iHeartRadio problems

Internet radio is a great way to listen to music whilst on the move, and iHeartRadio provides over 800 stations with clear listening. The service can be access via mobile devices, online via website and a few gaming consoles, the content is pulled from many radio channels across the United States.

Those that use this radio service will let you know that in the past the main issues included iHeartRadio connection problems, login, buffering and in some cases an error creating custom stations. But the biggest problem comes when there is a total iHeartRadio website and app outage.

If iHeartRadio is not working for you whatever the reason, please leave your status report below this; it is best to leave your problem and location etc. You can also have a good read of other users issues.

iHeartRadio status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if iHeartRadio is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with iHeartRadio? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Suella

    When I open an iheartradio station i cannot hear anything, i hear ads and that is all. the mobile app works but will not work on laptop.

  • Richie

    My iHeartRadio app is not loading on my Android SGS5.

  • Merci

    Is anyone having any problems with the Ed Sheeran Radio play button?

  • Lou

    How come Listen Live link is not working on iHeartRadio?

  • Shannon

    I cannot get my iHeartRadio to play on my Bose system, what is going on how come it doesn’t work?

  • John A. Witt

    IHeartRadio on Samsung S/7 android is not working. Fri Oct 21, 2016 9 am on Pacific Time. Says it is a connection problem.

  • John A. Witt

    Yayyyyyyyy, iHeartRadio is working for me as of 1:48 pm, Pacific

  • jim kasa

    “connection problem” I’m MN last three days!!! really miss it!

  • paul anthony

    not working in San Diego…..11:39am PT, 28 Feb

  • Freethink60

    Going out of business soon?

  • Michael Harper

    Down in Cincinnati, Ohio – has been for an hour at least

  • Bill Sonni

    No loading stations near Pittsburgh. Links from radio stations do not work either.

  • Richard Wheeler

    This is REAAAAALLY bad connectivity. I’m in Denver and I’ve not been able to get to my stations for three days now. That’s just CRAP service. I’ll be cancelling my “All Access” (no access whatsoever) very soon.

  • Richard Wheeler

    And since I sent three days worth of help requests to iHeartRadio and have received NOTHING I plan on making more noise.

  • Stephen

    Los Angeles, CA listening to Rush and iheart radio disappears for the second time today.

  • Dave

    On my computer, initial advertisement on continual loop without allowing access to the program. Very frustrating, why would I pay money when the free side is so unpredictable?

  • Donna L Alu

    I listen to Rush on WOR. Haven’t been able to connect the past few weeks. Other talk radio stations work as well as music stations.

  • Dave

    Haven’t been able to listen to my Pittsburgh Stations (wdve and 105.9 the x) on my kindle for weeks . And now my other favorites stopped working, too!

  • Phil Davis

    Glenn Beck just replace Rush in Central Florida….to hear him…your attenna must reach Tampa…120 miles south…good luck

  • Ashleigh Long

    Ugh I get tired of trying to listen to Glenn Beck’s show. You get a couple of words before iheartradio stops then it starts then stops. Constantly. This has been going on for the past month or two.