Are you having Hulu login and password issues? Is the Hulu website down for you? These are just two questions about the American online video service and its website, and if you are having issues of any type with Hulu including the two above please do share with the community below of your troubles.

Hulu is the online video service providing many movies; TV shows and its main competitor would be the likes of Netflix as both offer similar services. is free with Hulu Plus being the subscription service. Most of the time the main issues with Hulu would be either the website is down, streaming quality is rather poor or not playing correctly, but majority of the time the main complaints come from users who cannot login.

Users do have problems when trying to use Hulu of their electronic devices, the service can be used on PlayStation, Xbox, through TiVo, set top boxes, Smart TVs, as well as mobile devices like Android, iPad etc.

If you are having Hulu problems with the website, streaming, sign-in, getting movies etc to play then leave your personal report below.

Hulu status reports for Friday 19th of January 2018

To find out if Hulu is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Hulu? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Farrell

    Hulu hasn’t been running smoothly all week, been rather rubbish to be frank.

  • Kielty

    Is anyone getting the Hulu error code 5003, if you are what does it mean?

  • Caitlin

    Hulu is surely having an internal server issues, watching movies at the moment is painstakingly slow.

  • Cassey

    I am in Dallas Tx and Hulu is not playing ball on my PS3, it is fine via iPad app though.

  • spooks spooked

    Hulu is down on TV in Dallas zip code 75244. Anyone else having issues

  • Brea

    Huku ads are a little ridiculous at the moment, there is this one ad you have to click “close ad” before watching anymore.

  • Stan

    Hulu error 5006 is popping up, happens after i get kicked off.

  • Janice

    For some reason I watch a show and then it skip half of it on Hulu.

  • Kate

    Is Hulu having issues with connectivity today? I am on my mobile phone and the buffering is taking for ever.

  • Aleshia

    I cannot get Hulu to stream on my PS4, I can login and all that and everything seems to be working other than when playing a video after about 25 seconds of play it goes blank. Once it goes blank the episode will not play at all.

  • Crysst

    Hulu app on my smartphone won’t load. Also when trying to load the website on google chrome, it will not load as well. Please help

  • Shadoe

    Keeps buffering on my ps4 and I know its not a internet issue. Netflix and everything else is fine. Hulu just doesn’t like me

  • David

    It says my hulu has corrupt data? Won’t let me do anything. I’ve tried everything to fix it

  • Cindy Rosales

    hulu playback error since yesterday (5003)

  • sskaar

    We watch Hulu on an LG Smart TV. Lately, programs stop streaming suddenly and Hulu stops completely. Sometimes, I can restart Hulu and other times it won’t start at all. We are ready to drop the service unless the problem can be resolved. Suggestions, please?

  • Cherrie

    I can only see the last season of The Mindy Project when I try to watch it.

  • Irwon

    99 percent of the shows I try to watch on Hulu are saying they are no longer available.

  • Kristine

    I cannot open my Hulu app, when I do nothing is showing. Are the servers down?

  • Macy

    Is Hulu down right now?

  • Rose

    Yeah Macy, Hulu is down for me as well. Wonder what is wrong!!

  • kingdavid100

    Mine says corrupt data. Wtf

  • Don

    Hulu issues on a 150 mbps down/20 mbps up connection with no other issues. Started this morning today.

  • Tina N

    I try to click on huluplus on my roku and the hulu logo comes up then I wait for awhile for the screen to pop up, where the movies and TV shows would be on. Then it says server error.

  • Vanessa Lewis

    Hulu app won’t open. Tried to uninstall then reinstalled and no luck?????

  • capt3292

    HULU better get their act together or they will lose customers back the cable. The text on the screen says having difficulty with the servers.

  • Jason

    I keep getting Authentication Error each time I try to login to my Hulu account. This only seems to be a problem on my PS4 because I can get online via my MacBook Air.

  • Gabriel

    Not able to login to my Hulu on my PS4 or my PS3, just ried on PS3 to see it it was both and it is.

  • Tina

    Is Hulu down right now? Servers seem to be offline as I cannot login.

  • Kathleen Judd Kraemer

    Hulu is not loading with my AppleTv box.

  • Jimmy

    Why the hell is Hulu telling me “Subscribe to watch your show…” when i have been paying a membership for many months now? This nonsense just started today

  • Sabrina Caldwell

    Getting pretty tired for service that works very sporadically.
    Almost time to delete my account

  • oljo

    True… if it has alot of problems scrap it!!!

  • Virginia

    I keep getting Playback Failure 5003. Signed up for 1 month free today and haven’t been able to get anything on my Tivo. Won’t need a month to decide on this.

