iFunny Severs Not Working, Problems

Are the iFunny servers down for you right now? When trying to access the iFunny websites ifunny.co or ifunny.mobi this can be very frustrating indeed when it is down. But other problems such as the mobile apps not downloading or opening can cause users to get a little upset and would like to report what is happening to them.

If the iFunny website or apps are not working this is simply down to the servers not working, this could be the case due to maintenance or something more sinister like hacks etc.

Other issues can include the countdown timer for the next fun train not working, the iFunny Bots not opening or not letting you scan. Maybe the iFunny online store is down for some reason or not letting you purchase a T-Shirt – Please do report your iFunny problems here.

iFunny status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if iFunny is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with iFunny? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jusan

    I cannot get ifunny mobi working, all i get online is 502 Bad Gateway.

  • Kieron

    The normal ifunny .co website is all up and running fine, but mobile is not.

  • Chris

    iFunny website seems to be slowing down for me, each time i try to navigate the website it takes ages to scroll and open other pages.

  • GIRtacozim

    When i try to sign in even with multible accounts it says the severs are down

  • Jimmy

    iFunny is down right now and cannot get the website to work.

  • Connor Bell


  • Connor Bell

    The app too

  • Alicia

    Forgot user and password been trying to make a new one for over a week now still got nothing. Says servers are down. Wtf is going on

  • DerrickN’Selina Vargovich

    Got a new phone had to put info in and for a while now it has been saying it is down and they will fix it faster then I can say some weird word. Been saying it for weeks now are they going to fix it.

  • Sarah huddleston

    The login is a problem. If you just make a new account it works fine. Not old ones tho…

  • Hula Cat

    My iFunny has been down for 4 days. I can’t login. I don’t really know what to do about that. My username is _Rey_Skywalker

  • vickash moonassar

    Every time I try to go to my ifunny app, it says I do not have internet. But I am connected to wifi and my mobile network is online. Honestly very annoying.

  • John

    I funny servers are down right now on the website

  • Currently down, send help

  • Onyx

    Help, I need memes

  • kimeh


  • purplejesus7

    Going through meme withdraws I funny down for 5 mins now pls I won’t survive much longer

  • Brandon

    I’ve missed 123 dank memes during work today!!! I. Must. Catch. Up!!!!!!

  • Big T

    My iFunny app doesn’t let me like posts or comment, there’s not even a drop down bar. Whenever I tap anything except for “copy to clipboard” it just says “swipe and smile” like when you first download it.

  • kenneth

    My ifunny is not letting me view the featured, but it lets me view everything else in the app, including the shuffled, what do I do to fix this issue

  • Jermsmcjones

    Mine does the same thing

  • Same.

  • Steve

    I Can’t See Memes it says that my network is down…

  • Steve

    and i have been checking my wifi and turning it on and off with no luck, i’ve tried everything…

  • Lenore

    IFunny down. Server not connected. And ooops. Wrong answer code from API Messages.

  • eugene

    yea it’s down

  • Danny

    Thank god I thought it was just me. However iFunny does load when I disconnect from WiFi and reload.

  • Mmaiwa2001

    Glad It’s not just me

  • Alex Bearce

    Yep its down

  • Angel

    Ok atleast its not just me…..anyways why is this happening?

  • Sparkletts.IF

    Hopes it just wasn’t my app

  • Genjii

    don’t know, new update maybe

  • Jacob Weitzel

    Anybody got an answer for what’s going on?

  • Estephenson

    I can only hope its an update. The site isn’t working either.

  • Caleb Glass

    I’ve reinstalled and it’s still not working. I need my memes. The bathroom is just not the same. Lol

  • John snow

    IFunny won’t open

  • John snow

    Are the servers down?

  • 47 e

    Is it down now?

  • Emmanuel Chavez

    I can’t access ifunny app on iPhone 7 app

  • Ian Rapp

    It wont let me load the memes but I can still like them and read comments but can’t see the meme

  • HyperAngel

    Well i cant see my profile load fully …i cant see memes or videos bcuz they all never load ( it has the refresh sign on ) ..my dms work perfectly fine but other than that i can’t see shit…i even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it smh

  • Royalsarcasist

    No it’s down, the app won’t even open. Anyone else with the same issue?

  • Rumple


  • Eve

    Down 🙁

  • Ross Geek


  • Bruh

    Says no wifi but I’m connected bruh what

  • Hazard

    fuking fantasic *me gets featured* *severs not today lmao*

  • Lunchbox15

    Their servers aren’t connected, you’re fine.

