IMDb servers down and problems

IMDb problems loading, server down or cannot be found, login issues with username and password even though many users have said they are putting the right details in. These are some of the common nightmares users are having with this movie and TV show review site plus more.

If you are looking for somewhere to see movie times near you, reviews, a place to watch trailers and all the latest news on such then IMDb is for you. This is a fantastic website, which hardly ever has issues, but the problems listed above do occur from time to time and it can be a little annoying when they do. But not too worry because this is the dedicated IMDb problems community where you can share your own issue or read and reply to others.

With being one of the best and of course authoritative celebrity, movie, TV content sites on the Web you cannot expect plain sailing all of the time. With over 3 million movies, entertainment programs, TV shows and much more there will be a few users experiencing something out of the ordinary.

Main features include: Get the latest DVD releases, TV listings time for your area, Movie showtimes near you, all the upcoming movies and more. Are the IMDb servers down for you, or are you having any other problems?

IMDb status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if IMDb is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with IMDb? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kerry

    I tried to play a trailer over on IMDb and it just looks like it is buffering all the time, even when i do get to play one it keeps freezing on me.

  • Rosey

    IMDb trailer is very slow indeed, what is going on? Bet there are a lot of
    people trying to watch at the same time and servers cannot handle it.

  • Darryn

    I keep getting an error code on the IMDb main website. Many searches seem to be not working, oh and the app crashes on me.

  • Dave

    MY IMDb android app keeps shutting down on me, not sure why.