LINE app problems on Android, iOS

The LINE app is rather similar to WhatsApp, but where LINE shines is the many apps to make it more interesting such as Draw, Line Camera and even games. There are around 600 million users loving this application but now and then there are LINE app problems on Android, iOS and this page you have landing on is just for you to have your say.

LINE app problems

Some of the LINE app problems that occur include not being able to sign up or login, app shuts down when trying to open on Android and iOS devices, as well as calls and texts not working properly.

LINE error codes can also be a problem upon login or making calls. What ever your issues are please do let us know what they are with your location and device etc.

LINE status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if LINE is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with LINE? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Stewert

    I have tried to login a few times now but seem to be having issues. Am I the only one having issues? Please do reply if all good or not working for you. Thanks

  • Shanid

    I have tried on a few occasions to sync with the LINE app, but not working for me.

  • Nigel

    When I try to open this app on my iPhone 6 is just keeps crashing, i have uninstalled and reinstalled and still rubbish.

  • Mohamed Kamel

    I have the same problem

  • Angela

    LINE is a little temperamental today, i have been able to login then not then could so now just keeping logged in all the time.

  • Bart

    Cannot send messages.

  • Greg

    For once things are running smoothly, I did have a little issue connecting with Line last week but other than that I am very happy.

  • Baqar Ayaz

    The calling feature is not working in saudi arabia

  • Abdullah

    Try connecting using proxy on my phone, there service worked fine. without Proxy, the service is down in Saudi Arabia

  • Jordan

    Are LINE calls blocked or down right now in KSA? This seemed to have started yesterday. Anyone else having the same issue? or is it with STC only?

  • Muhammad Nadeem

    You are right…..

  • Yoonus

    Two days I can’t connect line call. Always unstable and suddenly cut the phone call

  • Marky

    Can i recover a file that said is expired already? Is their any chance that can recovered it?

  • Jim

    unable to update profile

  • lian

    The app keeps turn off itself when I open it. this only happen today, on my iphone 6

  • Nicola Laufer

    My Line app has been super ‘choppy for around 2 months now, it won’t keep up with typed text.