Kik Server Status, Maintenance and Problems

Kik messenger is a highly popular mobile platform so that its users can send messages, have voice chats and share pictures etc via Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phones. But when there are Kik problems such as servers being down or messages not being sent this can be a right pain.

What is your Kik server status right now? If this messenger app is down for you or you have any other concern please do share with us and other readers. We are here to provide you an area so you can have your say and report with others what is happening with your Kik.

Min issues include not being able to find Kik friends, servers go completely down due to maintenance etc, not able to login as well as when trying to delete an account it does not process. Maybe you wish to discuss with others that your download did not work, Kik not working on data but is on WiFi or it failed to load a video and it keeps saying please try again.

No matter how big or small your issue is we want to hear from you, chat with other Kik users having problems. Maybe they need answers from you about problems sending or receiving messages, chat not showing up or maybe an error when attaching a picture.

Kik status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Kik is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Kik? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Andrea

    I updated Kik with the new update and its stopped working.

  • George

    I cannot login to my Kik account. I have tried like 10 times and it says wrong password when i know it is not.

  • Maggy

    I am not able to send Kik messages to friends on WiFi, but on my mobile phone using data I can.

  • Rich

    When I login to Kik it just keeps saying connecting and nothing more. I get notifications saying I have a message and when i click it it says connecting.

  • Sarah

    Ever since I logged into blue stacks on my laptop and used Kik, it logged me out of my phone. So I tried the same password I used for bluestacks and it didn’t work! I’ve tried resetting my password 10 times now! Nothing’s working, I’m very frustrated. When will this be fixed? Can someone help me?

  • Sarah

    Also I know it’s not my internet! It just says my password is wrong, not that it’s taking too long to connect.

  • Sarah

    Also I have an iPhone, it says that only android users have been getting this problem. But I guess because bluestacks is an android application it got confused or something and now my phone won’t work?

  • Chris

    1600hrs. Can’t log in to kik.

  • Justin

    Not able to see groups

  • Anushaka Sargeant-george

    kik went down yesterday 12/07/2017 in the UK

  • Chris

    The problem I have often is that when you click on a name, it will show the normal things for someone you haven’t messaged. Like it says “Start Chatting” but you’ve had their messages for a while. Another concern may be messaging other people who have left, it just says they aren’t a part of the chat anymore.

  • Connor

    My kik won’t show any massages or anything it keeps saying it’s connecting but nothing is showing up so if you could let me know what’s going on that would be great Thankyou

  • Sabrina Jones

    I can’t connect to kik or sign up or sign in even though I’m connected to my own Wi-Fi is anyone else having this problem???

  • L

    Muted group notifications and muted individual notifications still come through. Confirmed everything that should be toggled off is. I am required to turn off all notifications for this to be correct. I have uninstalls and reinstalled and did a hard rest. I have been having this issue since last evening. I am on IOS Iphone X.


    Kik is down here in cairo . I couldnt able to receive massages and found my profile pic disappeared
    So what sol.

  • Yassy0318

    Kik is down right now connection problem but my other phone is working so it’s not my wifi.

  • Kate

    My Kik camera keeps popping up after typing 1 letter at a time! Then even if I wasn’t typing it would still keep popping up without me touching button