server down time can occur when there is a malicious attack on the site, but this is rare. Most of the time when the website goes down it is due to maintenance. Other complaints from users using the dating website include login issues, customer service being very poor and unhelpful, as well as problems with subscription.

The three areas of concern in not being able to login, issues with payments / billing and website being very slow when loading profiles. now runs in 25 countries and even has its own mobile app, which was updated in 2014 called ‘Stream’ where users can use its location so that it can match other users by photographs.

You do have to sign-up to a subscription, which is renewed after a certain period. Users in the UK have had in the past where they had troubles cancelling their subscription; this is when its users complained it couldn’t be done online but only on phone. Are you having any type of problem?

Match status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

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Problems with Match? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Caitlyn

    I cannot seem to login to Match. I have entered all the right password etc and still cannot gain access, this is crazy and i need to find my one true love.

  • Matthew

    I login just fine, i do a search just fine, but then the problem comes when i click on someones profile from my search. It will NOT open up.

  • James

    Had trouble signing up, its all ok now though after one hour of tinkering.

  • Ali

    Trying to access profiles, which I am allowed to do and cannot see any. How will i get a match if i cannot see anyone’s profiles.

  • Callum

    I have tried twice now to create a new account with March but it never works for me, am i doing something wrong? I am filling in all the forms fields etc.

  • Lillian

    Still not found my match yet, but then the reason could be lack of profile viewing, couple this with not being able to log on last week makes it hard to find a a date.

  • Dorean

    I have given up with this website, how can it match when you cannot login. Even when you can login the pages take ages to appear.

  • Maxine

    I have tried to register fro free on Match and its not accepting my details.

  • Mark

    I have set up and signed in and all that plus set up my profile and all looked rather promising. But, my profile seems to have vanished, why would it just go?

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    Thank You.

  • Margarita Voyia

    Cannot log into my account or even their website. What is wrong..