  • Rosemary

    I can’t log in to cancel Hulu. Signed up because they said it would by $.99 a month. After filling out all info, it said $6.99 a month! Now can’t log in, and I don’t want any charges from them. What to do?

  • Joni Moorhouse

    It keeps telling me my email and or password is incorrect and hulu help couldn’t help. This is only on my iPad. Everything works on my android phone and Amazon Fire

  • Jina

    My Hulu is down right now. First time in 2 years had a problem. I need to see the bachelor!!!!

  • Tiffany Constantino

    Mine is down too. Nothing playing

  • Dot Otto

    Video is playing on the website itself (via PC) but not on any devices for me. A lot of account functions on the website are also giving errors.

  • Josh Yeshua Langner

    I think it has something to do with Amazon’s S3 servers being down.

  • Cristina

    Hulu is down wtf. Really

  • PrincessKut

    Down in Mississippi…what’s going on

  • Cynthia Rodriguez

    Down in Puerto Rico as well. Have Roku and Android phone. Neither is working.

  • Susan West

    Down on tv and tablet! Can’t even sign in on line!

  • Jeff

    I think it has something to do with Amazon’s S3 servers being down 🙁 bummer!
    O well, look on the bright side, now we can all watch President Trump give his address to congress!

  • Brodie Lowry

    Down on xbox one in northern Illinois

  • Jeff

    Down In Cincinnati

  • Angie Santana

    Down in Kissimmee, Florida

  • Jeff

    It’s telling my the server let has expired

  • Jarel E

    Down on Xbox one, TIVO, all windows 10 devices in Amarillo Texas

  • Sherill

    Its telling me Device ID not supported by HULU but it was working fine earlier. Guess Virginia is included!

  • Kelsey Starkey

    Haha me too!!!!!! Ugh

  • Victor Buresch

    Mine keeps saying Huludeejayerror can’t perform the function. Anyone else?

  • Victor Buresch

    Mine is on my iPhone

  • Kayla

    My PS3 is down, and I cannot log in on the computer.

  • Julie

    Down in New York. Can’t do anything on PS4 or iPhone. Kinda bummed.

  • Shannon

    Down in Louisiana, blu ray and mobile devices

  • Samone

    Down in Va on iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV

  • Victor Buresch

    Down in West Palm Beach

  • Dionne Hill

    Down in Saint Louis Mo

  • Cathy Bachman

    Down in Ocala, FL

  • Randi Mcclenahan

    Down in minnesota on ps4

  • Ada-Helen Volentine

    Down in Charlottesville VA

  • Ali baba

    Down in sw florida. Nothing on smart tv or phone.

  • Judy Ramos

    Down since just before 8pm EST in Deltona, FL.

  • Victor Buresch

    Has Hulu released any info on why??

  • Chris

    Umm yeah, the Hulu app on any device and the internet is giving an error. Not happy

  • Beau Demiurge

    Down in Maitland FL. I can sign in but it says there’s a playback error. Tried calling support and said they were having technical difficulties and hung up on me. What’s going on?

  • Bailey Stoldt

    Down in Buffalo NY

  • IrradiantFlux

    Down in Georgia. Playback Failure on Xbox One/Android Nougat.

  • James R. Pitt

    The server key used to start Hulu has expired. Please try restarting the application. That’s all we get on all devices?? Hacked like Amazon??

  • C Page

    Yup down in greenville sc,but they made sure they took that payment though!

  • Aaron Mabry

    Down in Asheville, NC…

  • Danetta


  • Danetta

    My hulu is not working uggggggggghhhhh

  • Danetta

    From california

  • Michael Jim Meredith-Campellon

    Down on Nvidia Shield, down on PS3, down on PS4, down on iPhone, down on Google Pixel, down on pretty much everything. So I am guessing they MIGHT be down? LOLLL

  • onpitch321

    Playback failure/playback error in Charlotte, NC.

  • Shay

    Down in San Antonio TX

  • Victor Buresch

    Now u can press play and it just keeps cycling like your internet is slow

  • Ra Seitzinger

    Down in Idaho ughh

  • Dave Ytod

    Down in Phoenix Arizona as well. Playstation 3 has “playback expired” and Samsung s8 phone is “not a supported device”. Netflix works just fine…

  • Kenji Kamura

    down in nc, just get playback error, and I laying here sick and thought I could at least catch up on a show

  • Kamryn

    Me too!! The bachelor is the whole reason that this is even and issue for me!

