igHome Login and Server Problems

If like most people you were looking for an iGoogle alternative you came across igHome, but once starting your very own page things looks and work very well indeed. But, things do go wrong form time to time and here is where you can complain and have your say when say the igHome servers go down or you are having login problems.

There are times you will see on-screen messages on igHome such as, We have had a server failure. We are working to resolve service. Short outages may be necessary as we bring more resources online. Thank you for your patience. If this is the case or you see any other messages then we would love to read your comments, do have your say about your service.

Are you having igHome problems right now? Main issues can include not being able to login, the iGoogle portal or gadgets not working or maybe you are having severe servers issues or having personal dashboard problems. In the past other users have complained on social networks that they have had messages saying, you do not have permission to view this directory or page,if this is the case we want to report this as it will help others.

igHome status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if igHome is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with igHome? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Paul

    igHome has had a server failure, so now and then we are seeing short outages.

  • Andrew

    I am having issues with gathering news on igHome.

  • My whole ‘home page’ has been disrupted… does this mean I’ll have to reconfigure it or will it come back as before?

  • Klaus

    At the moment, we see virtually nothing!
    All settings are gone.
    I hope they have a backup…!?!

  • Kim Fyson

    My homepage has reverted to a very old one. My latest links, etc. have all been replaced with ones from ages ok. Will be getting the latest one back? My whole life is on hold!!!

  • Cattus

    Besides the igHome failure message I keep getting a message as follows: “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep CalendarClockAnalogueFaceDark.swf? with Discard or keep choices.

    Anybody have this error too?

  • Chir0n

    Same here Kim. Driving me nuts! If it turns out that current user setups weren’t backed-up, we should all definitely move elsewhere, en masse.

  • chuck osmund

    Same here too. Lots of old feeds that I’d deleted over time — none of the recent ones I’ve added. It’s got to be well over a year old.

  • Dolphin Bunnywolf

    Their newest backup appears to be 2013. All my customized feeds and widgets down the crapper, black bar links gone — I used these for work, now I have to find and recreate them all. The best part: no longer https. Sorry lol

  • Dolphin Bunnywolf

    Yep, and they’re real sorry about it too haha

  • Dolphin Bunnywolf

    No backup, all my settings are gone. Fooey.

  • twinwolf

    Server failures happen there is NO EXCUSE for not having backups!! If i rebuild all of the my links, tabs, gadgets… what happens the next time they have a failure and no backups?? NO THANKS… I prefer a service that has backups or lets me do backups so I am not wasting my time and my clients time.

  • Kim Fyson

    I agree but I haven’t found an alternative yet. Any suggestions?

  • PimHelmy Bueno de Mesquita Esq

    I was relying on you guys… takes hours to reconstruct… when should i start… any chance on recovery? No backup… 4 years old homepage… all my notes and stuff gone…

  • yoyoegg

    Epic fail. No backups!

  • Kim Fyson

    No prospect of getting my page back I believe. I have begun to reconfigure it but I won’t know what I’ve lost until I miss it (if you see what I mean?). I haven’t found a viable alternative yet either. Lets just hope that ighome have learnt their lesson and this wont happen again.

  • Chir0n

    We live in hope (and yeah, I know exactly what you mean about not knowing what you’ve lost…) Anyway, good luck.

  • lyricsf

    When I opened my igHome personal dashboard this afternoon, I was inexplicably logged in with an unknown gmail account: [email protected]. When I logged out and logged back in with my gmail address, I found that my profile and settings no longer exist. It worked fine last night. What at cluster fest! Very disappointing.

  • Sathya Ijjapureddy

    I am sick and tired, I lost most of my to-do list and reminders . ..I have valuable data in that .. I lost all of it.. In future is there any way I can take backup for my data ?

  • Ant Mull

    Horror Story – all my links gone. When will it be resolved?

  • Pierrette N. Chabot

    None of the gadgets save. Every time I open the site I get the same bunch of German language gadgets. I’ve tried to reset them every day since the server crashed. What’s the point of being “up” if igHome does nothing but Google search effectively? The organization needs to be open about the problem and solution timelines.

  • JC

    Where are all the complaints from May 2nd through May 6th (today)? I’ve been patiently waiting for the problems of a couple of weeks ago to improve, but they’re not. Blank gadgets is the main problem; not all of them, but over half. I can’t continue depending on the site if this goes on much longer. I’m not hearing any status updates either. At least for a while, they asked our understanding because of server problems. Now, it seems they have administrator problems too.

  • Matthew Tucker

    I lost all my data from ighome – to do lists, links, notes, etc.

  • Neptune

    Lost my data, most gadgets are not working. No responses from admin. I’m bailing

  • Jody

    Looks like it happened again…

  • 4dotz

    I can’t get to my Homepage, it keeps saying it’s not secure ! What’s happening and when will it be fixed ? Getting very frustrated!

