iCloud problems

iCloud is an online storage and backup facility for Apple customers, it allows iPhone, iPad users etc to store their information such as email, calendar, contacts, photos etc. But when services are down this has a huge impact on people trying to access the online facility.

iCloud Mail and sign-in are both down

Main iCloud problems to occur include login, backup, storing photos and contacts and of course iCloud Mail. Customers get 5GB of free storage, but when this has been used this is where charges apply.

Is iCloud down right now for you? Below you can share your problem, please do add your location and what device you have, thank you.

iCloud status reports for Tuesday 25th of April 2017

To find out if iCloud is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with iCloud? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Karan

    I cannot sign in to iCloud, even iTunes and the app store is down. Bloody nightmare.

  • Andrew

    I cannot download any apps, back up or anything, seems like most Apple services are down.

  • Jeng

    What the hell, I try to login to icloud with the right password and yet is still keeps saying ‘incorrect password’, this is silly now Apple.

  • Roberto

    iCloud login issues my end, I logged on no problems yesterday. Never ever have I had issues until today, so I am guessing its a small problem that will self fix my end.

  • Owen

    Apple Mail is down and unable to access anything.

  • Andrette

    iCloud and Mail is down in London and Wales. I am in London and friend is in Wales and we are not able to get on to our mail service.

  • Oliver

    Not able to access my storage data, is iCloud down at the moment peeps?

  • Suzan

    iCloud must be down because i can get Mail, photo apps or Notes.

  • Ming

    Email not working in China.

  • Marty

    iCloud is down in Arizona USA. What is happening then?

  • colt

    Iclod down, Just got new iphone for my birthday today, already starting to regret it. Stoke on Trent UK

  • Andre

    I am having serious issues trying to sign in to iCloud, I have changed passwords and everything and still no joy.

  • Honey

    Music Match is not working, is there something wrong with iCloud?

  • Jeffrey Ibana

    I can’t access to icloud, is it down right now?

  • Phi

    iCloud is down in western MA

  • Emily

    When will the iCloud issue be dozed

  • Jamie

    I got the error message saying “connection error, icloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server”

  • Dean

    Are the iCloud servers down at the moment? I cannot connect, pages not connecting.

  • Kate

    I cannot seem to open my iCloud Photos, seems to be a problem connecting via the PC.

  • Marion Foster Warner

    I can’t connect to ICloud servers.

  • Alexandro

    The hardware from Apple is really good indeed and have no problems in that department, but its software is rubbish and unstable. iCloud login is just painful.