Hearthstone maintenance and server status

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft maintenance can pull the game offline in most cases, leaving Windows, iOS, Android users in the dark until it comes back online. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment the free game where you collect online cards draws you in, but can also anger you when not able to play.

Hearthstone maintenance and server status

Even though this online collectible card game is free to play its 3 million players can buy stuff with in-app or DLC purchases, which can be expensive if not controlled.

The major Hearthstone problem is when servers go offline, but other issues include not being able to login, game no opening on mobile devices, if you have any troubles with the online game please do comment below.

Is Hearthstone down right now for you?

Hearthstone status reports for Thursday 23rd of March 2017

To find out if Hearthstone is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Hearthstone? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jimbo

    Hearthstone is going to be down for another 2 hours at least for maintenance.

  • Kelvin

    A Hearthstone server maintenance right now is something we could have done without. I am in the UK so this is right in the middle of me wanting to play.

  • Rob

    2 more hours until the hearthstone is back online. Going to come back online around 11am PDT.

  • Sam Trueman

    anyone having probs with tavern brawl every time it wont stop loading also now its servers are down eu mobile damn those sprites

  • michelle skinner

    yep eu down still. keep kicking off repeatedly when starting a game. all other things functioning but not form of play……..

  • John McBeth

    Haven’t been able to play hearthstone on android passed the tutorial for 2 days now. Terrible server performance.

  • Charles

    When is the next hearthstone maintenance happening?

  • Gabby

    Over on the official BlizzardCS Twitter page they reminded us like 6 hours ago there will be a maintenance on the Blizzards servers. It says Hearthstone 30 Mar 2016, 03:00 to 06:00.

  • Katie

    I have tried to play online for the last 20 minutes and nothing, i have tried to see if there is an official update or maintenance but cannot see nothing. Whats going on?

  • Vickie

    The Hearthstone maintenance was at like 2pm today, that is now over.

  • Una

    There is no known maintenance on Hearthstone and yet I cannot get online to play. So it musy be bttle net servers down.

  • Justin

    I keep getting booted from Hearthstone game, not happy one little bit considering this is my only day this week i can play.

  • Ricky Nguyen

    oh ok im not the only one, i thought someone was hacking my account

  • Clive

    Hearthstone servers must be down unless its a problem with Battle Net. Is anyone else having issues getting online?

  • Maxie

    What is your hearthstone server status right now? Because mine is down in LA.

  • Christopher Breland

    hearthstone is down in NC

  • thu

    They’re down for me in the EST.

  • Br4dock

    Down for me (Brazil)

  • I’m a real dood

    Heathstone is down in CA

  • Toby

    Hearthstone maintenance schedule today Sept 14 from 5am to 6am PDT.

  • Jerrad

    Hearthstone is down, i am in Texas.

  • Basil

    People always moan about this game being down for maintenance all over forums etc and twitter. But how about you make a game and see how easy it is to run servers, fix issues, sort out complaints etc.

  • Daniel

    Because I’m not a company worth $32 billion