  • Sharksmas.IF

    Thought that it was just me

  • flora

    this is pissing me off. the fact that it isn’t affecting everybody. like i get the notifications but it won’t let me connect

  • Bitchass

    Bitchass cant log in

  • Madison Pahl

    I can’t see ANYTHING. what the ffffuck

  • Madison Pahl

    It’s been hours wtf

  • Jeff

    Wtf I funny won’t even load

  • Keith Sistrunk

    It’s dead jim

  • Billc

    What am I supposed to use to beat my meat now huh

  • Finaly, the FBI raided this trashy app’s headquarters for having disturbed furry porn.

  • This happened right after the update. And it has been slowly going downhill all day, getting more lag and crash more often. Maybe it is gone for good now???

  • Ghost

    I’m having troubles too hope it gets fixed I need my memes

  • Emperor Bob

    its broken

  • MissingCode

    Down rn in Cali, it’s been crashing a lot lately and now it just says “no internet connection”

  • DatBoi

    I’m triggered I just want my memes man

  • Hurtbymanysouls

    I funny is down for florida as well keeps loading for me

  • Music4lity

    It’s dead, Jim.

  • Lost in your memes

    Ok iFunny, keep your secrets

  • Kayla

    Mine just says no internet connection

  • do i look like i know what an error is? i just want my gotdang memes

  • ICry4IFunny

    Kik group #Cry4ifunny we cry together

  • Justsomeguyyep

    Currently going through major withdrawals. My finger is getting heavy on the trigger. I need my memes

  • Dylan

    Aight so I’m not the only one

  • MemesNWaifus


  • Big Pile of Garbage


  • Kilfyre

    Goddamn, it went down before I could see any of the 10:00 memes

  • Connor Daley

    Same here buddy

  • KeeganHarr

    Just go on President Trumps twitter feed, that’ll entertain you.

  • PaulRockett

    Yeah same, I need my MEMES I keep reloading

  • SeductiveSucc X3

    Subscribe to SeductiveSucc

  • PaulRockett

    Need da MEMES

  • Schyler Cordero

    It’s been down for me for about an hour 🙁

  • That Guy from Down the Street

    It’s been down for about an hour, says my internet isn’t working but everything else works.

  • Anthony Maldonado

    Goddamnit! Im from Texas! I’ll just get on my horse and go all RDR2 on the Ifunny servers. I gotchu guys, have it up in no time with these skills

  • YeahImKazuma

    Is this the new iFunny?

  • Fvck u IFunny


  • Flokirott

    Let’s just post memes here

  • Xeno The Strange

    My memes… they’re gone…. *hduajsus* *dies*

  • Soulie Glutton

    Posts a new batch of Features than goes offline

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    lEtS jUsT pOsT mEmEs hErE

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    Features were late. Can I get top comment?

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    Features were late

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    ***is this a pigeon format***

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    First Tumblr deleted porn now this is wth

  • Netflix_and_Memes

    This ain’t it chief

  • Hiimnormal

    Still down… waiting for the next iFunny to be created by some random nerd with to much time on his hands.

  • uhmhmh

    Sub to Hilloli

  • Lordjeff

    If iFunny comes back, sub to jefffischer

  • Cgroth8

    Just waiting for memes in Michigan with my LEGAL RECREATIONAL WEED BOOYAH

  • When servers come back on sub to Frasier for good content my guy

  • tomatobestgirl

    i have 200 features waiting, please let me remove this notificationnn

  • Jak

    When iFunnt comes back up, subscribe to none of these peeps.

  • Kate

    Ifunny is claiming I don’t have internet and if you’re seeing this then you know it’s lying

  • Brice

    Just waiting for all the memes about ifunny being down and crashed

  • Flora Joo

    it’s because the servers are down.

  • Bambam9090

    When you had the sauce….then ifunny crashes.

  • V9 Flashy

    Guess y’all better add me on Snapchat @reallmortysmith

  • V9 Flashy

    Take the party to my Snapchat @Reallmortysmith

  • AkkoKagari.if

    This discussion is the new ifunny everyone make yourselves at home

  • YeahImKazuma

    Just made a few, waiting to post

  • YeahImKazuma

    iFunny servers: shut down
    iFunny users:

  • hell yeah

  • you’re never going to get the chance

  • YeahImKazuma


  • YeahImKazuma

    Well I just posted one here, so there!

  • YeahImKazuma

    This is it

  • wut? how?

  • Kylie…

    Well..what now

  • Rumple

    Hey jeff its rumple!

