Instagram problems

It doesn’t seem to happen too often where Instagram goes down or experiences any real worrying issue, but from time-to-time there will be cases when Instagram server goes down or problems uploading photos or videos crop up. When these do happen users will share their problems with others, looking for some kind of answer.

Instagram failed message stops posting March 13

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there, which is slowly catching up to the likes of Facebook, more and more people are starting to follow others on Instagram than any other social network. The more people the more problems that can occur, and this is when the complaints come flooding in, and this is why we are here.

The main Instagram problems that can occur can include the service going down completely due to servers or maintenance updates. Photos or text may not load properly, apps are playing up, maybe you are having Instagram problems with hashtags, but outages are the main worry with users.

The Instagram server status can be checked online, but the user is much faster at reporting issues and this is where you can list yours.

Are you having any problems at all with Instagram?

Instagram status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if Instagram is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Instagram? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nick

    For some reason I cannot get hashtags to work, I have tried so many times when i add a new Instagram photo via my iPhones app and hashtags are not showing. Who is having the same problem?

  • Kane

    When I open Instagram on my Samsung Galaxy S5 the app just closes again, I open it closes. I dont understand, i have deleted app and then reinstalled and still getting the same issue – please do post your answers in reply thank you.

  • Clarence

    If I try to login Instagram crashes, too many times I have tried and really getting annoyed.

  • Unhappy

    I am having issues following people on Instagram, when I do follow them and check to see if i am it says ‘Follow’ again when it should say ‘Following’.

  • Charlie

    Instagram has no troubles at all the last few weeks.

  • Cindy

    I am having issues signing into Instagram

  • Jeff

    I cannot post anything.

  • Gerald

    None of my Instagram hashtags are working for me, why?

  • Monica

    Instagram keeps crashing on me when I try to open news feed.

  • Jackie

    Unexpected network error not allowing me to login.

  • Paul

    Instagram is really slow for me today, is this happening to anyone else?

  • Shaf

    I read somewhere yesterday that IG has changed the way hashtags work. More specifically, your photos will now show up on the hashtag feed based on the time/date you posted your photo, and not the time you posted that hashtag.

    It really sucks and I tried contacting IG to confirm this but obviously they’re not going to reply :(

  • Victoria

    The photos I put on my Instagram today have disappeared.

  • Kim

    Whats happening to all recent photos on Instagram?

  • Lucas

    Had an issue earlier where I could not login to Insta. I am in now a=so must have been a glitch or something,

  • Ramesh

    How come I am having problems following people, not even able to upload a photo today.

  • SJ

    The problem started with me yesterday. July 8th, 2015. when i couldnt post a video…then i logged out and tried to log back in..i got Network Error…today i could finally get in my account..but still cant post anything…. What the hell is going on?

  • ItsShadow _

    Same thing for me can’t post a picture it post for a second then gets deleted

  • Alle Leora (Coffee-Mermaid)

    right now my Instagram is saying it can’t connect to server and to check internet connection but i have full bars and the internet is fine from my laptop which can only be on wifi. It logged me off and wont let me sign in! is anyone else having this issue!?

  • JWD


  • Anna Khuntsaria

    I have the same problems too and don’t know what to do, help center doesn’t answer and no letter comes to my email

  • Penny

    When I visit websites and they have a gallery of funny Instagram pictures and videos, they never seem to show up for me, all i get to see is a smallish logo and blank gray space.

  • Laura

    I upload my photo like normal but the problem happens with the next button, it will not let me click that button. It just freezes on me all the time when i try.

  • Mandy

    Posting anything to Instagram seems to not be working. I did actually post a photo yesterday but then the app crashed on my phone, which is not good at all.

  • Ruth

    Try to upload a photo and the app crashes, try again and the same thing. Not even funny anymore.

  • Denis

    following problem

  • Steve Krivda

    any response yet?
    would love to know what to do here. it’s where i run my business

    email if you’ve heard anything
    sckrivda at gmail com

  • Maria

    Very time I log in it crashes!!!! So annoying

  • Kevin Showler

    Yea crashes on one account. Works on backup. Weird!

  • Alex

    I can’t like, comment, post with a caption, or add on Instagram. So basically I can’t do anything. I’ve tried logging out, changing my password, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app about 5 times. Anyone else having this problem or maybe even know how to fix it?!

  • Mercy Sabalza Villafana

    I cannot tag anyone in my pictures!

  • Jenna Schultz

    I. Can’t tag anyone in my pictures

  • Kim Jung

    Today I can’t Log in into my Account,.What’s wrong with Instagram?

  • Casey

    What is wring with instagram right now, i tried to login and nothing

  • Brian

    it must be an iOS problem because its all working on my adndroid phone but not my ipad. Is there an issue somewhere?

  • Linda

    I cannot login at the moment to Instagram on my iPhone 6s, it says i have not internet to gain access which is rubbish.

  • _fuckyoimage

    It logged me out three times, said another user was on. I thought someone may of hacked me until I asked someone else, but Now it wont let me log in at all.

  • Kelli Eitel

    Logged me out… can’t get in… ugggg

  • Fjr

    My account is randomly set to private and i can’t set it to public

  • Sandy

    unable to change profile/bio – after you save it and refresh, it goes back to the old profile.

