk with anyway

  • RayonLuvsU

    I’m watching it right now

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    I do it the right way, I don’t steal the episodes by pirating, I subscribed to HBO Now just for GOT….and look how they treat us. UGH. SMDH.

  • Frodo

    It’s down in Narnia and Westeros

  • terr

    its up

  • Just_Me


  • Akbar Smith

    Try restarting your app. That just worked for me.


    Does not appear to be working in Charlotte NC

  • Adam Chao

    Guess I’ll go watch Sports Ball. >:o

  • gina

    working now in ATL’

  • Billy

    Streaming now in Greenville SC

  • Nick Schoenfeld

    Back up!

  • kalim Shaikh

    APP working

  • Patric Peter Concepción

    It’s working on mobile now. But it will now even let me log in on Safari or Chrome on Desktop. I don’t want to watch this on the little screen! #YouSuckHBONOW

  • Chris Bitterman

    Shots for everyone!

  • Kyle

    Back up on both app and laptop!

  • herzog00

    not working in NJ!

  • Ahliz

    It’s back on the app guys … Boise, ID

  • Joey Pabst

    15$ a month is expensive when a lot of people only watch GoT on HBO Now. 20$ isn’t much money but I would never spend that much on a tooth brush. Idiot.

  • Evan Shlegelheimer

    Yep, also in Austin. No better luck.

  • Henry Willmuth

    Holy cow did you just say midnight? This is not the ceo. If your really the ceo….what are the middle names for your children

  • Rhayven Coats

    Why do I get the feeling that this is somehow Bran’s fault……..

  • RayonLuvsU

    Working over here in Southern California, Los Angeles

  • Gerald Spencer

    I believe it, since there is no word from hbo but to show the day’s schedule for Game of Thrones will be on at 10:34PM Central Time

  • Cherry Bee

    Is this for real??

  • :(

    Website still down in RVA

  • Spencer

    Midnight?!? Is that a joke?!!?

  • TJ

    Apple TV won’t work and phone is only working sometimes. Glad to know its not just me

  • Nate Wise

    How about you refund everyone than??

  • Isaac Askew

    Yes, for different parts of the U.S.

  • Jason Spangler

    Working again in Michigan (Kalamazoo)

  • Olivia Hamilton

    anybody know how long it’s been down for?

  • kayvon

    not working on Safari in FL. i am PISSED

  • Mercworx


  • CeeLoRen

    Its working in Central Florida!!! GAME ON!

  • Shyam

    I dont wanna see it on my tiny phone screen. Get this working in desktop browser HBO!

  • TrayeLynch

    Back up for me.

  • Michelle Love

    netflix is more reliable.Back to OITNB

  • Cherry Bee

    There is no understanding here! Just a bunch of really angry people..I’m hoping this was a joke..

  • Sunshine Then

    Since before the episode started

  • James

    Down in Alaska and I’m pissed! Bad enough waiting on Martin to write a dang book now this??? Grrr

  • Talish Alizade

    3 Free months of HBO now for the frustration?

  • norota kai

    Is this Bran meddling with our lives?

  • DC_Guy

    I enjoyed your talk at SAIS in March!

  • Nate Wise

    Since 9:00 when got started it went down

  • Benjamin Gehring

    Logged in in KC, but can’t watch the episode

  • Joey Hill

    Not working here in Norfolk, VA yet

  • Mercworx

    In the unlikely event this is the CEO. I want you to know this is the last year you will get any money from me.

  • KingMarvel


  • Mercedes Elaine Hager

    I was just using it for my kids!!! How is it going to stop working right after I put them to bed and change it to GoT???

  • fml

    still can’t click anything on the website

  • Kedar

    down in dallas tx

  • Demetria Shaw

    I’m in Dallas Texas and can’t get it to play on any of my devices!!!!! The only relief I feel is that I’m not the only one!!!!

  • Mr Crnkovich

    still no hbo in Portland

  • Brian

    Status in xboxone?

  • slice

    got it to work on android, but cant get it via web. guess the screen will be tiny… (Indiana, USA)

  • Cbruce

    You’re ruining Father’s Day.

  • Hendrik Dahlkamp

    Back up and streaming in San Francisco

  • Hp

    How about we raise the banners and just watch pirated hbo from now on….if your the ceo then you know this a real risk. Plex. Etc

  • Kayla McPeak

    Right! GoT and Silicon Valley is our Sunday night thing. 🙁

  • Vickie Rutherford White

    Down in ne ms…aaargh

  • Candy Harris

    Winter is coming and you are getting thrown at the Walker’s. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Alkons

    Yep, tried like 20 times and now we are in

  • James

    Been on phone with hbonow for 20 mins so far… Any streaming sites have it up? Lol

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    still down in FL…WTF

  • goombasixty

    same, i was watching on it right up untill GOT was supposed to air

  • Kayla McPeak

    Basically, no. Haha

  • Othoniel Cruz Rondon

    HBO Go for Amazon Fire TV is down for us here in NC… and it has to be tonight Seriously Tonight!!! Why????