  • Taaaaaleeeya

    I need ifunny in my life and right now it’s down

  • Same my mane you still here post memes plz

  • YeahImKazuma

    We have this, we make the most of it

  • Anyone alive

  • YeahImKazuma

    I am among the living

  • Hi

    Ugh it’s still not fixed

  • Hi

    Ugh it’s still not fixed 🙁

  • Yeah you got the sauce

  • YeahImKazuma

    Text picture. Look towards the top, it’s Pikachu.

  • NeTfLiX aNd MeMes

  • YeahImKazuma

    Mankitsu Happening

  • Jay

    Still ded… RIP

  • Any more sauce

  • Niqqa

    Its because of faqqots like you using dead normie memes like that that im glad the servers are down

  • Thank you i will help you trend if you bnb post this on ifunny come on guys help this thanos of a og mane

  • Will anyone help me make sfunny

  • As in samsumg funny i didnt need to explain that i hope

  • Sans

    ifunny more like dead

  • Yeah you right its like fallout 76 no explanation


  • YeahImKazuma

    Sorry I don’t have time to draw Tony Stark suffocating.

  • Tell me when the servers get up [email protected]

  • Anthony Maldonado

    Oh hey, they’re right! This IS the new ifunny

  • nicqer dikc


  • Jo

    Who wants to watch a game trailer while we wait?

  • DoctorWhoFan

    Can’t wait to see all the memes about ifunny being down lol

  • Skinnydude08

    Hour six with no iFunny… I have jacked it more times than I can count out of boredom… The servers… WHY?!?
    More entries to follow…

  • ChugJugGamer

    we bout to complain so hard

  • Pranks 666

    Lol this shjt stupid

  • Jason Valerio

    Lol duh fuk

  • ChugJugGamer

    Been like 6 hours now damn

  • iFunny

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We are working hard to have a fix soon.

  • Dylan Kerrigan

    At least chats up

  • Dylan Kerrigan

    Everything else is down

  • Dylan Kerrigan

    As long as they’re up by the time I wake up we’re all good

  • ChugJugGamer

    Could a post or tweet be made about what caaused the issues?

  • Lazy Thomas

    Feel like YouTube all over again

  • Hhh

    Features were late again

  • Michon Yardley


  • Jdjejd

    It is? It’s not working for me

  • Mikkade Nichols

    Yeah that’s a no for me. I got nothing.

  • SkankHunt42

    Is it finally dead, am I finally free!?

  • Dustin Dalessandro

    still not working at 5:32 am nothing still happening

  • Jessie

    Please hurry! I am beginning to experience withdrawals!!!

  • Jeany Popins

    It’s half past six and it’s still down, Anyone know why?

  • Jeany Popins


  • SebySixSpeed

    They joined the Tumblr movement. RIP iFunny.

  • Jeany Popins

    they deleted all the 18+ things. Now everyone is banned and they deleted all posts

  • Jeany Popins

    I have 980! I’m suffering!

  • Jeany Popins

    ***enter like 40 spam comments from bots about sex****

  • Mackenzie Peek

    I’m dead. Let me tell you hell is cold and frozen over .Thats why the servers are down

  • 4am PST and ifunny is still down.

  • Angrytetsuo

    18+? You mean 21+ that never had anything close

  • Angrytetsuo

    I get a kick out of people when they see a bikini and start screaming “porn” like remember not long ago iFunny hired a porn star? So while you’re thinking they are down to remove what you consider dirty pics, they are actually removing your account and making iFunny all dirty pictures. Thank you

  • Braden Letellier

    Why isn’t it working!?! I need memes!!

  • Name

    O wow surprising the mods finally killed their shitty app

  • Overlord


  • Herobrine_

    Nobody cares

  • Herobrine_

    Lol loser got notifications

  • Herobrine_


  • Herobrine_

    X! X! X!

  • Herobrine_

    Sub to Herobrine_ on iFunny, Twitter, and Youtube

  • eman

    Yeah it’s down af still

  • Samuel McDonald

    Depression…. Its still down

  • oYukki


  • Tabitha

    What’s wrong with it

  • oYukki

    Let me in, LET ME IN!!!

  • Lllzy156

    Mine has literally been down since yesterday around 5 pm and it’s STILL down

  • Tom Olsen

    Mine stopped outta nowhere yesterday

  • Tom Olsen

    You can only hope

  • Tom Olsen


  • Nigward


  • Mailer Guy

    Still not working… It doesn’t take a day to restart servers!!!

  • Mailer Guy

    When I don’t get my iFunny, I get iMad!

  • Katrina Shea

    So frustrating. Wasn’t working last night. Just says “no internet connection” but everything else is working fine. I even turned off the wifi to use my data but no bueno. It’s 8:23, I want my memes!

