iFunny Severs Not Working, Problems

Are the iFunny servers down for you right now? When trying to access the iFunny websites ifunny.co or ifunny.mobi this can be very frustrating indeed when it is down. But other problems such as the mobile apps not downloading or opening can cause users to get a little upset and would like to report what is happening to them.

If the iFunny website or apps are not working this is simply down to the servers not working, this could be the case due to maintenance or something more sinister like hacks etc.

Other issues can include the countdown timer for the next fun train not working, the iFunny Bots not opening or not letting you scan. Maybe the iFunny online store is down for some reason or not letting you purchase a T-Shirt – Please do report your iFunny problems here.

iFunny status reports for Wednesday 14th of November 2018

To find out if iFunny is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with iFunny? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jusan

    I cannot get ifunny mobi working, all i get online is 502 Bad Gateway.

  • Kieron

    The normal ifunny .co website is all up and running fine, but mobile is not.

  • Chris

    iFunny website seems to be slowing down for me, each time i try to navigate the website it takes ages to scroll and open other pages.

  • GIRtacozim

    When i try to sign in even with multible accounts it says the severs are down

  • Jimmy

    iFunny is down right now and cannot get the website to work.

  • Connor Bell


  • Connor Bell

    The app too

  • Alicia

    Forgot user and password been trying to make a new one for over a week now still got nothing. Says servers are down. Wtf is going on

  • DerrickN’Selina Vargovich

    Got a new phone had to put info in and for a while now it has been saying it is down and they will fix it faster then I can say some weird word. Been saying it for weeks now are they going to fix it.

  • Sarah huddleston

    The login is a problem. If you just make a new account it works fine. Not old ones tho…

  • Hula Cat

    My iFunny has been down for 4 days. I can’t login. I don’t really know what to do about that. My username is _Rey_Skywalker

  • vickash moonassar

    Every time I try to go to my ifunny app, it says I do not have internet. But I am connected to wifi and my mobile network is online. Honestly very annoying.

  • John

    I funny servers are down right now on the website

  • Currently down, send help

  • Onyx

    Help, I need memes

  • kimeh


  • purplejesus7

    Going through meme withdraws I funny down for 5 mins now pls I won’t survive much longer

  • Brandon

    I’ve missed 123 dank memes during work today!!! I. Must. Catch. Up!!!!!!

  • Big T

    My iFunny app doesn’t let me like posts or comment, there’s not even a drop down bar. Whenever I tap anything except for “copy to clipboard” it just says “swipe and smile” like when you first download it.

  • kenneth

    My ifunny is not letting me view the featured, but it lets me view everything else in the app, including the shuffled, what do I do to fix this issue

  • Jermsmcjones

    Mine does the same thing

  • Same.

  • Steve

    I Can’t See Memes it says that my network is down…

  • Steve

    and i have been checking my wifi and turning it on and off with no luck, i’ve tried everything…

  • Lenore

    IFunny down. Server not connected. And ooops. Wrong answer code from API Messages.

  • eugene

    yea it’s down

  • Danny

    Thank god I thought it was just me. However iFunny does load when I disconnect from WiFi and reload.

  • Mmaiwa2001

    Glad It’s not just me

  • Alex Bearce

    Yep its down

  • Angel

    Ok atleast its not just me…..anyways why is this happening?

  • Sparkletts.IF

    Hopes it just wasn’t my app

  • Genjii

    don’t know, new update maybe

  • Jacob Weitzel

    Anybody got an answer for what’s going on?

  • Estephenson

    I can only hope its an update. The site isn’t working either.

  • Caleb Glass

    I’ve reinstalled and it’s still not working. I need my memes. The bathroom is just not the same. Lol

  • John snow

    IFunny won’t open

  • John snow

    Are the servers down?

  • 47 e

    Is it down now?

  • Emmanuel Chavez

    I can’t access ifunny app on iPhone 7 app

  • Ian Rapp

    It wont let me load the memes but I can still like them and read comments but can’t see the meme