  • El

    My IGHome personal page is frequently down, and again this morning. Will have to switch if service doesn’t improve

  • Free turk

    I gave up using ighome, put a lot of effort earlier in selecting the pages i want tot see, and all got lost. I won’t spend an extra 4-5 hours to lose my selection again.

  • jorqus

    terrible since the recent changeover. I have customized my pages several times, but igHome will not keep them. The home page I get several widgets that I don’t want including a couple in foreign languages. Such a shem

  • thelearner

    today, July 17th 2017 most of the gadgets aren’t loading. Hope its temporary. Its makes a great home page and personally I’ve never had it lose my pages once they were set up.

  • Randy Morrison

    Looks like IGHome is down this morning, 7/26/17.
    Just me?

  • Rod Paul

    Yeah, wouldn’t log in last night or this morning.

  • Helen Blinder

    Same here..hope it comes back, I write myself reminders..I should have copied them..

  • shelleyn411

    ighome page still effed up. If not fixed soon I will switch to another home page.

  • Jim Devereaux

    I have problems returning to my ighome page while browsing. It goes back to the google home page. I then have to “call up” my ighome page in the search box. This is not a constaint problem it depends on the web site I am on. this problem only started a couple weeksw ago. PLEASE FIX!! thank you

  • Thomas Powell

    When I choose an article in Google News, under Top Stories lets say. It does not go to the article, it goes to an everything page. That is a ton of news articles I am not interested in. I just want the headlines, ie. TOP STORIES.

  • Doretta

    Logged into ighome page today and all must custom widgets were blank. All my scripts are gone. My sticky notes are empty. I’ve been wiped clean? Is anyone else having this problem?

  • John Caldwell

    I have the exact same problem. Not good. Recreating my page and other IGHome pages I’ve put together for family would be very difficult. Has anyone heard what the issue is or if it igHome will be restored?

  • Bob Dobolina

    Yep, same with me. I put a lot of work into my custom widgets and now all of that work is gone. I’m not happy about that. I’ll need to drop ighome because I don’t want that to happen again.

  • Dr. David Illig

    IgHome has been great…Better than any other. Now it seems to be shutting down. No way to contact them about issues. Gadgets are not updating or won’t load at all. I can’t imagine not having it. I’ve never understood people not wanting an opening page that has variety of things. Are they broke? I would certainly pay a small annual fee. Most people would? It is very valuable…..Steve, where are you and what is happening?

  • Barbara Guglielmo Bansak

    I’m having a problem with Add Gadgets. Most of them are blank. Anyone know what’s going on?

  • Mamdani

    This is the 2nd time in the last year, where all my widgets vanished!
    What the heck. Of course there is no customer help for this site, so after the last time, I saved them all in a file.

  • Donna DeLong

    Birthday Reminder Gadget failed again….at least 3rd time in 6 months all data gone. What is going on????

  • Dale Weingartner

    This weekend all my black bar links changed to generic ones and I cannot find the comics I had. How do I get them back?

  • I was seeing the same issues others mentioned…black bar links returning to the default whenever one is changed. Many widgets not functioning. Just seemed the whole thing was being neglected. I changed to Netvibes. I have emailed the developers several times but do not get a response.

  • Kathleen L Neet

    My ighome won’t keep me logged in. Am also having a problem with adding or deleting gadgets.

  • rsmik

    will not load at all now, just hangs, ridiculous, no way to contact them at all, no twitter, no facebook, using netvibes for now but can’t add any of the gadgets I had on ighome

  • LBurrell

    10:00 pm August 17 PDT and my ighome has been has been down since Friday evening. Help!!!
    It just keeps not being accessible by my firefox browser.

  • marilyn press

    I have enjoyed using ighome since igoogle died. However, the news gadgets I have depended on keep disappearing (i.e., New York Times, Washington Post). I am again looking for an alternative. Sorry. You are not continuing to provide what I want in a home page.

  • Bruce Strasser

    Same issue. WAPO presents an empty square on home page. I can’t find help for this anywhere.

  • January 2020, My ighome is no longer consistent. Some of my sites drop off-i.e weather channel, calender and Moon phases. Others come on consistently. What has happened?

  • Longplay

    Really wishing someone that knows how to build a similar page would ping up here. I would gladly switch. This has been an on and off kind of site for years now and no one seems to fix it, and as far as I know, there is no way to contact them to alert them of times when it goes south. Drudge Report fails about 50% of the time now, and OAN is also dropping off consistently now.

    Post an alternative if you know one, I would like to get off this abandoned site.

  • Malcomb Landry

    igHome has been down for four days in Louisiana so far.