  • Ctx

    Down in TX – Video Error it says 🙁


    Im just trying to watch Everest

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    Houston Texas is Still Down :/

  • David Scott Seymour

    I feel you RVA Brethren

  • Ash

    Is it working for you here in the bay area yet?

  • Mercedes Elaine Hager

    I have service code 4000 showing up

  • Ahliz

    It’s down again in Boise, ID

  • Rich Henry

    Sorry, but there are multiple in the US, sometimes multiple servers per region if it’s busy.

  • Jon Nicolas

    They have one job.

  • anonymousposteryeah

    You don’t really know how the internet works, do you? There isn’t one central HBO NOW server, there are a bunch of server farms all over, and HBO rents some space on them to serve content. It can definitely be down for some and not others.

  • Rodolfo Garcia

    arizona not working

  • RayonLuvsU

    Watching the intro right now, it’s working for some people at the moment.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I have been trying to log in and nothing in CT

  • Othoniel Cruz Rondon

    We we all should get a month free for this issue we are all having!!!

  • Olivia Hamilton

    mines still down

  • Gena Hoxha

    Currently imagining walking the CEO of HBO down the streets of Westeros naked yelling : Shame… Shame…. Shame …

  • Chris Daniel

    I’m so angry right now… I always watch with my fiancee in the phillipines and her cable HBO works fine while my HBO now isnt working at all……



  • Allen Campbell

    Not working in Augusta, GA

  • Nny

    Still down for my app, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.


    4 real this time…

  • De’Vontae Dejaun

    Whoever that was that got in, and then proceeded to spoil the first 10 minutes… you suck.

  • Ryan

    Send Ramsey Bolton to HBO

  • Harry Potter

    Definitely not working in Hogwarts Castle

  • chardra


  • Cameron Rainey

    We’re aware members are experiencing technical difficulties tonight. We hope to resolve this ASAP. Please follow @hbonowhelp for updates.

  • RA

    People are saying it’s working in SoCal…it is NOT.

  • Amanda

    Still not up here in Central Georgia. Tried Android, tablet, PC. NOTHING.


    First world problems, how am I supposed to watch VEEP!!>!>!>

  • They did, and he’s flaying my mellow.

  • Nick

    Down in Denver CO

  • Stanley John Amditis

    Ugh. Game of thrones and hbonow is not letting me watch it. Error -4000. Guess the servers are overloaded.

  • Kayla McPeak

    Thanks for the update good sir! We’re still loyal customers! Things happen.

  • T W

    HBO Now on Roku: watched a movie til 7:30ish; a little after 8pm tried to get on to see GOT and had to sign in. wtf. Then some “unexpected error”. Tried again. Error 500 internal server error. Guess everyone is watching it? Better be able to watch after everyone else is done! (WI)

  • zoro green hair

    i can watch it on my phone


    How did the dragons get all the way to the wall?

  • Dustin Good

    in colorado, same issues. you’d think hbo would anticipate this kind of crap. the second they upload a new GoT, they should expect a billion people all launching the video at the same time.

    its not like they dont have the money for adequate servers…

  • Andrea

    Still Not owrking here in GA

  • Connie Kakes Crawford

    can log in but won’t load aughh in FL

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    is it because there are to many people trying to stream HBONow all at once? Everyone stop streaming HBONOW except me?

  • iislessthan3you

    Think ABC made a deal with HBO to shut off the server so that more people would be faced to watch the NBA finals?

  • T W



    Streaming in St Louis Mo

  • MARI

    Its working in NE PA

  • James Fox

    Service code 4000 tells me a lot you pieces of CHAFF!!!

  • Ray Mahannah

    Down in Windham Maine

  • hannah

    Still not working in VT

  • Futt Bucker

    Working in Austin, tx!

  • James Torrey

    not gr…

  • I have never had this problem status 406??????

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    I’ve restarted it like 10 times, but really wanna watch it on my t.v…ugh

  • Andrea

    Is anyone getting a renew subscription error?

  • B

    🙂 i love you people -valar doeharis or whatever the f—k

  • Franklin

    hbo now? not at all! its more like hbo later on. not reliable.