  • Shannon Mott

    Down in Oregon via roku player

  • Flipflopsforever

    Down in Seattle. Selectrd video could not be played. WTF is going on???

  • Flipflopsforever

    Down in Seattle. Message says the selected video could not be played. Sorry for the inconvenience. Well at least they apologized but what the heck is going on???

  • Bababab

    Gang gang buffalo

  • Mari Rodriguez

    I’m getting the same thing on my TV playback expired and s7 says it’s not a supported device. I asked my ftirnd if he had changed the pw on me almost went off for a second then I discovered it was an outage .

  • Katy-Mike

    Down in Oklahoma. What’s the problem?

  • disqus_KpRcmaiSos

    Down in Kansas City. Getting message on Vizio smart tv “Server key used to start playback has expired. Please try restarting application.”
    Is this just a Hulu issue? Was fine last night. Might just drop Hulu and go to Netflix.

  • Shelia Burks

    Down in Lansing Michigan – “The server key used to start playback has expired. Please try restarting the application.

  • Melissa Eidsvoog

    Down in California. I’m getting “operation could not be completed. (HUDeejayerrordomaignerror1)”

  • Stacy Davis

    Getting server key error in tulsa

  • Sam

    Stuck on login screen south bend, in

  • Bauerboy

    Probably associated with amazon cloud servers going down same day

  • Farrah Shelby Delcambre

    I have issues keeping anything playing for more than 10 seconds. Then it stops to buffer for 10 seconds. I got my internet provider to send out a tech to test my internet. I have the highest speed internet package available and he tested the speed and other test. Nothing is wrong with my internet period!! It is an issue with HULU. I called in yesterday and waited almost an hour to talk to someone for them to tell me it was my internet. Yeah ok. I deleted am deleting uninstalled the Hulu app and re downloaded it. Reset my router and all of that. Still same issue. I got my internet provider to do a hard reset on my internet still nothing helped. It’s not my internet HULU so stop trying to pass the buck.

  • LB

    Mine is the same! Been this way for better part of a week; I’ve done all the ‘help’ items they have listed and no change! This is not a internet problem but a HULU problem that needs resolving

  • Bluesy51

  • Diamond

    Everyday I have problems with the “server key” being expired. It’s ridiculous

  • Alex Nicole

    Can’t watch anything for the last two weeks. Too much buffering and loading every few seconds. It’s only happening on Hulu not Netflix and it’s happening on all electronics, smart tv, phone, and laptop. Not happy at all!

  • Alex Nicole

    I just posted this same issue!! I’m probably going to cancel my subscription soon. No point paying for if I can watch it. My Netflix has been fine and I too tried all those steps. It’s HULU!

  • Kaci Edwards

    Im having no issues with Netflix but Hulu won’t work on any of my devices now for 2 days.

  • Kim Lytle Holtzapple

    Buffering symbol, no service for DAYS. Netflix is fine as are ALL other technology. Was told how awesome Hulu is. Not seeing it

  • Mike Stewart

    Same here, but we’ve been dealing with with it for the last few months. As with most here all of my other apps stream fine, and the hulu app is having the same problem on two different devices(both wired and not; roku 3 and stick)

    Our problem specifically is that the app load, or rather gets past the splash screen, but of the preview icons icons do not load. We can blindly navigate to the few of the shows we watch and once the episode loads there are no playback issues(skippimg/buffering). It does however pop up an error message, “video is unavailable” after watching a few episodes in a row. After blindly navigating to the next episode it loads and again plays back without issue.

    Our Internet speed is 300mb/s(down) / 50bm/s(up). Hulu’s customer service has been unhelpful, repetitive, and always pass the buck to the device or Internet speeds.

  • Nancy Drago

    Will not stream for 2 days now.

  • Shyelude

    Haven’t been able to stream Hulu for a week now.

  • Barbara Long

    Anyone having problems with hulu today? May- 4th….

  • Mary George

    It just keeps saying hulu like its frozen on my xbox 360

  • Diane Amelia DeAngelo

    Hulu playback failure on anything since 5/24/17. I can get older episodes to play. What’s up??? Hulu works on my iPhone. Not my tv

  • Natali Hairby

    I have problems with Hulu every single day for the last month and a half or so. This is super annoying. It won’t play any videos and I keep having to close out the webpage and re open to get it to work. It also pauses and loads and takes forever. I pay for Hulu and I am about to cancel if there’s no solution. What’s the point of paying for something that hasn’t worked for weeks in hopes one day it’ll go back to normal. It looks like it’s just getting worse and nothing is getting fixed. Also it seems like there’s no solution to this.