  • Denise

    My act is private and I can’t set it to public

  • Jacqueline

    Can’t login! Was kicked out of my account after I changed my password and was also unable to make my page public. WTF

  • Chantel Engelbrecht

    Same here. Can’t even comment or CAPTION anything!!! Arrrg

  • Bob

    I uploaded a photo in instagram, using my iphone 6s and before that i had made some changes using filters. The picture looks good in instagram app, but the picture in my instagram website is very blurry. It’s weird, why there is a difference between app and website quality?

  • Amanda

    I no longer have the Log Out option in settings.

  • Chrissy

    Instagram is down, and this is no April Fools Day joke.

  • Giles

    Not able to refresh messages in Instagram. Even loading results seems to be hard work.

  • Chang

    Pics will not load to hashtags there for a second then dissappear

  • Jim

    People I recently followed I am not not following and Instagram will not let me follow them again

  • femmvendeur

    one of my instagram acc @angah_amirul Logged me out while i’m chatting tgru DM and said someone changed the password … Won’t send an email to me to reset password..Help Centre Not working at to report @instagram help line

  • Grace

    Is Instagram down for anyone? Please do let me know because i cannot get my app to work on my smartphone.

  • Chelsea

    I uploaded like 5 posts to Instagram and they have vanished without a trace. My older photos have some tags missing as well.

  • Mat Jenkins

    I have the exact same problem. So frustrating!

  • David

    Is anyone having issues getting onto the official Rihanna Instagram page?

  • Marvin

    I have been having a few problems with the Instagram search, last week it was to do with not being able to login and now the search is playing up.

  • Lawrence

    I cannot login to Instagram today, all i get is a message saying there was a problem with my request.

  • Billy

    Has anyone had problems getting onto ben affleck’s nanny instagram page?

  • cas

    Yeah I haven’t been able to log in for more then 4/3 weeks now :( it won’t let me for some reason and I know my username and password so I think its instagram:/

  • cas

    Actually its down for a lot of people including me ugh my problem is the login thing that’s been driving me crazy :/

  • Marissa

    Can’t edit my bio. Then it freezes.

  • _liv3y_

    What had happened with me was that I was on Instagram and everything was perfectly fine, until about 20 min. later when I went to open the Instagram App. It glitched and wouldn’t be let me open it. Then I deleted it and went to reinstall and now it won’t even install.

  • Amanda

    My sister and myself will click on the app but it kicks us out right away, it’s been this way since late Monday night.

  • Dave McLoughlin

    I had the same issue, this morning
    deleted and reinstalled app everything was good after

  • Michele Castagnozzi

    since 3 September hash are not working anymore for my account and seems that I’m not the only one

  • Michele Castagnozzi

    since 3 September hashtahs are not working anymore for my account and seems that I’m not the only one

  • Michele Castagnozzi

    since 3 September hashtags are not working anymore for my account and seems that I’m not the only one

  • Zulesky Barcos Saldivia

    No matter what Hashtags I use, my post dosen’t appear in the public feed. Can anyone tell me why? i wrote at Instagram but no one answered

  • Kimberly Leake

    I am having the same problem. My account is relatively new and I only have about 10 post but none of them are showing up on the public feed. I’ve been told to keep posting more pics but not sure if that will solve the problem. Anyone have any advice!

  • Michele Castagnozzi

    Now are about 19 days without hashtags. :(

  • Nat R

    I’m having the same issue.NEW account and no hashtag love.First picture I got likes other than followers but now none.Others can’t see my pictures under the tags, but I can’t.So no engagement..Please help!

  • Bree A Manahan

    Hashtags broken. Image not showing up under any tags. I’ve deleted and reposted with different hashtag combos with no luck. This has happened to me in the past, but never on this account. @bamillustration

  • Keaten

    I can’t even long in!

  • Jimmy

    My Instagram is online and then offline, whats going on?

  • Maxine

    I cannot login to my Instagram account on my iPhone, just not loading at all.

  • Larry

    I am able to login but not letting me upload any pics. Are the Instagram servers down?

  • Nina Keneally

    I can’t log in.

  • Christy

    I wasn’t able to refresh my feed so i logged out and now I can’t login

  • Chris w

    Hashtags not working at all

  • Trista t

    Cant log in says we can’t complete your request at this time

  • Robin

    Can’t login on phone, but works in webbrowser on the computer

  • Luke

    Me too!

  • Giuseppe Marotta

    I’m trying to ulpoad a video but it’s 16:9 and doesn’t fit in the screen. At first I tap the option to make it fit but then when I want to choose the cover it appears like it was zoom in and it doesn’t fit correctly. It’s been like that for several days now. Anyone knows something about this?

  • Hi

    I can’t login. I erased the app and I re downloaded it and it still doesn’t let me log in. It says : “could not connect to the server.”

  • Corrina Lynn

    I have an iPhone 7 and the Instagram app login tells me “sorry, there been a problem with your request” but on safari I have no issues.?! And none of my friends with iPhones are having this issue. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling and restarting my phone. NOTHING IS WORKING! But can login on other phones….

