Level 3 Communications Server Status, Outages

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What is Level 3 Communications? This part is for those thinking of joining this service but wish to read more about it and what its customers think. Level 3 Communications is an Internet service and a multinational telecommunications provider. Its main areas of expertise include voice, video, core transport; it is a content delivery platform to Latin America, North America and Europe as well as a few cities in Asia. They also offer fiber-optic Internet access and more.

You the Customer! If you are having any issue at all with Level 3 services then please do report below. Maybe you are having issues with DDoS Mitigation, login, if DNS servers are down or you are having Looking Glass problems this is where you can share your status.

Level 3 Communications status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

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Problems with Level 3 Communications? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lee

    I am being told to use portal to open a ticket. All I get when I call is a man on hold for ages.

  • Adam

    Is the issue with Level 3 global? Internet is just rubbish today.

  • Timothy

    It is about time Level 3 gave us a new update, I cannot get onto the Internet and the more I read the more it looks like a server attack. Love it when they just say its a cable been cut lol.

  • Roger

    Level 3 never seem to respond on when there is an outage, but wow yesterday they did letting me know my issue is related to call routing issues. I am in Dallas, it is this that is causing issues with voice traffic.

  • John

    There seems to e a Level3 outage today, is anyone else having the same issue?

  • Martin

    I think there is a level 3 fiber cut today, not sure where the issue lies but its happening.

  • Sally

    Level 3 network have confirmed they are having issues with voice svcs, hopefully the will sort out soon hey.

  • Vicy

    Yeah, internet is down for me.

  • Clay

    Who else is experiencing packet loss with their Level 3 service? I am located in San Fransisco.

  • Thomas

    I am having a bad time with the internet ip and voice in Los Angeles.

  • Manuel Martinez

    Trouble Description: Transit Link TenGig0/0/0/0 is down. in the LA market

  • Joanne

    Level3 services are all down in Houston and South Texas. Customer services are not saying anything,