  • Yoda

    Believe you I do not…

  • I am

  • John Snow

    This night is dark and full of terrors

  • Tyler Burnette

    Down here in Madisonville KY. Was able to login in at 8:30 but now I cant even do that

  • Gerald Spencer

    Someone wrote that it went down moments before the NBA game started. Could it be that all the bandwidth was taken for that event. It frequently happens in Chicago when large events are being broadcast (seeing that everything is Internet now).

  • Eudis Duran

    If you look at the Javascript code in Chrome browser, you can see that some idiot ( probably a Junior developer) wrote some erroneous code, and it’s crashing the system with Syntax Error. What a shame. HBO should hire better programmers.

  • TheShittenbergs

    Doesn’t HBO know our drinks are open and our queso is warm?! Horseshit!!

  • 4cite

    finally came up in Baltimore ~ 55 minutes late

  • Revelation78

    Yes; using Amazon Prime and FireTV. Spoke with Amazon and they already notified HBO.

  • Carl Moore

    Nothing in Columbus Ohio

  • AryaStark

    Back up on Apple TV

  • Melissa Hunter Arellano

    Can now log in but get media is temporarily unavailable

  • chardra

    That’s what everyone was getting

  • dylantedwards

    Down in St Cloud, MN

  • MAT

    Not working in NJ

  • AJ

    Its sucks..paying 14.99 hoping I’d get to watching GOT before illegal websites load them online….Now I’m so furious

  • Mercworx

    Episode 9 wont play though. LOL

  • Kass

    Is my first day watching on HBO, if is like this every time when I watch something , I will unsubscribe

  • tom

    this is what load testing is for, HBO.

  • ethan

    Can log in but nothing plays. Iowa

  • Dave

    Yes but fails when I attempt to renew

  • Nora Nalle

    Back up on Apple TV in Rhode Island.

  • norota kai

    Back up in denton tx!!! See ya later!

  • Daws001

    At this rate we’ll be able to torrent it before the service is back up…le sigh.

  • Andrea


  • Matt

    Working in Vermont now

  • Gary Riggs

    Not working in Oklahoma

  • TOm

    We’ll I guess I’ll have to download it pirated in 10 minutes… smh

  • dylantedwards

    Doesn’t necessarily mean the code is erroneous. Just can’t find a resource perhaps.

  • Baby Girl Walters

    Working in Rockford, IL… this city is a dump

  • Talish Alizade

    Reading people complain about not being able to watch GOT is more fun than actually watching GOT 🙂

  • Jazmin

    Down in MI

  • Laura

    Tried logging in about 10 times and then it worked. Yay!!

  • Rodolfo Garcia

    Im in Phoenix Arizona 😉

  • Nate Wise

    19 min.. It’s a 69 min episode

  • Tiny thrones

    Down in washington state

  • bill

    Can log in here in MA. Can’t click anything though.

  • JEF

    Finally up in Las Vegas!!!

  • Brian

    Something new: code 4000

  • NeverNot

    Playing in not-HD now in Maryland USA
    I have some choice words and gestures for you, HBO

  • mtones

    Log in is fine but nothing plays, Bay Area California.

  • Choupette

    Just got it to work in San Diego! Keep trying!

  • Mercworx

    NC here. It will play episode 1 automatically but cant click on 9

  • Lily of the valley

    Working now. Fingers crossed

  • r+l=j


  • Shally

    Just started working in Florida

  • Wakita Bradford

    I’m up now via mobile phone in Decatur, GA…..

  • Daisy Jane

    Working now, Cary NC

  • Dylan Young

    working in NYC

  • Julie Beach

    It’s finally working on Apple TV in Indianapolis!

  • James

    Site it’s streaming on?î

  • Sally Stricker

    Down in MN. Was finally able to login, but the site is otherwise

  • Alex Drennen

    The issue isnt with high traffic. One of the devs effed up the web app code. Just look at the console: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined” – clearly a messed up JS script. Get it figured out, corrected, and redeploy asap. Noone can use the app in it’s current state anyway, no need to wait until midnight.

  • Stacy Woods

    Right. Bye Felicia

  • AntersBear

    Working in NC PEACE!!!!!!!!

  • Kouri Linder

    down in KC

  • Dustin Good

    denver here, got the show to load

    no spoilers from me

  • Hunter

    It’s down in Arkansas as well.

  • Mercworx

    episode 9 is playing now in NC

  • Dave

    Yay. It’s working now.