  • Ilian Ingram

    On my galaxy note5 every time I open the app it closes within seconds. I have uninstall did the updates since it doesn’t uninstall all the way. I’ve even restart my phone.

  • Martina Sutton

    The circle thing on my Instagram that you can video your self is not working at all. Thanks

  • Bella

    Hi, do your hashtags work now, and if so, what did the trick? I’m completely stumped and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Alicia Gil

    Doesn’t refresh, the whole feed is just white and tells me it can’t refresh right now. I can’t update, post, see anything on my page or anyone elses.

  • Samantha

    Same here it’s all white and it won’t refresh I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do I tried making a new account but it says ‘sorry we can’t complete your request’ I’m so confused

  • Kay

    My hashtags aren’t working! Anyone else have this issue?? Looks like IG shadow banned me. I can see my pictures under the hashtag, but anyone who isn’t following me can not. So only my followers are liking my pictures. Please help if anyone knows why this is so. thanks!

  • Kay

    did they work for you eventually or still no?

  • Kay


  • Kay

    did it ever resolve?

  • Bella

    When did the problem start for you? I’ve been experiencing it since December…

  • Bre

    Me too!! Everything is white except for my story! Its been doing this since last night.

  • NoMore9to5Work .

    I hope they fix this quick.

  • Gail Davis Rhamy

    App will not refresh repeatedly get “couldn’t refresh feed.” I have been unable to update, post, or search since 8 AM this morning.

  • Phoebe

    I’ve been having the same issue and I’ve reported the problem and have gotten no response or solution.

  • Lara Elizabeth

    Instagram won’t let me write comments, hashtags, or tag anyone in my pictures as of yesterday. It works for my personal account but not my work one. I’m not sure why.

  • Daniella Barinaale Omor

    I am facing same problem,Instagram please help,do some thing about this quickly. No one asides from my followers see my hash tags. Pleasssee heeeeeeelp!!!

  • Daniella Barinaale Omor

    It also happens with my first account, after I try login a few time it will then open. Instagram help!

  • Daniella Barinaale Omor

    Is your hash tags now working? If yes pls tell me how you did it,been facing same issue on my first account for a month now,I’ve lost 150+ followers and I cant get Jew followers because the non followers can’t see my hash tags. Please any help is welcomed. Instagram do some thing about this

  • Anna

    Direct messages and feed on instagram keep freezing for a few minutes then entire app crashes, it will not let me exit the app while it is frozen. I’m not sure what the reasoning is. None of my other apps (Facebook, Youtube, Messanger, Kik) are having this problem.

  • Chloe

    Mine is doing the same thing

  • Seraphine Moncada

    Even though i use hash tags I’m not getting any likes from anyone but my followers. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Ruby Fernandez-Brown

    i’m having the same issues since about last Thursday. I thought people were not liking my photos, but that’s weird, from gettin over 60 likes I’m getting no more than 20 a day. Let me know how it goes with you.

  • Carolyn Rowland – CazInc

    I am having the same problem – going from over 100 likes, to 5! I have written to Instagram, but to no avail. Have you been able to fix the problem?

  • Ruby Fernandez-Brown

    not at all, I’m losing followers and likes. let me know if you do fine a solution. thank you so much for replying to my note. hope you’re doing well.

  • Carolyn Rowland – CazInc

    Thank you Ruby. It is a nightmare!!! Hopefully it is fixed for us both soon.

  • Jayda

    Same thing is happening to me . I hope they fix this quick

  • Sydney Fee

    My news feed won’t load and everything else will, its extremely annoying. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Snezana Mucibabic Paucinac

    Me too! What is going on?

  • Sebastian Zamora

    nothing is loading and it’s saying the refresh but it won’t. Nothing loads up plz fix it

  • EdwardL

    Nothing loading. Orange County CA.

  • MP

    all day haven’t been able to log into second account.. says error.
    second account is still active..

    but oddly once in a while on my main account i’ll get my second accounts stories/feed showing up..

  • MP

    ‘support’ is a just takes you to a FAQ webpage that answers nothing.

  • MP

    sounds like a ban or temp ban..

  • MP

    for you can go back to being a racist pig?

  • Jalisa

    Me too! I’ve lost an avg of 100 likes since last week

  • Mary L Becraft

    Can’t log in to any of my accounts says error
    .all day!!!

  • Hector Ortiz

    Hashtags down again for the second time in one month. It looks like they want to go the Facebook route and force us to promote a picture or video for a price in order to get seen. Pathetic.

  • Emily G

    The app and the website wont load! Down in Canada

  • Luie

    Same here in U.S

  • rowan box

    Neither the app or the site will load in ny

  • B

    Down in U.K.

  • L L Macpherson

    Have worked hard to log in, but feed won’t refresh. 4-24-17 USA at 2:00 PM EST.

  • Ayesha Bhattacharjee

    not workin in india either

  • Rayli

    Anyone else’s DM’s MESSED up?

  • Andy Hobaica

    Not working in Arizona

  • Hanna Abreu

    Not working right now. Feed totally blank and not refreshing. I am in Rotterdam. 19.47 local time