  • Liam C.

    Y’all gon fix this soon or nah? I don’t know how to poop without my memes anymore and I won’t make it much longer.

  • Liam C.

    We’re back boys

  • Skyler Bailes

    Sorry guys. I think I broke it. I just posted the most fire meme in history and I’m pretty sure it was too much for the servers.

  • Kaylie

    IFunny won’t load been stuck on the opening screen for like 5 days now and it’s not just my phone my husband has the same problem

  • TJ

    I’m having the same problem kaylie is it still doing the same for you

  • Hannah

    My iFunny isn’t opening, for a second it’ll show the logo then just go black for a long time. Then if I get off and get back on, it closes itself and takes me back to the homepage. Been a couple days now, exact same process

  • Abel Ramirez

    Ifunny shows logo then immediately force closes to my home screen. Hasn’t work since 06:30 this morning. 01/29/2019 15:18

  • tom pham

    So what up with that anyone know?

  • Lori

    New system update

  • Lori

    It’s probably just going to get a new hat again

  • Jesse

    I can’t seem to get the app to load up, all I get is the iFunny icon when I load the app.

  • cum


  • Poonani

    Servers are frickin down

  • Cringe

    Guys look my name is ifunny servers

  • Ponyo

    Yo. I just did the beta to get a red name and when I uploaded my own image it quit the app. But I’m still getting likes on the post?? Am I banned or what. Like the only thing loaded on my account is the notifications and likes. When I search up my account on iFunny online, it’s not there. Wtf. Pls tell me the servers are frfr down. Cause some people who made it on featured have red names….

  • CumInMonkeyButt

    Got I hate Jews

  • 1monkeyspy

    The app keeps on saying no internet connection even though I’m on my WiFi , also when that’s not happing it isn’t loading anything on my profile , features , recent activity

  • CumInMonkeyButt

    Lol stupid feature browser

  • hayden


  • hayden

    Maybe ifunny is getting replaced by an actual good meme site.

  • Ty

    Yeah…same here with server down message…sucks.

  • Mailer Guy

    No internet connection? Excuse me? I happen to have some of the best 4G connection by the best provider in THE WORLD, and on top of that, be in one of the best places to recieve such good connection, as well as being on the BEST WiFi from the BEST internet service provider, once again… In the WORLD. I have the newest iPhone XR, and even my own satelite tower! It happens to be made by world famous Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Eddison themselves. So don’t tell me “no internet connection” ugh…. Trash app.


  • Tyler Hilleboe

    Nothing will load right now

  • Ya mom

    nothin loading

  • Pokey308

    Lost connection. Started with being unable to like posts then it appears i lost connection to the servers. Checked with other apps to see if wifi was a problem but that is not the case. Attempted to logout and log back in but it wont log in due to said issue.

  • Nword

    Just now my ifunny acs doesn’t want to login wtf

  • Preston Miller

    just lost connection right now.

  • Mailer Guy

    I just lost connection. It says the servers sent something strange

  • Michael

    Cant load anything rn wondering when server comes back up

  • Anonymous

    Just went down right now? App and website not working for me but internet works just fine.

  • It’s been over a week and IFunny still isn’t working. What’s up

  • nerdi

    Now cartoon rape porn is being featured

  • Colin

    I cant see the app in the google play store, is this just me or can others not find it?

  • ArcFighter5955

    I cant see my subs feed

  • Danbooru

    Same, tried subscribing and unsubscribing to some people, still says I have no subscriptions

  • Rob

    Same here, decided to try to reinstall after sub feed wouldn’t work to find it was gone

  • Rob

    Me too

  • Effigy

    I can’t even make it through 5 posts without it crashing. It literally crashes moments after I open the app, sometimes 4 times/minute

  • Garch

    I can’t search anything at all in the explore menu anyone have the same problems

  • Amanda Sian

    It’s been that way for me all day

  • Zarrla

    Me and my boyfriend can’t search anything up in explore

  • Nick

    Has been happening to me for like a month now

  • Joshua Howell

    It’s October now and explore still doesn’t work. All I get is, “No tags found” Everytime I try to search for memes.

  • JCSX2

    No tags found…. fix this

  • Dazed and Confused

    I woke up this morning to 101 in my subscriptions, click on it, and get a message saying “no subscriptions yet….
    What the hell is going on?


    Explore says no internet connection yet featured and collective work fine.


    it means nobody subscribed Sherlock

  • Kayla

    can’t upload videos. It tells me “something went wrong”

  • Kayla

    won’t let me upload videos. Say “something went wrong”