  • Jim

    Back up in Huron, OH

  • Zarox

    Working now in NY

  • Joey Hill

    Well I can log in. still no streaming though

  • r+l=j

    working in Berkeley, CA

  • deeply annoyed

    Up in San Antonio, like an hour late. :-/

  • Annoyed

    Not working in AZ. Was working earlier today….

  • Andrew

    Working now in Charlotte NC on mobile app

  • Revelation78

    Back up on FireTV – originally getting renew subscription issue. North Carolina

  • Macie

    I’m using my xbox to watch this and it wont even log me into the app. It keeps saying “authenticating” and when I do get to the log in screen nothing happens.

  • Stephanie Perez

    Working for me in NY… for now.. let’s hope it stays this way

  • Hunter

    The website is down as well.

  • Moni Marie Borawski

    will play from phone now, but still no ROKU 🙁 Florida

  • FurryWhiteboy

    its working in FL now

  • John Trollston

    Colorado Springs Colorado, I can login but still not stream now

  • Ryan

    It’s playing for me now

  • markhardin12

    I have fire stick and can’t watch anything now. Trying to watch Netflix but that login screen to renew hbonow pops up and stops it all

  • Quentin

    OMG……..I’ve paid my monthly subscription on time, where’s our Game of Thrones? Now I won’t be able to discuss the episode with co-workers tomorrow!

  • Raymond

    still down here in Corpus Christi, tx

  • dylantedwards

    Seems to be working now in MN

  • marc

    still can’t watch on mac in northern virginia

  • Abner Morales

    Working in San Francisco CA

  • Hh

    I knew aria was going to be a dragon rider!!! This is great

  • Sublimelove

    I’ve been subscribed to the NOW app since it came out! Never had any issue like this! I LOVE my HBO!

  • Ronda Wilson-Ratton

    working now on my kindle but not pc

  • skratchez

    Finally! Back up computer in AZ. Good luck GoT fans 🙂

  • Nunodigital

    Working now in NJ

  • heidisatwork

    Phoenix, AZ the new episode is listed, bur get “An Error Occured” Dont these people know we NEED GOT?

  • William Mercado

    Still down in Dallas, TX

  • Sylvia A. Goodwin

    It keeps telling me that I need to renew my subscription when my auto pay is on July 5th. So I gave in and said ok renew my subscription. Then it said I have a free one month trial that starts on June 19th and ends on July 19th when I have already had a free trial so WTF?

  • bill


  • Cameron Rainey

    Back up in SC

  • Jo jo434434

    Ramsey’s Dead!

  • Susan Teagarden

    Back up Houston TX. It is streaming

  • chardra

    Up in San Jose, CA on Roku

  • De’Vontae Dejaun


  • FrAnklin

    It’s back up in Tulsa! And Jon just died.. Again..

  • Is this the same feed as the cable service? Yes the app is back up. I don’t want to watch on small screen

  • HBO Now

    This isn’t happening to you for a reason. Well, one reason: I enjoy it!

  • Evan Shlegelheimer

    Oh SNAP!! I think it’s working here in Austin

  • PahrumpsGrumpiest

    Up in NV but cant get to movies

  • Evan VanDeventer

    Can log in but it won’t play anything. Anyone else have this problem? NJ

  • ct808

    Yeah HBO Now is jacked up.. apparently I have two paid subscriptions now 🙁

  • Kouri Linder

    back up in KC, streaming now

  • Jazmin

    Still down in Michigan!! 🙁

  • Talish Alizade

    Got it! Stop reading these posts, spoilers coming

  • Carl

    watching now -colorado mountains

  • Rhayven Coats

    yay its back up! (well at least for me anyway) 🙂

  • Dafukisgoingonhbo

    Im getting a message saying too many people are using my account. Iv never shared this account ever. I even just changed my password.

  • Sublimelove

    never had any issue like this before now* def worth it!

  • Nathan Groat

    It’s now up in Kansas

  • novanox

    Sites up but nothing is loading when i click it

  • Hunter

    I’m just trying to watch The Sopranos and even that isn’t working.

  • chardra

    It’s not your subscription, HBO has been down

  • Sandy

    Not working in northville Mi, keeps asking to renew subscription, but when try to renew, it says u’r already subscribed

  • SC1

    Up in Houston

  • Evan Shlegelheimer

    Alright! See you later!!

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    Back on in Austin… Later yall!

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    Still down on Xbox in PA

  • Talish Alizade

    The episode is longer than usual

  • Jamez

    Just started working in Winston Salem, NC

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    Up in TN!!!! It should be up soon.

  • PahrumpsGrumpiest

    705 PM GOT here in NV

  • Fire TV and Roku back up in Lansing MI! Finally! #iblamebran