League of Legends Server Status

When there is a League of Legends server outage pandemonium breaks out because gamers cannot play their game. Even though LoL servers going down don’t happen often, when it does it causes many complaints.

Gamers may experience League of Legends login issues, connection error, not being able to download the game or updates that are available. And if these do occur then this is where all LeagueofLegends.com Mac and PC gamers can visit to read or report any problem.

Maintenance updates can bring the game to a halt, rare but happens. The servers are rather good but they do experience glitches or updates now and then. The game is played worldwide and may not go down in all countries but certain ones, not all locations get the same problem at once unless it is a global outage.

Are you having any League of Legends problems?

League of Legends status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if League of Legends is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with League of Legends? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Rossie

    is anyone having issues where they cannot login, even though they are using the real password etc?

  • Zolda

    My game is really lagging, all my friends say LOL is perfect for them, does this mean my PC is on its way out?

  • Dessiree

    League of Legends login error, does anyone know about this?

  • Terrance

    Is anyone having issues trying to login to League of Legends?

  • Markie

    I am getting the Maestro Error: There was an error connecting with Maestro, what is this and what can i do to stop it please?

  • Klissi

    Is anyone getting the directX error when playing LoL. I cannot even find any new updates for it.

  • Leo

    Is the game crashing for me only or are others having issues with LoL? Just keeps crashing on me and when i go back in the same thing happens again.

  • Matt

    LoL is down for maintenance. Hopefully not for long.

  • Lenny

    League of Legends is not working in EU West. Is it down for you?

  • Nadia

    The game and store are both down for maintenance for approx 1 hour, this is only occuring in the EU West.

  • Mark

    All up and running again, looks like people didn’t even notice it was down. That was a very quick maintenance.

  • Shane

    Is the LoL servers down because i cannot login. When it did let me in it just crashed and now cannot get in at all.

  • Lyra

    As soon as the update was done recently i got kicked, since then i have been getting booted from a game like twice a day. Not happy. Most cases i cannot even join a game.

  • Edisson

    Not letting me login to LoL chat, keeps saying i have to reconnect.

  • Juan Gutierrez

    Not letting me login even after I’ve done every protocol it said to do… even then why should you have to change so much stuff around to play? Doesn’t make sense..

  • Maurice

    Not been able to login to my league of legends for around an hour now, are the servers down or is this a slight glitch?

  • Gerald

    Riot Games Support page confirms there are login problems on RU, TR and EUW.

  • Matthew

    Support is already working on a fix for LoL login issues in EU West.

  • Conrad

    I think it is about time i changed this game and started playing something else. Anyone have any ideas what to play instead of league of legends. To many maintenance breaks.

  • Belinda

    loL is offline in prep for the scheduled maintenance June 22.

  • Cos

    Both the game and league of legends store is offline for the maintenance Wed 2016/06/22 03:00 (UTC-0700) PDT..

  • Vicky

    LoL is down for me right now, servers are not working for me.

  • Martin

    My League of Legends status is down, again i might add.

  • Clint

    It’s been 40 minutes now and still not able to login to LoL. I am in Florida.

  • Tara

    Servers are always down for me lately when is the next maintenance update because hopefully things can and will get better.

  • Rinna

    i have not been able to log in since 6 am this morning