  • Vanessa Zamora

    Why the frick can’t I watch the Bachelorette, Hulu?!?!?!?! Play back error keeps coming up.

  • Minah

    I am having the same problem right now:(

  • Julie

    Just signed up for a free month yesterday. At this rate, I won’t be back. The server issues are not making me happy. I don’t have these troubles with Netflix. I worried signing up for Hulu was a mistake…

  • Gergio

    I thought I would do the trial run where you get a month for free as well and to tell you the truth, its ok but not worth my money. Most of the time when I wish to watch something I keep getting play back error.

  • Dannie

    Not letting me sign in to my account, It keeps starting the free trial when I already have the full Hulu now.

  • Harry Manly

    my hulu has been unreachable for 3days grrr

  • Te


  • Solus

    Two days now, on Firefox browser, I keep getting Error 500 on Hulu. On Chrome browser, I get episodes, but they freeze every few seconds. Tjhis is not what I’m paying a monthly fee for!

  • Sheila Guinther

    Unable to log in at all for three days now!! What is up HULU?

  • caroline bopp

    FYI though, customer support just called me back as soon as they heard I might cancel (typical), and they credited me for 10 days until hopefully the problem gets solved. For anyone that is thinking of cancelling, call customer support first and demand to be credited for 10 days (the max that they will give). If they give you problems, tell them that they have done it for other customers and to look at their records.

  • Ponytail__

    I keep bring kicked of Hulu. I have many other apps, Netflix, HBO, Bravo… and none of them kick me off. I really didn’t have this problem until they upgraded their system. This sucks and I’m ready to cancel it

  • Ty Chiaro

    using appletv3, was working fine, earlier this week whenever i try to watch i get Hulu Unavailable, try again later. tried restarting, tried resetting, tried unplugging, network connection is fine. Noticing that their website is slow and glitchy too. SLC,UT

  • Eamonn Sterley

    I have been unable to watch anything since Monday. It goes to the page, but there is only a black screen with the circle not loading. I suppose they have decided some customers are not worth having anymore. Hopefully a million or two, that way they can actually wake up over there. If they were a Florida or Houston, Texas based company, I could understand, but they are not.

  • Katie

    Having restarted my iPad, reinstalled Hulu, deleted and reinstalled it again, I think Hulu has issues. Netflix’s and Amazon prime work fine. Hulu’s upgrade seems like a downgrade. It’s confusing, illogically constructed for viewer show identification, and appears to have multiple glitches. Too bad. hulu might be losing customers.

  • Jeani Mcmahon

    Unable to load Hulu. The site looks completely different and unable to watch anything. It says internet not connected but this is not the case. We have Roku and Netflix, HBO now and Amazon are working fine. We just watched Hulu last night and it was fine. Frustrating!

  • J Roy

    Unable to log in to Hulu on my smart TV. After awhile it said I need to re-login to my account, but the login won’t work on the TV. I tried on my laptop and it works just fine. I’m afraid maybe Vizio has totally given up on the app? I know they already said they are no longer doing updates for it so I still had the old appearance/functions. This TV is only 4 years old!!! Never getting a Vizio again!

  • Carolyn Mathews Long

    Too bad about Hulu as I really like their shows. Guess I will have to drop subscription. Was working fine until tonight. Now kaput. I’d rather KNOW I can’t watch…cancel subscription, than keep hoping they will get their act together and fix this… 🙁

  • RoxAnne Holliday

    What happened to Hulu?

  • jayzbrain

    Don’t reinstall, reboot, do the Hulu hoop. Simply check another streaming app(s) – if they work, then you know that it’s the provider’s problem.

  • connie

    will Hulu reimburse for this issue everyone is having?

  • Charyl Liss

    My other video apps working fine.Hulu you owe me 2 days

  • Shivon pisarcik

    Hulu plus has not worked since we’ve got the app only worked for one day it’s been a week

  • Alexander Trovini

    I’m just trying to access the Hulu website right now but it won’t load when it was just fine earlier this afternoon.

  • Christina Harrington-Craig

    Was watching videos just fine essayist but when I went to another site and came back to Hulu it said, This site can’t be reached. And this was less than 5 mins from the time that I had originally left Hulu in the first place.

  • Jerry Sanders

    WTF hulu!
    Can’t login. You better be pro rating everyone who is affected.

  • Dmca Fiveonetwo

    I have a T1 connection & I am buffering. When will this be fixed?

  • Hocarolee Spears

    “Update required” etc. has not worked for a week.

  • B.Cord Edleman Jr

    Commercial pays at the beginning of the Show/Movie but then get can’t play video Error: 0330!??