LinkedIn problems

Now and then LinkedIn users will have a struggle signing in, others may have issues getting the professional website to work in certain browsers and a few have LinkedIn job posting problems. But worst case is when LinkedIn is down with a total website outage.

LinkedIn is the highly professional business/job orientated social networking service available on desktop and mobile devices. In 2006 there were around 20 million members, but at the end of 2014 there was an estimate of 347 million members, in 2013 there were 277 million.

Please do feel free to use the comment area provided to below to give us your personal LinkedIn service update, whatever he problem please share with others below with your city or country.

LinkedIn status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if LinkedIn is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with LinkedIn? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • May

    I had a slight issues for about 20 minutes earlier today when I couldn’t post a job description. But all working fine now.

  • Ben

    Loading for me seems to be really slow, I added a link etc and nothing showing up.

  • Julieanne

    I tried to sign in yesterday but LinkedIn wasn’t having any of it, I could not get in so I restarted PC and router and all is running like fresh water.

  • Bill

    I have tried to login to my LinkedIn account to no avail, whats going on?

  • Jack

    I cannot seem to reply to my inbox messages.

  • Leonard

    I had the same issue yesterday.

  • Seth

    I am having a few issues trying to send multiple messages within LinkedIn.

  • Mark

    What is wrong with LinkedIn today? Tried to open my groups and nothing happened. Seems to be also taking ages post an article with a pic and text.

  • Sandy

    Is anyone having issues with LinkedIn’s people search?

  • Julie

    Looks like the search is down, its not working for me or a few people i know.

  • BluesBro

    I can’t access LinkedIn on my PC on Firefox or Chrome, but I can on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

  • Trisha

    When I try to login to LinkedIn I am getting an 503 error message of page unavailable.

  • George

    LinkedIn is down in New York City.

  • Violet

    I am down is Denmark, Copenhagen.

  • ann lough

    search down

  • Polo

    I woud like a number to call for help, so i can gain access to my account. But apparently LinkedIn does not have phone support, wow.

  • Jennii

    Not able to reach the site today, tried to login and nothing.

  • Shavam

    I want to save LinkedIn jobs as drafts but not able to. Can anyone help me please?

  • Mbro

    Down in Jakarta Indonesia RIght Now … Cant Access

  • Maxine

    I cannot seem to post anything to LinkedIn via my phone.

  • Rhea Blunt

    When I try to login it takes me to the “I am not a robot” over and over again. It won’t log me in.

  • Anthony Andrew Krznarich

    Reports of Connections not receiving alerts when updates or articles posted. I had to edit one at least twice before any views. Droid LG and Windows Surface II.

  • Anthony Andrew Krznarich

    Use Twitter. @LinkedIn and @linkedinhelp They will respond.

  • Edward Grey

    Can’t access LinkedIn webpage from MacBook / Safari. Been like this for two days. I can access LinkedIn through Chrome on my MacBook. Mobile ok. Emailed LinkedIn Help Desk. No answer yet.

  • Vitalijus

    down in Vilnius (LIthuania) around 20 min. ago

  • Angela Stanley

    This is getting old. Not accessible for days on end.

  • Christina Depina

    Today the site is asking me to sign in and keeps kicking me out. I tried from my phone and desk computer.

  • Wizard of Langley

    seem pretty fuckin’ corny and pretty suspect right now

  • Jenny C Watts

    Linkedin Messages aren’t going through, they say failed from my phone, but just won’t send online. Also, I can’t even access anything when I click the Premium Subscriptions links to see if there may be an issue as I do have the Business Premium Linkedin account. Now I can’t even sign in…

  • Heather

    Since I updated my Pixel 2 XL earlier this week the LinkedIn app has not been loading content. It almost appears as if the app thinks I’m not connected to the internet.

  • John Hymbaugh


  • Courtney Elizabeth Peters

    Having this problem now

  • rebecca71

    Yep. Same. But it’s been doing it for months. As of right now, It’s been trying to load on Firefox for Mac for over an hour.

  • Mohammed Koja

    Both App and website are not loading, tried to delete/reinstall the app, login in website but nothing at all. Kindly help if someone is able to login.

  • Nick J Anderson

    Linkedin not loading
    Error codeRef A: DCFB03F14A554328B2309355E666A734 Ref B: STBEDGE0216 Ref C: 2021-02-23T19:29:00Z